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@_trellmix_ What u out doing?! Where u at! Lol @_doriraven Love u waddup boo 😊R u serious!?!?! Hahaha amazing !!! ♥️♥️♥️ thank u for tellin me x @nycgirllauren Wya Lauren, u out & about on a Tuesday night? Heheee I’m trynna go outttt !Who’s out in New York right now?
@terrellgrice Love u T 💜Thank u friend !!! ❤️❤️❤️ @yebbasmith wowowowowowowoow VERY excited. happy for u ❤️
Retweeted by YebbaDing ding mf this is how I’m touring! LEMME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME MFN NOISE RIGHT NOW!
Retweeted by Yebba!!! Love to u recording my album. Feels good to bring something to completion. God bless u for understanding the time &…
And this one. Especially the second half. One of my favorites all time Buddy’s album, and this song specifically @ASAPferg’s newest album side bar this ladie’s music has been part of the relief from depression’ve really been trying to drink a gal of water daily & clear up my skin Dec 2019 lol... it’s so strange but now th… you for saying this. I truly hope u feel this way. I’ve worked on myself & developing these songs for 3 years… to find my best guy friend a boyfriend before 2020 so I can live vicariously thru his happiness. cause I kn… u Stormzy. What an incredible album, from an unstoppable person. Keep going friend #momentous trying to leave the word vibe in 2019. Does anyone have suggestions for synonyms
Wine drunk eating pecan pie Chile happy turkey day y’all.
Retweeted by YebbaWHEN YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH.....@yebbasmith @robertglasper"ONE MORE SIP OF THIS VODKAAA" 🎶🎶🎶🎶 #fuckyofeelings
Retweeted by YebbaImmmmmmmweeeeeeeeeeeaaaakk
New York is surprisingly not that cold right now. It’s usually freezing by mid November?? 🍁 🍂Play* that doja song😭😭 MOOD going to bed just like this now hahahaha and gonna okay that doja song too (ps I miss u ian♥️) @marqil @therobmilton Periodt!Wow. I love u so much. Just saw this my angel. @marqil @therobmilton That whole album ‼️‼️‼️ and u know Jaz wrote & apparently produced a lot of that herself 🥵- it’s really hard not to hit repeat 1 on “Mascara.”
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- @yebbasmith byke. just so you know, I’m still recovering from the two piece that was the acoustic “Don’t Leave Me…
Retweeted by YebbaI’m shaking FROM THE NYC COLD by my window with my douchey air pods in bumping “like that ft. Gucci mane”I’ve been listening to it the past 3 weeks straightIt’s 8:30 am in New York. I finished a session 2 hours ago and I feel crazy. But I can’t sleep cause I MUST listen… @yebbasmith Please tell me “Candle” is going to be on whatever project you are working on!! It’s so good!
Retweeted by YebbaOne of my favorite, most moving & hilarious gifs when I get it from friends / fans that have waited for me @cnnrbrown @DojaCat U know what?? For me, close second fave is “Bottom Bitch” rite now @cnnrbrown @DojaCat Yooooo that’s one of my FAVORITESSSSSSSS‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Why is every Steve Harvey pic the best is my baby love... I’m in this video w my angel @dexteroj’m so obsessed w @DojaCat’s bgvs she did all over her own album. ‼️‼️‼️‼️ in love .. duck♥️♥️♥️♥️I’m currently very entrenched in Doja Cat’s latest albumHi I just stayed up all night and I’m finishing recording this week 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃Hi this is my first tweet coming to life on twitter‼️‼️‼️‼️ and that’s ON PERIOD NO tampon ‼️‼️‼️‼️ ily Durand
Oh absolutely, she’s teaching me how to record rn. Lol evening dear :) @yebbasmith
Retweeted by YebbaRemember the name Niya Norwood cause this person is on some shit u never heard before heheheheeeeeee, she’s the rea… LAWD! @AndersonPaak is taking over with #PaakHouseRadio! He's got @yebbasmith, Mac DeMarco, @YbnCordae and…
Retweeted by YebbaNiya Norwood for vocal producer of this generation. What an extremely precious creator in the world. You’re so much…
@yebbasmith I consider myself a professional Yebba Reaction watcher because I love to see people’s first reaction t…
Retweeted by YebbaI live :''''''))))))) @LamontJunior I live for ur tea lmaooooooooooo @atirajones54 @yebbasmith
Retweeted by Yebbay'all funny as hell. lmaoooooo @LamontJunior hhhahaahhahahahahhshshsshshshshshahahahaahaqhQSDfk;dfnv;adhgodfboaebjodibjo I looooooooooove snoop he's so cute and this meme makes… bless u luv hugs!!!! Im YEBBA, join mE BY tYpiNg tHe hashtag #STOPDOINGCHALLENGES challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @LamontJunior u rite u rite lmao @yebbasmith
Retweeted by Yebbayou are talented as hell in so many ways. God bless u. hope to meet u soon sis. X @atirajones54IM GONNA MESSAGE U LATER AND FIND A WAY TO SEND u a gift bc ur videos have been on repeat for a while. thank you. a… @atirajones54 bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON I EVER SEEN OMG!!!! @yebbasmith OMG 😭😭 YES @yebbasmith IM HERE🤯
Retweeted by Yebbashe's so funny I cried but then I started actually crying that I have smart funny people that say nice things… mean id literally send her my shitty demos because she makes me laugh so hard.I feel like she should be the first fan to have my record. tbhor at least send her a gift for now.does anyone know ms faith jones? I really wanna meet her. if anyone has her @bc she is hilarious. I swear so funny. the funniest gal I've ever seen. I been off my medication for a few days on…'m really just trynna meet that Faith Jones girl that does reaction videos to all my videos & be friends wit her
2018 heres the playlist. enjoy:) @anne__ibk auntyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeieieeeeeeee hehe <3!!!!!! oh yea!!!! lemme work on that tonight..... im finna do a poll on insta real quick like a fkn millennial lol what im talking about., Congrats. keep up the good art X!!!!!! @elleanamusic thats ok love ur just in time I only have one wack song anyway hehee x @DwayneJay shout out to Memphis X :) @uhm_jayana love u bihI hope y'all are progressing in your lives while I am in mine, and when I put my first record out, my only hope is… have been so busy running around like a chicken wit no head making this record. also, I never pass up a bgv arran… to anyone that would consider themselves a fan: thank you for the pressure and support. I use them both for th… I have so many songs that I haven't sent to anyone in "the business" lmaooooooooo cause I gotta protect th… also have so many songs and other projects at work in my head. not to get too ahead of myself but I have a few si… yes baby I promise im working on it. I swear this shit just takes time. its more than work, you know? x always expect y'all to forget about me but if you're still interested by then, I think you'll really love it. I'v… coming soonerI cant lie, I love this album I've written. I payed for these songs in tears and hangovers. ppl ask, "what do u sin… @BeautifullyxMe bless u queen :) @JUMPINSOUNDS Just takin my time man. God bless :) xy? im a basic bih to ny n jam wit me pls. @JeffBhaskerProduced by me and ⁦@JeffBhasker⁩ written with ⁦@Wyattish⁩ and the bv’s of life from ⁦@yebbasmith⁩
Retweeted by Yebba u guys. You did such a good job :') thank you x
I love living a life of creating with my friends. How blessed.
hahhaa yes im finishing up a few more now