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@tarpley_odom @ssmith1949 @Hank4Texas @replouiegohmert @texasdemocrats And that demographics will kill them off eve…
Watch the ad that @realDonaldTrump is whining about
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Serious question: who actually thinks this is a good look? Or even an acceptable or necessary look? What person in…
Retweeted by Yellerdawg @SenTedCruz As a constituent I will ask you the same question I just asked Sen. Cornyn; What will it take for you t… @JohnCornyn As a constituent I am sincerely asking, when you will decide being an American is more important to you…
@MojangSupport I have downloaded MC Java edition on Windows 10, set up an account, paid for the game, verfied on th…
@UprightSiddy Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
@GeorgePapa19 Weren't you the coffee boy? @AwwwwCats Are you kidding? The squirrel hit the sweet spot at the outset. @fras99 Can't tell. The cat's in the way.
@BethanyUA @MrTomRad @outofmyplanet No, those are all created by men on based on the same fictional premise. @bookandstars @outofmyplanet @MrTomRad I do not claim to be knowledgeable about the Catholic menagerie. I only kn… @Tdog1954 @ThePubliusUSA Yes. @outofmyplanet @MrTomRad Saint Nick, from what I know, was rejected by the Catholic church and was never an offic… @MrTomRad @outofmyplanet Being somewhat a biblical scholar, I can attest that Santa, reindeer, etc. Have no religious connotation. @MysterySolvent Mothballs and treason. @clur19 My girlfriend, now my 34+ year wife, used to bite the arrowhead necklace she bought me at "Things Remember… @ThePubliusUSA This is staged. @joshscampbell I wonder if he had an "Oh,shit" second after he opened the door. @minhtngo And yet, they will vote for their new god. @FakaktaSouth Ok, that made me laugh out loud. I sometimes close my door at work and take a nap for lunch. More t… @MysterySolvent A tit, and his Melania-adjacent trophy...something.
@SenJohnKennedy @realDonaldTrump I remember when Rrpublicans were the conservative party of the USA, not the cover… @2old2care5 @Ghost_Rider_A @HonestLeYo Got this one prancing around on the roof like he owned the place. @flyaway_k Yah. @mostlybree I have been called out by people on two continents for answering, "Where are you from?" With, "Texas."… @jennifer_nuchia #igotwokewhen A guy who had the same job as me, with the same weird hours got hauled out of his ca…
@ezraklein Lamb, The Gospel Accordimg to Biff, Jesus' childhood best friend, by an author I should remember, but don't right now.
@FakaktaSouth Just had a sweet potato, dressing,turkey,cranberry sauce sandwich on a sourdough roll all on a bed of… @FakaktaSouth So, put sunscreen on. Just sayin'. For no reason. @Shypixel I made sourdough rolls from scratch, not because I planned it, i just forgot to buy rolls.
@HCullen98 Someone should start doing stop-and-frisk on Rudy whenever they see him on the street. @CyrusMMcQueen You need a lemon zester. Useful for Parmesano Regianno, nutmeg as well. Lemon zest wakes up the fl… @FakaktaSouth Wait. There's snow? Deep enough that your snowman doesn't have grass in it? And it's more than 8 inches tall? @BradFischer14 @grammya2 @svdate OMG, a potential honest discussion. If Judas did not act as he did, the prophesi…
As a former DPE (Dept of Phys Ed) instructor at West Point, I attest it is beyond debate that the Indoor Obstacle C…
Retweeted by Yellerdawg @davidaxelrod Fox news listeners would gobble that up. @LindseyGrahamSC Fuck off traitor. You've chosen party over country. John McCain would disown you. @LindseyGrahamSC So you agree that the Trump kids should be investigated?
@tonyposnanski Well, Trump is a fucking joke. Does that count? @Shypixel Holy cow!
@tedcruz I pump my own gas and use "fuck" like a comma and I care enough to hope the whole lot of them go to jail over this. @SarahKSilverman Don't know, but from and old dad's perspective, if that was on my kids leg, we'd be at the emergency room.
@realDonaldTrump You're a disgrace. You shame our country every day.
@Acyn DJTJ should be careful what he wishes for. @SlenderSherbet The world needs all the cat and dog vids right now. All of them. @Ironhorse76 You missed the part about the fake moon landing and how the earth is flat.
@Yamiche My MIL complained that it might interfere with Jeopardy. @CyrusMMcQueen Born in '63 and came up with The Spinners, Commodores, Elton John...I still love them, but keep up… @Kokomothegreat What is a Kavanaugh without a vagina hat? @joncoopertweets @Jim_Jordan Separating yourself from your soul is always stressful. @RepSmucker Rep. Smucker, proudly going down with the ship.
@ABCPolitics That's the sound of someone's soul dying. @LisaKaczke "And I'm 20 years old." @SaysHummingbird Connected. In the mafia way.
@Stonekettle My sourdough is rising as we speak. I put our weekly bread in every Sunday. It keeps me sane. @realDonaldTrump I don't know, but the real one is o obviously somewhere under your skin.
@outofmyplanet I have no experience with stomping on snow or ice, but I imagine splashing in puddles is analogous.… @AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump Many people say this is the best meltdown ever in the history of the world. No one h… @todd_poirier It's easier to ask what isn't wrong. @joncoopertweets "...Injured in the lower body." Either shot his dick off or missed it by 'that much'. @stephenablack Oh, what a cutie! @JamesrossrJames I want to be the squeegee guy. He who keeps the water out of the compound.
@kenithleslie I think I was early for drunk Twitter. @realDonaldTrump Fuck off, traitor. @ida_skibenes I shall incorporate cuntfacecockass I to my vernacular forthwith. @SteveScalise Shut up complicit bitch. @EliseStefanik Because you're shit flinging chimps.I'm thinking about getting an Obama tattoo between my shoulder blades, except that's fuckin weird. @Shypixel Love you and the Trix, Shy. I look forward to meeting you if you ever make tour way back to Austin. @kenithleslie @StaceyDales It's got antlers, dude. @RepMarkMeadows She made you look like idiots. A sane, educated, competent person debating poo-flinging chimps. @commiegirl1 Roger Stone should rot. Megs should retire. @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Fuck off weak assed privileged bitch. @Turnip2020 Don't do that. I think I just came a little. Do it again.
@NPR This needs a screenplay. @RepSwalwell @leislonghairluv Yes, well we all know Lindsey has rolled over for a Russian tummy rub. @realDonaldTrump Have you looked under your desk? @NBCNews I mean, right there in the graphic, they're doing jazz hands. @fras99 If you stare into the void, the void stares back at you. (Paraphrased) @michaelschweitz @dogslife OMG! 3D back scratches!
Is this my actual daughter 😍🔥
Retweeted by Yellerdawg @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @franklingraham Yes. We are ashamed of this travesty of a president. @notcapnamerica His hat says Al, so maybe he's Al? @SteveScalise @realDonaldTrump I watched from start to finish and in my esteemed opinion, you're a stupid dick. @stonecold2050 "They say moobs can be sexy." "Beige. I think I'll paint the ceiling beige."
@stonecold2050 It's just an unsent tweet. @GurbachDavid We all do, but at some point you just have to pick your battles. There's only so many hours in the day. @PreetBharara The Rudy Horror Picture Show. @Shypixel I like hoodies with the muff pocket. Sometimes I over stuff my muff pocket with glasses, phone, keys, et… @CatzCatems @leislonghairluv I'm 56, so not far behind you. My wife's grandmother married her last husband in her…
Nikki Haley picked the wrong month to release a book. She's getting roasted by *everyone*. I wonder if she thought…
Retweeted by Yellerdawg @bijancbayne Let us not forget Slaughterhouse Five, a semi-autobiographical. @67Teresaray @SeeTrain65 I walked up to the window at my favorite pollo place. The guy in front of me had a conver… @realDonaldTrump Obviously corrupt does not equal transparency. @outofmyplanet If you have a poison dart frog, they would make quite the assasination weapon. Short of that...I don't know. @sarah3579 @rolandscahill I had a red motorcycle. I went to buy spark plugs for it and came home with a new red m… @GOP @BLhasdogs I'm a poet and didn't know it. @GOP @BLhasdogs What a fucking crock of shit. Go wash your timeline out with soap you fucking twit. @DoYouEvenLIf I have been tear gassed twice. I would go twice more. It's unpleasant, but it ends. Not sure I w…