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kinda gross, kinda sad. 🌻🔪@twitch lady 💛🥄 Business Inquiries:

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wait its a sheep maybe fuck @Pikaclicks wait did we do that fuck maybe it is a sheep i dont KNOWi made dis cute little joint carrier with a goat handle🐐
ive never cried like this i dont deserve u harley @breadwitchery harley im crying at these replies stop it wtfeverything is gonna be okay right @breadwitchery i dont deserve u @xChainbrain they are so purehaving a hard time in general in life right now but don't feel comfortable talking about it, can you post cute pets…
@Nannerpunk pls noi am okay and happy with the new discord partner requirements don't hate me @breadwitchery @_sugarbones im snooky obv @rickyberwick ok ricky i was faking iti dont remember the last time i cummed from another human @rickyberwick @discord use it damn it @Pikaclicks perhapsthis is why you dont add viewers on snapchat @LLightningGamer @Pikaclicks lmao @Pikaclicks i love ur fans @Jbisnutbush that looks dank @Charleemanderz i was literally saying on stream that weshould do art stream together and you draw things and then I have to paint them @Charleemanderz we make a good team🤜🤛the original photo and @Charleemanderz emote she drew me, i couldnt have painted something this great without her i… made this
@ImChelsey_Bee those are incredibly powerfulwhy doing your eyebrows is important @breadwitchery i love nasty ass harley, keep it up @UnsanityLIVE this shit made me cackledid you know you could do this in Discord?
Retweeted by yellow spoon girl @breadwitchery harley I- @JustinWhang what if the feds see this @SunnyBunny21E your mind 🙌 @Novaleesi please at least get the baja blast @Mosquitojones9 what about doing both :] @TheNomadEric #twerk-sports-center @shadeauxcat he is def mvplike there is literally nothing to do except get high, i would die @Bluesmachine100 fuckwhat the fuck are people in states without weed legalized doing during quarantine rn, i am so sorry @BrianMX34 awesome, glad you had fun<3
✨A N I M E✨
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@RottenPapi um i love you @alyssa_schoener but he's so happy :( i go, i think of you🌻💕
@cark_irl my vote is for pussy 2
@breadwitchery @UnsanityLIVE @disobey when yall meet i need a harley and tom both learn how to ride a bike together stream LOL @UnsanityLIVE @disobey I learned how to ride a bike at twenty years old, i believe in you tom @Gaming_agent99 lowkey want toIf you need some Monday motivation, @yellowspoongirl's got you covered. Kick today's ass, kiss a ghost, do whatever…
Retweeted by yellow spoon girl @ThalionStallion aww that means a lot ty <3 @TheBreen the sierra national forest, it was amazing def recommend @uMentalOW i had to flex u already know @cdkiser awe ilysm <3bonus flowers i found, drugs i smoked, and my sunburnt, mosquito bitten crusty self i disappeared for a sec, I went off to the woods to clear my head.
@Mattigar @RoraPickles LMFAO THIS HURT ME @AshleyRoboto he got me feeling a certain kinda way @Krtzyy dave r u ok @breadwitchery @UnsanityLIVE and you say my taste in men is awful @breadwitchery ok i agree but dont look at @UnsanityLIVE reply to this tweet you might take back what you said @breadwitchery MEN ARE YOU LISTENING @Pikaclicks noah why are you like this @UnsanityLIVE damn it tomguys who dont moan @SunnyBunny21E youre so talented @princesspruk awe your validation means everything @TheNomadEric dude i will straight up get full before my meal is finished cooking lmao @louiseyhannah hopefully soon, it's time @wshandtwitch we dont deserve you @ArtDecider @savannabanana never been so validated @SteakShaman KEKW TRUi made dis @Sodapoppintv holy shit lmfao
@PAYOLETTER black cats are the fucking best @PAYOLETTER they exude a powerful energyOnce I asked one of my guy friends if he had a blowdryer I could use and he said he doesn't but that he has a room fan. @Orochi_Steve awe thank you steve
@Pikaclicks why noaaaaaaaaaaaahwide peepees @CrikkyRicky @Charleemanderz it really does, im surprised how perfect it came out, tier 2 only tho kek @Fucking_Idiot14 @Charleemanderz thank you devin @breadwitchery when are we getting the sexy harley rat emote @Charleemanderz does amazing work for great prices buy some emotes u sluts commissioned Charleemanderz to make an emote off this lovely photo of me in this suit and this is what she came u… @RoraPickles @rickyberwick LMAO he got the dripbro you gotta stop @rickyberwick @CrikkyRicky proud of you, not worth it @xXDeadly_SinXx we are free from the grips of satan @PaladinAmber STOP. madam let me simpI can't anymore. I am muting the words jeffree, and shane dawson forever. bye annoying bullshit @PaladinAmber UMMMMMMMMMM ur genetics I-😳It me ☺️
Retweeted by yellow spoon girl @breadwitchery i cant stop rewatching this @AngelMelly woah😍 @UnsanityLIVE this is artwanna go get icecream?🍦 🏳️‍🌈
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@KonkyTalks thanks konky let be sad togehter today @breadwitchery why am i so sad, i feel so sad todaywill life get better or @criticalrolfan that was so fucking weird. i just raided the person playing the same game as me...big yikes sorry you had to see that @TheNomadEric sorry you had to see that