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D3 | 🇵🇹🇺🇸 | 17 (F/A @PlayVALORANT) | DUO @kotunara (banner by @3wdog_s)

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@SythWiffs @kotunara hey man i've gotta get kills somehow.. @RVerseMSC @ItzAxon @flexinja TSM? nah, TSB. @flexinja overdog. @kotunara @SythWiffs of course jacob would be spectating amirite @1OZNY CRYINGPOV : you're plat in valorant and someone disrespects sentinels
Retweeted by yen / Tyson @hanuyoo @florscnt ok but if neither wins we need Liquid to win it for NA yes? @LiquidValorant do it for NA #LetsGoLiquid @h2nnyu @xxelitism or sick, SOMEONE @h2nnyu @xxelitism they need to have tenz practice raze thenIT'S Back @1OZNY WHY DID YOU DELETE IT THAT SHIT WAS SO FUNNY 👿🐶 @h2nnyu @xxelitism honestly bro if they had sinatraa for the split game they wouldve won, they seriously need a raze for split @h2nnyu @xxelitism it honestly looks like there are 0 comms, they need to work on the communication (especially wit… @fpsyung @ValorLeaks hopefully you wont get butthurt over this ratio @ICCMountains @dogexs__ @fpsyung @ValorLeaks no capium @ICCMountains @dogexs__ @fpsyung @ValorLeaks if NA doesnt win Liquid needs to. @ICCMountains @dogexs__ @fpsyung @ValorLeaks i literally just tweeted #LETSGOLIQUID @ICCMountains @dogexs__ @fpsyung @ValorLeaks i'm trolling dw @xxelitism #LETSGOLIQUID @dogexs__ @fpsyung @ValorLeaks crazy you have to use a copypasta because your tiny eu brain isn't competent enough to make something up @fpsyung @ValorLeaks I'd ratio you but you already ratio'd yourself are LITERALLY a spectator why are you even talking @kotunara i was literally just thinking this i'm not even kidding @gilbert61888641 @Sentinels it's ok gilbert @srrirachha ? @1OZNY well shit r u good bro.. @1OZNY this is some middle school shit who actually says "its not you its me" @ArunavoGanguly @bumpaah @Dasnerth what he said wasnt even weird until you made it weird bromy playlist for anyone who is curious someones girl bro 💀'm gonna make a youtube channel where i take the valorant twitter community and the first person to not ruin their… @mintiikae we don't talk much but you've always been on my higher list of people. when we did talk you were the coolest🥴 @G2kennyS
Retweeted by yen / Tyson @1EDEN_ @h2nnyu we love u @Striker376 i just bought a logitech headset and a razed orochi too... @valslikesballs what. @valslikesballs so are they hot or cold? @Jvnnypie it has to do with color, texture and size
😴 @RyanCentral_ fire ryan#VALORANTChampions became so toxic that i don't even want to continue watching
@NotSquel @notaeris Y my microphone doin that @livq18 @xxelitism EU is so fucking technical with everything too, they think so deeply into the game and think the… @livq18 @xxelitism it's the other way around lol, you could get immortal easily on EU and he'd just get his little… @NotSquel @notaeris tech support i need assistance.20K likes and im going full bald for playoffs
Retweeted by yen / TysonNO FUCKING WAY HOLY SHIT🖌paintbrush without the tbrush 😔 @joiovlr @OfficialXETA @ValorantEsports they deserved it @xefiyy WHAT HAPPENED BRO NOBODY HAS EXPLAINED @xokith @abbert123 why the fuck is she shitting without shoes in the first place @livq18 i have like 5 more matching vandals and 2 phantoms @Nerffy_ @Zypnix2 @ninifatos @mclife_20 @jocson_15 @Asunaa not one fucking person in this thread has any idea what is even happeninggold black & white inventory what do we think @h2nnyu what happened thus time
@whosmichela assFelt this on another level
Retweeted by yen / TysonGOOD LUCK i play versus @FNATIC Can i win today match? I got this.
Retweeted by yen / Tyson @srrirachha if u get pregnant one day nobody can hurt ur baby on god if i punched ur stomach my hand would break in half @Rewind1K i was 1 game off immortal and now i'm at plat 3 @Rewind1K dude diamonds are so shit rn this is literally my career these kids are all so boosted
@bh_dolphin @flexinja @TenZOfficial minecraft is a pixel gameimagine losing breeze because of some virgin standing at the fucking switch