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@Gonzalo43130596 Y porque no invitas 🥺You’re like really pretty...
Tell your loved ones you love them
hear me out... from the bottom of my heart, I don't give a fuck
Retweeted by Yepezbomb bussy comes with an attitude problem.I’m all about Honesty ... The second I find out you’re lying to me I’ll fuck with you differently.
Retweeted by YepezMe: Do you like eating Ass? Him: No Me:
Retweeted by YepezDon’t you think we’re too old to play your games? I’m too old to stay the same.
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If you ever did me wrong DO NOT TRUST ME. I will wait 7-10 years to do you dirty.
Retweeted by Yepez @Gonzalo43130596 @Gonzalo43130596 be safe amigis @jamesbxx_ @jamesbxx_ Good! *snap fingers* I like her/him
He say that bussy so good that he wanna put a ring on it ...ooh,oohYou lucky I'm turning him down, bitchHe be like, "Damn, you fine" He be like, "Damn, you thick" He be like, "Damn, you bad" He be like, "You that bitch, you that bitch"I told him he pushing his luck, he better be happy I fucked himME RN LOLZ BYEE expect to get fucked like this started giving the same energy i received & now i don’t really talk to anyone
Are you in love?why are men so.... cómo se dice... disappointing?Its so annoying how my anxiety really forces me to miss out on so much funIf your bae doesn’t meet you half way it’s time to bring it to their attention.
Retweeted by Yepez @SwervDaniel I doStop texting him.. he’s not busy. He just don’t wanna talk to you babe.
Retweeted by Yepez you’re just a big flirt
Retweeted by YepezAllow yourself to feel. Embrace your growth, your lessons, your mistakes, your flaws, but most importantly, cherish…
Retweeted by YepezI’m my own typeI need the biggest hug 🥺I miss the the morning afters in a relationship. Waking up talking about how cute it was we kept cuddling each othe…
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2019'I'm fine' is one of the most commonly used lies in the English language. Remember, it’s ok to not be ok and it’s also ok to talk about itBe the reason someone smiles today
@solomonraymusic Yeah, are setting a date or something?
I have no business in flirting with guys I literally don’t have time for a bf atm #givemeyabag instead just know it in my heart that I’m going to be famousbe as sad as you need to be. Your heart needs to feel the truth...but remember you got one night and then bounce ba… okay sugar daddy @instagram @for3ver_aiko 🙋🏽‍♂️
No text? I Understand No calls? I Understand No time for me? I Understand But when you see me With someone else I…
Retweeted by Yepez @Manny__diamond wanna get my shit como se dice... um.. ram*ed
Retweeted by Yepezmy bad if i curved you , i thought i had a boo lol y’all can come back
If you give attitude make sure you can handle mine.Have you ever craved someone? Not in a sexual way, but you just wanted to hear the sound of their voice or feel the warmth of their body
Retweeted by Yepezpeople really think they have the right to judge you bc you gave them a small window into your life through social media...DELUSIONAL.
Retweeted by Yepezbitch I’m officially distancing myself with people who I believe are not positive to my life and are just full of bullshit.My ex taught me to just go for looks because even the ugly ones treat you like shitHow do you stop missing someone?some of y’all got problems lmao
Retweeted by Yepez @hvllrene Me
@jamesbxx_ are you thinking,what I’m thinking?’m nice and naïve and I got to change that @JeffreeStarFeliz cumpleaños a Rocío Dúrcal. Su musica me ha inspirado mucho y ha traído tanto esplendor y belleza al mundo mus…
Retweeted by Yepezon my 2nd break down on my 3rd anxiety attack and still acting like everything is going was your day?I desire the things that will destroy me in the end...
I’ll give $1,000 CASH to someone random who retweets this (must be following so I can dm you, 18+, ends in 72 hours…
Retweeted by YepezThe shit I see on FB 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Yepezall those sugar daddies that be in my DM send me money I’m trying to get this My cash app is $ffloresxxx My Venmo…'m quick to cut it off, if you don't believe I'll do itYou and I both know I'm not just anybodyDon't wanna see no tweets about the night we sharedSecretly taking pictures of me is weird af like boyyy ehhh @Gonzalo43130596 lolz literally same
Vive tu vida, yo vivo la mía. 🤘🏽you look buff...aver, choke me.I’m happy where I’m at in life and I’m only going to get better.👌🏽
Retweeted by Yepezeat my ass like a cupcakeeeI am madly in love with myself 😍
Retweeted by Yepez#HappyNationalBoyfriendDay to all my boyfriends❣️ luhhh ya 😉want live in a world where i can cash in my likes for dolla bills @JeffreeStar me becoming rich and famous in the next couple months ... everything happens for a reason, let’s keep… most committed always wins
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@JeffreeStar I would like be apart of the Jeffree Star Mafia...where do I sign-up?who wants to watch hocus pocus with me and drink a pumpkin spice latteuhhm who would like to be my date to this be ghostin’... 👻after finishing watching @JeffreeStar and @shanedawson YouTube series got me feeling that I have to be part of this industryIght ima head out
@pulte Yes 🤞🏽Should I give away $11,000 or $12,000 tomorrow morning?
Retweeted by Yepez @iBuentello_A Bby daddy 🥰Same don’t have to believe it you have to accept that it’s over
Send me money Monday 🥰 My cash app is $ffloresxxx My Venmo is Federico-Flores-8 My PayPal$ffloresxxx I need is Mr. @pulte to send me a few extra dollarsOnly dating verse boys from here on out. So if you’re not with it, you better get with it!
Retweeted by YepezI’ll give $1,000 TODAY to someone random who retweets this because I gave away thousands of dollars already today 🤗…
Retweeted by Yepez @ScottDisick @KrisJenner Same here
By the power vested in me, I now pronounce your blocked and deleted. You may now kiss my ASS!!!
Retweeted by YepezSAME base: raw sex Second base: saying I love you Third base: posting them on Instagram
Retweeted by YepezCuffing season is upon us, meaning I am looking for a cuddle buddy. Must follow the obligations below: - fine with…
Retweeted by Yepezbaby man child 🙄