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@nonotduck I would be very sad if you did
Sap heads @glickzac Your first mistake was listening to Kelly @clay_png no, you got all of em cut 🤣🤣🤣Gonna start referring to Canadians as leafiesWhy need college degree when have 151 hour long dubstep playlistI love QuikTrip @BigTucsonDad look man i had already graduated so I blocked it outOh also some white girls spelled the N word with their shirts and it made world news @Schticklord You tell me you were def there @Schticklord It was sophomore year so waaay before @frankieplsrelax Devilman Crybaby on the flixObama came to my school @misssssnique letsgooo @parallelbark an unspoken guardian
Retweeted by yeff @couribruv Hopefully you stop forgetting your ethnicity now
i’m not gay, but that’s incredible housing is paid for. I make a good salary. I get health insurance, 401k, 700 lbs of beef a year, and I live on a…
Retweeted by yeff @lynndewitttoya it takes is 1 billionaire to kill a joke
Retweeted by yeff🌐🌐 NEW WHO UP 🌐🌐 🌐🌐 NEW WHO UP 🌐🌐 @Braingetter joins us and we talk about pissing outside for the entire episode…
Retweeted by yeff @cal_gif Resi 7 is my fav tho
Retweeted by yeff @MUSTDIEmusic it is known @SafeWebUser can i have one i’ll buy it
Why the absolute hell is the close image button placed directly over the leave call button @MicrosoftTeams Your gar… @Selinduhhh ADHD squirrel brain strikes againYes. @SafeWebUser Around the World in 80 Days but for smoking weed on the moon
@SpaghettiBoy71O @weeniehutmenu @SkinnyKingSahil @sh3riffwoody LMAOOOOOOOO @ITYSL bozo dubs over @clay_png Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!!! @AndrewsNotFunny that’s how they get ya @AndrewsNotFunny clearly it’s censorshipthis came to me in a vision last night
Retweeted by yeff85 is divisible by 17 @emohilaryduff W!!!!!! Proud of uschrödinger’s draft, both correct and incorrect, etc etc
Retweeted by yeffdo with this what you will @skate4official_ @skate4official_ Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse @skate4official_ you sound like him @anarchotwinkism when that ares circle hitFrom Tankman to Cheerman This new drawing is dedicated to @wangdan1989 and many disgraceful Chinese dissidents who…
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@SmackTownEnemy send it back to him on the 20th @JadedWallace @subtleferret i haven’t showered since last year 🤣🤣🤣im taking a sledgehammer to the bimbofication of gamers and the assumption that just because im a gamer i only fuck with out condoms
Retweeted by yeff @smhten @TheBabylonBee if reusing the same jokes is cause for nervousness you are correct i am sweating @SpiteDarkBlade @subtleferret rather smoke it @matchawife Good luck Jacky boy you got disWomen only want one thing, and it’s a massive penis @CunderscoreRob Burial aliveFiring line for speech & debate kids @subtleferret you have never been this close to self awareness before, keep going! @subtleferret I’m you. @subtleferret I’m so quirky look at this goofy text that I sent, what does it mean! No one knows that’s how unique… @clay_png don’t hold your breath
2021"Most gamers aren't gay so don't make the main character gay," proclaims gamer who isn't a samurai or a space pirat…
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@itmeebo kinda sortaLmao
Retweeted by yeff @chridollarsign 69 views. nice.
Retweeted by yeffAlamo check You mfs better not have forgotten
Retweeted by yeffAlamo check You mfs better not have forgotten
@spaceyholly dudes rock @meme_messiah_ I am going to buy a gunSo it wasn't antifa, then.
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Retweeted by yeff @SafeWebUser By none at all I mean unconstructive public critcism @SafeWebUser you get public criticism or none at all @AZGOP which one @Raeequaza she shouldn’t something something but it’s something @Raeequaza something something controversial something brave'who could have stopped this' wonder all of the people working at facebook who didn't stop this
Retweeted by yeff @discpix oops sorry
D.C. police only arrested 13 people today.
Retweeted by yeff @RubenGallego Proud to be an ArizonanFuck you we are. Democracy will not die tonight.
Retweeted by yeffHe...threw the American flag to the ground to make room for the Trump flag. That's it...that's the whole metaphor.
Retweeted by yeffa protester in the Capitol with what appears to be a handgun on his hip and zipties, to take congressional hostages…
Retweeted by yeffGuillotines are cooler people really need to learn the difference between censorship and breaking a contract (Terms & Conditions you a… @nxtvxkxng it’s so fucking tough rnlol @tylermsc last year it was WW3. Looks like this is just 2020 2but i lost an eye for being in the street
Retweeted by yeffThis was the capitol’s security when there were black protestors on the streets
Retweeted by yeff‘Traitors,’ he screamed while storming the Capitol Building.
Retweeted by yeffI have applied for a social media coordinator position, and LinkedIn says that over 300 people have applied for it.…
Retweeted by yeff @BigTucsonDad @GooseIsland Vouch as hellThis is what fascism looks like.
Retweeted by yeff @KylePlantEmoji I fight with the Ancient Reptilian Brain all the timeKinda fucked up that me and my brain are two different people
Retweeted by yeffthis is making a lot of sense rn so Kanye was a gay fish this whole time??? @cottoncandaddy it’s their clothes :)