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I was mainly tryna show off my legs cuz I thought they looked big hence da caption btw @fuckrileyreid It’s my realest tweet pal. @itarixo LMAOO idk my face looks a lil weird here @itarixo Wat @whoreschatas I wanna wax them I hate body hair smWho want they shit kicked in she gave me her bracelet chicks it’s yo girl emellee the one he talks about!!!!
@DalcnArt Idk I did it one time a while ago n been doing it ever since @7genoz Probably notAnyone else be eating like 3x ur recommended calories for 3 days then da next 3 days just not eat then repeat @bumassdude Almost forgot abt this one @bumassdude @xamreiki Was that not real? cart was getting so heavy at Walmart I had to put my whole pussy into each turn
@fI0wrboy It is, but I’m just reading it till my bleach manga gets hereOh my god @FIockins Aj styles???? That nigga has always been so damn annoyingJohn Morrison, Jeff Hardy and Edge 🙏 R RESELLING TORTILLAS new Vinland chapterI got mcs but I wanted to do casts @itarixo YipeeDamn this shit lowkey look kinda good
@DalcnArt It looks so good @sneerid LMAOOOOmg @cr3sts Why do my feet look like that LMAOO @cr3sts Sup else’s snap not working @fuckrileyreid Wait till he find out I’m an army man @whoreschatas I’m dying @fuckrileyreid He hasn’t met me fr yet, I think he’s just mad cuz his daughter is talking to a boySo my girl put a picture of us in her phone case then sends... LMAOOOOOOOO I CANT BREATHE
I do not understand y everyone is posting on their story “who got room (wtv) for SAT tmr?” as if they’re not gonna… @boofbIunt Where’s yung gravy @7arqdox @brxndonvz Igy after I take this chem test @brxndonvz @7genoz After 1:45 I start shakin like crazy but can push myself to maximum 2:30
@whoreschatas Me too @vrty0 @/yepyupyepyepIma duet this dude later when my mom leaves cuz like how de hell he even do that literally looks the same just skinnier and touched up da face tats n different hair don’t like Kanye when I listen to him myself but when other ppl put him on it’s so good
Ooooo @tlzoaa @SavourEanna Most likely (this pic a lil over a year old) n my hair was purple too but it kinda faded out n… @SnipedSZN This is not rock @tlzoaa @SavourEanna I don’t really see it but I love you already @SavourEanna @tlzoaa What makes u say that @2twinchoppas Anyways I don’t really like the chunky boot trend but these r kinda hard @shuwastaken All I did was search up 4 most attractive men 2021 @ParallelTid Me and my twin @Iuikang Sorry Twitter only allows up to 4 attachmentsI remember being at skateparks pretending to go down da ramps n ppl would be like go man you can do it! Like dawg I… @fuckrileyreid THE PUMPKIN WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART BRA @abefaxs Just gonna make one of em photo collage thingsEvery girl swears one of these mfs are their boyfriend 😭 ever like hurt yo feelings but u don’t wanna say nun cuz u dk if u just overreacting n da person gonna th… was tryna do this btw one piece episode
@donivnn Maybe next time, she didn’t get out da car. I gotta meet her dad which I’ll prolly do at her house so I’ll… gonna start eating rice n chicken all day everyday, getting enough protein while having a variety of foods is… nvm her mom already love me
@SavourEanna I mean yeah that’s easier said than done, gotta have a good first impression n shit too durrrrAM I SUPPOSED TO SHAKE MY GIRLS MOM HAND OR WHAT, I FEEL LIKE U ONLY DO THAT WIT DA DAD, SHES JUST DROPPING US OFF… @hsoows__ @4ykou U ever try da snickers one @4ykou Ain’t no way u got glazed instead of frosted honeybuns🌚 wait before he comes to my room I stood outside the room he was in with a knife ready to stab him then idk what…’re in my house now, eventually I give up on tryna take it back cuz he has a gun.. then he runs to our parents ro… friend hands me his backpack and tells me to go stand by his locker cuz he got shit he wants to sell in there; m… had a terrible dreamNah hold up this kinda fye @die4jayy Man why didn’t u post it 😞 I wanted to duet it @theonlylenn Jesus Christ dude im 6’0 and my girl is 5’2 and it’s already like kinda hard to hold hands
@rzlphy On me them pink red and orange skies so damn beautifulY’all ever take the time to just like actually analyze the sky? Them white clouds against the light blue sky so beautiful frObsessed wit this song rn, just thought I should share did it give me titties @Sadcrib Sounds disgusting I’m still 100% gon try it tho @fuckrileyreid @whoreschatas Why don’t u things like this for me🙁 @whoreschatas Now what if I just roundhouse kicked the shit out of u @donivnn Try what exactly @pologluvr1 Make up ur mindBro @pologluvr1 @whoreschatas Bucko.Nvm I just bit straight into a raisin I’m gonna start crying @pologluvr1 @whoreschatas We be giving relationship advice to each other frRaisin bagels kinda fye ngl @whoreschatas Oh hell to the no no no, what did he say @whoreschatas Yeah be like “?” Then if he asks why then u be like “whyd u leave me on open 💀” @whoreschatas Depends what was da last thing u said @whoreschatas Sucks to suck don’t it 🤷‍♂️ @whoreschatas Block him 💯