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😺 Co-hosts @TotallyReprise & more, all on @audioentropy! The absolute cutest trans girl. Pic by @Knitspecibus She/Her | Very Bi | 8/11

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when ya girl gets the obvious answers wrong is probably not a weird thing, this is probably very normal, but stillim watching supermarket sweep rn and the most interesting thing about it is realizing every one of these episodes was filmed on the same dayis this kodiak @Knitspecibus @SSJSpeedRacer i think he got thrown off the horseYou can pet the cat in Granblue Fantasy
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@50TurnParty yyyoooooooooooo @MaxieSatan ITS NOT A CLIFFI’m here to drink tea, kill my enemies, and love Katalina... and I’m all out of tea 🗡❤️ Cos: @SomersetSews
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @orchidectomies male jo female @hedgemice @luckydicekirby THIS RULESI'm? @kevinquaere it's SO bad kevin @StiltsTheGM The giants have been absolutely pathetic this yearwhatever. i dont care. baseball has never been an interest of mine. who caresYOU GUYS YOU MAY NOT KNOW THIS BUT YOU HAVE TO SCORE RUNS TO WIN. AND YOU GOTTA MAKE SURE THE OTHER TEAM DOESNT???it's fine. this is fine was under 4 at the start of this inning into the giants game only to find they're down 2-0 in the second and already have an error recorded. good teamIf you reply to something with 'heck' please know that i immediately don't trust you until i know that you can curse like an adult
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @rhetoricAcrobat @kevinquaere LANDS AND GIANTS BAYBEE @BasicMountain @CedricAPhillips guys the best red in a cycle is goblin chainwhirler. that's the best one @rhetoricAcrobat @kevinquaere @rhetoricAcrobat let me tell you about scapeshiftthe thing everyone forgets about amulet titan is that it doesn't feature any copies of Valakut, The Molten Pinnacle… @jbu3 fwiw i think he's one of the hardest ones just because of how early in the game it is? But yeah it can be really difficult at times SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM *orders one Morrowind and leaves*
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑My first Kickstarter is officially live!! Dust Wardens is a game of community and connection in a haunted roadside…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @neutralhands If these are our disagreements we're doing pretty solid imo @rowdyhands No!!!!Thinking about what a shame it is that panic at the disco never made any more music after A Fever You Can't Sweat O…'s been about 7 months since the last coheed album came out and I'm officially prepared to say that "The Pavillio… is such a wife to fix Reina's hair. She just belongs in short butchy hair.
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑Out here @boxofhamsters Finally someone respecting my years of research!!! @boxofhamsters I know what I'm talking about @boxofhamsters Depends on who you askhad to fix Reina's hair. She just belongs in short butchy hair. @TR6Queenly That's my secret... I'm always on brandmade a new 'fit @bayonettamain she's a snake its not like she can bop you with her arms or anything @juanchupacabra hooooooooly shit. iconic @juanchupacabra fuuuuuuuuuuuuck okay yeah guess i know what i'm doing this weekend @juanchupacabra oh FUCK supermarket sweep is on amazon prime?? @zandravandra gotta get em well done @SSJSpeedRacer @Knitspecibus You're so lucky she loves you @Knitspecibus Luke.... Buddy
@bayonettamain YAY @certainlyawitch 🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️ @certainlyawitch Great target for spell pierce and negate imo @certainlyawitch lmao counter everything imo @certainlyawitch Nah you always spell pierce the enablers!Europa
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @kevinquaere Right????oh i love you @marshall_is_mad valid................................scapeshift?? @rhetoricAcrobat rip sweet prince're brain geniuses and also no one should let us make things together domme erasure in Hieron 30: A Safer Second
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑it's just like if mizzium mortars were way better @PriscilliaBL Yeah i'm thinkin the samei wonder if we get ssr jamilOh shit boy hot rider meteor doodle. "your fate is mine to decide!" 🌠
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @TabletopGamera be nice to lexi >:[Shouts out 2 me and all my boyfriends stepping in PULLIN OUT THAT BOTTOM OF THE 9TH UNITE AND FIGHT WIN RAAAAAAAAA🎶Every little thing she does is Valid Everything she do just turns me on🎶
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑Call of Duty: Modern War4 was right there. Cmon. @Swandre3000 My promise is that I will continue to always be right @Remilia_vee I gotta be me @indiewinter I'm not sure tbh I started playing before the Orbs and already have all the starter shit @marshall_is_mad Sure is a pile of fuckin cards🎶Every little thing she does is Valid Everything she do just turns me on🎶 @SSJSpeedRacer i'm so excited @greatgrebe WELL @Jesscookie1 yeah it really is...when you finish the first chapter of your novel @indiewinter It's good!It also doesn't help that I've been able to talk to Aymeric for the last like 10 hours of gameplay and he's just the best boyif he puts the gear back on we can smash but otherwise he's canceled. @ThisIsEmeralds nahNevermind I saw him without the armor i'm over it. @mercenarymimic fuckin...whatever dweeb @mercenarymimic >:]additionally @50TurnParty she very cuteshe @mercenarymimic @50TurnParty well i dunno @50TurnParty i don't think that applies to this one mikeywhy is making stuff so difficult goddamn
@SunhatZhenya fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeaheveryone on discord is watching the ffxiv stuff and i'm just trying ot understand ANYTHING happeningIt's confirmed! Tomorrow I'm previewing a new Mythic Planeswalker from Modern Horizons on the Select side of…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @PriscilliaAD NOICE @kevinquaere I'm glad i have my mistys but....yeah. i really wish there was any way to play modern reasonably :/