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😺 Co-hosts @TotallyReprise & more, all on @audioentropy! The absolute cutest trans girl. Pic by @Knitspecibus She/Her | Very Bi | 8/11

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😄 grinning-closed-eyes + 😭 in-tears =
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @StiltsTheGM get owned dork fucking love to see it, what a night. #SFGiants
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 are only up by 5 idk why this is happening tbh.FOLKS WE GOT A POSITION PLAYER PITCHING IN ARIZONA
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑oh holy *shit* @ciswoman right but then i'm not taking noteswho hurt him just reached a point in hypnospace where i was like 'im gonna need a notebook for this' and nothing has been more… love Hollow Knight. | #hollowknight #art
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @kinggeebs lets ship him to the ALif this kid keeps it up he's just going to break the HR record next year
GG: :D
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @certainlyawitch e r a s u r e cygames we wont stand for this @certainlyawitch She's great but I'm mad they didn't drop summer lucio tbh @certainlyawitch Yeah that's pretty much how I see it @certainlyawitch its up 2 uToday is the last day of Flash Gala - if you want the best chance at an SSR, use the free roll before the draw bann…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑Rise... and GRIND, Mr. Freeman. Rise... and GRIND. Not that I wish to imply that you have been sleeping on that clo…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @CammySashimi just TRY and stop me enforcerExtra-inning W. 🙌 #SFGiants
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑SHOUTS OUT TO THE GIANTS OUTFIELD BOYYYYY.@mikeyaz18 is the 1st @SFGiants player with a 3-HR game since 2015 (Jarrett Parker).
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @synthsuccubus Just try and stop me @SSJSpeedRacer I posted an image luke are asleep post gumshoe gooper
@turn_one_island Idk if I even have it installed anymore but if the itch hits me I absolutely will @turn_one_island Damn, fond memories of going hard as the heavy/medic combo of the opposing teams nightmares @worstcontact Ahhh you look great!!bro download my ex's nudes. i can't move on unless you do bro @turn_one_island yeah!!쌍둥이 인장하려고 그렷는데 같이 인장해줄 사람 없음에 눈물흘리기
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑Hey y'all we've got a new show. Bakacast's Dustin and his friend Sierra bring you Gacha Journalism, a podcast abou…
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Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @AudioEntropy its ok we know you're just a simple dinosaur trying to listen to some podcastsonly one month away from Link's Awakening......exciteyou ever have one of those days? (happy anniversary to the finale of my favorite season of #friendsatthetable)
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑LMTYAE 37: Let Me Tell You About Shin Godzilla
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑We killed 1/3 of the opposition lmao #PS4share and I's Apex Win Streak ends with five, because we won the first game today and lost the 2ndsurprise! @dialacina and i have begun a james bond podcast in the lead up to next year's Bond 25, and it hink it is…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @YerFriendMolly I'm Burning Shard IV
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @StiltsTheGM fuck youSTOP THEM
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @50TurnParty lmfao i didn't even notice. good job @TabletopGamera @mercenarymimic gotta keep it profesh on main @mercenarymimic @TabletopGamera wow ok kids hang on this is main @50TurnParty wow really coming in hot here huh @mercenarymimic @TabletopGamera What can i say @mercenarymimic @TabletopGamera i am'molly her boobs are way too big and her outfit is not great' thats me tho.this is me @mercenarymimic In Granblue she's just a hot primal ladyoh i guess i do have both sturm and drang now. sicki lied i spent my ten draws for dopamine. i got rose queen and ixaba!! @Yuri_Librarian *wielding a knife* owo whats this @Yuri_Librarian the fuzzy wuzzy manstill no new fire emblem character has a crit line to match the raw power of “pick a god and pray”
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @notquitereal I want to give Urianger a wedgie every time he talks @greatgrebe obviously if you're repping eternal gran you're a force to be reckoned with @SunhatZhenya sorry i just see the baby and get excited. @SunhatZhenya squirtle!!! @kevinquaere ❤️❤️❤️someone buy this for me @TabletopGamera I haven't had a good pull in months let me have thisDid a single ten draw, got exactly what I wanted. Spark saving time now! @razorgrrrl That's fucked up....pretty good album imo @razorgrrrl Lotta Mr Jones posting today @50TurnParty Healing is rly fun. I did my first 71+ dungeons tonight and had a blast @50TurnParty What @Blankzilla Zack heavensward is so fucking sickI got to whm 74 and it might be my favorite class lmao @razorgrrrl 'muh jim jam' isnt a good noise i wont lieHawaii different bro
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @Jordan_Mallory man fuck texas @Yuri_Librarian upset about how these are arranged @em_aytch no its cute??? @Knitspecibus just ask me if you need any i can get it for you @RevRyeBread rock lee obvITS PRISCILLAS BDAY YOU GOTTA BE NICE TO HER AND GIVE HER MONEY
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@DungeonEnvy We scrappin @Yuri_Librarian bindtdchtch @Card_Kingdom @RevRyeBread once again, im a damn foolyall i just deleted nms off of my computer don't make me download it againAU where Lucifer's core is saved and put into the little nui. He'd act like Sandalphon's mentor while they try to…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @SSJSpeedRacer LOOK AT THAT BABYeveryone's talking about today's new bad takes but i'm still reeling from wine = whine @MikeLovesRabbit trains own
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Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑 @rhetoricAcrobat Edelgard: I'm proud to identify as a morosexual. I'm attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusiv…
Retweeted by 👑The Empress of Pulls👑GGP celebrates it's 100th episode the same as any other: we talk about some Victory, we talk about some Macross. Th…
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