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@rahynemashell @erinmhk girl same!!! pcos is the worst. you look amazing!!who has byte??? CARES GIRL. JUST YOU!!! (@ me)i hate when i post something on ig then i immediately change my mind and want to delete it bc it doesn’t fit my fee…'m gonna surpass Kakarot. One way or another.
Retweeted by lil moonfound out some truths and connected with my soul mate. happened in 2016 that changed us forever.
Retweeted by lil moontwo moods:
Retweeted by lil moonso u dated the wrong person and learned a hard lesson. u chose the wrong major and had to start over again. u cheri…
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@BellaLeea this is foul lmaort to save life #coronavirus
Retweeted by lil mooni feel like i’ve been posting too much on insta and i need to slow down 🥴
Retweeted by lil moondreamt of pablo. i got to hold him this time. i miss you. @irlbritt starbucks too!An older spray painting 🦌
Retweeted by lil moonFYI: all of the coffee bean & tea flavored powders have dairy!!!! @beatlejoos_e @erinmhk thank you! 🥺💓💓💓i can do this. @lil_sad_eyes @erinmhk this is amazing @KayleeLawson13 @erinmhk thank you so much!! 💓💓 @Josiekelly2015 @erinmhk thank you!! 🥺❤️#NewProfilePic bitch thread, comment your pics below and leave a compliment underneath someone else’s reply 💟
Retweeted by lil moon @erinmhk from yesterday 🖤 trying hard to appreciate my thickness.
@HopeyOneKenobi feelings - cuco 💗Welcome to the #KingdomHearts family, @dylansprouse!
Retweeted by lil moonA Tribe Called Stressed
Retweeted by lil moonpractice!!! #nami lil kids curse makes me criiiiingeeeewhen i was really lil i always asked to go to the one at downtown disney for my bday. i loved it lol i want to go a… to have some sweeties in my life that care about my wellbeing and I care about theirs 💌 friends that uplift m…
Retweeted by lil moon @BellaLeea i miss YOU!! 🥺💖💖💖 @ahliizuga portland is soooo fun and amazing!!! def a city worth visiting a least once!!we want to plan to move there one day lol
@JaviiFilms 💖my lady so damn coot
Retweeted by lil mooni’m angy
Retweeted by lil moonShow off your love for @KINGDOMHEARTS with these new pins from Disney’s Pin Traders! ✨🐭🎮 #ShopDisneySprings
Retweeted by lil mooni usually go for my go-tos every day and have soooo much i don’t ever touch or hardly use. and then when the best n… made a promise to myself i would not buy anymore makeup/skincare until i run out of a specific product to replace it.ummm i need more votes it’s literally 50/50 right now 😭my fav game DESERVE ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS THAT COME TO ME AND WHATEVER I WANT WILL BE MINE
Retweeted by lil moonwhat’s the best platform to post art? @forever_a_G the cutest 😭most days i have really low energy but my sister is really pushing me to be more active and to do better and i appreciate her for that.i love following beautiful womenliterally my goal this year is to cook more and eat out less. it’s best for my health and bank account!!! brother told me it looks like i lost weight and he’s like the most brutally honest person i know 🥺💓listen to my talented baby y’all 😤💓 @JaviiFilms it’s my fav too ❤️ posting this up again. this is probably my favorite one
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my mom tho code geass
Retweeted by lil moonY’all... just a month difference 🥵
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Carrie Fisher in New York, 1977.
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Retweeted by lil moonWho the hell did this?
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2020 anyone have recommendations for good hair volumizing products?dude that's the king now your mouse has to step down
Retweeted by lil moonthis celery juice don’t hit the same w/o ice 😔 @irlaudrey ohhh same!!! @thegeeksempress amazing🥚 Cosplay vs Character 🥚
Retweeted by lil moonlast night bella gave me the guidance and support i truly needed 🙏🏼💖 i love her!!!!!phew i need to get back into reading boruto i’ve enjoyed so far being in LA is getting to just hangout with my family. they’re my favorite ppl ❤️“Firefall” at Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park, California, looks like a scene from a fantasy movie. But, i…
Retweeted by lil moonwho wants to win a Tati Beauty Blendiful? all you have to do is follow me here and retweet this tweet! Closes Frida…
Retweeted by lil moon @crisfenzo happy birthday beautiful!!!when does the pain of losing something endold school anime has my heart 💖gentle mental 🔆My love for others increases as my love for myself does. That’s the current practice. Loving and healing myself to love and heal others >>
Retweeted by lil moonif you didnt want then you dont me at my deserve me at my
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Fuck, Marry, Kill: Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog
Retweeted by lil moon🔆 i told my grandpa that i was dieting and juicing so i couldn’t eat the food he made. the next day he boug… watching urusei yatsura 💓 LUM I LOVE UFuck the gym I’m just gonna do this
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doja cat is an amazing singer, songwriter and producer but above all she’s a troll 🤣🤣
Retweeted by lil mooni woke up so many times starting at 3am and i am still so exhaustedA bond
Retweeted by lil moonThat cat said this is not a mf drill 😩😂
Retweeted by lil mooni forgot my black turtle neck shirt in vegas so i guess i gotta buy a new one 😔🖤
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blue sky noise is my FAVORITE circa survive album like i am ready to cry and scream!!!!!!i can’t wait 🥺🥺🥺🥺 BRING BACK DARK SKIN & BANGS NICO ROBIN @ ODAthere's NO ROOM for unsupportive friends, and family in 2020 🧿
Retweeted by lil moonat least i’m self aware lolso much i could do but instead waste it on going back and forth from twitter to ig yeeshsocial media has taken over my mental space and i truly need to break free from it.happy bday to Aaliyah & Sade❤️ 2 of tha greatest females to ever do it!! #goats
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