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👉@WixEng 👉@Zedge 👉@TransferGo 👉@Tesonet👉@hj_chen 👉@brucel 👉@HenriHelvetica 👉@Mandy_Kerr 👉@phenomnominal 👉@borislitTo our lovely audience, speakers and sponsors - we couldn’t have taken #yglf20 digital without you. All the recordi…
Ever wanted to improve your understanding of code via Disney’s Frozen? Yep, that’s what we did with @phenomnominal.…
@HenriHelvetica kept us fascinated as we dove with him deep into the world of metrics during his talk at #YGLF20. T…
We went on a journey with @Mandy_Kerr , to discover what we can do with variable fonts. You can find the talk recor…
We got to know #ReactQuery with @borislit in his session for #YGLF20. If you missed it, catch the talk from the Tec…
Our first video is ready from #YGLF20! Check out @hj_chen ’s talk on the YGLF YouTube channel. We’ll be posting mo…
First video ready from #YGLF20! @hj_chen goes into the intricacies of CSS Colours. 🎨
Many people have asked me what I was wearing below the desk while I was being fashionable at #yglf20. It was just s…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaAnd #yglf20 is a wrap. I enjoyed MCing an hour a day, but really hope I can be back in beautiful Vilnius next year.
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@phenomnominal Thanks so much for the great talk today @yglf_lt - What would be the esprima for HTML i.e. say you w…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaLearning about ASTs through the medium of Frozen, with @phenomnominal at #yglf20
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania😭 Nooooo! @phenomnominal & @brucel session for #YGLF20 finished... that means the conference is over for another ye…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaCheers @phenomnominal and @brucel - that really was an epic ending to the week! 🙂 And a big thank you so much to al… cool. to go live for @yglf_lt, getting excited/nervous! If you want to check out the slides, they're here:…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaHere we go! 😎 Live now - it's @phenomnominal with MC @brucel right on your laptop. #frontend #YGLF20🎧🎵🎶🎵🎧 @fifiquick put together a digital playlist for #YGLF20! a great talk this week by @hj_chen. 🎨 today we've got @phenomnominal joining us for the whole hour. Tune in from 16:00 GMT+3. Knowledge is power.…
The Road to Async Nirvana :) #YGLF20 #React
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania @Lucas_Le_Ray @yglf_lt All credit goes to @tannerlinsley for an incredible library!
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaTUNE IN TO ABSORB.
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaComing up tomorrow at 16:00 GMT+3 it's @phenomnominal with @brucel. 😎 Live on streaming for #YGLF20 and taking the… talk by @borislit on React Query during @yglf_lt ! #YGLF2020
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaLet’s rock and roll! 🤘 Live now it's @borislit presenting "You Can Sit With Us" with MC @brucel Tune in for #YGLF20We are on it 5!!! @WixEng
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaToday @yglf_lt, @borislit on #React query #webdevelopment #YGLF20
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaConsumption of asynchronous data sources has been an issue in frontend development for years. 🤯 Coming up at 16:00… it is all about React! As a dev that daily works with React I cannot wait for this talk!! 🚀🙂
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Today’s #YGLF20 with @hj_chen: “Whiteness and all grey Colours between white and black, may be compounded of Colou…
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuaniathe article that @hj_chen just mentioned by @svgeesus #YGLF20
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaThe last talk was great! 😀 I missed @hj_chen's talk "Typesetting for a Global Web" last year at #YGLF20 but I watc…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaThanks @hj_chen! Tomorrow's session is all about React Query... When @borislit and @brucel join forces, you know… to your laptop in 2 minutes! @hj_chen takes over #YGLF20Today at @yglf_lt - The prismatic world of #CSS colors with @hj_chen #webdevelopment
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania🖥 Streaming LIVE all the way from Singapore, @hj_chen takes over #YGLF20 for an hour at 16:00 GMT+3 👀 @Mandy_Kerr @yglf_lt @brucel @hj_chen
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Same place, same time. See you all tomorrow ;).
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaFabulous darling! YES, but only if organizers @typeoftomas @MJacionis @nikaspran @jakutis0 and @EgleBaltrimaite p… #YGLF20, @Mandy_Kerr and I maxxed out the speakers' fashion budget with sparkles, but it was totes worth it.
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaMade sure I was out early + modified my route to make sure I caught all of @Mandy_Kerr’s talk for #YGLF20 ⏲ 41’12…
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania✏️✏️ 🖥️🖥️ 👀 @Mandy_Kerr @yglf_lt @brucel @hj_chen It was a fascinating presentation. 🥰
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaPost @yglf_lt online edition cup of tea before bed. Thanks for having me! I will forever be jealous of @brucel's u…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaBackstage shots! 📸 #yglf20 next at 16:00 GMT+3 tomorrow, it's @hj_chen #YGLF20 👀 demo from @Mandy_Kerr showing how to make a variable font thicker as viewport shrinks (avoiding iOS7 mistake of…
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania @FirefoxDevTools shoutout by @Mandy_Kerr at @yglf_lt for the awesome variable fonts tooling
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuaniaw00t! @Mandy_Kerr took the Zoom stage for variable fonts and responsive typography! #webdevelopment @yglf_lt
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaRight now, we’re streaming @Mandy_Kerr’s presentation live from Australia with MC @brucel 😎 #YGLF20 @schalkneethling @yglf_lt Wooh 🥳 I hope everyone enjoys
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaTreat your brain good today! Tune into @Mandy_Kerr discussing variable fonts and responsive typography. 🧠 you there @schalkneethling! ✍️✍️✍️👀👀👀🖥️🖥️🖥️
OK. Just downed a cold glass of grapefruit juice! Thank you #YGLF20. That was super fun, and I hope I was clear on…
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania#YGLF Re: JS Framework "bloat" and #WebPerformance. "The majority of web users are mobile, and being a North Amer…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaAn awesome session with @HenriHelvetica! We've expanded our minds about resource loading and page performance. Next… @heyjonyee Glad to have you in the audience 🤙"Mobile networks are about as trustworthy as Belarussian election results" - @HenriHelvetica at #YGLF20 just now
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaCame in late, but happy to watch Henri (since the borders are closed and I can no longer drive up and stalk him lik…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaWell this is awesome! Right now @HenriHelvetica is discussing the metric system. 🧠 #YGLF20 is having issues. Use the mobile or desktop app to connect.
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaHey everyone! If you are having issues connecting to Zoom, try signing in using the meeting ID via the Zoom app 🙂Really excited about @HenriHelvetica's talk today! #YGLF20 🌈
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaDon't miss the talk! I for sure won't! 😉 #YGLF20 #webperf
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaLooking forward to @HenriHelvetica's talk @yglf_lt today! #performance #webdevelopment
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuanialabas rytas DOM (@yglf_lt edition)
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaToday at 16:00 GMT+3 @HenriHelvetica discusses how to measure website performance in 2020! 🖥️⏰ #YGLF20
Excited for my talk tomorrow for @yglf_lt. As usual, I’m letting my imagination and story telling get the best of m…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaTune in to hear more about #ReactQuery !
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania#YGLF20 💪
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania👾 The countdown to #YGLF20 is on! To kick things off, we have a very special live presentation by the curator and…
Hey 👋 #YGLF20 crew! Are you ready for more #frontend knowledge? We’ve got @phenomnominal streaming live on Friday… we finally reached the asynchronicity nirvana? Get to know #ReactQuery with @borislit - Explore the reasons… for a #frontend presentation from the founder of @fendersperth? ⚡️ If you want in, register for @Mandy_Kerr'…
🥳🥳🥳 Whaaaaaat? #YGLF20 is happening next week! 👀 big shout out to our brilliant #YGLF20 sponsors: 👉@wixeng 👉#tesonet 👉@transfergo 👉@zedge
Tune in next week to learn about some of the best #FrontEnd practices - and how you can use them to improve your cr…
Hang on a minute! Have you put the #YGLF20 talks in your calendar yet? 👀 Take part in the 5 days of free online te…
GET READY 🚀 We’re going digital. This August, @brucel will host fantastic talks from: @HenriHelvetica @Mandy_Kerr
YGLF is a non-profit conference aimed at delivering high-quality content on the hottest frontend topics. This yea…
Tooling for code generation, transformation and interrogation has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few ye…
Yay! I’m looking forward to this! It’s been a while since I’ve got to talk variable fonts
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaHave we finally reached the asynchronicity nirvana? Join @borislit and get to know #ReactQuery. See how it fits bea…
Colours in CSS have had a pretty interesting history and are continually evolving. We’re gonna start off with some…
Explore opportunities for storytelling, design & expression in ways standard fonts could never provide us with…
Super excited for this! Now, if I'm not mistaken, I should be having breakfast during this talk, so I hope some can…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaSee how to interpret data & when to use it in order to extract the info users need for the best experience with…
This year, the #YGLF20 conference goes online and brings together internationally recognized speakers from 24th-28…
Thrilled to have you all on the lineup! @HenriHelvetica @Mandy_Kerr @borislit @hj_chen @phenomnominal @borislit @WixEng We're flattered you're joining us in August! 😊I had the privilege of speaking and attending YGLF several times (one of THE best conferences out there). This time…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaThis variable fonts talk will feature variable fonts I’ve made - you’ll have to watch to find out if that’s a good…
Retweeted by YGLF LithuaniaThe agenda is out. Hurry up and register. It’s free. #yglf20
Retweeted by YGLF Lithuania @HenriHelvetica Thanx for taking part! 🎊🎊🎊Not long to go now! 📏📐 building a cabin with her own bare hands, @EgleBaltrimaite can just about register for the free #YGLF20 event…🎁 🎁 🎁 We’ve got a frontend treat for you! You're invited to spend some time with these frontend pioneers: 👉… August just got a whole lot techier. 😉 The lineup for #YGLF20 is confirmed! With presentations from: ⚡️…