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Art Director on Wizards by Rodrigo Blaas & Guillermo del Toro. Trollhunters. nominated for Annie once. all opinions ramblings my own. contact:

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@ndTalyk I also just personally love the breadth of the medium, from shows like spider verse, to Trolls, to movies… @ndTalyk Designing planes for light to hit, 360 degree silhouettes, surfacing transitions from material to material… @ndTalyk It’s just a process I’m way more into personally, I love seeing it go from design to sculpt to surfacing,… may be an unpopular opinion but I kinda prefer working on a 3D show?And @Andy_B_Cung @maggiemkang and @RadSechristI roped in @MingjueChen @ryanlangdrawsI’m watching it we can’t stop it won’t stop @indiedynamo Yup! I’ll be around, may do some talk/panel???? @PaintKatt Absolutely! I still remember that beautiful piece you did for draw the line, it’d be great to meet!!!And hopefully in 2021 I’ll have a book! 🙈🙈🙈I know so many people already planning on going and I’ll definitely be one of them! I didn’t apply for a table this… is why lightbox is so great, run by people who care and take accountability!
@lynnvwang Omg!... 7? @FromHappyRock @erkshnrt Me too, having just prints last year wasn’t the way to go, a book seriously justifies a table way more @maggiemkang It looked like the store bought ones. @victoriaying @LightBoxExpo See you there! @akimillustrates I’m so upset cause I expected better dumpling folding techniqueI love Jon favreau and Roy Choi but imma need someone to show them how to make a real dumplingI’m not tabling @LightBoxExpo this year but I’ll still be attending and supporting this amazing convention ✌️ see y’all there! @MingjueChen about not getting a table at LightBox Expo? We apologize. Co-founder @bobbychiu has made a video explanat…
Retweeted by yingjue chen @artoftoshi @scottmepstein Wow that’s crazy, it must be fierce competition this year!Every color key I do I learn something new why is this so hard lol
@bauerpower no notes of manureif i saw a bear i'm slowly backing off in the other direction until i no longer see it
@MingjueChen anytimmmee @victoriaying I do think that context matters but was traditionally hard to prove which is why they teach that a re… favorite part of new office furniture requisition is it’s own game of thrones I’m telling you#PresidentElizabethWarrenLast night's debate sealed it, I am definitely voting for Warren 2020.#Warren2020 ✌️
Retweeted by yingjue chenI honestly couldn’t tell the difference between Bloomberg and that goat that gets eaten in Jurassic park.
Retweeted by yingjue chen @victoriaying I thought so in Minnesota, in LA I've actually been brake checked so that's cool.
@victoriaying I’ll go in with some ambien it’ll be fineI have been around this racket for going on 40 years, and I have never seen a purportedly neutral poll that left ou…
Retweeted by yingjue chenDog eyebrows are a character design trope I’LL NEVER GIVE UPsigh now i remember why i rarely tweet about game discourse these daysAre gamers ok? IS COMING OUT WITH A SAILOR MOON COLLECTION OMFGGGBGJFJDHDJSHSJDJS 😭😭😭
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@ThomasZenteno @victoriaying @AlexJayBrady @cafween @catgraffam @TiffanyTurrill @deathtogamers @socializm_ @ReaperGrim2012 @ryanlangdraws i definitely got drunk at one point so maybe @samiadraws @victoriaying second state bird provisions but the best way is to line up at before or at 5:30 and that can be a hassle!Paying your dues: what it does not mean : putting up with toxic abuse, unpaid OT, killing work life balance what… @ryanlangdraws'm really excited daylight savings is soon because I haven't changed my car clock and im looking forward to seeing the right time againim not complaining cause like, it's free food but how come our cafeteria keeps throwing ethnic dishes in a taco, we… @bifurombur *senate not house @bifurombur I think Warren has the most potential to actually push policies through though I feel none of the dems… is electable. Pass it on⭐︎ 𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘩 𝘪𝘯 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘴 ⭐︎
Retweeted by yingjue chen @Andy_B_Cung @ryanlangdraws Clout for errybody @ryanlangdraws I made a “why I quit Zynga video” can I get some clout
Hey everyone, here’s the finished image for my latest tutorial that’s in the works. I’m going to focus on talking p…
Retweeted by yingjue chenBirds of Prey is uncommonly good for a DC film. There I said what I said.Birds of Prey is an absolute blast and is the epitome of what I want out of a super hero movie!
Retweeted by yingjue chenThis is such a kind way to address these issues, no agenda just... kindness @MingjueChen @Andy_B_Cung @brecktenWe’re at a bar discussing the different orthopedic pillows and accessories we use for back and neck pain. #adulting
@kirameiteiru I didn’t use simple syrup to soak the cake I used a layer of home made jam and the frosting is a whip… @kirameiteiru Luck is opportunity meeting preparedness, but you still need that opportunity! Some people can work hard and…
Retweeted by yingjue chen @JC_Art_ @bonappetit Omg I did use Harry’s berries because of Claire!! @chelseakenna LOL yea if animation ever finds out I’m a fraud I’ll come bake a cake 😂 @chelseakenna I used this recipe! But instead if a simple syrup I put a layer of jam and instead of cream cheese I… @victoriaying Brian pulled out his fance camera for it lmao!!!Sorry photo cred @breckten !!!I made a strawberry sponge cake from scratch with home made strawberry jam 🍓 🍓🍓
@victoriaying I’m sitting in my car eating themHarry’s Berries!!!!’m taking crazy pills but Joey is my fav so far on the circle @kate_saloom @RichJuz @jamesblake I’m not saying you’re an asshole for asking, it’s odd that people have zoned in o… @kate_saloom @RichJuz @jamesblake It is possible to hold a different opinion on life events given context of a conv… @kate_saloom @RichJuz @jamesblake Have you ever considered that her “modeling” was in a gray area where she prepare… @jeffparker I don’t want to stop him cause he walks SO GOOD like this but I’m afraid it’s a bad habitOr is it like I’m such a good boy I walk myselfIs this because he wants a semblance of controlMy dog will grab the leash and “walk” himself on walks, is this bad behavior or is he just being cuteThis dramatic valentines ravioli - Storyboard to Film Director Bong Joon Ho storyboards the entire film before he rolls the camera. He does…
Retweeted by yingjue chen @giveyouhale Story of Yanxi Palace and Ruyi’s royal love in the palace! Interestingly enough both are set in the sa… @giveyouhale Honestly nothing just a bunch from here or therewatching very sad very dramatic dramas
"This restaurant serves food or shit. Which would you like?" "I only want my FAVORITE food. Otherwise, shit." - America 2020
Retweeted by yingjue chen @indiedynamo probably like half n half, i just feel out the gesture while i gokpop girl sketches lunch
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk David Lowery fantasy has come true. Watch the teaser for @TheGreenKnight, an epic take on the classic Arthuri…
Retweeted by yingjue chen @KikiDoodleTweet Same for my mom. Also the recline issue is ridiculous, like so many people HATE when other people… are the real assholes to have contrived seats like this. Why have seats that recline if all seats don’t r…’s also a reminder that MPC worked on 1917 as well as Cats.
@heyjenbartel thanks! to be honest though I only do this when I feel incredibly strongly about a solution, generall… @YingjueChen If notes are given in good faith, smart, talented people are secure enough to take them, divine the in…
Retweeted by yingjue chenSometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and oftentimes taking a notes actually improves the work I present in the end.I'll always take a note, it's my job. But if I feel there's a better solution that also address the root cause of…'s ok to disagree with a note, but make sure to think about why you disagree and if you think there is a differen… notes and iteration are key in any position in the animation production. Notes aren't personal, and it's yo… excuse my terrible crop of the first image