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Trying to be more active on #mastodon, so try to find me there. Interested in things like #emacs and #frumkeit

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@itamarst So how would you do it in Windows?
@phantomwhale @markdalgleish @askalot Yeah that is what I was thinking. "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" @LBC_TipBot balance @Sevens_2 @antihero_kate @LBC_TipBot tip 2 @sevens_2 @razibkhan @antihero_kate There are so many people on twitter that talk about Jews/Judaism and have no idea about e… @JoshuaKerievsky @tottinge Better yet, give them the technical tools to be #agile like #tdd and #refactoring and real #ci @yonkeltron @peninagabrielle At least religious zionists are honest about what a "Jewish state" means. I am thankfu…
Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to devel…
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@Linkario86 @justdontlikeem @SergeBaldwin @sjpshannonland @Wandere28471777 @DanKravitz4 BTW I have been denied jobs… @Linkario86 @justdontlikeem @SergeBaldwin @sjpshannonland @Wandere28471777 @DanKravitz4 I think you are stating the… @tottinge @jlangr @unclebobmartin @trello We are not co-located so I think #orgmode is as close to a hand tool as you can get. @tottinge @jlangr @unclebobmartin Very good chapter especially since we have been searching for the best project m… @yonkeltron To some that sounds like a pretty good life. I still have to explain to subcontractors why I won't give…
@jlangr @unclebobmartin @tottinge Just about to read that chapter now..TDD is fun because you get to see your code _work_ every minute or so. It is continuous positive reinforcement.
Retweeted by Ydl @unclebobmartin reading "clean agile" and I might have missed this but where DO we schedule time for architecture etc into the iteration? @Linkario86 @justdontlikeem @SergeBaldwin @sjpshannonland @Wandere28471777 @DanKravitz4 Lol, that is just a whole d… @Linkario86 @justdontlikeem @SergeBaldwin @sjpshannonland @Wandere28471777 @DanKravitz4 By real discrimination, I… saw a #Linux laptop on Ali express. Under OS it says #deepinlinux but it says you can't install other distributio… @antihero_kate @KristoferJason1 @antihero_kate Technically anti-semites not racists @xah_lee In Judaism, mourners have to go barefoot, that could have trickled into western society. @Linkario86 @justdontlikeem @SergeBaldwin @sjpshannonland @Wandere28471777 @DanKravitz4 I would venture to guess th… @Linkario86 @justdontlikeem @SergeBaldwin @sjpshannonland @Wandere28471777 @DanKravitz4 Jewish is tricky, more than… @MarkDice Hey, isn't that cultural appropriation @dankravitz4 to use that fist emoji? @PR0GRAMMERHUM0R You mean you can use python for something else? @jackwoodman_ @xah_lee @ratxue Yeah, Xha, this does not qualify as interesting. @TheRocsWorld My isp does it for free, I also use extra dns level filters.
price. (2/2)RT So I just got a used #Kindle, why is it recommending all these antisemetic books!?… YouTube terms take effect December 10 allowing YouTube to delete creators if they aren't "commercially viable."…
Retweeted by Ydl @xah_lee I can believe that.So I just got a used #Kindle, why is it recommending all these antisemetic books!? I want to read technical books!… @itsfoss2 Hmm, your right. I don't know why I thought their server was closed, maybe cause it doesn't federate an… @itsfoss2 No it's not. You guys tend to promote a lot of non - FOSS @CounterArguing Who hasn't heard of Penn station? @Fact @waniccode I've got the flu @eevblog @weel Also people that follow @eevblog don't appreciate having their twitter feed flooded. Especially not…
RT I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it @BastianInuk @jessfraz The same people who say you aren't allowed to say RTFM any more. @antihero_kate Not sure of they have them where you are, but look for "kosher phones". They only do voice calls.…
@sanityinc @zulip Matrix /! (2/2)RT I just released #emacs #orgmode 9.3. This is a new version with new features and so…
@unclebobmartin Looking for a good resource for #agile project management, mostly how to get from big Idea to indiv… @AdamGenshaft @martinfowler Take a look at the site refactoringguruISO, project management software. Something that is #agile preferably #FOSS supports gantt charts and resources… @MylesMcDonnell @Grady_Booch Grady has been my mentor, colleague, and friend for three decades. It is my great hono…
Retweeted by Ydl @yonkeltron What are you serving? Can't you just repurpose old hardware?
Worth watching, but he doesn't represent all Chasidim.
RT Hello, looking for someone that knows #prestashop to do some regular site maintena… @cmaxw Any reason you think this is relevant now? @AdamGenshaft @martinfowler But really, if you are serious about coding you shouldn't need coding books in Hebrew. @b_b_OK @yonkeltron Genocide @polotek Riot, email, keybase?Hello, looking for someone that knows #prestashop to do some regular site maintenance on an ongoing contract. Let m… @polotek Oh, I thought we were having fun. But, if that is not what "slick" means, I'm happy to be enlightened, tha… @polotek @waniccode @unclebobmartin Sadly, this means you assume that I have hair to put gel in. @polotek @waniccode @unclebobmartin TOP DEFINITION slick Perfect in manner; sharp, attentive, *having perfect answe…
@sanityinc No one talks about this? There are people on you tube who do nothing but talk about how "emacs is great" @polotek @waniccode @unclebobmartin "sport" - INFORMAL a person who behaves in a good or specified way in response…
@Omni41114168 @Claire_Voltaire Lol @natharari @sanityinc I would think that they ignore any of the responsa and Hebrew used by ultra-orthodox before t… say "We don't have time to write unit tests because management rushes us." Regardless of whether they're…
Retweeted by Ydl @natharari @sanityinc In Israel everything is political, even how you pronounce words. But I wasn't even talking ab… @natharari @sanityinc While that might be true, I wouldn't trust anything in Haaretz, Israeli media in genesis just awful. @natharari @sanityinc Where have we met before? @natharari @sanityinc What is really interesting is that the word for 🍗 in Hebrew is the same base as the word for…
Retweeted by Ydl @natharari @sanityinc What is really interesting is that the word for 🍗 in Hebrew is the same base as the word for… @natharari @sanityinc I would say in Israel they call it הודו I'm not sure what the source is for that and what was… @sanityinc @alper_tekinalp In Israel it is called הודו תרנגול or Indian chicken.RT yisraeldov Well, that’s certainly convinced me! @polotek @waniccode @unclebobmartin Yeah! I am #1! I am #1! Don't be sad though, keep trying and one day you migh… @libmomwhothinks @aleksjames54 Raspberry pi with lakka installed. @byronwoodfork Code that is clean. @polotek @waniccode @unclebobmartin Should have said mostly. I agree with the sentiment of the OP, but I can thin…
@waniccode @unclebobmartin Funny how it is mostly white men who are attacking him. And the minorities are the ones that agree. @jcrossland @unclebobmartin Best comment on this thread.Someone just sent me their private key so they could get access to an ssh server ... Not even sure how to politely handle this. @ratbum @unclebobmartin This is more related to an incomplete test suite. @LBC_TipBot tip @BryanLunduke 10 @LBC_TipBot tip @eevblog 10 @LBC_TipBot balance @LBC_TipBot help @jeremykauffman @eevblog @LBRYio @bitchute @LBC_TipBot Awesome! Thanks! @muriukidavid @thjamy @kicad_pcb @PCBWayOfficial Yes this is the right way to do it, additionally you can use the s… @eevblog @LBRYio @bitchute And I can tip you directly from LBRY, I just wish they told you where the tips came from. @eevblog @LBRYio You have a different wallet for each installation, I know there is a way to import.I was just telling my wife that I don't trust people with cartoon animals as their avatar.... Oh, wait.How do I find the mouse that has my circuit?
Retweeted by YdlKiCad 5.1.5 is now available on most platforms
Retweeted by Ydl @thjamy @kicad_pcb @PCBWayOfficial You can do this, you need to import it to the sheet you want.
#ProTip before responding to a moronic comment, take a look and the other comments the author has made. 97.3 % of… @mpalmer_ Have you ever had someone tell you that they won't hire you because of your lifestyle? How did you handle it? @mpalmer_ @airercode500 @rickhanlonii I feel the same way about being Jewish, I just want it to be a non issue. Don… @roberthead @carnivivre @unclebobmartin @rickhanlonii @linuxfoundation No, stop that! I'm the one doing the trolling on this thread! @carnivivre @CaboverPeter @roberthead @unclebobmartin @rickhanlonii @linuxfoundation I was just trying to be a troll. 🙂thanks. (2/2)RT My company is interested in finding an intern for #remoteWork we are working with…