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nope you gotta romance kaidan and then obliterate him in nuclear fire so you stay pure for your real boyfriend garr… podcast where i watch every movie with gorillas in it called Apeicurious架空メカが好きでこんなん早く実現したらなぁと思うエアバイク。 #磯本工房
Retweeted by David Bednar @Zach_Logan holy shit nobody is better than neonatal nurses @snoozenstein hey he’s been through a lot, you gotta hand it to him Dimitrescu
Retweeted by David BednarDavid Abednedo @bedtoaster is the brock lesnar of one piece and i hate it @ykarps The Ultra good boy and the jedi with that darn smile.
Retweeted by David BednarTwitter when I scrub a day’s worth of tweets off my feed: is a good way to be! week’s Witch Watch was incredible. @joeyweiser the second time he got hit and went down the same way I lost itHard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin is a goofy buddy cop manga 🥲 🥲 🥲
Retweeted by David Bednar @strongest_human Said it before, will say it again, Undead Unluck is good 90s X-MenHmmm, okay
Retweeted by David Bednar❤ Rare illustration of Chun-Li, Ling Xiaoyu, and Pai-Chan (Project X Zone 2). Art by Takuji Kawano! #tekken
Retweeted by David Bednar @bryankellydraws @ykarps I second Greedo, but I think my all time favorite is Alien.
Retweeted by David Bednar @strongest_human shin asuka’s cool, at least @debaoki @shonenjump @OnePiecePodcast a-also congratulations!! @debaoki @shonenjump you should come on @OnePiecePodcast!Colors! 40% finished
Retweeted by David Bednaris it like a theme week in shonen jump
Retweeted by David Bednari am destroyed @ykarps Doras from Kamen Rider ZO and Shin Kamen Rider. Love the bug man look, especially in contrast to your typic…
Retweeted by David Bednarnope nope that tweet wont educate me itll just make my friend bad faith react to me never mind @LuckyChainsaw holy catsI would watch a movie that looks like this.
Retweeted by David Bednar @ykarps
Retweeted by David Bednar @ykarps Loved Sarris, didn't know it was Stan Winston until searching for an image.
Retweeted by David Bednar @ArthurWolfe trashpandynamicsProcyionication sounds rad to me.
Retweeted by David BednarTeddy from #StevenSpielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence was a more sophisticated and complex #animatronic than a…
Retweeted by David Bednari don’t even go here and i’m tearing up take on sulong bepo!! and a worried law lol
Retweeted by David BednarRaccoons are the crabs of vertebrate mammals: all animals are slowly evolving to look like them. @TalentedJuli @winterayars absolutely. i love a good shoebill. i feel a tremendous affinity towards them「おいしいね」って言うと、神さまはちょっぴり微笑む。
Retweeted by David Bednaryamato 👺✨
Retweeted by David BednarThe dog closing the window !!!
Retweeted by David Bednar @ChefLuBu_ATL rejoice be gladNo mantles, no mask, no merchandise.“Satoshi Kon you just directed an absolute masterpiece of psychological tension, what are you going to do next?” “… I found out Satoshi Kon did the keys for this specific episode of The Elf That Likes Pudding Anime… AFTER DIR… @clementeworks @debaoki this was insanely dope文藝春秋!
Retweeted by David Bednar「ダーティペアの大冒険」コミックス、今度はフランス語版が出ます! 英語版と違って2巻構成で4月の出版を予定。バンド・デシネの国ですよ。 海外に行くのも買えるのも難しいご時世ですが、出先で見かけましたらお手に取ってみてください!
Retweeted by David Bednar🤍🖤
Retweeted by David Bednar @ykarps Blue monke
Retweeted by David Bednarrevisiting the 4-LOM/Zuckuss costume. First one like a baby bjorn, second classic on-the-hip carry. Zuckuss is fuse…
Retweeted by David Bednar @ykarps @DudeExclamation
Retweeted by David BednarMy expectations for romance aren't just high because of this stupid Alien, they're just broken
Retweeted by David BednarI'm MAD
Retweeted by David BednarI downloaded this stupid app onto my phone again just to be mad about how inexplicably hot Garrus still is
Retweeted by David Bednar @neilaglet @DudeExclamation Welp now my forever canon is that 4-LOM and Zuckuss are the Jeeves and Wooster of bount… all the creatures in this game are towering monsters, and nightmares from the dark. Some are just awesome magic…
Retweeted by David Bednar @the_d_morris The most frightening potatoes. I bet you’d dig an Alien Zarab @poornitely oh HELL YEAH!! @ykarps Eye Guy from Power Rangers is my fun answer.
Retweeted by David Bednar @TAITCOMICS godfrilla vs cocknonymous @bunnycartoon @grantthethief @PerfectSerenad3 oh sure NOW the japanese language audibly pronounces the “u” @ChefLuBu_ATL you KNOW how i like my zeirams @ykarps Zeiram and Guyver
Retweeted by David Bednarthe best monster $800,000 can buy @DanielBrian Hey! That’s a puppet of a terrestrial-origin robot! Doesn’t count!Pigmon/Pygmon all the way
Retweeted by David Bednar @ykarps Horta from Star Trek... love those weird rugs
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Retweeted by David Bednar @KyleBeautweet a great pick @ykarps Mr. Wink
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Zuckuss (I love all the Jabba’s Palace ones too & I’m not sure I could narrow it down
Retweeted by David Bednarおはようございます。やるっきゃKnight!
Retweeted by David Bednaroh shit. anybody have these? worth getting?? 83 cover, out by August, Adriano Lucas at colors! @TomTaylorMade @jesswchen @fxstudiocolor
Retweeted by David BednarThe Daily Press, Newport News, Virginia, March 5, 1933
Retweeted by David BednarNever forget that the base of Ultraman’s popularity in America is this comic and its Netflix series. That made the… are the crabs of vertebrate mammals where the “ff” in “griffin” turned into “ss” so its a “grissin”The Hyaku Shiki is a quondam Gundam
Retweeted by David Bednar現代騎士:Old lady お婆ちゃん
Retweeted by David Bednarits the mandibles
Retweeted by David Bednar"BBC orders Doctor Who fan content to cease? That sounds stupid, the current show was literally built on fan conten…
Retweeted by David BednarI just think this is one of the most compelling blurbs I've ever read.
Retweeted by David BednarI just found out @bedtoaster thought it was called “Ryan Says” instead of “Simon Says” her whole life. @kujikawaii whoah what @ykarps It's Guiron for me 🔪
Retweeted by David BednarJust found out about “Frankenstein’s Army” a 2013 horror movie that has some extremely tokusatsu monster designs???… @ykarps Really anything Doug Jones does, his movement in prosthetics is almost hypnotic. Specifically Pan's Labyrin…
Retweeted by David Bednar @ykarps The fact that the power loader from Aliens is a guy in a suit still blows me away. Such a perfect effect.
Retweeted by David Bednar @MaxyTheBee Ironically, of course, Pilot is NOT viable for entry, because he is a full puppet… @ykarps The very *second* you declared heavy prosthetics as fine:
Retweeted by David Bednar @silencedrowns 👀👀 @ykarps
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