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david bednar @ykarps 2000-and-late

a large stork / ui designer for mobile games / 30 / he, him - get a card at!

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@SFBDim @MinovskyArticle holy moly, so goodRival Schools (hinata, tiffany, akira, shoma)
Retweeted by david bednarTalking to some pals on Discord-- twitter friends, what comics/manga artist has the best pacing on a page? Not the… @othatsraspberry Ni no Kuni maybe?✨🎀Sailor Henshin enamel pins are officially in stock🎀✨
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Retweeted by david bednar「ルパン三世 ルパン VS 複製人間(1978年)」でスタッキー大統領特別補佐官が読んでたSUPERHERO COMIC BOOKと、その元ネタのDC COMICSの雑誌広告。それと、同様の広告のMARVEL COMICS版。
Retweeted by david bednarWow ready player two is wild
Retweeted by david bednarSpace Zombies are now available on the @MyMiniFactory space! #ZombieEs #undead #skull
Retweeted by david bednari ain't got no crystal ball~I DON'T PRACTICE wish i was smart enough to just draw the poltergeist skeleton monster when i wanted to @pts @MichaelToole paul that's just me and roboco @mizabitha oh shit all the lincoln project conspiracies were rightHoly moly. case you ever wanted to watch the anthro steampunky Sherlock Holmes anime that Hayao Miyazaki worked on briefly,…
Retweeted by david bednarplease stop reminding me that there is another one of those ernest cline fanfic books, they are remarkably poor pro…
Retweeted by david bednarLove to see 2020s CGI not even hold a candle to 1947's matte paintings these LINES tomes for y’all to peruse. Maybe i should make a coffee-table-book book?
Retweeted by david bednarLeSean Thomas
Retweeted by david bednarLeSean Thomas
Retweeted by david bednar @Trungles AHHHReally hate doing this but finances are tight and just got hit with a massive car repair bill so any help would be…
Retweeted by david bednarHey! Thanks for stopping by! If you want to support me, my art, and my many, many tweets, think about buying me a c…
Retweeted by david bednar @adr merely the sacred kinship of large awkward thingsOH??? MY GOD!??? 17-19 for @dune5and! This crew was a ton of fun to draw. Thanks for the request! 13-16 for @dune5and! Ooh, a RARE! Thanks for your support! moly holy cats this is so lovey Its Cold Outside is a winking dialogue; Let It Snow is a hostage situation.“Let It Snow” is the exact same song as “Baby Its Cold Outside” but with the woman’s agency removed so thoroughly s… I forgot how unnecessarily good the Dragalia Lost OST is @joelaskoart Madison WI so not terribly far away. The midwest is thick in the atmosphere today @MaxHumphries @FutureFlamingo nah nah nah this is how max’s reaction went down❄️🌨☃️🌨❄️ moly! Just lovely @MaxHumphries you brits and your family namesHot theory: Get an iPad Pro 12.9" + Apple Pencil to start, then in a year get an M1 Mac Mini, and use the iPad as its monitor....Oh David you dummy, why did you just stay up late drawing when you knew tomorrow was gonna be busy? @pyawakit Have you drawn Lina Inverse or Naga the White Serpent lately?Dot - and I cannot stress this enough - gov
Retweeted by david bednarthis is it, my ship dynamic
Retweeted by david bednarWhole show shoulda looked like this
Retweeted by david bednarVenus Wars Blu-ray will include 96 page booklet + collector's box
Retweeted by david bednar @PhillipWitz @FomTarro @tha_rami and the your hams go up and then they stay thereHow its going: we are pretending to be sheep and he is counting us. son has realized we stay in our room until he falls asleep. Son [from in his room]: “Are you guys EVER going to… dad wanted to name me Abinadab Abiathar Bednar. My nickname was gonna be “Abe.” If I was a girl my dad wanted t… her alone 🐛🐛🐛
Retweeted by david bednar @ruffisshmeat which is law and which is luffy your OCs in this shirt challenge to @DoublePlusProd, a new american animation studio founded by Alexander Snow, Avi Lasser and Joel Foster.…
Retweeted by david bednarThe witch's dance from Grimm's Fairy Tales - The Golden Bird (1987), dir. Toshio Hirata, Toei Doga and Madhouse Th…
Retweeted by david bednargraphic design is my passion #HadesGame
Retweeted by david bednarDavid Bednar says, What the Fuck, Church of Latter-Day Saints @PerfectSerenad3 @grantthethief its costs less to read one piece than read jojo to be fair....if you’re wondering how 9 months of quarantine has affected the youth
@hotspringsummer the professor whatnow comicsCasual Friday in the House of Hades #HadesGame #HadesFanArt
Retweeted by david bednar @hotspringsummer literally building world as a part of the plot i didn’t know the art got cleaned up in the tankobon!Undead Unluck, easy ♨️ Building anticipation in modern shonen manga ♨️ Body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria in UU…
Retweeted by david bednarSteampunk busts sculpted from resin and repurposed objects evoke futuristic relics
Retweeted by david bednar @hotspringsummer I know but I’m more mad I didn’t put Doctor Senator next to Jacuzzi SplotGloria Burgle Firo Prochainezo Hanzee Dent Huey Laforet Oraetta Mayflower Jacuzzi Splot Lemuel Cannon Dallas Genoar…! is my favorite season of Fargo. @SteveYurko Going Merry Christmas @TannerTrue His eyes do more acting than most people manage with their whole bodies!Like its so rare to see somebody give a performance that would feel at place in a Humphrey Bogart film in 2020This guy has INSANE 1940s energy @NateMing Now there's an anime with all the sliders cranked to the right.super lovely illustrations of Godzilla's nemesisises by Madison Summers.
Retweeted by david bednarRabbi Milligan A++++++not a want but a need
Retweeted by david bednarSeptember busts 1
Retweeted by david bednarThis is the best jumpscare of the last 20 years is a fantastic article that talks about the difficulties of being an indie (a lot of which I've faced this yea…
Retweeted by david bednarcommercials need to go back to being like this
Retweeted by david bednar @TannerTrue I think his ability to create visually striking moments that express direct thematic truths is really s… @TannerTrue Oh yeah, love Legion. I jumped on Fargo when I found out it was by the Legion guy. @bedtoaster think I need Noah Hawley to make a Godzilla movie.I'm going to tell my kids this is RWBY Katie Porter pulls out her white board she is not allowed to re-sheath it until it draws blood.
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Retweeted by david bednar @TannerTrue I think maybe if the crime family had about 3 less large adult sons and the mom had like five more good… @TannerTrue Nah, it was good! I think I just never fully connected to any one storyline the way I did with everythi… @hannahrmoore OH NO SHE'S HUGE WHEN DID SHE GET HUGE @TannerTrue I don't get the S2 love! I liked it OK but maybe its just that Patrick Wilson just doesn't engage me.The theme to HBO's Succession has always sounded like a classic Toonami bumper to me, so I made this:
Retweeted by david bednarNeed more discussion about #OnePiece996?! We have @LuckyChainsaw hosting a special Lil' Piece, a supplemental podca…
Retweeted by david bednargirls with short hair are peak, am i right!
Retweeted by david bednar @tcburkejr Believer? I'm more of an Influencer.!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT! might be the greatest pandemic evolution ever: a shuttered Nara hobby shop launching a “modelmobile” for mobil…
Retweeted by david bednarok but what scale is it