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Took @csgoniko yacht for a spin a few days ago 🛳 not even 2 stories smh @ Crete @luismmira @Dexerto Best of luck!
Memoires of Astralis will be a huge undertaking and I'm looking for volunteers to help search for frags ranging fro…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicRossonero @ Crete
@OnFireAnders @MosesGG I wish I didn't
Mykonos photo dump #2 @ Scorpios Mykonos photo dump #1 @ Mykonos
We are so happy and excited to make this announcement: We have now moved into Open Access, which means no more wait…
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@migziii @G2huNter @relogjuricM @arenasport_tv @whoisdjdj @RelogMedia @tvarenaesport Velicina, nema staGet off the electric scooters and use your fucking legs
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicThink you can hold monster better than @flameZcsgo? In our latest episode, @YNk analyzes why this Israeli phenom…
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🚨NEW EPISODE🚨 We're taking a look at @flameZcsgo - an Israeli Rising Star who uses raw aggression and never misses…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicThis org is mega under-rated for how much effort they are putting into content around their players and building up…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicWill @flameZcsgo ignite the CSGO scene during his career? What will the future hold for him? Find out Monday as…
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@Maniac_CSGO @MosesGG @stunna 🤜🏻🤛🏻It was awesome to have LAN back after such a long time, shoutout to everyone at @ESLCS for pulling it off!Congrats to NaVi on a dominant run, played the best CS and s1mple is in a league of his own! Was great to see elec… @mbCARMAC Waiting for that reverse sweepDamn I missed OJ🇧🇦Ковач vs 🇺🇦Костилєв #IEM 📺
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicTHE #IEM COLOGNE GRAND FINALS BEGIN NOW! @G2esports vs @natusvincere
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This is historic stuff, 1.56 rating after 11 maps heading into the final of an event of this caliber. The MVP race…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicOn the other side, NaVi looking as sharp as ever, G2 will need to be on their A game if they are to avoid a repeat of Katowice 2020 #IEMGreat run from FaZe regardless of that rough loss against NaVi, looking forward to seeing them play after the player break! #IEM"He's an artist inside of the server." @MosesGG speaks on the best player in the world: @s1mpleO #IEM
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicOvo ste cekali ceo zivot, uzivajte i jako u finalu! 💪🏼💪🏼 @G2NiKo @G2huNter STADIUM WOULD HAVE FUCKING EXPLODED WITH THAT 2V3 FROM KOVAKS
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicDODJI BREEEEEEEEE #IEMG2 using their last timeout in round 20 right before an eco might be an issue if this one gets close, as it probably will #IEMClutch af's four 1vsXs for huNter in this series already! Two on Nuke and two on Inferno
Retweeted by Janko Paunovic @NemanjaKGR Zamisli da Nikola i Hunter dizu pehar zajedno, 2 brata, a jos i nexa sa njima. Da ih imalo gotivis to b… @MitchMan Fill is where you earn your paycheck baby. Work doesn't begin until shit hits the fan
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicAmaNEk AWP-ing ramp seems to have really caught Astralis off guard, it ruined a couple of their strats and they've… ready for the heart attacks #G2ARMY
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Superb comeback by FaZe, further improving their CT-side numbers at this event. But let's keep in mind Gambit have…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicLeveled up last week 🤘🏻 #prijatelji #braca #kumovi @ Restoran Velika Skadarlija"The beauty about this matchup - @FaZeClan vs. @GambitEsports - is the unique context we are in" The stakes cannot…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicGambit are the world #1, but they're also the youngest team in the Top 20 in terms of age (21.5 on average). And t…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicAstralis is just built different when it comes to LAN, top 4 secured when a lot of people didn't have them getting… @YNk relevant youtube video :D
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicIt's Friday, so we're going to let @YnK tell you about the next episode of Double Scope. Absolutely WALLOP the sub…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicCrazy series so far, YEKINDAR with 40 kills on Dust2, Inferno decider starting now! #IEM @Smix @Twitch Best of luck Sue, I'm sure you'll smash it wherever you go next! <3We're about to begin our first #IEM Cologne quarter-final series of the day between @AstralisCS and @virtuspro!  J…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicI'll tell you what @SPUNJ, absolutely NOTHING! It's #IEM Cologne playoffs baby, get in here!!!…’s ESL NY 2017 performance remains unmatched in CS:GO history, his 1.70 rating is the highest any player manage…
Retweeted by Janko Paunovic"People are not playing with the same big balls that they do online" @olofmeister is ready to take advantage of ev…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicZhang Ziyu is 7’4, and she’s only 14 YEARS OLD 😳
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicPOV streams are BACK for the #IEM Cologne finals this weekend - with a few improvements! 📺 All 10 player POVs 🗺 De…
Retweeted by Janko Paunovic.@gla1ve_csgo recently shared his concerns about the Danish squad not having an AWPer, however @AstralisCS have sti…
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Switch was overrated imo but this SteamDeck tho 😍😍😍
#IEM Cologne - Fragments
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Several players on Team USA are still adjusting to FIBA officiating, per @ChrisBHaynes "Throughout the games, mul…
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marcus rashford fed your starving kids but bcos he missed a goal he is subject to racial abuse? this country deserves nothing …
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EzWhat just happened #IEMbroky wraps up the series against Heroic as the highest-rated player with 0.86 KPR and +29 K-D Diff. Full statisti…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicHappy for the FaZe guys making the playoffs, it's been a rough couple of months but they seem to be having fun agai… was one crazy round, damn #IEMThe 180 🔁 @s1mpleO #IEM
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicNasty round from s1mple #IEM't get any closer than that, massive win for G2! #IEMGreat resilience from VP, didn't think they were going to make the playoffs but they stepped up! #IEM most obnoxious fanbase by far, rooting for Italy with all my heart tonight #ENGITA #EURO2020🐐🐐🐐 @slimeneck 2nd monitor :D @SPUNJ @MosesGG I feel you @SPUNJ @MosesGG ROFL
@SPUNJ @rangwani_harsh @ESLCS @IEM @MACHINEgg @MosesGG Can confirm that there indeed was an issue but it has been f… idea, what say you? @FPLCircuit
And not all last place finishes are the same. The history records will say mousesports were 13-16th at IEM Cologne…
Retweeted by Janko Paunovic.@YNk catching this play and bringing it to the viewer's attention is just another reason why he is a top-notch an…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicI'm back on camera for the start of #IEM today. I hope @ESLCS don't live to regret it. More importantly, so are…
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Retweeted by Janko PaunovicWelcome back to LAN @G2NiKo #IEMExpectations are high for @sh1rocsgo - we asked the pros at #IEM Cologne for their thoughts on the rising star 🎙
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicIt's as if Liquid just disconnected after that 6-2 lead on Dust2...NiP are 26-2 in rounds from that point on, including 23 straight #IEM @pansy @MosesGG @stunna <3We have already had 5 aces today... - grim - device - bymas - ropz - hobbit
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicNo kills for Grim since Round 22... you could argue that's the difference right now - thank god for NAF & FalleN I suppose #IEM
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicIt's getting more insane with each round, we're going to OT, get in here!!! @SPUNJ LAN IS BACK BABYThis NiP - Liquid game sure is delivering! #IEMHahahahhaha I love it many impactful frags too, carrying Liquid on NiP's map pick! #IEM @Raidelijk yes🇳🇴🌐 A Norwegian veteran! @FaZe_rainCS is 1 of only 2 players (@karriganCSGO) in the world to have competed at EVERY…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicAfter some delicious amuse-bouches, it's time to dig into these entrées here at #IEM Cologne NiP vs Liquid (13:30…
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@SPUNJ I remember this LOLFootball really does disgust me nowadays, so much diving, lying around etc. Just so boring to watch🧵Thread: Since the HUD visual rework reveal on Saturday, we've been listening to community feedback, taking notes,…
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicThe manner in which Renegades took down OG was super impressive, congrats to the boys! #IEMI hAvEnT wAtChEd ThE nEwEsT dOuBlE sCoPe YeT
Retweeted by Janko PaunovicBackstage #IEMCOLOGNE: the virtual studio
Retweeted by Janko Paunovic @Maniac_CSGO LDLC is doing to Complexity exactly what you thought VICI could potentially do to EGWhat was the first LAN event you attended? So many of the players at #IEM have a great story 🤣
Retweeted by Janko Paunovic @GeT_RiGhT DAMN IT CHRISEG is beating mouz later today don't @ me