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On a mission to make the web faster, one perf feature at a time. @GoogleChrome perf geek. @webperfwg & @wicg_ co-chair. Forever @respimg. Opinions are my own

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@davidannez @TheRealNooshu @fastly What's preventing you from performing the brotli compression ahead of time and c… @alexanderdanilo @benschwarz @AndyDavies @jyzg Interesting! @benschwarz @AndyDavies Definitely worth digging into... /cc @jyzg
@benschwarz @AndyDavies Decompression should definitely not be slower. If you weren't using the official binaries,… @jyzg @wanderview Or worse, are wasting both cpu and their users' bandwidth and time, by performing low-level brotl… @kornelski @jyzg I suspect that support for br in CDNs means supporting serving the cached variants for both. (whic… @kornelski @jyzg Sure, but some traffic is more important than others. Users are more important than low-quality bo… @simevidas Or ideally, both @wanderview This is showing the problem, not pointing at a solution... @AndyDavies "brotli is slow" seems to be at the core of it, where I see people apply it to decompression (where it'… Canada day, eh? @yoavweiss I wrote this post about brotli a while back! Discusses compression levels and trade offs.
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @nice2meatu @SimonSapin Trying to replace on-the-fly gzip with brotli 11 is a recipe for disaster... But using brot… @nice2meatu @SimonSapin That's exactly what I'm talking about. Higher-level brotli compression levels are not somet… @SimonSapin There are a lot of tradeoffs when it comes to on-the-fly compression that people misunderstand, wrongly… compression is one of the most misunderstood technologies of our time. So many misconceptions about what it…
New project: Speedlify 🐇 A self-hosted dashboard to continuously measure and publish web site performance statisti…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @firt Don't confuse Twitter kerfuffles with real-life work. Here's an example from this morning: @mikewest always super awkward. I typically hide in my office We put the most popular build tools through their paces to find out what they're good at,…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @orysegal Hey! :) If I wanted to reach out to as many people as I can in the WAF community, what's the best way for…
@igrigorik Re ipv6, I wonder how much of that is a result of overloaded IPv4 CDN nodes (which we could alleviate by… @marcosc @slightlylate a) they should definitely pay you more b) would be good to try and address any concerns with… lazy way because the problem has a known solution: instead of not implementing, only allow a given page to use…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @justinschuh Same🧪 Start experimenting with a new way to access browser and device data with User-Agent Client Hints. Available in C…
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@ericlaw s/but/not/ @ericlaw Fwiw, but pulling it out, just planning for a slower, more intentional roll-out then initially thought @ericlaw Can you file an issue blocking the umbrella one?
@spacedawwwg @addyosmani Not yet. I'm planning to specify that sometime soonish, and a chromium implementation will probably follow @spacedawwwg @addyosmani We've been down that path, and decided against it for img @addyosmani @spacedawwwg Indeed, that's the plan @nasko @estark37 @tiraniddo I now have a separate internet connection just for goma...
0.1 sec better site speed gives better conversion rates by up to 10.1%. Good news, right? But how do you measure si…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss🚨 Announcing the new CrUX API! A fast, RESTful API for monitoring real-user experiences of websites and pages. Tr…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @perfnowconf Sad, but definitely the right call... Can't wait for 2021!A great hands-on guide for using Network-Error-Logging: Find out how many of your users never reach your servers du… @mehulkar No recent discussion, but it's still on the table for future versions
This thread and following comments from others who have various possible explanations leaves me with a single thoug…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @philhawksworth I expect it to be in hexThis seemed to have worked last time, so here it goes! I've filed a good-first-bug on @ChromiumDev for anyone inter…
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@tomayac @othermaciej @mikewest Fwiw, the breakage is not a result of grease, but a result of using structured head… is putting together an experimental implementation of upload streams, so you can start sending data to the s…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @colinbendell With Core Web Vitals? :D
@slightlylate /cc @philwalton @ericlaw @_scottlow If you think it's needed, mind filing an issue? @ericlaw @_scottlow It is, in the sense that we never created a CLI for UA-CH (nor implemented a parser that revers…`@media (prefers-reduced-data)` is now available to prototype with 🎉 Find it in Chrome Canary behind chrome://fla…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @colinbendell @Shopify AMAZING!! \o/ @fardarter @rauschma @ATraversay not really, no @rauschma @fardarter @ATraversay b) Edits can be stored as HTML ready to display (which gets transformed to data when more edits are needed) @rauschma @fardarter @ATraversay a) If editing is the app's main functionality, then maybe client-side rendering ma… @fardarter @rauschma @ATraversay Replying to those emails can just take them and add CSS to them (to embed them in… @fardarter @rauschma @ATraversay Let's take the email app example. You can download the HTML of the initial view, a… @fardarter @rauschma @ATraversay I don't think we agree on this @fardarter @rauschma @ATraversay It's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Complex apps can require client side logic… @fardarter @rauschma @ATraversay No, I'm suggesting to keep the data as HTML snippets, rather than JSON @rauschma @ATraversay I agree that if you have multiple views on the same data (such as viewing it and editing it),… @rauschma @ATraversay Seems to me like there are many ways in which you could achieve the same with HTML payloads (… @rauschma @ATraversay I'm failing to understand how fetching JSON from the server and fetching HTML from the server… @jaffathecake Worthwhile to verify that it's doing the right thing when it comes to `type` based selection in <pict… don't need to wait for Safari support, you can use the picture element today
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @samthor There are a bunch of gotchas with inline scripts (e.g. can be delayed if you load CSS above them), but eve… @samthor Would be interesting the measure the difference (e.g. a WebPageTest comparison of that approach vs. HTML-b… @samthor Sure. That's sad, as the useful scripts loading is by definition delayed until your inline script runs. @matthewcp I don't understand your first point. Could you elaborate on that? Regarding the second point, the propo…
Want to make Chrome for iOS even better? Like leading engineering teams? Want to live in beautiful Montréal? I'd lo…
Retweeted by Yoav WeissI recorded a video last week where I say "Safari doesn't support WebP". Bloody typical. Also yay
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @jzawodn @josephscott Shallow testing suggests that it was fixed!!! \o/ @ksylor @anniesullie @addyosmani @paul_irish Thanks!! Will kick off an internal conversation @jzawodn @josephscott Thanks!! Feel free to DM me if I can help in any way (or email if that's easier: yoavweiss at google dot com) @nekrtemplar Why? @jzawodn @josephscott Friendly ping! :) Happy to chat about this if helpful @Dieulot @blassey that never became a thing
@SimmerVigor @jyzg Yeah, the tricky part is: we need either the client or server to know the required byte range. S…
@SimmerVigor @jyzg Would be great to have a scheme that enables such prioritization of parts of a stream in ways th… a great feeling when (early) data matches the theory: Looks like H2 reprioritization… @__apf__
I'm hiring! We're looking for a hands on engineering manager that can help lead a team that's combatting tracking o…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @jzawodn @josephscott Thank you!!
@jzawodn @josephscott Hey! I'd love to chat. It seems like your request filter for POST requests and Chrome 84+ don… @RickByers @MonsieurPerf I know the authors of this paper, so can loop them in on the blink-dev thread...New post: Prefetching? At this Age? A follow-up on my post about a/b testing prefetching, diving into a Chrome bug…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @mxbck Hey! Chrome web performance engineer here! 👋🏼 I'm curious as to turbolinks and *why* they are faster (compar… link where no one has linked before: 🔗📄 Text Fragments: `#:~:text=Awesome!` 📖 Article:…
Retweeted by Yoav WeissDo I know anyone that's working on CraigsList? (or that can connect me to someone there)
Interested in getting funding up to $40,000 for outstanding research based on V8? 🧪 🎓Check out the V8 Research Gra…
Retweeted by Yoav WeissThe 2020 Web Almanac is gearing up and nominations are open for authors of 20+ chapters. Tell us which subject ma…
Retweeted by Yoav Weiss @Dieulot @tkadlec @Netlify @SpeedCurve @addyosmani Yup. Soon in a Canary build near you :) @Dieulot @tkadlec @Netlify @SpeedCurve @addyosmani Just landed to fix this
@markdevri_es @____lighthouse test case link? @AndyDavies /cc @DotProto
@etportis @domenic @zcorpan Even without GREASE, the presence of Structured Headers chars in requests is causing a… @domenic @zcorpan seems I may have broken the Internet @ericlaw 404 is a new one... @HenrikJoreteg @anniesullie @addyosmani @sangster @mmocny If so, the potential routes would fan out and add up pretty quickly... @HenrikJoreteg @anniesullie @addyosmani @sangster @mmocny Are you talking about the lab/LightHouse part? (so not ha…