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Games,anime,comics,music,etc I color sometimes fly high Miura SPOILERS avi by: @yoshi55level , banner by: @Shiinashi1

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@RiotSupport how can I get my non spent money back?
Just accidentally brought a spider into the house and lost it the moment it touched the floornow that itoshi sae started to move freely… #bluelock #ブルーロック #bllktwt #bllk140
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂Discord got spaces now? @ariesbitchclub CuteYou ever slept so good that it feels like you're in another dimension when you wake up @MunstaMasta Ah ok, I find myself doing that a lot with this series. @MunstaMasta Reading for the first time or rereading?these past few chapters have been a blessing with the spreads
that shit looks familiar @rdkshinku Nice @impoound @akumanaiMirko🐰💦
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@Reaper_szn @MosIIey I found it @Reaper_szn @MosIIey this aint the one I was looking for but this works too @MosIIey do you got that color page spread of all the main bleach females I cant find itKSI really up. Love to see it. @SenEto99 I honestly dont know who would win this @ZEDxOFFLINE this goes hard @PridefuISin @PridefuISin I have many words but ima hold my tongue @PridefuISin Now sir...Think these are my top 4 og aliens FOURTH, SNAKEMAN 🐍 #OnePiece #ワンピース #OnePieceFanart
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @majkanart manifesting beauty @majkanart Gm, cant wait for you to draw this goat one day frfr @Maze1st @mephinny 😭赤頭巾
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@SharriNotSharri GO GO GO @ReedGanon !* @ReedGanon Ty+ @SaikoHax No u @minew01 No problem! Thank you for letting me have the pleasure of coloring your art. @CapnStarisa GO STARI was given permission for this and here's the original post 21 fan art drawn by @minew01 and colored by me @Treysouls Whoever did this wants to see bloodshed of the wrong kind omg @Zenn_NF #BLEACH
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @Zenn_NF this gif isn't pleasant to my eyes @Zenn_NF my goat acting like my goat omg @AnimefanJ11 probably not as it holds too much sentimental value to me
I like space 🧍‍♂️ @notrot3 🤺🎇
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CGI or not this artstyle is great. Reminds me a lot of older DBZ games. @drapsmann_2604 Opposites attractGOH on break until late october hate it here @FlamGraphicsART crying how did you fail this bad
@synhical my man @synhical you bought it?kill that nigga
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @drapsmann_2604 congrats! well deservedEnjoyed today's choujin X chapter @CypherHitagi CypherHitagi is mine @rdkshinku the sense behind it was supposed to be that since these fighters are going far beyond light speed while… @rdkshinku well with how banged up and tired everyone was with just 40mins I couldn't imagine 1-2 daysThat op was a fallen warrior @SixLimitIess go go go @MosIIey Ion got a preference
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂more coloring practice i plan on coloring more mia when i get caught up #miabyss #メイドインアビス #ファプタ
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂Love, Flower, Chainsaw #chainsawman #チェンソーマン
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @synhical I aint the only one? 😭curious what this video was about and it's just that he doesn't like how it presents football in the first 20 chapt… I weird for not being able to play games without having external music or a video playing? like I'd turn it off… is about the size of a AAA game @SixLimitIess these skins are pay to lose with all the fucking effects 😭 @SixLimitIess hold on i'm peeping everything rn @SixLimitIess I like the sheriff and op but i'm indifferent on the vandal. I needa see the full shit.
Can't wait to speedrun the entire inazuma content in 2 days and spam "dead game" under every mihoyo post
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @AnorexicBoi Np @Sick_rin 10/10 game @Sick_rin a demo allows 37h..?Gojo Satoru • • • • #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @ltsTyyy the process was pretty cool😐 @IamBleach_ AAH @IamBleach_ LOOK AT HIM RAAAAHwhy do you draw, Fujino? [ chainsaw man look back ] manga coloring #chainsawman #チェンソーマン
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @AnorexicBoi Happy bday! @minew01 Ty! @iinogang @PridefuISin Unofficial or not im ordering 50MHA having a large main cast is relevant to MHA’s plot (overloaded hero society) JJK having a small main cast is…
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂it wasn't all that bad till he did the salute, just why? cartoon @MagicEightBal I'll hunt down whoever made this bot frwill I ever make 1mil the nicktoon fighting game looks pretty cool
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂it's an honor to work on these two cuts for Caloriemate's latest web commercial LETS GOOOOOOO !!!
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @PridefuISin I aint notice before but the dog is deep in that wtf 😭"You're a good housemate"🙂 #アオノハコ #AoNoHako #BlueBox
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @minew01 would it be alright for me to try and color in this work?Here's a scrapped JJK amv I never finished, I started this when the anime was still airing and never decided to fin…
@xenokizu This movie is a perfect dbz movie ngl @SharriNotSharri She's gonna be my first lv90 actually, always capped mfs off at 80. @SharriNotSharri Working towards this rn with ganyu梅雨が明け洗われる柴犬がこちらです
Retweeted by Galaxy🏂 @MunstaMasta Tbh the fully clothed version is so much better lmao