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@CryptixCrypto Lol yeah. Lemon is the worst. No clue how that guy has a job. @CryptixCrypto Like pouring water on Gremlins man. Even my liberal friends are beginning to wake up. Slowly, but surely. @dumbgayretard "White males are just scared of our words. Plus they're dumb uneducated incestual hicks!' @Spitfire_988 They wonder why no one trusts them and hates them. They hate normal American's. They would ship anyone outside of large metro areas to the Gullag if they had it… Crypto twitter needs to die so all these discount egirls disappear
Retweeted by YOKOThere is no path to voting Trump out of office that passes through a contempt for working Americans. And by the wa…
Retweeted by YOKO @SPCMNspliff @cryptokrutches I knew it was going to be that. NO E-GIRLS. @dumbgayretard Lol. "I think he challenged me to a fight." Lawyer language for he was an asshole, hadn't done any… @13Prince31 @LarryCrytpoFitz *productivity evaporates*'t save the world, frens.Everyday I speak to multiple people, some kind, some awful who came here and brought sick family with them who imme… @Bl4ack0ut @thejoecow This. @thejoecow That's a start man! Everyone started there at some point. @HenryTheETH Hahahaha. I didn't see him at first lurking. This is chunk tier memery.The ultimate flex is stealing the meme, not liking their use of said meme and then busting it out on them later. Ca…
When you're not funny and live off Rogan's coat tails: @idk_btc @MeatTC_ This guy moreso: @CryptoKiyosaki @art_not_found As a Minnesotan in her district: @art_not_found Yasssssss! @MeatTC_ Half sleeves* @MeatTC_ people don't know Marx got liquidated on corn futures in the 1870s and was like "ok now I definitely hate capi…
Retweeted by YOKOI did not make this, but @Bitccolo deserves to see it. @pt0kes Wholesome content, Tokes. @cryptokrutches Gear* f @cryptokrutches You go Tyler1 on the geae? @TCD43096493 Lolz. Drunkenly ordered a few weeks of emergency food. Not a ton, but it's a start.Hatorade
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No one: ABC News: “Unconfirmed reports Iran shot down Kobe’s helicopter”
Retweeted by YOKO @palpatean Good thing they also know what happened. Amazing they were all there to determine who was truthful."Journalist" @CryptoAtNight Be fun to see how she reacts to her viewers trying to end her career on a mistake. Support stupid ci…'all a bunch of morons. Don't attribute malice when stupidity will do. It was clearly a combination of words and s… on up! Oooooo moving on up! Job well done, gets a promotion. @BullyEsq I deserve to party with @NatebagCEO yassssss. Snacks and VR. @GoguenShogun When mental illness becomes trendy, you know we've strayed. @TheExecutive100 @KirklandJones Yeah. We do most of our grocery and household supplies there. Around 400 a month. @slitneyqueers Because they're trying to be something they aren't. Not a good look. @the_IZA_ @KirklandJones So good. The best store.
@smilinglllama @cryptokrutches @CryptoGainz1 @CryptoAtNight @CryptoGainz1 I'm very sorry. I blame @vers_laLune
Retweeted by YOKO @cryptokrutches Beeeeg transformation.Generation narcissism. @CryptoAtNight Everyone: How'd you get so rich? Me: won a few hundred tezzies playing fantasy football which turne… @SPCMNspliff "Professional Investor" "Cardano Lover" lol. One of these things is mutually exclusive of the other. to a diet of just @KirklandJones rotisserie chickens. Ama. @SPCMNspliff I was like. . . Bro. Your monthly budget is my yearly mortgage. @SPCMNspliff If that's just for 2020, very nice flex. @Cryptoginja1 Joe Rogan is CANCELED. @cryptofitch This form of leftism is evil and will eat itself.How's that media, Bernie Bros?
@HenryTheETH @dumbgayretard Guns and Roses @unicornparad1se @C4liCrypto Russia, England, US all disagree with you. You can study Vietnam and a host of other… Bon Jovi. @Devy_Kane @HardcoreHistory if you like history! @CommishMaGriff @Devy_Kane @jockowillink podcast. @cryptokrutches @dumbgayretard @doc_brypto This is true. Expectations must be lowered. @idk_btc He hates America lol. He posts retarded shit all the time. His ideas are as well thought out as Peter M. @unicornparad1se @C4liCrypto Funny because tech has improved and yet, how much closer to winning the war are we tod… @cryptofitch He posts shit like that all the time lol. He is definetly implying that. @cryptofitch Agreed. Fatties should have to pay a tax and they should be mocked by societies as it's a horrible par… @cryptofitch Also, his point is that American's are bigots lol. Which is insane. It is objectively stupid to eat th… @cryptofitch Again, it's about externalities. I don't believe in universal health care so if you wanna obese to dea… @cryptofitch If you decide to kill yourself with shit food, go off king. If you decide to eat food that leads to o… Crazy. Almost like we've known for thousands of years eating uncooked and living meat can kill humans and spr… weeks ago everyone was talking about World War III Today everyone is talking about a global pandemic 2 weeks fr…
Retweeted by YOKO @jebus911 Pandemic 3 legacy this quarter! So pumped. @cryptokrutches @NatebagCEO @SPCMNspliff @NatebagCEO @cryptokrutches gonna need the meme here please. @Trapouts Fuck. Now I want a new computer. @CryptoCharles__ I got it all Charles. Minus the baking. She will quite literally burn the house down so I do all t… @EPro52 "Get in the pod, phag." @C4liCrypto @unicornparad1se Nearly 120 firearms for every 100 people in the US. Unless you plan on nuking it, good… @C4liCrypto @unicornparad1se We've been in Afghanistan for 16 years and they've held up against the greatest milita… @CryptoCopperpot @dumbgayretard @DragonBTC Sweet! Friend is the owner of PRX. It's crossfit but they also specializ… @zigfurd @SPCMNspliff It's a joke homie. @palpatean Black twitter wild man. I swear its like 90% of funny viral tweets. @evilwasser Wassies die first. @TheExecutive100 Lol. Pretty incredible everyone is in debt. It's almost like it's created that way 🙃 @SPCMNspliff @SPCMNspliff I memba when my XZC node was worth like 75k or something. Good times. Good times. @CryptArq Ooooooo. @CryptArq So like. . . You mean flats?When you realize everyone and every country is in debt through fractional reserve banking . . .… @dumbgayretard It's awesome. Very glad they made it into a show. Wrote my senior college thesis on that and alt history. Great book.Today we were told we've entered a world where unelected central bankers are preparing to print money to buy "green…
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@MeatTC_ That is epic. They had better got an A. @eatmykarbon Ceo of a bitch when I refuse to shovel because its gonna be 40 tomorrow. @CryptoRick_ That's good! Wasn't sure how bummed you actually were lol. @cryptunez They can totally do it. But we can also totally ban individuals from entering our country who put themse… @C4liCrypto If only we had an example of this being highly effective for hundreds of years . . .