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Kevin Tang @Yolo_Tengo San Francisco, CA

臺北人🏳️‍🌈 / Motion Designer at Discord / ex-Twitch & BuzzFeed / Writing at @GuernicaMag @BlunderbussMag @PankMagazine

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Here we goooo
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@brianhioe very fitting bcz louis has the worst wonk/podcaster/bowtie wearing theater kid energy. @brianhioe i hate beastars @STEVIEFRANCH1ZE can you grab me a uhhhh,,,,,,,😬 @marysouth i am loving your cabin/mountain goth vibes right now @samrawss ive been getting spam for amanda for 5 years @niralshah @skgilroy @MichaelMagz lmao this entire thread. soundcloud rap replacing indie checks out for 2020. be t… @niralshah I still think of the 2008 NYT article about the Californian retiree who dragged his very annoyed wife to… @TimothyGiang LmaoooooTed Cruz wanted to hold open a SCOTUS seat indefinitely if Clinton had won in 2016. He said it. Out loud. Now, he’s…
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @karissachen viscerally flashing back to applying to those a decade ago, going to interviews only to be told by all… legit love medieval manga
@alanna these are underappreciated goth problems @formosaphile's Shinichi Osawa summer mix weather over here time to bust out the bloghaus jorts is an example where owning multiple properties all over the world really helps Murdoch spread disinformation…
Retweeted by Kevin TangKafka’s Foxconn plant, @verge
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @IsaacFitzgerald Envious of those east coast vibes rnChinese embassy staff gatecrashed an event hosted by Taiwanese representative office in Fiji, photographed guests a…
Retweeted by Kevin TangHaven’t found love on a dating app but I did find this
Retweeted by Kevin TangTurned out the new owners were using fake name and owed staff tons of $$$. They appeared in LA biz mags spouting Wa…'m still bitter about my fav neighborhood diner closing last year & being bought by 2 self-proclaimed 'successful…
“The woman had aged: she was 28 and had lost all passion” - my student writing a story to hurt my feelings
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @muanchiou Yes!! That was a great year. I forgot about 8mm sky!! They and 甜梅號 were wonderful. Also highly memorable… in Taiwan with Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo, Buffalo Daughter, Spangle Call Lilli Line, Dean & Britta, 濁水溪公社 @blakekathryn @GenshinImpact Love this soft blue glow
@muffinsAKA so this is what dante meant! are blossoming into the vivacious beings that our culture browbeat you into not becoming. i am developing the s… yall are listening to 'hyper-pop' or whatever i am listening to slint and tortoise and worsening on my gastro… @alex___tanner there already is a button simply rock
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @kbyanyname solidarity with everyone with very mild-mannered K names @joshfjelstad lmao @dearclarissa @patrickcamera Wild! Jellyfish is one of those things I have at TW banquets without thinking much abo…[deep inhale] okay so it's a horror exploration game about a dog who is visiting a haunted museum after hours but i…
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @_willbot_ Rad 100% Will concept, great dog walk/run anim. I am in!!!!❤️
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@areyouokAnni @kevinvqdam [in the voice of a thousand kevins past and present] thank you, friend of kevins✨I was the model for one of these ghouls, drawn by my brilliant coworker and co-kevin, @kevinvqdam @petebasgen Visceral association of caribou coffee with holiday travel to MPLS & Christmas shoppingEnjoying this short story by Bryan Washington in TNY & was very jarred to see this 🤪. Anyway I should read “Lot” ne… @muffinsAKA Oh god this account. Super don’t wanna see brands RPing having imposter syndrome on my TL.
how many of our problems as human beings ultimately stem from our stubborn resistance to carcinization
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @acciojackie Never played WoW but Diablo 2 addiction ruined my life for a while so I should prob not try this game huhThinking of a 2014 tumblr photo where a buncha anime convention kids search “is ketamine vegan?” on a Marriott lobby kiosk computerthinking about the time my friend went to oxford for an exchange program, met malala yousafzai, and showed her my t…
Retweeted by Kevin Tang2020_flywheel.pptx
Cool that federal marshals just do gang killings now.
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @TheLincoln wow so like this minor twitter thing is a problem but the world burning isn’t??? 🙄 @johnu Oh I forgot all about yahoo answers @johnu LMAOi get my low-stakes jollies from going to quora and reading things like this @dearclarissa @karissachen i miss hotpot season!!! @soalexgoes Jfc *follows immediately*
Is there anything more depressing than left-wing architecture?
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @niralshah Dear god I hope Gen Z is minting new mallgoths. A proud cultural lineage that I hope will never disappear. @niralshah I missed the peak NY cringe entry window when NY Potterheads and Hamilton fandom were peaking.I have never not been a chump / dupe / slob and that’s why ny was a fun, exciting form of agony the first timeI’d entertain the thought of living in NYC again if I can be assured that the socially well-embedded media poptimis… named frogs got it 100% right. Those things are frogs
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @petebasgen Pete are you a sconnie or a coastie
@robdubbin lmao hiii Rob!!! 👽 @tigerwang nah these are just old chaptersI love HxH but I swear to god some of these comic pages look like PowerPoint decks designed/written by a coked up m… @bluepaperplane she's also "a very visual person" who has a lot of design opinions i bet @bluepaperplane this makes sense bcz she's the kinda marketer who thinks she can do copy (i havent watched the show… literally me though
Retweeted by Kevin TangHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Kevin Tanguber and lyft really spent 185 MILLION DOLLARS to try and convince californians they can’t afford to pay their employees
Retweeted by Kevin TangYes I'm something of an "enfant terrible." That's a French baby who sucks
Retweeted by Kevin Tangmonk: just a normal letter ‘K’ please scribe:
Retweeted by Kevin Tangrandomly remembered how much i love yo la tengo
@HideousKojimaa @muffinsAKA the us army after hearing that there's natural gasses in our asses @muffinsAKA jfc muffins @davidgshort (He’s an angel you def want him as a twitter neighbor <3)"We believe in science" is less effective than "Trump fires disease experts because telling the truth to save your…
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @davidgshort Nicholson is a very pure and precious presence on twitter as well @davidgshort I love the Mezzanine
(also this 1970s moomin animation is amazing)funny in retrospect to see how easily 2004 hipster twee aesthetics evolved into 2020 pumpkin spiced IG youth pastor… @brendonbouzard i like how this sound became ad pre-roll music and pumpkin spiced christian rockAn album with three inarguably perfect songs right when it kicks off? My friend, you’re talking about Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American
Retweeted by Kevin Tangboomer economics
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @IsaacFitzgerald i often think of how right sky ferreira was @PKhakpour “Goodbye South, Goodbye” by Hou Hsiao-hsien @Bernstein Benny? @niralshah Genuinely impressed that this is the worst tweet I’ve read tonightWho rigged this animal??
@NovicSara I have never watched The Sopranos. Is it a stressful watch or is it chill crime times with the fam.
@niralshah I hooted and hollered @niralshah visceral flashback to 2004 when the bros felt a lil euro, a lil rakish for drinking well gin instead of jack danielsInsane Jest Posse @dearclarissa ive had too many people i know discover too late that they're very allergic to mold so not #1 :0Just in—Trump’s EPA strips tribal land sovereignty of all 38 Oklahoma Native American tribes for environmental matt…
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @hyp_e Those uni troughs 😲Meanwhile, Republican officials from Texas to Ohio and beyond are brazenly making voting more difficult in the mids…
Retweeted by Kevin Tang @_willbot_ Omg the naruto run!!!Gimme dat tomb chowder 😻⚱️ watch my unboxing stream next week