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The latest on the rumored Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake: Sources have apparently intimated to outle…
The Last Dance is one of the best documentaries I've seen & a fascinating look into how an obsessive level of compe… tried to double the price of Xbox Live Gold, which you need to play games online (even free to play ones)… @JustTheClippy Thanks for the opportunity!
Big vampire lady dominates naive gamer in my playthrough of Resident Evil 8's Maiden demo.
Oh no, they captured me, such a shame, totally didn't want this, no siree, not one bit. mood after RE8 showcase., pretty much. just can't catch a break from the memes can he?
2021 @joshkeaton ... she's gonna rule the world, isn't she? @SkullzCrushed Season 3 of Korra was my favorite, Zaheer was a pretty good antagonist and conflicts felt more personal. @vicious696
2021 @JustinCotter14 For sure, really loved that episode, one of the standouts.One thing I can't fault Korra for are the martial arts combat set pieces. Impeccably animated, jaw dropping to beho… @Kirvyx I personally don't like putting numbers on things, it's far too reductive. There are things I really liked… is a show I'll move on from, whereas Avatar will stay with me forever. Still, it's cool Korra got to exist an… Korra for the 1st time. Didn't hate it but it felt far inferior to Avatar. Modern setting was less awe ins…
In a truly wholesome display from the gaming community, Ghost of Tsushima fans helped raise over $250,000 to help r… @MDante47 @Super_Generic I'd say there are definitely bad guys, Volgin is a piece of shit for example lol. But Ocel… know, the way I see it, much of the Metal Gear saga is essentially the story of Ocelot's love for Big Boss. Eve… @PlaceofParks @GoldenGod215 I think I've already mentioned this, but the E3 2018 behind closed doors Cyberpunk 2077… really hope Bloodborne gets a 60FPS patch or remaster, I just can't go back to playing SoulsBorne games at 30FPS. @sekizuri Yeah started Dark Souls Remastered. Lock on dodging only being 4 directions is driving me insane. Having fun though.Overall though, I think Flamelurler is easily the hardest boss in Demon's Souls Remake. His aggression is relentles… Demons Souls Remake. After my Flamurker no armor/heals/hits video, many asked what I thought of Maneater. Only…
@PlaceofParks @GoldenGod215 I personally wouldn't know what Cyberpunk 2077 was like then, I was not invited to the… @GoldenGod215 As I've said a million times, you can genuinely enjoy and love a game and criticize shady shit surrou… 2077's launch was so bad Crowbcat came out of retirement. It's a brutal but constructive & comprehensive… @Ludvig_Forssell Do you hear that, Mr. Forssell? @Ludvig_Forssell Me vs F̶a̶n̶t̶a̶s̶y̶ Punished "Venom" Me new report from Bloomberg editor Jason Schreier reveals and exposes what went wrong behind the scenes with Cyberp…
@AngryJoeShow I don't get it either.
@butthetruthis1 @ItsDaniPlays Individual. Female. Male. Recorder. Xbox One. How did I do?What the victory run of a tough Souls boss battle always feels like. @ItsDaniPlays Haha yup, my sanity is still intact, absolutely.Basically everyone's response: throughout November 2020, I tried a thing. I wanted to beat Demon's Souls (arguably) hardest boss, the Flamelurk…'s so much fun to play villains, and I had a blast voicing and performing the main villain Loki in @PlayRune II:…
CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski went on camera to apologize for the state of Cyberpunk 2077's launch. He empha… @teejaye84
@UnfoldGames Glad to hear it. 😊The internet collectively rejoice as EA's Sar Wars exclusivity deal ends after 2023, leaving room for other devs an…'s reaction to EA Star Wars exclusivity deal finally coming to an end after 2023. @JurassicRabbit Thanks man! @Mark_Medina Thanks dude! I think I remember seeing a tweet of you saying you were intending on pursuing VO this ye… @ash_mann1021 Didn't know you did VO, that's cool man, all the best to you too!Super proud of the body of voice over work I built in 2020 w/o an agent, and in 2021, my resolution is to find an a… @_ludens__ Eeey happy to hear it, appreciate the support!
I will not stand for this merciless continued assault on my wallet. Peach Simp - Calamity Bowser -
Poland's consumer protection organization is now investigating CD Projekt following the duplicitous launch of Cyber… @Tjoeb123 @lego566 Lookin good, choom. 🤘
Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of those shows you remember how incredible it was, then you watch it again, and i…
It's far too easy to focus on the bleakness of the world, but then you have truly talented and decent people like… in Venezuela for the first 14 years of my life, can confirm. have the great pleasure of playing and voicing the protagonist Edan Watts in Rogue Shift. If you want to hear me…'s this TV show called 24 that I'm a fan of, and after multiple seasons, I found it hilarious how poor the sec…
2021 don't need to spend much time with Brad to realize how decent he is. The stories shared by the VO community spe… only knew @bradvenable briefly, but when we first met months back, he treated me like we've known each other for…🕯️
For the I've-lost-count-nth time, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. It's now certified. Th…'s more than enough precedent to suspend his account permanently NOW. Your leniency and enabling of his rhetor…
Oh look, terrorists being gently escorted out of the government building they hijacked like it's some fucking Disne… it's not. It CAN be better, but that starts with staring reality in the face. This is America, whether you like… late and nowhere close to enough. They've tweeted their tweets, now walk the walk and remove the criminal at the White House from office. Enoug… man directly responsible for the chaos of today is Donald Trump, who has made it clear that he will do anything…
Retweeted by YongYeaUnclear? You serious right now? people say Democracy is being attacked, it's happening quite literally. But hey, we gotta look out for those… this aged like milk. is exactly what you incited and exactly who you are. A disgrace. all the violence he's incited, with everything happening, he's still spewing lies about election results and a… looks like we've hit the Return of the Jedi phase of the last 4 years. @tk0ma @vicious696
@the_brito_ Oh for sure, numbers could be even better if it wasn't for all the blunders, but right now, we are far… 2077 is a game you can beat, it's meant to end, so a decrease in playerbase doesn't signify much in this… @ctdonovanx Wait for real? That's strange. Do you have tracking information? Feel free to e-mail me at yongyeamerch… mean, technically true, but this non live service single player game still has sizable daily peaks of 150k concur…'s what Cyberpunk 2077 looks like with a third person perspective thanks to an early work in progress mod from…
Indie publisher Top Hat & dev Suzaku faced death threats from a mob disapproving of the more exaggerated anatomical…
Just as there were triumphs, there were plenty of blunders and embarrassments in the gaming industry throughout 202…
Here are gaming's greatest triumphs of 2020 that I personally felt are worth highlighting. And yeah, Ghost of Tsush…
One of the most annoying bugs of 2020 was when one of the key consumable items for survival, toilet paper, wouldn't… 365 days of straight gameplay, I've finally beaten the highly anticipated first person survival horror game "…
2020 Review: The Dark Souls of years.After 500 years, we finally made it through 2020. Here is hoping things look up in 2021. Happy New Year y'all, stay… @ShepardZorEl Damn, hope you get to relax after. @JustinJayF Wishing you a swift recovery. @vNinj4XBL Nice, nothing much, will probably call family, think about videos, submit some auditions. @Yunghungboi1 Acting in general is a deep passion of mine, and voice acting in particular allows me to play all kin… of Gurl VS Dad of Boi? Yeah I'd watch this. an extra NVME slot on my motherboard that I had no idea about and added a 2TB SSD just for games. It's a Christmas miracle.Anyone got any special keikakus for New Year's Eve? Translator's note: Keikaku means plan.Stop everything and drop a gif from an anime your really like.