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mostly apex legends ❀ pfp: @duetlmao ❀ cover: @yutencha ❀ 💌: ❀

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@2ndSequence eugene... are yo u okcan't tell whether lactose intolerant people are weak or strong because technically they're genetically inferior, b… @macaiyla @YouAreRAD helped connect me to my current mental health specialist, and if you're not financially able,… @hakukaze_ i would kneel and extend the ring @hakukaze_ can you tell me to sit @Sydeon @stockx SO COOL CONGRATS SYDNEY!!!solo q ranked, games with @yoojpls and @xChocoBars at 6pm est
Retweeted by yoojin 🌱 @Skinner_LV this isn't a hint i don't use this with the guy i like @epiknub >:3 @xrafflesia i'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it because i think none of us did except the griefer park sucks ass @Zeowd23 literally amazon.......*like you and trust you not to call me cringeif i use :3c with you that means i like you!! @hakukaze_ @juwiaTV haku..... @juwiaTV babe... come back... i'll change..... @juwiaTV i'm sorry... it was too tempting not to take a jab at the queen of dn... @juwiaTV ALPACA DEEZ NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH 😈 @blisskai_ you can get this set off amazon if you look up matcha dye i'm p sure! they also have a jp ver., and a ke… @hyukdn10 i like your artisans! @Zeowd23 amazon LMFAO @DiyuLIVE i uploaded one in the thread! @kwistenkim stahp... i'm blosh... @hyukdn10 yea that's how i set the white rim lighting in the first place it default comes as rainbow @chaelpls i lowkey wanted to make asmr at one point :') maybe in the future when i am less awful at managing my time! @AliceSakwa your mind alice..... @ValZsyoo krytox 205 with tx films!
type test for those who asked! the space bar + backspace (not featured here) is a bit meh-sounding, but it's a hots… @shuxmods cute!!!the only sad part is the led’s not configurable, but there’s a lot of lighting presets! i’m pretty happy with my se… k66 with alpacas and matcha keycap set 😊🍵 @Cloud9 🙋🏻‍♀️
@kelseyremige spare just a crumb of beauty please... @mornmeii @starsmitten_ this is so her @FaithTTV i'm so sorry about your sudden losses :(( and dealing with trauma in healthy ways online without people g… @sil_staff yw can’t wait for ffxiv crossplay @sil_staff no you bitch i wanted to wish it on day of i’m SORRY @sil_staff happy late birthday sil sir @tsikyo get out while you can… @discord sorry idk where to reach out for this but i’m not able to access server insights to my own discord? @ciaraturnerart i have a needit’s chuseok :< if you’re close with your family and if you can, give them a big hug today @39daph o… i didn’t know 😰
@floaromaa i’m such a noob but i think it will be fun learning together :)) 💕💕💕 @3DShiro @iambushTV ^^ @floaromaa would you like to partake in this hobby... together... 👉👈 @floaromaa YO????????????????? 👀👀👀👀👀 @cheeryio happy birthday cheery!!!!!!! @yueyings_ no @yueyings_ is that my favorite kj climbing the ranks @HUYNH_CS happy birthday!! @astrokuso falafels are delicious what’s wrong with you @RawrDong @DekyFPS i’ve become a sage kitten @domoariga2 switch to ff14 instead @juwiaTV hehe 🥰 @juwiaTV i saw this when i was half awake and thought i dreamed this ngl @yoJeanna LET’S PLAY SOMETIME!! my name Hyooj Scheelong @yoJeanna YAH I’M ON BEHEMOTH IF THAT MATTERS @yoJeanna ARE YOU PRIMAL?? @yueko__ MY FAVE GORL 😍😍😍😍 @DekyFPS caustic is a poisonous demon that rewards barrel throwing and gas chucking over actual game gunplay in a f… do people hate lalafells
@yueyings_ @yutencha LOL @BoxBox SICK KEEB @juwiaTV i couldn’t stop laughing @playitshady LYNN STONKS @plushyslol enjoy your birthday week beautiful bb!!!! @sojyoo yah i was real worried in the beginning but i'm glad it don't look butt ugly (ouo)b @Purilly PURI IT'S JUST A PAINTING BY NUMBERS LOOOOL @yutencha thank you tencha 🥺 it's just painting within the lines but it was fun i am looking more forward to your original art though 🙏 @karagii 😳 if the artist really is so beautiful i think she deserves a kiss... @akuumel I WANNA VISIT BAY (? THAT WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT) AREA AGAIN SO BAD LET'S HANG OUT @Peckito this fr me whenever y'all see my lock screen @shietz LOL NO you can just buy a painting by numbers kit and do the same thing for ten bucks @ImKristyn_ if you do one get an easel or something your back will not be thanking you mine is very angry with me @__Morris__ who are you 😐12 hour stream + painting complete good night 😴 @hanacues LIFELINE @hanacues omg yes 🥺 @juwiaTV no that was me trolling 😔 @katieguo YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL @ajol_llama happy birthday amber!!!!!!
i hate league of legends @poorIighting ANGELmy switches and films are coming in on monday i’m so excited to stream for 6-8 hours minimum ignoring chat, killing… @kaz_u97 @yueyings_ stfu i’ll punch you @yueyings_ can i have reparations my brain juices are now leaking @3DShiro i have so many eye crusties god @yueyings_ on LINE??i slept for 15 hours 😅
@yueyings_ it was me i called him fat for bodyblocking me twicerare youtube video brought to you by @Razer :) @ClaraATwork good morning!! i hope you have a wonderful day milady @jul_shii you deserve all the love and support @FaithTTV sometimes it sucks being the bigger person, but i find that karma usually kicks the wrongdoer in the butt eventually. @haeunem you’re just venus @fuwaffy halloween hoodies @onionguy2 ten years later this game is still a call to the void i need when my brain brrs too hard @Princnsss OK PRINCESS????? LFG!!!!!!!!!!