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like to game love to flame ❀ mostly apex legends ❀ ❀ ❀ business:

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@heyGuhRL cute!!!
@HyperSeanic INSANE FROM THE MEMBRANE @cCaydens @holoac SHE MY GORL @RawrDong not in rankedi didn't mean to tweet this on main but i won no games on lifeline and three on gibby tonightam i just destined to be a gibby main @selkieee @katsu_artsu @Nessaroo_ ; - ; @juwiaTV 🥺🥺 so proud of you and your growth!!!
@itswoori LOLOLOL I NOTICED THAT @itswoori WEEWOOalso hoping yoojGG becomes more used than yoojNT :’)will try to stream more and work harder this year!! #TwitchRecap @QuarterJade FAIRY PRINCESS @chiikadayo *licks lips* @ciaraturnerart HOWDY @tinymakesthings YOU AIN’T WRONG IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO RESPECT ARTISTS!!!!! 😤😤 @Jxneyy_ OK???? 😳😳😳😳
@iluvyves i'm team im jugyeong (ouo)b @luxxbunny stream snipers are LOSERS @choyjustin @taehatypes sdfja;kldfjal;djfal;jFSDKL;JAL;DJF @duetlol We wuv wENA @mel_anji congrats mel!!!!!!! @archissi TY!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS BOMB @juwiaTV PWEASE 🥺 @jessicahkim ok gladly @Tiffae i'm sorry it came up in a drama 😔 @kiisumii O BABYYYYY @plooful I WANT THE WRAP WITH THE SSAMJANG @Purilly 삼겹살 내 사랑 🥺🥺I WANT HER want to eat pork belly rn @funFPS :(((
ranked apex can be so infuriatingly frustrating what with cringe squads griefing their own rp by landing as one to… @melongorl @floaromaa xiangling and fischl!!
@kelseyremige @JaredRPhotos how beautiful 🥰🥰 the both of you!!!!!!! @readwithcindy so if i like this tweet have we made out 😳 @COOLER_Yuki @PlayApex i can't believe you're playing caustic but this was clean 😔 @rottenmei i’m so sorry you underwent such painful and unsettling experiences.... i’m glad you’ve healed a lot!! an… @TLPoseidon LMFAO even when your username has TL?? @Nepheloyd IDK i just want to see some good matches!! no stomps just BLOODBATHS @portilho @kelseyremige @itswoori 🥺🥺🥺 wtf guys... i didn’t order tears this morning... 😭💕 @IRLBabynikki no one wants to see his wrinkly pea sized nutsack i’m sorry you had to deal with that bs what a disgusting person @itswoori o-oh 😳😳😳😳excited to watch lcs soon!! i’ve missed regularly following pro play 🥺 which teams are you guys following/rooting… @ClaraATwork BLONDE??? @katieguo "emasculating" 😐 @im_richieee yea nah i’m good i gotta maintain my t3 subs @NachoCustomz @Kokoart11 @PlayApex SHE’S SO COOL TYSM!!!!!Lifeline for @yoojpls
Retweeted by yoojin 🌱feels bad when you open up a stream and get hit with an ad but can see chat laughing at something @jessicahkim sit on me @HUYNH_CS spi C
@ShivFPS bang god 🙇🏻‍♀️ @duetlol MISSED YOUR ARTTTTT @Unreal_Dreamer i thought ding tea’s more of a boba place than a tea house? i used to have quite a bit back when sc… @poorIighting 😳😳😳😳😳😳 @milkyvitamin @bisoulovely 😳🥺nvm i wanted to tweet this for the last three days i’m KEEPING IT UP @JessBrohard it really irks me when people apologize by prefacing it with a “i didn’t mean it/it was never mean to… @katieguo LOLOLOLOL I’M SORRY KATIE @scarra great dub tonight scarra thanks for carrying @JoJordasm just for you i might keep it up @piscesrincess please avert your eyes miladyi will be deleting this in the morning good nightWEN DEEZ NUTS DRAG ALL OVER YOUR FACEdo you guys like wendy’smy brain is mush but thanks for the good vibes 🤪💕 @scarra LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @Jxneyy_ LMFAOAOAOAO
@Annie_Dro wow this is op TY ANNIE @Irenealing your best is wonderful 🥰 @plooful LESGOOOOOOOOO @TeanaKitten SCREAMING YOU PRECIOUS BEAN @ClaraATwork LMFAOOO you’re so cute @TeanaKitten i thought this meant you wished not to be constipated at first ngl
@Jxneyy_ SHE AIN'T DONE WITH THE OWOWA @DekyFPS artisan raiden fx mid xl @jessicahkim SHE SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLthankful for coffee, the poop inducer @tsunderemaids 🥺🥺💕💕💕💕💕💕 @jessicahkim happy birthday i love youuuuuuuuuuu @duetxd I LIKE MY FEET BEING WARM @brookeab CAN YOU DO THIS IS THIS LEGAL
@yougellyy @LeagueOfLegends BIG GRATS SALLY!!!!!! @cronaldo776 no i am balding because i am mad thus malding @kandyrew that's the price of love mister kandy @Purilly @akaibara DUUUUDE THAT BOBA POPCORN IS SO FREAKING GOODevery time i run my fingers through my hair loose strands fall out i am literally malding every single day @_skag feel that @mel_anji QUEEN SHIT @macawcaw123 both the case and the packaging are so cute!!! @JurtleJurtle LMFAO
@tinymakesthings she so CLEAAAN @NaniTalent @plooful LEGGOOO @BeccaTILTS have a good rest day!! @varygoode HECK!! @xSojin socks designed for sleeping in hit diff @COOLER_Yuki my feet are too cold 😢i like sleeping with socks now