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Let's commit the perfect crime... I steal your heart and you steal mine ;) she/her | BLM | 16 | poc💜

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@softsseoks I love you so much more! @dirtaemind then go with the bathroom excuse @dirtaemind maybe say you weren't feeling wellFRIENDS DON'T UNDERSTAND ME UNDERSTAND ME ANYMORE @dirtaemind what advice do you need, hon'? @betaniiiee7 Hey. If ur hurting or need strenghth, read this please. We're here for you, okay. I love you. @iNomKoobi 🥺 @sxgaverse Ok! @sahxxr_ There is nothing wrong with you, love. You're perfect in all of your ways. I love you, ok. Be strong please. @iNomKoobi Angel @sxgaverse omg who is it👀please read this. i love you. i care about you. don’t let temporary issues be the reason you leave. you have my ful…
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌 @C4TB0YJM no problem. i'd do it a thousand times again. @sogsehoseok @prodskj @_bxrbieX_X @btsonyeondont @HwasStrawberry @kooadores @yoongisangelll @yoonilvr @ILY134340X @armywithcookie Np!! @armywithcookie OMG congratulations!!! @C4TB0YJM Hey, read this please. Also if u need to talk I'm here for you! is power in the tongue and speech. Use your voice to lift others up, not tear them down. @armywithcookie Ok!Please spread my pinned. So many people need to hear that message. @armywithcookie Promise🥺?THE WAY HE SAID IT PLS HIS “oohhh” I’M WHEEZINGF
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌 @yoonilvr I love you more! @sogsehoseok @prodskj @_bxrbieX_X @btsonyeondont @HwasStrawberry @kooadores @yoongisangelll @yoonilvr @ILY134340X (please help spread this to those who need this) @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @dirtaemind @ughhmyg were designed to conquer in this world. You may feel hopeless, but trust when I say you wouldn't be given this… you feel that you don't have strength, know this: You are strong and loved and supported. You are valid in all… weren't designed to be perfect. You were made human, and humans have flaws. We all make mistakes and have insec… you do this, you're letting all that pain, hurt, depression, and anger that you've been fighting off for so long… now I understand that you're in a lot of pain. I understand that you feel trapped and that you want to escape… I've been seeing a lot of my oomfs and non-oomfs going through tough times. Many of them have grown weary… haven't done this in a while but, in light of recent events, here we go.H-HIT TWEET?! are so many losing hope?OML Jungkooks arm tattoos are sooo awesome!!! He's the coolest person on earth!!'m kinda sad so i'm going to rest a bit. Goodnight my honeys!!yoongi as levi ackerman; a thread bc im in love with both of them
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌 @jiminsruby hi @95DI0RMIN ily🥺Jin when he read "JMisThicc🍑" : @friendofbangtan yes👀 @universeyeollie @calumstoasty ABSOLUTELY US!!!!! @sushinikiii periodt. @prodskj @yooniescupid @sushinikiii I can't stand pickles. Which is unusual for someone from my townIf You gave Your life to love them so will I Like You would again a hundred billion times But what measure could am… You left the grave behind You so will I I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done Every part designed in a… @nyzeyeon 💜pls don't vote pls pls pls it could be self harm
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌i wanna bfrt for an outfit based on what i think your aesthetic is/or based on your layout
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌
TO ALL Y'ALL WHO VOTED "HAVE" TF Y'ALL WAS AT WHEN I WANTED A BF?!? BTW I still do👀 @giocoIa Yayyy~ @giocoIa i'm good! hbu? @giocoIa hii @sahxxr_ gn~ @jiminsruby 💜 @shisaink @biirmap @gootaebub @yoongfairie I wanna stay here (Can you feel the rush? Can you feel the rush?) Du seg… @biirmap @shisaink @gootaebub @yoongfairie Cause imagination Jeo haneul-ui Orangе-i bit mabeobi Kkeuchi nagi jeon-e @yoongfairie @biirmap @shisaink @gootaebub @yoongfairie Yeah yeah I can But it's you You're the one that I want You Everything that I want Blue @shisaink @biirmap @gootaebub @yoongfairie Sesang hanappunin special Neoye biweojin geu seonmulsangja gateun nunbit @BasalPiano SKSKSKSKS It's good to know loyal ppl still exist! @shisaink 😘 @shisaink @yoongfairie @biirmap @gootaebub FUCK YESSSSS @shisaink @biirmap @gootaebub @yoongfairie Finna turn tf up!~ @shisaink @biirmap @gootaebub @yoongfairie LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO @nshasyed1 @ghostinonshadow 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @nshasyed1 @ghostinonshadow hiii @softsseoks Trust and believe that it will. No matter how bad u feel, know that things are going to get better. Lif… @ghostinonshadow y'all don't hype my most favorite work, i am deactivating.😃😃
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌[stolen from tl] like: If you find me nice rt: If you appreciate me reply: If u want to give me a hug or want to b… @rxkia_ I'm just stating facts![stolen from sam] like: If you find me nice rt: If you appreciate me reply: If u want to give me a hug or want to…
Retweeted by ᴴᴼᴾᴱAngel⁷| tooba's twin 📌 @rxkia_ You deserve the world and so much more! I'll do my best to give it to you!O-oh...😳 @softsseoks Good night, precious! Please rest well!MY NOTIFS ARE FILLED WITH SO MUCH LOVE AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! @MOON__CH1LDREN YASSSS MWAH MWAH @MOON__CH1LDREN U BEETER NOT FORGET ME NOW THAT YOU'RE FAMOUS!! @softsseoks 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @MOON__CH1LDREN IS THAT A HIT TWEET I SMELL?!?!HOW COULD I FORGET MY PRECIOUS TWIN @babiekoobie @milkypinky2 @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @bts_lover_rm @ughhmyg @biirmap @gootaebub @shisaink @godminji @_bxrbieX_X @softsseoks That means so much to me! You inspired me to show love and help those who need support and strength whe… @rxkia_ @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @bts_lover_rm @ughhmyg @milkypinky2 @biirmap @gootaebub @shisaink @godminji @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @bts_lover_rm @ughhmyg @milkypinky2 @biirmap @gootaebub @shisaink @godminji @_bxrbieX_X @milkypinky2 @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @bts_lover_rm @ughhmyg @biirmap @gootaebub @shisaink @godminji @_bxrbieX_X @rxkia_ @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @bts_lover_rm @ughhmyg @milkypinky2 @biirmap @gootaebub @shisaink @godminji @BasalPiano TY~ @BasalPiano No. I'm a potato. @BasalPiano What can I say? I'm in this Bangtan Sonyeondan shit for life!I've said it a thousand times before, but I deeply, genuinely love each and every one of you.The day's not over yet and I'm already exhausted. Typical Monday... @winglessMoa 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @winglessMoa OMG UR SO FRICKIN' PRECIOUS🥺No matter how tired or exhausted or depressed I am, I'll be here for all of you. Even when I'm falling apart, I'll… @MOON__CH1LDREN @satanjoong @bts_lover_rm @ughhmyg @milkypinky2 @biirmap @gootaebub @shisaink @godminji @_bxrbieX_X Hip Hop/ Pop