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House of Lords 'relocation' shows York is "not merely an historical bauble" #HouseofLords #York neighbours in York have each won £1,000'Sewage leak' on main road in York
Retweeted by The PressWe are accepting photos until February 3 for our special Born in 2019 souvenir supplement- came off best when a steam train and Platform 12 at York Station had an argument?
Retweeted by The PressSirius Minerals agrees £405m takeover deal
Retweeted by The PressEmergency services 'coax' down man from scaffolding
Retweeted by The PressSchool in York village closed today due to broken boiler
Retweeted by The PressThis is happening in York today
Retweeted by The PressIt's another icy day today so the city walls are closed again at the moment. Still lots of wonderful places to visi…
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Do you want the House of Lords in York? to The Press premium plus digital subscription package for £1 for the first four weeks! Visit:… it be good for the city if the House of Lords moved to York? What do you think? 🤔 #LDReporter
Retweeted by The PressAnd yes, I'm bonkers enough to be writing about it at midnight on a Saturday 🤦‍♀️ #LDReporter
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If you have a minute this weekend, please read this piece in the @yorkpress by @Dodd_George about an old friend of…
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"It is always important to look at the trajectory a school is on, rather than a snapshot...." film crews heading for York... one from @yorkpress
Retweeted by The PressThis is great news for the village. you think this is a problem in York? 🤔 #LDReporter Patients 'fear' trying to book GP appointments - because it'…
Retweeted by The PressWhere strangers will be handing out free cash in York and beyond #cashgiveaway unlimited, advert light access to our website for only £1 for the first four weeks, visit… de Yorkshire 2020 routes unveiled’m here at Queen’s Staith where VINCI are about to move a crane down to Guildhall along the River Ouse #LDReporter
Retweeted by The Press“It’s been sat serving no useful purpose for four years, it looks a mess and local people see it as a wasted opport…
Retweeted by The PressCheck out which York firm will appear in Championship football advertising campaign warning comes from @TheBHF, which says air pollution presents a ‘major public health emergency’ which must be…
Retweeted by The PressIt is based on @UniOfYork research
Retweeted by The PressANALYSIS: What now for the Castle Museum refurb?
Retweeted by The PressThis happened yesterday evening
Retweeted by The PressThis should be quite a sight today. Go down to the river and take a look. is just too sad. Our hearts go out to his family.
North Yorkshire centre to host Conservative Party event tech agency #Netsells becomes a new Northern Powerhouse Partner is a major deal for York's newest independent #GreenVets @RSPCA is the only child actor in the casting for the show. Museum fails in bid for millions of pounds of lottery funding
Retweeted by The PressThis is a real shame. is your chance to have a say. be a great gig."You have a terrible record for shoplifting and .... we feel only a custodial sentence can be justified.""It underpins the desires of our schools and their leaders to help improve the quality and provision of education i… said they accepted he was living in a place that was "not an easy place for him to be living in".'s hear it for Olivia! @tesconews @Tesco grabbed another dog by the scruff and injured it so badly it needed surgery. 2020 is underway #tourism @MakeItYork @VisitBritainBiz with #ClareFrisby
Retweeted by The PressHeading off to #VYCON2020 to hear more about #York’s #tourism future.
Retweeted by The PressTourism injects £765 million into York - figures reveal“From Saturday I have packed it in, because I am stressed out with everything.”'We want to try to make it as attractive as possible for people to use public transport and cycle into the city...'! @YorkArtGallery
Retweeted by The PressThey're not happy.
2020 This burglar has got more than six years after going off on a spending spree using stolen b… to see this getting a new lease of life. @200Degs
Retweeted by The PressThe move means the school can increase the number of pupils in each year group - from 240 to 300."Being in my 50s I relate to women’s struggles in midlife and I am passionate in supporting them deal with the symp…! @YorkArtGallery expert helps women tackle menopause head on #menopause #York to The Press premium plus digital subscription package for £1 for the first four weeks! Visit:…“At a time when ideologies of hate are on the rise around the world, we should remind ourselves of the consequences… Emergency services working together this morning on this 'medical-related' incident in Acom… rain or flood, the journey must go on. But where was this?
Retweeted by The Press @NYorksPolice is appealing for witnesses and information about this burglary in York
Retweeted by The PressPolice have been conducting a review of this tragic case.“It never goes away. It may be 20 years ago, but to us it feels like yesterday."
Retweeted by The PressThis seems so strange. show goes out next month. @PockSchool @clarebalding
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I’m here at the first climate change meeting of the year at City of York Council and it’s standing room only - thes…
Retweeted by The PressHave you had one of these? might remember this case when it came to court.... thoughts go to her family."The cast and crew were all a pleasure to work with...." VIDEO: Law firm's new city office is 'vote of confidence in York' tech agency #Netsells becomes a new Northern Powerhouse Partner #techscene work from @MrBenFry at the opening of new offices in the city. You're in demand! were following up on a tip off. Persimmon boss who left after bonus row heads up another Yorkshire firm author Rankin to chair Harrogate crime writing festival
Retweeted by The PressCyclist hurt in fail to stop crash in York city centre
Retweeted by The PressWITH VIDEO: Oyez! Oyez! Law firm's new city office is 'vote of confidence in York' #IsonHarrison setback... out for this if you're in York today. is such a great shop... @snowhomeuk
Retweeted by The PressSad to see it go.... services respond to 'concern for safety' of woman near river in York
Retweeted by The PressThis evening a crew from #York was called to the #Foss to assist @NPTYorkcity in a potential rescue. Can I remin…
Retweeted by The PressOh dear.'You are not entitled to decide the law of the jungle applies and you will sort it out yourself...' hope to open next month.
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Good work! you know anyone who fits the bill? threatened to smash windows and said: "Tonight there could be a fire bomb". pelted a couple with water bombs and sprayed them with paint. and drug drivers face losing licence after 100 arrests across North Yorkshire
Retweeted by The Press"Whoever has taken these particular items would know immediately that they belonged to a charity – making their cri…
Retweeted by The PressFantastic! @TheYorkMind @PaversShoes out for this in stores next month. @KITKAT you help police with this appeal?“It was fantastic to see first-hand all the hard work that is being done to prepare for the first of our pioneering… @Humberbeat is appealing for witnesses after this crash at the weekend
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