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@criisdie @VideoEditBot sad. @VideoEditBot @criisdie @criisdie HUH!?!?! @criisdie @VideoEditBot volume=600, watermark=25, contrast=25 @criisdie fly high like #1000Doves Concept Photo - "ViVi" ⠀ LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #LOONA #ViVi
Retweeted by owen!1st Concept Photo - "Yves" ⠀ LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #이브 #LOONA #Yves
Retweeted by owen!1st Concept Photo - "Kim Lip" ⠀ LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #김립 #LOONA
Retweeted by owen!please patch the line, please patch the line, need a 911, can you patch the line?
Something shifted. Shits about to get real weird
Retweeted by owen! @nextleveljoey the first one is a freaking slay @ladybturd anyone lady gaga adjacent is gay, yesoomf interrupted dinner with bf by facetiming me
@greygardensong bye this gifgot Mario 3D All Stars and jonah bought me ...Baby One More Time on vinyl“911” SHORT FILM 🚨 OUT NOW 🚨
Retweeted by owen!“911” SHORT FILM 🚨 5 MINUTES 🚨
Retweeted by owen!no i don’t think you understand i’m obsessed
Retweeted by owen! @greygardensong THE EYEBROW 😭 @greygardensong THOUGHTS ON THE AVA MAX ALBUM? @abbafag HAPPY BIRTHDAY @abbafag @VideoEditBot sfx=100, contrast=25, watermark=50, volume=200 @abbafag HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE WANNA SEE WHAT I GOT YOU? @ImgivingupMama me lying….
viral gaga hate tweets... i cry and cry @greygardensong BYE ASF🚨 911 short film out tomorrow at 9am PT #Chromatica 🚨
Retweeted by owen! @contraconnor OMGGGG @contraconnor 9 years and Born This Way is still a classic album right connor @thirstbicth i think i've seen this film before...3DS's are stopping production and i still don't have one everything now, meet me in the pouring rain🚨
Retweeted by owen!"Into the loonatheworld" LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release #이달의소녀 #LOONA #Midnight LOOΠΔ…
Retweeted by owen!On the cover of @billboard talking all things #Chromatica ⚔️💓
Retweeted by owen! @oatmeaIboy WTF @bipolarkidney no i'm feeling it too @greygardensong exactly his music is that good @oatmeaIboy joe mama
i think we all know who should play madonna @strungsym wait i meant vr 😹 @strungsym is it ar???the cat in HausuΠΔ NEEW ALBUM WTF"12:00" LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release #이달의소녀 #LOONA #Midnight 🌑
Retweeted by owen!"what are your extremities like arms and legs called?" pretend the censored one is Millennium Actress 🤩 @strungsym yawn grilled cheese could wash @strungsym explain yourself. because that block button looks very good right now.after much scientific deliberation, i have decided that grilled cheese is a perfect food
@iamkatesbush HEKEOENKE @hotspritis PURRCHINA IS PUTTING 12 MILLION MIRFANDAS IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS @phntmthrd the hereditary cult is insane....dress me up, i'm your doll, love me rough, i'm your doll is one of britney’s best songs btw the bottom of my broken heart, there’s just a thing or two i’d like you to know @criisdie SPONGEBOB @greygardensong how was it @kissinboothgirl right.... like that IS my number one girlhad horchata for the first time and oomfs every zoom rave @vulnicuravirgo I FORGOT ABOUT THIS @ryltenenbaums -@&283&3&
@abbafag they're twinning @phntmthrd you having a smile vinyl isn't a false narrative @yoshicrossing the robbers seeing the smile vinyl
Retweeted by owen!can't believe i just filled out a police report where i had to say the only thing left in the vehicle was fucking SMILE BY KATY PERRYJONAHS CAR GOT ROBBED AND ALL THEY LEFT WAS HIS SMILE VINYL 😭😭vivi from loona posing like beyoncé herself call that legendary
Retweeted by owen! @oatmeaIboy have got to reappropriate Fight Song for us @maxewolf @VideoEditBot volume=1000, watermark=50, ct=10, nc=KELELA FISH 😹🐠🥚, watermark=25 @greygardensong @VideoEditBot sfx=100, tc=he is screaming, bc=he is screaming, volume=500, deepfry=3
LANA TRENDING CHEMTRAILS IS COMING @hotspritis EXACTLYYYY @kissinboothgirl WAIT THIS HAPPENS TO ME HEY TWINomg they built a whole tower dedicated to Babylon by lady gaga purple shirt, short shorts, and In The Zone CD.... queering up the goodwill and oomfs making breakfast this morning to think that you don't care.... why don't you realize i'm so rare 🖐😒 you kick every lady gaga out of the country, who's going to be cleaning Your toilet madonna? 25th anniversary of the first song by a female artist to debut at #1. I know that's right ☝🏿
Retweeted by owen!VIVI FROM LOONA @loonatheworld
Retweeted by owen!tipsy off two pbr's evans dick pic @ladybturd the family at the beginning of parasite:hey alita army
reeks of misogyny @timotheestan @timotheestan why does the monkey have such prominent..... testesmy name is no, my number is no, my sign no, you need to let it go guessing who The Man is about performing bebe rexha in my zoom classes
"i'm the flotus, flotus, flotus"melania trump since 2016 and i had swiftie discourse with starbucks barista“my son can’t be gay, he’s obsessed with women.” the women:
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