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Yoshi Yoshitani Concept Artist & Illustrator // No Pronouns // available for freelance email // STORE

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I have a whole thread here with pics of a lot of my products if you want to scroll through #SmallBusinessSaturday I’ve got apparel, prints, tarot, enamel pins, art books, notebooks, postcards and mo… interested in a thread about where modern fandom came from, and who created it? [only 18 tweets long this…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @Spriteborne @illumicrate @kuangrf Thank you!! @GLKnight83 @optyck You will cry ugly tears, it is goodHere’s the Enamel Pin set I did for @illumicrate’s The Poppy Wars Edition box! The two pins, the Phoenix and the Dr… Biden handily won Americans who make under $100,000. Donald Trump handily won Americans who make $100,000 or m…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @nicodelort Gosh what a powerful combo they were in terms of visuals. Stories were all a little... meandering? But man they are beautiful @SaraAlfageeh Mother, I starve. @Chef_Lu_Bu “Don’t worry honey, stand still and I’ll shave my armpit into It” @Chef_Lu_Bu IMAGINE WALKING IN ON THAT IN THE MORNING 😂😂😂 @Chef_Lu_Bu HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @faeiryne Yes!! The music videos are incredibly enjoyable to watch but the band could have 3 ppl or 15 and I’m unab… @faeiryne So like, 5 ppl in a band is already stretching it for me. I can handle, like, 3 😭😭😭 There was 1 season o… @faeiryne I’m so sad because with my facial blindness, the plastic surgery, and the tons of fun costume changes, I… @SaraAlfageeh Hahaha all the men in the responses are just rating themselves outMy fiancé is watching Knock knock on Netflix, and do far we’ve come to the conclusion that this is what Hollywood e…’s a great day to buy prints, posters, cards, (masks), and original art directly from your favorite working ar…
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@dcolorofthewind I do, and you’ll see the final cost before you send payment. But for specifics please contact my store manager @undeaddu Thank you so much!! I'm so pleased with how they came out, I can't wait to do another design! @Manda_AMSBT THAT BUTTSuper obsessed. I need to take a picture with better lighting though 🦊 jacket by @yoshisquared
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @undeaddu Thank you! AND THOSE PANTS!! 😍Seven Deadly Sins: Enamel Pins I'm particularly happy with the flavor text 1"x1" $10 each @byelacey Its nice to remind myself I'm still improving😭 @TeddyDief @JennRavenna @erikaishii LOOK I'm already building my dream crew which involves Jenn, Teddy, and Erika SO @GlitterNGoth I made these years ago but oh boy they are RELAVENT My parents put the Speak No Evil print in their… @byelacey Lacey thank you!! Here's the progression! 😂😂😂 Witch and the Wolf God Killer Some wolf prints! 11"x17" $40 Each, 2020 & 2016 Prints This is a piece I redraw every few years, I've made the 2020 variant and the 2016 varian… Wedding Triptych: Groom, Officiant, Bride Hastening Fate, Weaving Fate, Fighting Fate 11"x17" $40 Each… @erinmcdowellart Thank you so much! ☀️Celestial Dress Triptych : Sun, Moon, and Stars Make me a dress of the Sun, Moon, and Stars 11"x17" $40 Each…, Hear, Speak No Evil 11"x11" Prints $35 Each @kristinacarroll Thank you! And I wish the best for your store too!!Select Tarot Prints 11"x17" $40 Check out my store to see which prints are available. If the card you like is cur… Arcana Tarot Postcards 22 cards 4"x6" $45 Perfect to display, keep, or disperse among friends ONLY 19 LEFT!… @TheGreatTurbana Thank you! @TeddyDief @JennRavenna Teddy, Next apparel line, you come and be a model for me. Let's do it @AneenaSevla Thank you! @marewwna Thank you!Tarot of the Divine: A Deck and Guidebook Inspired by Deities, Folklore, and Fairy Tales from Around the World & Be… @nicodelort God the day someone Not On The Internet says "I heard about something called the Omniverse?" I'm outOfficial Metallica Posters from 2019 Tour 6 Color Silk Screen Prints 18"x24" Heavy Paper $50 each… Hues: Peach Print All Proceeds go to Fair Fight, a org founded in Georgia by Stacey Abrams to fight against… @TeddyDief Thank you so much!!! This is all due to @JennRavennaKITSUNE: A Kitsune Themed Apparel Line Features: Embroidered Reversible Bomber Jacket Embroidered Belt Bag, Embroi… out everything here! We just had a restock of a number of items too, so take a look! STORE 2020 Order by Dec. 3rd to ensure Christmas Delivery New Prints, Apparel, Books, Enamel Pins, More! @undeaddu Ahh! Thank you so much!!!✨ I love this jacket from @yoshisquared!!! ✨
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @nicodelort HAHAHAHA OH TO BE SO INNOCENT @nicodelort AHAHAHAHAHAHA YES!!! THIS!! 😂😂😂😂😂 @hanselthelost @robertwilsoniv HECK YEAH!!Now THIS is an ad campaign everyone can enjoy. @yoshisquared @robertwilsoniv
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @jc_hope Thanks so much!! I hope the recipient enjoys!! @benbrucerocks @naomifranq 😂😂😂 @sailorhg hahahaha relatable @my2k It’s a guiding light @optyck I WAS LOOKING FOR THAT ONE!!A good second your personality with a Studio Ghibli GIF you know what? I’ll match up to $150 in total donations to these or another First Nations non-profit. Repl…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @dashiellsilva called out @jrfbz hahaha, nope, all raster @dashiellsilva I just want all the problems solved off the batHere's an uncompressed version if you'd like to see the original you want a close up on how I did the snake skin, it's the same color block then refine technique again I do Art: 1. Sketch 2. Color Block 3. Refine 4. Refine 5. Refine 6. Refine costumes in Jingle Jangle are absolutely exuberant and stunning. They are historically informed but so creative…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @mikerichmond168 Me too!!!Christmas Movies I’m going to watch this year - Tokyo Godfathers - Die Hard - Starwars Christmas Special - Edward… @inkybarracuda Ahhh Ilinca!! Thank you thank you thank you!~
‼️ SPOILERS FOR THE ILLUMICRATE POPPY WAR BOX BELOW ‼️ everything is such good quality and the books themselves a…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @nonteentitan Thank you! @kuangrf @illumicrate Yes!!! Thank you so much for an amazing Trilogy!! 🥰🥰🥰Take a look at the #illumicrate hashtag on Instagram to see some of the previous boxes to get a feel of what items… time I make something for Illumicrate’s Book boxes the unboxing vids/photos come out and I get a flood of mes… those who have been asking about my pin I made for the Poppy Wars @afrycuriel Hahahaha oh no!! @sailorhg RIGHT?!?! @aimeekitty Ah, I see you are also a prince of refined taste @RonDanChan @Cattifer This checks out 😂😂😂Having trouble with Tarot Spreads? Assign them memes 😂😂😂 @Trungles HAHAHAHAHAHA @KikiDoodleTweet HIRED @annaafhallstrom Thank you! I’m Classy🌟🌟🌟 @TiffanyTurrill Have to keep the surface tidy!Them: eating sushi off a naked woman Me:! Website redesign is live ✨🎉✨ Now it's a showcase of my favorite pieces over the years, a mix of art a…
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniI included this series in my “I Never Promised You A Happy Ending” book recommendation list. So, fair warning (but… pin set I designed for @illumicrate ‘s The Poppy Wars box! I really recommend the trilogy by Rebecca F. Kuang (…
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniThe Moon Another look at Kaguya Hime Original available at @gallerynucleus
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@inkybarracuda @Trungles He is a good sized boi!! @inkybarracuda BLESSThe Tarot of the Divine from @yoshisquared and the Star Spinner Tarot from @Trungles look gorgeous together and I l…
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniVancouver has my Tarot Deck! @erikaishii Totally would hire you to be the holiday party entertainment @inkybarracuda Omfg I need a scale indicator PLEASE