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Can’t believe half of John’s subjects were like “yeah I’d rather go on the Third Crusade than stick around and pled…, there are like 15 chapters dedicated to King John because he was such a massive fuck up. Wow. He’s like, the… @azimedes HahahahaWow. Richard the Lionheart died in the dumbest way. 😑 Honestly, this history is just “here was a selfish prig who… #Collage
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniCheezu is going to grow up looking just like Gozu if he has splashed in a puddle of white paint Lmao @KikiDoodleTweet 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯They play rough and rowdy, but they sleep together so sweetly 🥺 I think their relationship will only keep improvin… @KikiDoodleTweet 🤯🤯🤯🎺 Job Post! RTs appreciated!! 🎺 I'm on the lookout for immediately available freelance ✏️ comic artists! 🎨 graphi…
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@nicterhorst I love the nipples just hinting out @lus_opaniche LMAO It’s true @LeishaRiddel Me too @whatthe_shea 🙃🙃🙃 @Tea_Faerie Yeah, me too @atariarei They really are 😭Gozu&Yuzu Gozu&Cheezu @Alethelaa Ooo thanks! Yeah I was kinda surprised when my book was like “there was that one time Matilda snuck ou… keep asking me for the book, I don’t know if it’s good or the best one. Tbh it feels a little dry just because… granddaughter- Matilda, was supposed to be Queen but her cousin had a civil war over it. Matilda married this f…, I keep saying Plantagenets referring this… dynasty? Of the British Royal family. But the term Plantagenet was… @Twigbelly I think I’m still 200 years away from those events, so let me read these books first 💀 @AnnaHollinrake Haha I’m making my way slowly through this. Need a larger variety on names though!Like I *knew* but before reading this book I didn’t have it in context or chronological order. Also, this makes m…, wait, I just got to king Richard returning home after the crusades (where he was an ass to his allies and str… @britbritboom Thank you!! @TaliaMirai OH, MY. GOD. 💖💖💖 @TaliaMirai 😈😈😈 @lingerie_addict Thank you!! 🥰🥰🥰I recently finished #100DaysofArtHistoryJinjins, a project where I faceswapped my East Asian features into master c…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @victoriaying Victoria!!! 🥰🥰🥰 @erikaishii It’s working 😈😈😈 @SailorAstera 🥰🥰🥰 @juliaereck None of this conversation surprises me @dagnificent @dagnificent 😘😘😘 @juliaereck I wanted to become her so badly @whatthe_shea No matter what I get my way 😤How I look How I Act
@yangtianli Thank you!! 🥰 @_zeode_ Hahaha I am another one of my canvases now @ThatJPHerron Thank you thank you!!No Cheezu Cameo today, sorry 🥲 Here’s the belt bag link Highlights are wearing my own merch (Fanny pack) and trying out green eyeshadow @KTress13 Thank you! @SparklySnarkery Cheezu responds to physical reprimands with “time to bite harder >:3” so Gozu is unfortunately having no luck 🥲 @torvos It closer to a bite with limited initial pressure. But it’s a really bad habit especially once he’s 15 lbs @daphne_mir 🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥I’m so proud of Cheezu! It used to be you would go to pet his head and if you had about a 70% chance of getting bi… @erikaishii You keep bringing thirst traps to the timeline I had to try a hand at it too @Zolwia Thank you!! And lmaoooo just trying to double down @TaliaMirai The way they look like a bottom heavy water balloon with stick legs taped to them 💖 @KikiDoodleTweet Just the butt 💖 @fruitiestuncle Thank you! 🌟 @RowanRowden 💀💀💀 @marissadraws 😑 @Worstwizard 🥰🥰🥰 @lianakangas 😘😘😘 @marissadraws Hahahaha I just can’t even imagine— who the fuck thinks that works? @marissadraws 🙃🙃🙃 @krismas_a The one with the arms— Plum? 🥺 Right one: Basalt, Nephrite (green rock), Olive, Cyprus ((sorry for all the greens)) @AustenMarieTV To be called so by someone as hawt as yourself 🥺🥰 @bagmanman Lmaoooo @nicterhorst 😘😘😘 @JennRavenna It me~~!!! @OhHeyDJ Thank you D.J.!!🥰 @kristinacarroll Heck yes!! @GamineViolet Thank you! @Sihaya_art Thank you!! I am practicing 😈 @Lee_Morgan7 Highlighter yellow! I love them! @TaliaMirai Thank you!! I have been practicing the sharp point And yes, he very much approved of the shoes… and tr… @KelOfKells Thank you!!! @javierabegazo @majorboredom May the mail gods be swift and merciful 🙏 @troubledmn Cheezu says the shoes are bomb @kiwifruitbird Also the shirt is a Star Wars tee from the kids section of target lmao @kiwifruitbird Im doing one of those monthly stylist boxes, and I never would have chosen those shoes but once I tr… @ThornwolfArt Thank you! @SaraAlfageeh Oh my goodness thank you so much I do them myself @javierabegazo @majorboredom 👀👀👀 @chargandz Cheezu loves the shoes @DailenOgden Documented Cheezu approval!!Felt Queer. Won’t delete later. @hollyrainbowbus @CyanDocs @OhHeyDJ Dude when I found out that Japan and California are roughly the same size… 🤯
@notsoseriouss SCREAM @whatthe_shea I think I got some strong contenders @CyanDocs I hope you enjoy! 🥰I got @yoshisquared’s tarot deck on a whim bc I loved the artwork, found them online, realized there was a BOOK and…
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniMailing List here, I email once every few months is a good time to join my mailing list... Get ready for a mini drop! @birdyprincette Ahhh I’m so happy! 🥰🥰look what arrived!!! this @yoshisquared variant is like the cutest thing so happy i ordered it!!
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @ThomasNoppers So proper!!Hiro from @lindenalewis 's book The First Sister (you can preorder the sequel the Second Rebel now!) Hiro is the D… Nucleus Portland’s Salut show is up! Tons of coasters by different artists, here’s my contribution (I think…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @OhHeyDJ Well. That’s decided a lot of things. @imzeferino CONGRATULATIONS!!I just want to draw but omg I’m loosing my mind I’m trying to rename saved files but every time I do I get a Clipp…’m switching to a PC laptop and… why has the first week been a stressful series of uninstalling half the default s… @azimedes Oh nice!!!