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Yoshi Yoshitani Concept Artist & Illustrator // No Pronouns // available for freelance email // STORE

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@dashiellsilva 😭😭😭 Jules you don’t have to be tough for us 😭😭😭 @dashiellsilva Jules has big “I got this- no I’m serious I got this— fucking back off!!” EnergyFrom now until August 20th, I will be donating $1 USD (approx 40 Mauritian rupees) per item sold on my Etsy to the…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @dashiellsilva This collection is a blessing @thepaisleyfox 😭😭🥰🥰🥰 @RestlessJack If you ordered off my shop please contact my shipping manager. Thanks! @wickedliltongue Thank you so much!! I’m so excited too! @bobtiki Thank you!! And thank you for supporting local!!
23 days left!!!! It’s happening!! @FathomingFish Thank you!! @aclassii Yes!! Thank you!! Please send pics once you do!! @ShinyKiiwii Heck yes!Enkidu and Gilgamesh from Sumeria as the 2 of cups for my #TarotOfTheDivine This card often shows soul mates, but…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @Toasterus Thank you!It’s Poppy @hirosemaryhello So pure @tylergaca I’m screaming
Quarantine has me like, let's start a new project! So here's my Patreon! Still feeling it out - what feels doable a…
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniI'm starting to print posters today! These are all print on demand, so if there is a card that resonates with you,… @TwitringMachine lol, thank you! @Katchdraws my dude. @RLrunescapeGF I appreciate your hard work!💖💖 @RLrunescapeGF Those abs tho 😍 @marujijan I also decided to pick one place to draw visuals from to avoid generic “orientalism” which is so common… @marujijan Ah yes, totally— I meant more that the clothing and style I picked was Turkey. I picked Turkey because… @itstheognoel 😞 thank you!!This is one of my fave story/card combos. Having a storyteller as the High Priestess for a tarot deck of stories--… Thread Preorders for the Deck, Book, and Posters available Out September 1, 2020 Order directly from me:… from Turkey as The High Priestess for my #TarotOfTheDivine She knows all the stories and all the secr… kidz bop writers spending this weekend reworking all the lyrics to “wap”
Retweeted by Yoshi YoshitaniThe talent in this @TeddyDief @TokyoFashion @MicaBurton @erikaishii @MllePilgrim Yesss!!!! @thingsbychan Thank you! @ClaudiaRappDE Thank you!! @MikeHeartsTacos Thank you!! @itstheognoel Thank you so much! @TiniHoward Tini!! Thank you so much 😭😭💖💖 @_re_bene Don’t worry! My publisher will keep printing them as long as they are popular 😭 There is no pressure! Bu… @Strych9_IX Thank you! @AnimeJune @cookie_everman All 78 cards are in the book! @BlueTrickstar Thank you!Australia Boomerang Books @ehmay Thank you!!Tarot fans - this is going to be incredible. Yoshi's work here is going to be such a resource for tarot scholars an…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @Radimudio 🙃🙃🙃 @kiwifruitbird God I do t know, but they must follow me on Twitter because that’s the only place all 78 cards are @FromHappyRock I am CRYING @nicterhorst 😷👍 @juliaereck Ah! I love Sabriel!! Such cool magic! @nicterhorst Excellent!! You can support me and other indie businesses!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @nicterhorst 😭😭😭 I miss cons But Nic! There are a bunch of indie bookstores in Canada that are selling it! Some with free shipping too @lalalichan Thank you! @naomifranq Insult to injury 😞 @andrealrosales Thank you so much!! @lescvlt 🥰🥰🥰thank you so much!! @alisadraws me too 😊#faceyourlandscape here are some little isometric rooms I've done that I love fennec fox, right out the oven rendering this was a real challenge, but it's finally done! + link to AS becaus…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @AsaliEarthwork huge sigh @itsamesarahliv Thank you so much! I appreciate the support! @aniistoll @allie3ga @kevinjaystanton @Trungles Annie you would make an incredible deck, I fully support you ((om… there are reasons you can't get my deck or book, I completely understand. Please just don't print it out yours… @ShinyKiiwii Thank you!! 😭😭😭 @thevelocireader Thank you!! @Mari42B I know!! And you get a box!! And a guidebook!! 😞😞😞Here’s a thread of just a few of the legit ways that you can get my deck and or book. Many offering free shipping a… sent me this photo— Apparently on YouTube someone has taken all my cards and printed them out themselves wi…
@meshula Thank you so much!!“Middlename” field left blank because you don't have a middlename? No address for your dad b/c he's dead? No siblin…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @AustenMarieTV @inkybarracuda Austen NOOOO 😭😱 @MotherMuchy Thank you! I love her! @Azralorne Lmaooooo @inkybarracuda @zebcuson “Motor boating is the best technique” @inkybarracuda @zebcuson Lmfao @heyjenbartel Oh no 😳😳😳 @Azralorne Lmao, should I be worried @Guemoza Lmaoooooooo @ThatGirlTam Thank you so much!! @RioBurtonArtist If only I could tooThe anime character I wanted to be, Vs who I am now @nicodelort Ahahaha hahahahahaI love White Buffalo woman because while she’s super kind and teaches the people the best way to live, she turns th… @FromHappyRock Haha first and last time @FromHappyRock Okay, but that background is pretty good!! @LiToast what a gremlin😍A Thread Preorders for the Deck, Book, and Posters available Out September 1, 2020 Order directly from me:… Buffalo Woman a Lakota deity as The Hierophant for my #TarotOfTheDivine The story of White Buffalo Woman te… down version of #forgiveme it’s giving all the feels 🥀💔
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @Chef_Lu_Bu I would like 3 pls @Chef_Lu_Bu Omfg 🤤🤤🤤 @inkybarracuda Omg... he does. And he’s into real kinky stuff. He’ll convince you to do filthy things you’ve never… @inkybarracuda This is really early in the morning for these truth bombs @MagsVisaggs 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖 @Nullthread This is a piece of art @Nullthread What is the ranchogoth equivalent of Pinterest? I’m ready to make boards @inkybarracuda Inuyasha meanwhile is so desperate for approval you could coerce into eating out for hours (he’s not good at it though) @inkybarracuda God... I ... this checks out @inkybarracuda @juliaereck I’m dead#faceyourlandscape isometric-y diorama edition!!
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani江南百景图 / 狄青入浴图
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