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Yoshi Yoshitani Concept Artist & Illustrator // No Pronouns // available for freelance email // STORE

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@secretagentr I so happy to hear about satisfied customers 🥰Prints available Feb 1. - Feb 28 @nicodelort AHAHAHA EXACTLYi know it's been said a million times before but there's no better example of the difference between how men draw w…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @C2E2 P3It’s the people who don’t comment or confirm that will be there. AlwaysYou ever make a group event on Facebook And get disappointed that the comments Are all people saying they can’t go 😢 @topheroriel This game will not end will for me @nicodelort The palanquin couch with a giant face wall scroll behind it.... These juxtapositions hurt my eyesJunji Ito allover sweats > ahegao allover sweats i don't make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @C2E2 P3 @jijidraws @HotTopic OMFG REPLACE ALL AHEGAO SHIRTS WITH THESE!!! @rachelburry It’s come full circle....I’m just going to preemptively mute this, I don’t need any noise. But these stats are the same on twitch :/Here’s what sexism looks like: Men claim women use their ‘assets’ to get followers ‘they don’t deserve’, but if bo… yes. Male writers.Why are the young women in Alphaville all attracted to this ground up beef patty of an old man with just as much pe… preorders open up, posters of all the cards will be available for a short time! Sign up to the mailing list to… @cheeborg Yes!
@The_Turnabout Thank you! Feel free to sign up for the mailing list if you’d like a heads up! @madeverymerry Unfortunately no. I eventually plan to make a small book (5”x5” with 25 illustrations) So I recommen… @michaelwconrad I would also put Phillip K Dick in this category of good ideas/writing style I don’t like. I’ve re… @michaelwconrad Well if you like Neil gaiman or neal Stephenson novels, I think you like China mieville. If you don’t you probably won’t @michaelwconrad I think he has a lot of really good ideas, but his prose-or writing style?- I didn’t find enjoyable… @alunimoon Awww thank you!!! 🥰🥰🥰Back by popular demand, edition 2 of these valentines couples will be available in my store Feb 1 - Feb 28… I know that they are separate organizations, but both @goodreads and @audible_com are owned by amazon— so it s… @beckycloonan @audible_com Just saying what we all want hereAudible, bookshelves WHEN?? @audible_com (( I mean this in the politest way possible. But after 5 years of asking… @KirstenShielART Ok I love the lemon—- but fineapple cannot be beat @TiffanyTurrill Apparently my grandfathers father had a big falling out with his family??? And my grandfathers mom… @TiffanyTurrill Honestly only because my white grandparents are personally very infested. They showed me the graves… @sailorhg Omg I love it!!!! @notsoseriouss Omg😍😍😍
@Seblecaribou Thank you! Pre-orders are up!This print and all my other Faries (and friends) will be available for the month of February @Charapoo Ahaha this gif!!! 😂😂😂 Congratulations!!!! @AubelCuzel Or my insta is @ yoshiyoshitani @MayHMagnolia Thank you! All European collections are boring! 😂 @NenyClumsyHands You can currently get postcards of the major arcana on my store. Otherwise the full deck is being… @NenyClumsyHands You can! @Guemoza Ahhh!! Thank you so much!! ((See you at c2e2?)) @catnipkali @syrrann It’s being published by 10speed press, which is part of Penguin random house, I’m not sure of… @StrawHatPirate9 Yay!! Im so excited!! 🥰🥰🥰 @jijidraws Like... Woah.... I'm not going to say no...?! To anyone who came up to me dressed like this... Fashions, Fairies & Flirting Save the Date Only for the month of February never before (and maybe never again)… @troubledmn God the editing... Like, why the hell did we go to so many locations?? A lot of BS could have been cut… @mageofthebooks AWWW Thank you!!! @e_schoenherr I love this gif so whole heartedly @Stellaryane I believe so! I'm not sure of all the exact details, but 10speed is part of Penguin Random House, so I… @mis_cue Thank you!!!! @Stellaryane It's being published by 10 Speed Press! So it'll be available through tons of retailers! @charmedbystarl1 Thank you!!! @kevinjaystanton Right back at you Kevin!!! @lolacatero Hahaha DAMN SON well played!! @sailor_yun @JennRavenna It's based off of the Rider-Waite! @AndreaDemonakos @meakoopa I mean, the practicality is unparalleled @Sunday_Violet lmao welcome! @lolacatero *Dancing in place* @AndreaDemonakos wtf?! To be fair, my friend's dad apparently slept like he was in a coffin?? with his arms crosse… @AKAstorytweet Thank you!!! @FoolsMayVary Thank you!! I really wanted to make a tarot that would be helpful to those new to it who can't rememb… @Vivifxvivify Thank you!! @julesrivera *Stares into the void* @enthusiamy Yay!!! Thank you!!! @solanreter THANK YOU!! @syrrann Don't worry, I won't stop screaming once pre-orders go up @AstralTeaTime Thank you so much!! @malloryomeara I'm ready to enter the world of pUbLiCaTiOn @andreareneerose Thank you!! @erinmorgenstern Ahh!! Thank you so much!! @charmine_ang *cries while taking a bow* Thank you!!! @sigkate Thank you!! @hanselthelost That it has! @Amadis Thank you!!
I can't believe it! It took 3 years to finish all 78 illustrations, and 1.5 years to publish, coming this Fall is t… @naomifranq I relate @naomifranq Those hands!!!! @sarcellec OMG WOW 😍😍😍 @noeIiosis Thank you!! @ReneeMurat Yes!! @NUNUHYUNG Thank you!! @zakdances 🥰🥰🥰 @Glitchcraft1 Thank you so much !!!!! 😭 @FrancinaSimone Thank you!!!!Im so excited that this project is coming to life in the Fall!! A Tarot deck AND a book of stories to be published… @kateleth Brian and I have briefly considered Schulmatani but alas, no good. Or Yoshiman, but that sounds like we’re about to form a gundamI think a lot of Art Discourse would be prevented from better understanding that style =/= ideas =/= concept Movem…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @C2E2 P3 @juliaereck AHHHHHHHHH 😍😍😍😍
@taibhseoir 🥰🥰🥰 @trudicastle Big TCH!!Saw someone painstakingly clean the gym equipment before using it, worked out, AND THEN LEFT WITHOUT CLEANING IT 🤬🤬🤬Great Sand Dunes National Park, nighttime for @fiftynineparks 18x24" 6 color screenprint available now!…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @C2E2 P3 @nicodelort @fiftynineparks 1) this is incredible!! I love it!! 😍😍😍 2) is that a tiny you? 😍😂😍 @daphne_mir Lmaoooo samesince we're talking about canadian tv, today i mourn cybersix, about a genetically engineered female warrior who es…
Retweeted by Yoshi Yoshitani @C2E2 P3 @amonns Lmfaoooo @amonns Hahaha “I am no longer suited to this pleb shit”
Just wondering where/when this started? I know stereotypes are stereotypes, but I can kinda understand where the… about country stereotypes (like the American in a movie is always an arrogant and cocksure womanizer) how… @definitelyvita I didn’t see squid on this list 🤔*gentle cough*
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