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@thewongblog Think it’s the original, if you haven’t ordered yet and are thinking of going with Emmma my sister act…
@thewongblog My sister just got the Emma one and it’s like sinking into dough oh my goshthis week has been a lot, don’t think I’ve had a week spiral like this in a long time
Me 🤝 freestyling the lyrics to this song #ns10v10I should be choosing from lilt, supermalt or a carton of juice right now @b__ckss This instanttttt!!Somebody get me to a hall party right noooow #ns10v10
@cashappafrica @DjTreHustle Thank you so much 🥰
The excitement I have to post this video is beyond words x
Retweeted by yossycinnamon rolls but make it shareable 😌 @abigael___ Sickness 😭😭 @abigael___ 8? You know you can kill somebody?
@kukumoe_jpeg Girl my size just came back in, it has been ordereddddd is why you speak things into existence, 24 minutes later and ASOS notify me that my size is back in stock 😌 @kukumoe_jpeg I will have it before this year is allowed to endI want that brown ASOS coat, I need it to come back in stock neowww.
@shotbyshaun The moment you said penne pasta I just knew 😂😂 @shotbyshaun I’m so upset 😩😩😩😩 @inmysundaybest @debbie_adef The same food you’re coming home to eat...make it make sense?Order Caribbean food from St Albans? I should have known better. This has ruined my day, worst food I’ve ever ord… @GraciePaceyLDN I ordered from one place on Uber eats and I just should have known better 😩 Caribbean food where I live? A mythI was waiting all day for this. @inmysundaybest Suuuuuuuuck OUTTTTTTT.The boneless curry mutton? Trash. Rice and peas? Trash. I’m so upset.the brown stewed chicken tastes like chicken in black bean sauce, I could scream.
@EmilyyBecca sksksk here you go 😌
@DLola_O loooool at this point it has to be dyslexia because I’m constantly remixing simple English 😩 @ebun_ We definitely are 💀💀💀 @ebun_ In my mind she’s American and saying it wrong 😌is it too late to lie? @ebun_ As in...I’m watching old boiler room sets while I work and she said “give it up for KAYTRANADA” and I was like whoooo??? @shenellkphotos Omg I’m so embarrassed 😩😩 @ebun_ the lady is pronouncing it Kay-trah-nada meanwhile I’ve been say Kay-tran-dah me pronouncing KAYTRANADA wrong this whole time.
@TheEyeOfJA Screamingggg 🤩 @tinafromldn my hearttttt, thank you boo 🥺♥️If you don’t believe Black women are held to a higher standard than white women, just look at the reaction to Hanna…
Retweeted by yossy @TTaks32 An honour when your face looks like that 🥺 I’m trying to be like you ♥️ @MckayFlames Thank youuuu 🥰 @Reena_Rai Coming from youuu? My goals in life? An honour 🥺♥️ @melreylaw thank you boo you’re always too kind 🥰🥰
@rosetpics Thank you my love 🥺🥰 @MaryamuZakariya thank you sis 🥺🥰 @planetj_net thank you sis 🥺♥️ @dorcsdorkiee if God let’s me, before this year ends, I will serve Beyoncé blonde to finish off 😌 @yaseminsphotoss my love for youuu? thank you boo 🥰♥️ @SoniyoX thank you boo 🥺♥️♥️ @itsallkirakira got tired of looking dusty had to remind myself that I still got it 😌 thank you boo 🥰 @probablyypraise thank you sis 🥺♥️switched from black 🌝
@dorcsdorkiee This oneeee. It’s like you hear the song for the first time all over again 😩 @melreylaw Wheeeew the lyrics just be hitting different @wearmichtravels Screaming at the thought 😩, what kind of audacity is this @mxrcwest You’re smart! Me and my dumb self assumed he would know better, next thing you know I’m apparently halfwa… - Hillsong, on repeattt. @RuthSutoye when I saw this guy watching nature documentaries on my account I was furioussss 😩 you don’t deserve to…’t think I’ve ever experienced heartbreak to some of these extents 😩😂 but logging in to see them still on your n… @ebun_ Hate it hereee, my mind struggles with posing and how to pull off the shoot to the same standard @kamanfrancis Yeeees will dm you when lockdown eases again!going to turn my out of office on for a few days because why am I here answering and catching up with blog emails at this time??
@TheRemzzz Yeeees! It feels like I’m a beginner again and I feel nervous 😂 I’ve only shot with a male about 4 times… @nameisnic0le @SavageXFenty If you saw the congratulation tweet formulating in my head 😂😂I think it’s a lack of familiarity / experience. Sooo, if I have any confident male models that would maybe be wil… it comes to doing shoots with female models, I can plan and execute everything amazingly. but male models? I… @lailatweetzx we love to see ittttThe RAW vs The Edit
Retweeted by yossyI think I’ve just mastered my black and white editing 🥺
Retweeted by yossylockdown has me editing my photos I took in Italy over and over again, these are my faves that I missed from the fi…
Retweeted by yossyback posting on my photography Instagram ✨
Retweeted by yossy
watched zodiac and the whole thing has irritated me because we’ll never know if it’s Allen or not?? why did I bother @franciscarockey @tolly_t thank you boo ♥️♥️ @tolly_t my camera and I would be honoured 😌 summer in lockdown I went through a phase where every weekend I made a charcuterie board, going to try make… @NicoleAPercival 🥰♥️ @gabbyl4uren thank you boo 🥰♥️ @livblankson Make cookies 😔 there’s something about it I can’t get right EVERY time @itsallkirakira Perioddd, let me find the funds and I’ll open my cafe by day, restaurant by night 😌♥️♥️ @tinafromldn I’m readyyyyy, time and place? 😌♥️ @eleanorclaudie It was so good, thank you 😭♥️ @NicoleAPercival Here’s the video, I don’t measure when I cook 😅 but the ingredients: - Macaroni pasta - milk (I us… whole thread yeah? the way my mouth is watering 😭
Retweeted by yossy @abichristinaa Haha thank you sis 😌, it’s lockdown that’s forcing me to stop being lazy againMiss them cheesecakes🤤
Retweeted by yossy @YoungWizard_ I’ll mail you one 😂♥️today I made mac n cheese, boiled the pasta a little too long 😔 but still my best one yet
if I could go back to the day I first heard this @OfficialEnam will never get tired of it 😩 @OfficialEnam I replayed it to the point I know it lyric for lyric but does my french expand past bonjour??? @dbcxptures will neveeeer forget the first time I heard pray for love 😩 blown away @shotbyshaun You’re amazing thank you so much for all your help!yup yup yup yup uh huh uh huh, tonight’s mood @shotbyshaun ooooh amazing! I just ordered a neewer softbox for now as a started and was wandering what type of sta… my window 🤍🤍🤍🤍#PresidentElectJoe #BidenHarris2020
Retweeted by yossy @shotbyshaun Think I’m going to save up for one! Thanks so muchfinally something going right this year