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the world is so bad and i'm so tired
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILLits 2AM and i just want to be kind but i can’t let myself be that without feeling like ppl r so undeserving of it
@cathartistry did u miss it when gilles peterson premiered a song?duh masih enak bgt nih album gila 😂😭 one if those days where ur just irritated by everyone lmaokeren bgt @aliyyauy gross
never not working w/ the homies album. @matter_mos @daffabedamned i agreeclipping is the freshest thing in hiphop
that little mood kick from caffeine and nicotine i have while im mentally decaying
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILLapologies in advance to my future gf for all the disgusting tweets ive made this year im sorryi’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing and idk how to stop being onefoto band megang alat masing2, bagas ga megang apa2 soalnya mukanya udah kaya floor tom duluan'm always the angriest at 1am
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILL @mhmmadhitya_ bikin video tiktok kayanya seru41. have a nice life - the unnatural world 42. sky ferreira - night time, my time 43. gasp - drome triller 44. mile… william basinski - the disintegration loops 38. artificial brain - labyrinth constellation 39. krallice - years… tortoise - millions now living will never die 34. motorpsycho + jaga jazzist - horns 35. forgotten - tiga angka… kid cudi - man on the moon 2 30. sun kil moon - benji 31. arca - mutant 32. civilized - chopping block little women - throats 26. nervous cop - s/t 27. battle trance - blade of love 28. earth - earth 2 immovable, physically unreachableu ever had a dream where u meet a cute girl in a nice cafe and then a meteor hits earth and then the apocalypse hap… tip: ALWAYS AKNOWLEDGE THE RED FLAGS EARLY ON @spacetadpole torture garden pretty cool yeah
SWANS ALBUM ART APPRECIATION TWEET 21. soundtracks for the blind 22. love of life 23. the seer 25. the burning wor… people hella weird bro look at that car interior so unhygienic plus yall clean ur asses with toiler paper onl… out mental ilness song makes me want to die its so beautiful u really need is an op-1
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILL @nightyouleft then im $1000 richer @Alfuzz96 lace GOAT @awaslongsorr strange days god tier artworkthis is a tweet about how much i hate howl from howl’s moving castle: i hate howl from howl’s moving castle.get ready y’all cuz i got 103 drafts on my tiktok 👁👄👁
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILL @nuhamyahya bottomless pit is up there17. slingbaum - slingbaum one 18. carcass - heartwork 19. pig destroyer - book burner 20. discordance axis - the in… boredoms - vision creation newsun 14. daughters - s/t 15. portishead - dummy 16. gy!be - f#a# the mars volta - frances the mute 10. idylls - prayer for terrare 11. blacklisted - heavier than heaven, lonelie… sunn - monoliths and dimensions 6. om - variations on a theme 7. nick drake - bryter layter 8. pink floyd - anim… want to start a thread of very uneasy feeling album covers! please post ur picks as well! 1. GY!BE - yanqui u.x.… set the song price to $1000 because i just dont want yall to have it 😂i shaved about 6 years worth of age off my face i woke up hungover and i looked in the mirror and drunk me fucking shaved my moustache and beard ffs i benjamin button’ed myself
@daffabedamned hogwashgreat day. i look ugly but thats ok. have a goodnight everyone. @rzlsnnt blonde > endless stillhello yea im shitfaced lets go @Alfuzz96 why notalso im getting shitfaced tonight so if u have any questions let me know then you have until 9PM tomorrow. after that it’s gone. lifelong hobby is coming up with band names. hope this list can help ppl pick a fucking band name because i know… @daffabedamned tryna date me to this song? ok👀👀👀👀 @ArielNayaka berarti lo kurang indie sih men @diphabarus holy shit
IN THE BENDSmet this emo chick nice to meet u mtv tho?pretty good day, cleaned up an unreleased BAPAK song. recording vocals tonight.😭 ya this true @princesspazuzu yes but im also sexy bitchesDrink up! We have a long journey ahead.
@spacetadpole DEADASS“I understand making your kids feel safe and secure, but I also think that if you don’t show them that you struggle…
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILLmy sleep paralysis every 2AM when im trying to sleep is still album cover of the year fyi
Retweeted by ASIAN JONAH HILL“YeAH ThIS iS GrEAt BuT We nEEd a mEssAGes PaRT 2” yeah tbh u guys might get it: yang mau gosendin juul pod ga ke gue @Pashayusuff skrt bro
mentally im at samping tol baru sebelum masuk ke PIK cannot describe how obsessed i am with this song @jonDeVoid nice usernamesejarah seperti roda yang berputar. merch band indonesia bntr lg balik ke jaman myspace.🤷‍♂️ fuck @mantebpisan i am not lmao @PurpleCaliSkies same but as long as u do ur best its all valid. better to watch the apocalypse with gucci shades girl. @opiateslord YO thats great! happy for u @PurpleCaliSkies whats the sitch @wicakprawiro thats great! ive been okay @vajijay stay rock steady, decent days aheadhow’s everyone doing?listens to punisher once: @princesspazuzu 🥺 love u sister @Mellonzz golden
why are people proud of being racist and homophobic? we get it ur dad never loved uu know im the shit cus im easily disposable hell yeah a DJ mix today! its been so long holy shit this shit is tiring lmaoIf you're crackin a cold one while someone is recording, it better be on the 2 & 4 or you're never coming back to my studio
yeah i should definitely do a Yosugi EP. stay tuned guys i’m working on it.ya ok nyicil dari skrg is indeed the MOST ENJOYABLE GENRE TO MAKE MUSIC TO
maybe its time for a yosugi recordpeople who have different music preferences than u > people who dont have any music preference at all