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big smoke tirus @yosubap Jakarta Capital Region

BORN 1996 DEAD 1996 /// BAPAK - JON DEVOIGHT / PITY ME OUT NOW! for anything

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do i deserve to feel happy? do i deserve this kindness? am i doing enough for the people i love or am i objectively… 2AM is reserved only for EMOTIONAL IMPOSTER SYNDROMEDONT RELY ON THE STRENGTH OF MY IMAGE IF ITS GOOD THEN ITS GOODuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah worldself esteem batas najis
Retweeted by big smoke tirusmau tinggal di PIK terus lupain dunia aja @wijay_ybs @uaintflacko canggu shortcut bre for earth eye for an eye here i lie here i liedo you feel light i only see light no shade in sight nobody’s alrightcome and sit they all said together we sincerely think that you won’t get betterold thoughts masquerading as absent friends letting themselves in once again.this is calming me and driving me insane at the same time @aldrinoo brodie whats ur instagram name? mau post foto2 ini dan mau credit haha
@rzlsnnt soon @aldrinoo doi bassist band gue skrg! hahaha @cerealmurderer_ 42 @aldrinoo betul! wow nice photo men @gafarcoz no @____denisa @auntyisiah 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @juckfaden some legal issues @Dzulfuckme yeah a bitya boi deadass wasted ask me questionssorry i toId u about my mentaI iIIness do u stiII think i’m hot
Retweeted by big smoke tirus @teslamanaf yes my dudeSore ini gue mau sharing dikit soal perbedaan level mastering di streaming platform macem Spotify dkk, dengan Bandcamp atau Youtube.
Retweeted by big smoke tirusit just means ur doing the bare minimum tbh @rayssadynta queenthis rayssa dynta song i produced has me in tears 😭 GOSH @rayssadynta poofREAL HOMIES KNOW THE REAL VILLAIN IS ACTUALLY LOVE 😂 mfs be like “yea I got a quarter”
Retweeted by big smoke tirus @spacetadpole shut up with yo weenie hut junior ass
@auntyisiah, according to @cerealmurderer_ and @aliyyasudah: tryng to not die after 3 cups of brookland iced long blacks: heating up some snacks to go with my bean dip: trying hard to beat rainbow road on my imaginary nintendo switch: tryna push that last poop out at 1AM: @Mellonzz the intro is insane @alicekeeler tai lo cepu @____denisa SO MUCH TO RE-ADJUST LMAO BUT IM LEARNING TO BE GROWNthe thing about toxic relationship is, that u might have moved on from the person, but the wound stays for a long long time.i cant function right and idk how long its going to be like thisNORMALISE SPEAKING BACK TO ADULTS WHO ARE REPEATEDLY DISRESPECTFUL TO YOU. just cause you’re an older i must take disrespect????????????????
Retweeted by big smoke tirus tiati di jalani am tweaking off cold brew
Retweeted by big smoke tirusdevon aoki could murder me and i would thank her
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stop acting like youre the victim, asshole
Retweeted by big smoke tirusthis last bapak song we recorded fucking hurts my earsngakak. @_bellautami 😭 u actually listen to my music im so happy thanks bellaoh and btw me & greybox’s collab EP is up for free on bandcamp! superior sound quality then listening on general st… UZI VERT - 20 MIN BUT MAKE IT BAPAK @emajor7add9 OOF @eugsampah still relevant🥴🥴🥴
@cerealmurderer_ 💀 TEA 💀 @FatBoyFlacko obviously 😂 miss u brokepo maaf but what’s ur fave verse of mine? always curious to hear people’s choiceseyang if u can read this i miss u hope we can watch antm someday together againnavy blue - apprehension this verse always sticks and it bleeds thru me. night is young but my legs ache and my mind grows old as the gazing stars mock me in my sleep#SahkanRUUPKS What's happening in Indonesia that needs to be talked about a thread; please spread everywhere!
Retweeted by big smoke tirus @Mellonzz congrats brodie @Mellonzz emang cacat spotifysetiap minggu akan di update link donlotnyaLINK UNTUK DONLOT POSTER2 DAN VIDEO: RUU PKS SEGERA! saya membuat poster2 yg bisa diakses publik utk digunakan secara bebas! sebagai org indonesi… @specialdimsum where is the liehow do u feel about knowing that the cool guy in ur high school will most likely work for the government now?Boris' (@Borisheavyrocks) NO is their most compelling album in more than a decade
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so skeptic of human kindness lmao like fuck just tell me what u need and get outI’m so sorry, but I think at this point I give up with this country. Never in my wildest imagination that I’ll ever…
Retweeted by big smoke tirus @auntyisiah its just u ya wimpBAPAK DEMANDS A COSMIC BIRTH CONTROL BCS THE UNIVERSE JUST KEEPS FUCKING US ALLWere you depressed sophomore year of highschool or are u normal
Retweeted by big smoke tirusextra 2: 5. deafheaven - sunbather 6. leviathan - the ten sub level of suicideblack metal albums that left quite a mark on me: 1. thorns - s/t 2. ved buens ende - written in waters 3. weakling…’s like 12 angry men + back to the future but only 3 men and no weird incest plot pointsSTORY IDEA: a drug snitch is about to come across an info trade with the cops in exchange for $$$ but two versions… gue belom move on dari tweet ini. kepikiran mulu skrg tiap kali nonton producer di youtube. @auntyisiah c00psPeople who are worried about "giving away too much sauce" must have a limited amount of sauce
Retweeted by big smoke tirus @pawangapi 💖💖💖udah pake mizuno nih org, u know he’s being damn serious about it.
@____denisa god bro i started this album thinking “yea this album’s gonna be fun and good vibes only” WELP NOPE 😂 prolly my… @uaintflacko 😂THROWBACK PAS INTEN @RakhaIrdi @fadil_nugi @denisardiko8 @VICE_ID @raimeijer OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA“put urself in my shoes” ok but if u wear birkenstocks then it’s a no from me 😂
Retweeted by big smoke tirusthat bridge >>>>> GOD TIERtonight is also a namora kind of night