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@AnonCatus @bIoodtear no wayyyyyy @littlesnakexoxo if i took my adderall i would simply make hyperpopif you come into my home and act weird about my dog giving you kisses i will automatically put you in the "never coming over again" category @keepitinside2 you're a musical genius!! @keepitinside2 self_esteem , so emotional and raw - i love them all but this one struck mestreaming in 10 mins on instagram !! also look at this picture i took of the stars in the desert
@sleepyyjax :,) wow @seradotwav thanks seraphine 🥺💞
@flameontheroof middle of the desert in joshua tree :,) dropped my first song ever about a girl on national bi day without even knowing it this sh*ts written in the stars, dudealso: no justice no peace. the people in power continuously fail. we have to ALL stand up until they are forced to… @kmoethekid @spotifyartists just the beginning!!thank you so much for the love on the song and the surprise video. i'm soaking in so many positive waves of emotion… you home ♡ one of my favorites songs i have ever written
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drive you home ♡ one of my favorites songs i have ever written @DaleMxk so happy it made it to you :,) thank you for your patience and support!!!!! <3333
@Rembrall of course!!!i hope you enjoy this release as much as i did writing and preparing for it. it's special. it's sentimental. it's s… i embark to joshua tree for a night with the girl i wrote 'drive you home' about. i'll have the chance to… @therealsheffdan i did it for ya! he came to my show last year and i thanked him with a full heart for all that he'…
@JoeBiden yeah :/like..he came, connected people musically who then became lifelong friends, never dropped a bad song, and left the… you home pre-save it now ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Retweeted by limbo @DuckieMaverick 🤞samsa is such a legend, dude battle arena is uuuppppp
drive you home pre-save it now ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ LINK FOR DRIVE YOU HOME IS COMING!! 11:11 AM TODAY, PST ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! @sorakaslut i can't believe you've done this 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
@emrebackstage ya :)👁👄👁 @CallMeCarsonYT oh fr? @huynhngyn iStani had to make this for school n e ways stream Crown by @youknowlimbo thx luvs<3
Retweeted by limbo @jaegeralpha ❤️❤️❤️ @LostInRevMusic can you describe who you saw in the dream? i've has multiple people say this and their descriptions… @PositiveRaditud dang!! i just scheduled a fix 🥺 but thank you so much for offering wowkinda miss when i could just make a song and upload it in the same day. no thought past creating it, just happy i m… @iamobcasus that is a sad excuse for an M but i'm just gonna go with "it was dark in there so i couldn't see what i was doing" lol @youknowlimbo Jumping castle
Retweeted by limbo @FeithGives dang even iiii can't experience this but i'm glad it sounds good hehehelimbos music on this is ✨✨
Retweeted by limboi love you, jumping castle
how much salt could a salt shaker shake if a salt shaker could shake salt?
UFO spotted in New Jersey Monday Sep 14, 2020 #ufo ##sighting #viral #trending #news #radio #trump #newjersey
Retweeted by limboUniversal, Sony and Warner own 80% of the music industry. You’re favorite artists aren’t in charge of their future.…
Retweeted by limbo @trefuul a heroit’s @youknowlimbo vibes the rest of year for me
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@TH3_NAM3L3SS so glad it got to you ♡ thank you for your support and love ✨It’s so beautiful in person I love it thank you @youknowlimbo
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my ears just rang for like 3 minutes straight what the hell i hated that why did that happen???? is extremely dangerous to breathe outside. the usa has the #1 spot for the worst air quality in the WORLD right… are the greatest replies I've ever received from a tweet THANK YOU your pet pics make me smile so much 😭💞 @DtJ_Rinzler hallelujah!!! so happy it made it to you :,) enjoy it!! thank you so much for your love and support ♡Look what came in today!! @youknowlimbo
Retweeted by limbo @FeithGives we love to see it 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺streaming with my giiiirrrrrrl, log on & game with us :)
@absofacto <3 thank you,, i love your neighbor cat very muchtough day and the cherry on top was my phone shattering even with tempered glass on it 😔 it's a 5s and those who kn… @0dettex so glad it finally got to you ♡ i hope you love it 💞 thank you for your support :,)
2020 home - blade runner 2020 @notanupgrade pure genius @AleyaGoomba i have no clue what the top fabric is i just grabbed her when i saw her 😭 and i used pink latex underneath!
made this in less than 3 hours with no experience yeah i'm posting it on every social media platform cuz LOOK AT TH… @honey_elk oh my god @youknowlimbo
Retweeted by limbo @Joe_Boshwag this is what makes my heart most happy. purpose! thank you so much for being here, i'm glad we both ma… @krewavi no no, this is #3 by aphex twin ♡ @RainbowQRTZ i have NO clue why that's on there but i dig it. yes @SlakeyThoughts when ya get f*cked over by venues, you improvise. i can't believe i did that either lol couldn't ha…
The most pronounced woof I've ever heard
Retweeted by limbo @asohblack @soulecist lmaooooooo @absofacto dooo it dooo it dooo it @huynhngyn and for that im so happy ! ! ! ! ily <3 @XSaveFarrisX what a wild time that was. so grateful to know you, dude. you inspire me and im continuously proud of you too. keep shinin' @johnnascar4 i remember like it was yesterday! such an incredible time. thanks for supporting john :,) @Anti_gonist holding you to it !! :,) @kylefalling i think you're right!! ♥️ love youme for years..traveling to places i've never been and falling in love with all of them..creating lasting friendship… cant fucking believe i went on tour last year and did it all by myself. that experience changed my life. asking p… @inasummerstate keep going @beanba6 im so grateful too, thank you for being here <3 @sympathee_s i am too. i couldnt imagine any other life @Squibb_1 <3 thank you for being here, it means the world @EthanWasTaken fingers crossed ~ @coolgirlcaleb so much love to you <3 @iamobcasus im bawling now dude...hearing people sing with me makes me cry so so much. this moment was so special to me @autumnkeyss much love and thank you for believing in me for so many years...crazy to have support from people i tr… @persikkainen i love youi still cry when i watch this @UpsetArtie me too 😭i was so defeated after experiencing the loss of all my music & photos & videos & art projects from so many years j… @ssimone_xx i would but these stories need to be told in the right day i'll make a film about it all. one day