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@_AX1T thank u!!! i use ableton live 9 ♡lol my dad helped me move down to la and he just took a walk with my dog and met ALICE FROM WORKAHOLICS i am so bum…
@LiamJJohnson 🥺🥺🥺 🤍🤍🤍Happy belated lunar year🌙 We’ve been looking back on previous vinyl projects on Qrates and feeling very grateful t…
Retweeted by limbo @JayJCodes 😭 means the world. thank you very much @nxtlvlrebecca february third ♡ @AgScorcho thank you so much 🤍 @XSaveFarrisX you rule chris, i was just talkin about how awesome you are to my friends the other day!! thank you 🤍 @keepitinside2 means the world coming from you, a sheer musical genius. thank you adam 🤍
i'm T H I S close to hitting a million monthly listeners on spotify . . please tell your friends and family about m… @SquaredGolden love u forever & ever mr. squaredI’m listening to @youknowlimbo until she get to 1M.
Retweeted by limbo @youknowlimbo Win a Grammy*
Retweeted by limboi'm going to attend the grammys next year @deku_gamer 😭💖🥺💘 @fleabagkin 😭😭😭cryingi've said it once and i'll say it again: i fucking LOVE lizzo
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really making a clean escape from this city im so excited
@atwoodotj a birthday surprise for me?? atwood you shouldnt have..
@Oblivion_Keeper noo its pretty serious......we only have a very limited time to try and prevent us from imploding.… @freeunknowncyb1 added @freeunknowncyb1 not sure who you are so how am i supposed to add you
@gyrotid it's the same guy. his discord is on his other account too @vvinlind they started with my website and are now attacking my other accounts. just a lowlife with too much time o… @vvinlind bro get out, my password was created by me running my hands on my keyboard and memorizing what came out o… @jaspercat7 oh definitely, i'm hiring a private investigator as i type this! @lilbadsnacks 🥺 u KNOW itscored a home in la for my dog and i yesterday completely on a whim. i'm so happy and relieved and ready to actuall… around los angeles while listening to flylo radio from gta really hits different @ryanhemsworth this is going to be my new backgroundwhere's my 25 and up crew?? just tryin to stay relevant and thriving on the internet???? anyone?? @IReturn15 i think everyone thinks i'm very young but i am indeed a f*cking grandma @woozlgbt one day ♡oh my god i turn twenty seven in like two weeks. 27. what the fuck. no. this isn't happening. NO. i REFUSE.
@7ORD6ANTI @0dettex hold on. have you had / do you have a child? if not, i don't want to hear this coming from you.… @FreddieDredd yyyyeeeesss fuckitup
thank you dr. king2/22 thanks for the kind words about the tough times / website hacking thing, you guys really do make me feel a bit better. i love youmy best friend's baby daddy & boyfriend works full time to support them and their 2 pets and then comes home and ma…
@danthechicano @thepaydirt @100TLoLife okay can we stop please thanksduuuuuuude they also refunded a bunch or orders from my site i had already sent out and then deleted my account off… in the middle of having a really hard time and someone decided to hack my website and change it so the url go…
@AngelPu_p you are incredibly talented ♡ i love thisoo look another improvement- about a year ago i drew this for @youknowlimbo based on the song "rain"by Atwood (ft.…
Retweeted by limbo @_pinkarakiri who do i need to beat upfeel like i'm losin my mind lately :-(
i dunno who saw my tweet earlier about wanting a book that was a sci-fi that had romance robots tech and japan in i…, here’s Elon Musk dancing to Grimes - Oblivion
Retweeted by limbo @beside also try not to use the word "retard" as a diss. it's not. @beside don't do it. donate some of that to australia or to someone in need. you'll feel cooler and better doing th… love making girls smile
mhdbfjdbvjbd,navb,mbsdlrjkbavdnmx,fkfvn mn,cmbsdjklkrbhmvj,adk,nmv,cvbnsfejlfvbmfjnkaclc,dnsmcad.,vnm bsjfkbkdv,… @GlockyMcTaco im cool with creepy
idk. all i'm saying is that living in the same place you grew up and doing the same things you've been doing for ye… @lowfidelityboy don't give up dude! artists struggle with these feelings often. i've been feeling some of the same…
we stan coffee i'm sorry? you don't listen to buy u a drank by t-pain featuring yung joc unironically? get out of my car
@iMeyrick thank you sm :,,,,,) @MarioTrollinski a rare item 🥺 thank you for being so supportive and caring about what i create. it really means the whole world to me ♡
2020 surprise coming in a couple hours uwu @scrambledshell means a lot 🥺 thank you @NinjaGoMaster10 🥺 thank you @michaeldotjpeg they're so good
@A_Cute_Lynx :-( i'm so sorry, feel better lynxif i had a dollar for every time someone tried to guess my real name / identity i would have like at least 60 dollars
d a m n i t fine i will work harder i suppose haha :-)
@realDonaldTrump EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the worst!!!!!!!!!! @realDonaldTrump i fucking hate you @keepitinside2 @thisisemia @HoneyHiveSF @EllaHarpMusic the ONE time i'm out of town @blueshabadeuce trust me i triedum @yungrycearoni @Tocciotj D D D DAAAAAMN RYCE
after sleepless nights of research analyzing the facts and graphing the data my conclusion is that i do not understand anything
Retweeted by limbo @michaeldotjpeg 😨 @A_Cute_Lynx we stan the pink also
since my move plans for 2020 in los angeles crumbled 4 days before moving i think i'm going to just stay in this sh… this will be the year i stop wearing makeup and find a nice girlfriendNew shirt! @youknowlimbo 😁😁
Retweeted by limbo @EmerickEvan YAY! we have matching ones!! ^___^ thank you so much ♡photos by @CrazyCriscoi'm telling my grandkids this was WW3
AAAHHHH I WANNA GO BACK TO THE DAYS WHERE I WASNT SO CRITICAL OF MY MUSIC AND WOULD JUST BE LIKE "this is good enou… @maskedman____ @Genius honestly tho lol @BORICACTUS sdfghjk.lkjhgfdsfghnmjkjhgfdfghjjm,k.l.,mbnvbc
@idxxlism august 8 - 13 !just had my first sneeze of 2020
is it bad that sometimes i buy things for the child i don't have 😢😣😔
@addwitch first week of august!my route is new york -> london -> paris -> venice -> rome -> santorini -> rome -> san francisco i wish i could ma…'s officielle i'm going to europe next year 🥺 who's there / can help me find some cool small venues to play at?wow this is good @Qiaobu_music some were hidden signs, others were unclear, others i was just ignorant :-( @Qiaobu_music literally more @paradisemajic probably me for being dumb and not reading the fine print @Qiaobu_music highery'all really don't know what ur girl has actually been through in her lifetime 🥴 i could just be a successful youtu… locked up. bailed myself out.