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The August issue of Unwinnable Monthly is OUT NOW:
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Check out the latest issue of Unwinnable! I got to write about my favorite recent podcast: Mortal Podkast, and the… he closes his mouth and actually clocks the guy for the first time 😢😭😭 one area in dark souls 2 y’all know where it is
@Papapishu cheers, chris! helluva glitch canon you've gatheredmade a comic about the lamest of all vices workohol
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @gorociao phoebe waller-bridge dominating that list (rightfully)In retrospect, loving the *idea* of physics, but being terrible at math, was pretty good foreshadowing for my becoming an animator. @siegarettes Why can’t people just tweet good things without having to argue with made-up contrariansLook like he clicked random during player creation.
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UHHH one of my favorite movies ever is on youtube fo free
Retweeted by Yussef Cole"The only note you give Phoebe is, 'You can lean into the weird.'" Great THR profile on FLEABAG's amazing creator/s…
Retweeted by Yussef Colesupport group for people who, in public situations, forget to employ their diaphragm when speaking so all "good mor…'s as good a time as any to read Ed Smith's Games Journalism Award-nominated piece from 2018:
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @mostsincerelyed I’ve really enjoyed your writing Ed, and hope to see it again soon on some new, invigorating subject @bagmanman Latest New Yorker, piece on a staten island YouTuber running for officeThe modern political climate is a nightmare but, fuck if it isn’t funny message from Hong Kong
Retweeted by Yussef ColeAmong all the chaos and dread, @wilfredchan’s piece in Dissent Mag is a beacon in the light. Read it!
Retweeted by Yussef Colei dunno how effective duolingo's arabic lessons are at teaching me how to speak it, but i'm starting to be able to… the jumping off point of that video should be: yeah he's right, US immigration architecture has always favo… only ideal outcome of this current period is liberals being forced to reckon w the ugly white nationalist proje…
This is in line with what I wrote for Vice Gaming on Injustice 2 and the way police see themselves as superheroes,… @gracebruxner Free idea for a frog detective sequelYerrrr! I was interviewed by @BronxnetTV about the importance of community focused gaming conferences like…
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✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 @juliemuncy23 creative cloud is definitely the go-to, but procreate on ipad is getting better and better. also depe…'s really a miracle that I can get any writing done these days. The hard part is figuring out whether what I put… is the Six Grandfathers. It was a Lakota sacred site located in the Black Hills, ancestral lands promised to t…
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@higapod @impactist yeah, but (mostly) removing the white savior trope does improve on the formula quite a bit.(Hobbes & Shaw spoilers) As corny as the writing for Hobbes & Shaw is, the part where the indigenous folks defeat a…
@higapod Omg hahaMan I wish I could read writing like this every day.Apropos of nothing, remember how challenging, and critically exciting Austin’s preview coverage of Mafia III was? didn’t deserve them two-part story for #InternationalCatDay @ShareefJackson Congrats my dudeCan I live???
Retweeted by Yussef ColeWe are legally required to stan
Retweeted by Yussef ColeToday's my last day as a full-time tech copywriter! Tmr will be my first day as a 65%-time freelance games journo (…
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@SaraAlfageeh are you allowed to sleep for a full year, can i ask someone about this @SaraAlfageeh *madly nods and points at tweet*Mental illness is NOT a particularly useful or reliable predictor of violence, and solutions to mass shootings that…
Retweeted by Yussef Coleit’s important to tell the whole truth, though
Retweeted by Yussef Cole#mainecoon #cat Me: I think the cat's getting fat Uncle: No he's not!! Cat:
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @ShonteWrites Same, and it gets better!1,300 dollar tablet
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Retweeted by Yussef ColeThe first entry to our month on Wolfenstein: Youngblood is @reidmccarter on the increasingly confused point of the…
Retweeted by Yussef ColeHasan's happy to be back with new episodes.
Retweeted by Yussef ColeWe popping big bottles for Cyntoia today
Retweeted by Yussef ColeTwenty years after @youmeyou quit watching anime because of Evangelion, he revisits the series as an adult:
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Toni Morrison had the only good take on family. This is from a TIME interview in 1989 (I first saw it excerpted i…
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @DanjoKaz00ie thanks for your help with this! hope we did it justice.“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” Holding all t…
Retweeted by Yussef ColeRest In Peace, Toni Morrison. For me and many others, a foundation. @juliemuncy23 Thick thighs wreck hive @jmrivera02 Was just talking about how the rich girl who loses her inheritance in the four weddings miniseries is t… seems like it would be hard to enjoy a movie directed by a guy who nearly killed uma thurman and starring a guy…
Retweeted by Yussef Cole"You know and I know that the country is celebrating one hundred years of freedom one hundred years too early. We c…
Retweeted by Yussef ColeThis week on Unmissable, Yussef Cole joins the gang again to talk about Hereditary and Midsommar:
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maybe the reason the US faces recurring waves of white male violence against nonwhites is that we’re a settler stat…
Retweeted by Yussef Colein love w Quinta Brunson's facial expressions in this sketch @JohnIEmerson Do you have an email?So my thanks to everyone at PA who gave this subject its due despite not playing games or being much involved in th… on the games ep was an interesting experience for me, coming from an insider perspective, because a lot of… of this stuff is well trod ground for many of us on here but what makes this show so effective is its ability…'s the @patriotact Games & Labor episode up on YouTube in full. I'm immensely proud of the work everyone put in… @Dan_Solberg the writers and the news team absolutely killed it#PatriotAct on Video Games + Labour was one of the best yet. Thank you @hassanminhaj for your solidarity with us. G…
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@RaveofRavendale ✌🏾 @emilybuckshot Thank *you* for telling your story on the episode and making it that much better!Now is an EXCELLENT time to follow @GameWorkers
Retweeted by Yussef ColeIt took me almost a year, but I finally got Patriot Act to do an episode about video games:, please check out this week’s episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Video Games & Labor. He tackles va…
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@dirtbagboyfren Thank u!Gonna have to get this, replacing my shirt that says “don’t break the window, the ac is on and he has lots of podca… HAIR THREAD!! Drop your coily hair selfies down below 👸🏾🥰✨
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@IndasCorner It’s astounding @Bboy_Izilla i shall endeavor @appleciderwitch raylen givens in Justified getting housed in nearly every fist fight, but still being able to shoo… posing for his character selection screen. This Sunday we’re talking video games.
Retweeted by Yussef ColeAs it opens wide today, hope you all get a chance to see The Farewell now... In my meetings with producers in Seoul…
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @crapstacular wow thank you <3 @JumpOvertheAge you got thisIntroducing: the Closure pin 👋 I made a batch of enamel pins based on a real text message an adult man sent me…
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @barelyconcealed roar @bravemule That’s the spirit!Just saw THE FAREWELL and let me tell you, the woman who played Nai Nai (Shuzen Zhao), a first time actress deserve…
Retweeted by Yussef ColeIt’s my birthday. As a present to me, please have an excellent weekend. ✌🏾I love this. Some dude went on a quest to get stung by a load of insects and then rated them 😲 the descriptions are…
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For @unwinnable, I wrote about growing up with, and away from, Neon Genesis Evangelion
Retweeted by Yussef Colevery excited that a piece i wrote for the @EGMNOW relaunch on a plague tale, the hundred years war, and historical…
Retweeted by Yussef Cole @theericepstein midsommar got nothin on thishack writer, pointing at a hat: this satire me: no, it's not hack writer, pointing at the sky: this satire me: no, no..."I mean, he kept going off about welfare queens, but i figured he was just getting ready to DM a politically themed…