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IDK Young J.// //I make music when I remember to but I mostly say random shit// for enquiries dm me or contact me at

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THREAD: i’ll be posting my TikTok freestyles under this tweet as often as i can 🚨 all up-and-coming artists, plea…
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @wk_supremacy Visual representation of me watching us every week @young_fxxking_j (impossible)
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)Ronaldo could of slipped Greenwood through on goal twice now. Greenwood could of passed to Bruno in a much better p…
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)Man United don’t give me a heart attack challengeReminding yall again this one of the most underrated mixtapes
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@Marrni_ Post it then 🙄Niggas really just log into twitter to be wrong THREA DOWN BELOW. This is gonna take forever haha
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @siinwop Great artist @RiccardoThaDon Damn didn’t know you produce @llightskinned Funny or some shit @ZayTakes Incredibly useless individuals on this app fr
@FACE_MOVIES Sounds interestingYou all did it once, help me do it again
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)??? @FACE_MOVIES Damn I didn’t know they dropped I’m checking them out rnIf your reading this, let the world know ain’t nobody fucking with you!
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @FACE_MOVIES What album?
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @2nonchalant2raw @kathirrk303 @FlawlessOVO @Oliveresuana @Aayush2104 @Nadavisback @ZayTakes 😭😭😭 fair
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)Last minute but I had to get one on this #gangactivitychallenge 🤯😵‍💫 s/o @Xchrispatrick and @GuinRecords for the o…
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)Zack Hurts - EP OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!!!!! Featuring: @xerces_mm, @isaaczaleBS Cover Art: @brwned
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)If YOU love Riccardo Tha Don stream "All Dons Go To Heaven" 🌹🕊
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As fans, we should all aspire to be the 2nd guy and be ashamed if we're anything like the first.
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)This is futbol Eritage
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @Aayush2104 @whodatflowerboi @Nadavisback @ZayTakes @Intrnati0nalHov @itsHovseason @kathirrk303 @otttern Lmfaooooowish we would’ve got to hear a mac miller x jack harlow song. 2 amazing people, 2 amazing musicians
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @ZayTakes Only one person here dropped Rick n Morty
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @MinerCerda @LEANANDPERCS @KvillainyHipHop 😭 @PinataIsA10 The dude in your bio disagrees 😂😂 @TerrestrialLil @lilbaby4PF Vouch @Nadavisback @kathirrk303 @2nonchalant2raw @FlawlessOVO @Oliveresuana @Aayush2104 @ZayTakes FairMY FIRST MIXTAPE IS OUT‼️🗣
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)don't break the chain! - lockscreen - last song I listened to - 7th pic in lib - 7 moots @kathirrk303
@Nadavisback 1. Fair 2. I can respect that I jus think he snapped @SaveMeIsA10 Well then… @HiiiPoWerSP @Inixx1x @RealReggieWorld Fair @Nadavisback Great lyrics But I got Baby slightly better “Bitches call me a jock all-American, I’m at the top o… @Inixx1x @RealReggieWorld Better than LLA @Nadavisback Nah but it’s closeMartin Atkinson deserves to get fined after that shocking performance.
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @BadmonAgenda @Nadavisback Eminem wrote the verse I think @Nadavisback @WackWohamad Yeah I agree there’s ways he could make it less redundant tbf @Nadavisback @WackWohamad Realistically at least he isn’t rapping about stuff he doesn’t do and being fakeDuality
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @charmeleon_hht @IAmKoiFR @LennyTakes @LostInSpace556 @postysburner @interior__croc @ReaperHHT850 @linneedsem*BEST BLACK ALBUM* Round 5 - Results of Round 4 Posted Below 4 YOUR EYEZ ONLY is OUT at #6! Vote out your least…
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @BTonyH4745878 @IAmKoiFR @itsHovseason @TheTrueAmadeus @thuggersexx @TreSweetener @jac0bsatoruios @bigsam9724*BEST BLACK ALBUM* Round 4 I AM > I WAS is OUT at #7! Vote out your least favourite RTs appreciated <3
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @JayCeeRapTakes Sigh @Krabbypotato1 🫂 @eddie16438600 Didn’t ask @rapchapel The Notorious B.I.G or MF DOOM imo @rapchapel @otttern Separating the name from the rapper… it’s up there fr @keneilwexrene A lot lol
@StrappedHH @SUNDAY_201 Boy have I got some news for you @Ghastlyyss @kathirrk303 All 4 are pretty close so any order isn’t really wrong imo @Nadavisback True @WholeLottaZuu Lil Yachty and Nicki Minaj 🤣🤣🤣 @Nadavisback Might slap tbf @BadmonAgenda Nas @CAM_R_EN I got Alfredo at 8.5 but yeah @CAM_R_EN @_isheserious2_ This has got to be one of the funniest replies I’ve ever read @LostInSpace556 Doesn’t everyone?People on twirrar acting like they understand the coaching system of big clubs is the funniest thing man
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @steeztalksrap @SUNDAY_201 Gang Signs, BBR and LTDO yeaIt’s “don’t attack someone for their opinion” until they’re slandering your favorite artistyea lil nas x did so great. banger after banger🤍🤍
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @SaveMeIsA10 And I respect that what I can’t respect is people saying Biggie is a better lyricist simply because he’s Biggie @FuckOle_ @andrewmufc1878 @ZachMUFC @MrStephenHowson The way you’re talking you’d think Ole lost every game @andrewmufc1878 @FuckOle_ @ZachMUFC @MrStephenHowson The Villarreal game was down to a poor performance from DDG… A… @longerseason Relisten imo @nomadacity @lilraygunski Wassup 👀Thread for rappers & artists looking for beats. Producers drop your store links 👇🏽
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @TukeLenkku Need Delusional Thomas now @longerseason Gets better each listen icl @andrewmufc1878 @FuckOle_ @ZachMUFC @MrStephenHowson I’m not creating excuses but a team losing or performing badly… @andrewmufc1878 @ZachMUFC @FuckOle_ @MrStephenHowson Yeah because they had a whole squad overhaul innit?*BEST BLACK ALBUM* Vote out your least favourite RTs appreciated <3
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @longerseason Call Me If You Get Lost @Surjaditya_S People will debate anything here but some of us aren’t applying common senseRap during that era was all very face value there were hardly any metaphors involved because rap was still evolving… is much better than Earl but you can’t tell me he’s more lyrical I’m sorry @FuckOle_ @ZachMUFC @andrewmufc1878 @MrStephenHowson Crazy how you’re providing excuses for the other manager but c… know it has only been a week, but this album means a lot to me. We will get into why when everyone is awake ❤️.
Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken)How annoying instagram bots be😂🤦🏾‍♂️😭
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Retweeted by Easy Dub (Awoken) @kathirrk303 @Ghastlyyss Freddie > @nnamd1obasi @PLASTIIICBAG He’s easily the best artist here @Krabbypotato1 Yeah man you’ve got some good taste @eddie16438600 Didn’t you lose your first game of the season? @DizMakesTweets “It’s Trump or Biden” and also this shit is assThis is one of my fav performances right here. Saba deserves all the flowers.
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Bron actually knowing all the lyrics to a song he's rapping RT for good luck
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