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I miss sports

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Aye yo social media has been mad annoying lately @mdj_johnson That was probably outrageous back then lolWild
Lmao bro my company refuses to shut down, they do not give a fuck about any of us @damien2629 Man; this changed my whole perspective on life lmao
Has anyone successfully received their unemployment? @___daner @MySportsUpdate This takes me out every single time 😂Not today satan
@demhotjawnz 😂 yoooo @kennybeats Lmao everyone getting carried away in these battlesRain is so sexyWe’re supposed to be watching fucking baseball dude I hate it here
Retweeted by andrick @lilmamakeeeks Lol love them while they’re here @lilmamakeeeks 😂 I love him still @lilmamakeeeks I just talked to Eman and he’s still fine @Waasabi26 Finally got around to watching it and it’s so important @NotoriousFusick Yoooo those are classicJust finished watching, Stretch and Bobbito: Radio that Changed Lives and am feeling hella inspired
@indieheadspod @indie_heads My Illmatichearing dance gavin dance for the first time be like
Retweeted by andrick @stephvnyr Wait the Used was out the first round??? wow @heygabe_o They really are, this bracket is kind of all over the place @stephvnyr Is A Real Boy really hit you huh? @heygabe_o Paramore was fire but that’s a tough opening round matchupLike Aaron Gillespie wasn’t slaying the drum set and singing in Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ’s name?Did I just see my brother and sister post some bull shit saying Paramore was a better band than Underoath?!!??some people would rather see the NBA season cancelled than the Lakers win a championship… sad smh
Retweeted by andrick @itstarekali @Kaitttiee She even has a jigger, what a queenI still can’t believe we were cheated out of the 2017 World Series, it literally haunts me everydayDowntown Battle Mountain II for this weather/WorkoutYou know shit is bad when we’re praising George W. BushI squatted yesterday and surprisingly do not feel like shitSeeing how far the UFC has come is crazy @LightsCameraPod Onward
@Kaitttiee Scrub @Waasabi26 I’m hoping for the best bro but it seems like it just keeps getting worse @Deanosaur71 @AdamSchefter @wojespn Just like he thought we were going to be good by EasterI don’t think sports is coming back anytime soon, I’m thinking a year tbh @heygabe_o 🤤 nice and pinkI miss steak @kennybeats @krathel Hate him or love him but he’s spitting facts @Ayy_Rosey24 Hell yeah
damn this how it must feel living in Bakersfield
Retweeted by andrickGOAT Griffey Jr was that dudei need to social distance from food
Retweeted by andrick @CrypticNoOne It looks like aku Me:
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@LesterDiamondd Hahaha this is what it’s come down to @LowTheGREAT When I hear the “LowTheGreat” drop I already know I’m in for a slap off top, been sayingIt’s so hilarious to see LaMelo Ball be a top pick on all of these experts board’s for the NBA draft hahaha it kills them 😂😂the holy trinity
Retweeted by andrick @russian_booty They were robbing me with the expensive wash until I learnedRinse, tone and moisturize @Hellomynameis_b @jappoffjones That star power alone is going to give us a #1 song, doesn’t mean we’re going to lik…
Has anyone checked on Howie Mandel?I was left with no choice but to bussdown on the chicken shawarma & falafel @jappoffjones I have Taylor Swift & Kendrick, don’t worry...we’re savedI need some reliefThe world is smoking crack
Why isn’t the entire US locked down under a shelter in place order?
Retweeted by andrickMe every morning: “Damn, I should call out.” @YoungAndrick You were ahead of us all here
Retweeted by andrickI would also like to build a house on a river so I can catch fresh fish and use the water to provide water to my farm & chickens
Retweeted by andrickFuck a car I want a racehorse & a farm in my backyard with a chicken coop so I can eat organic eggs everyday
Retweeted by andrick @stephvnyr I think I have another one talking about how I want a farm when I’m rich on a riverI’m in the market for a chicken, I want fresh eggs so somebody sell me their finest chicken lmao
Retweeted by andrickJoe Exotic’s music is low key fye, he’s making me like country lmao
Monday already 😔
@Kaitttiee I don’t think you understand how annoying it is to get mistaken for him all the fucking time, this shit is a curse @Kaitttiee always cryingDisney+ on the PS4 is such a little slut, I was just trying to watch Holes smhQuarantine got y’all acting crazyNext girl that tells me I look like Michael B Jordan getting slapped forreal
LeBron James is the greatest basketball player ever @NinjaBron Greatest basketball player everI just realized that these Jellyfish straight up had a rave at Spongebob’s crib lmaaaooo @innerlonerism Weird, I thought it was longerI keep explaining to my kid that Phillip Rivers is not a scrambler and he insists on running a QB draw every damn play @pieceofwrk I’m pretty sure they’re going to finish the construction regardless, they had been planning to do that for awhileI forgot the All-Star game was supposed to be at Dodger Stadium this year 😫😭This Nigga With The Rubberbands Back At It Again 😭😭😭
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@BR_MLB @JonHeyman I’m going to punch Manfred in the mouth @3rdtres Facts @3rdtres No Tony Romo?playing beats be like
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@bigdickshyguy Good for him, make that money doing what you love @_mellllsss Quarantine been going crazy, I’m low key a huge bachelor guy too @Dodgers No Oscar Robles? No Takashi Saito? Olmedo Saenz???!! @krathel 😂 he’s such a tool hahahaIf you are ever in doubt just wear a white fucking tee, and if you’re an ultra douche workout bruh wear a super fitted oneOh man this man Mark on Love is Blind has botched every fit...literally every fucking fit has been atrocious @ayosworIdd This just rocked my world @3rdtres @Dodgers Oscar Robles greatest Dodger of all time
@NBA @DetroitPistons When did suits actually become fitted?This is the most boring day I’ve had at work in awhileMe after 6 weeks of eating delivrey and getting a $1200 dollar stimulus check
Retweeted by andrickI need to work on thatWhat are y’all non-essentials up to? I’m here at work being essential to society
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can we start a thread of these please cause they been having me dead 🤣🤣
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