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Christopher @youngbuckeen Larne, Glasgow, Sea

Bad Tweets from the Black North. Sort of basic, in a sort of nice way. I like buoys. Views are my own and don't reflect my employers etc.

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Steam just crashed 21GB in to downloading Bannerlord @shckldg Famously, there has never been a horny me @ashtonakm And yet accurate @ashtonakm hello ashton @OwainJones1111 Owain @bradagf The og daddy @cumkinggg Am I wrong Michael @limebayman You are prime candidate for this @Ciaraioch Your hunger PALES in comparison to their thirst @TyronWilson Am I wrong tyron @youngbuckeen Those same twinks rn
Retweeted by Christophertwïnks are going to be coming out of this six month lockdown like @JournoStephen "Let us try *not* killing Jews, guys" - revolutionary for the 12th century @JournoStephen Sicut Judaeis, Laudabiliter, Vox in Rama @bouledenerfs_ Hospital ship @MichaelDamicoWI Hahah I got it! Yeah I'm not sure why that window is so small - the view from my front window same… @Harry___White is bannerlord goooood? @Eggroll_Shogun gone magyar with power @TastyMacNasty Karamel Sutra, Pooh Bear, Hazelnut @notchrisevans It is, it is a republican elephant beanie baby from the bush gore election, my sister got the donkeyThe esteemed and noble @Apple_Astronaut has produced a WORK of art for our times @Apple_Astronaut @bouledenerfs_ I must retweet this @MichaelDamicoWI I don't have a panoramic Jew :(((( @richardcoops The ""horny"" will always get through @bouledenerfs_ you are like a renaissance heiress, patronising the works of the great artists of our time @AndyEMorrison redacted @Benjimoni “Our grandfathers didn't leave us much strength, not enough strength to live with, but just about enough… @Benjimoni it came in last year! but we had it hiddenCaptain Von Trapp could never @LouisStaples a teddy Hobbit from Hobbiton @luxxybee I do love a good dual monarchy, might get one of all the spains @ProfChalmers @Lightyear_87 that scratchcard has been on my desk since the pre-covid times I'm afraid, it's for £1,… @AndyEMorrison it is so I can be illuminated at break of dawn by a small yet penetrating shaft of light, after an all night gaming seshRate my home office space 🙂🙂🙂 @ItsMatt_Again this actually looks good though? @Northern_Llama Oh I have no solutionsBroke: unconventional monetary policy Woke: Dowist prosperity rituals @_ACasso dwarf minstrel is your grindr tribeWe go to @leonardocarella for comment @_F_B_G_ Presumably to the tune on this album at 30:40 @cinemashoebox Ahead of the curve! @LiberalDespot Can still be happy that the good china is helping (the broader) us @LiberalDespot One of my passports is EUthank you, best china <3 @LiberalDespot the Dalek of Ur @bouledenerfs_ my favourite new meme format @bouledenerfs_ I'm sorry I didn't quite hear your instruction @partlypol suffer the little spuds to come unto me @dylanhm @Dobbln well, there's your mistake, thinking centrism in a huge third world country is the same as here @Dobbln @dylanhm I'd have said that's a pretty tungsten-hard right opinion by UK standards @bouledenerfs_ the best meme @LiberalDespot it looks very very bad @Benjimoni father figure to manydreading the fell moment me and the flatmate have to shave each other's heads, which is fast approaching @noininnic it's just the gaudiest thing, I cackle every time I see it. I think it's the fact the jewels light up at… @noininnic Honestly, nowhere near as bad as people make out. The crownroundabout is there obvs and I'm not going to… @noininnic ahhhh the hometown 👌🤗Did @youngbuckeen write this?
Retweeted by Christopher @LgHague [Redacted] @ego_yellow Anne Boleyn for haunting about five places without even a head, the monster of Glamis Castle, and just… @kvisleis Stout, whiskey, dark rum @mr_trajan Pantheon, Mahabodi Temple, Newgrange @mrduttz Purcell, Monteverdi, Wagner @J_Holliss Happy BI rthday
@OliverMField Maximian, Constantine the Great, Valentinian @luxxybee Accession, landing at A Coruña, carting dead hubby about @_binbag Same!!! @jgilmore677 Fond of "twat" - "thick as cow shite and half as useful" and @limebayman Redacted @TJMWestfield Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell In Patagonia Memoirs of Hadrian @CreekIthan Oak and ash and blackthorn @Rossmc125 Coruscating, halcyon, phosphorescent (idk why, all ones about light appeal to me) @strnglft Potatoes, yams, and the decorative and delightful dahlia @nialltg He's a clever cleric @_binbag Aspens - Edward Thomas The Ram's Horn - John Hewitt The Kraken - Tennyson @nialltg One so far @nialltg Anastasius the Librarian Christopher Maximos I @MattDeaves Zephyrinus Formosus Alexander VIII @Em_ca23 Ooh, tricky! The Expanse Derry Girls Arrested Development @GeorgeClancye Warhammer Fantasy Dragon Age Middle Earth @nickcordingly K. of Bohemia The Palatinate Archduchy of Austria @GeorgeClancye Hooker, 8, Lock @MegaSlippers 😩 @OwainJones1111 Vulkan Rogal Dorn Li'onel Johnsongo ahead @amwhipps Hahaha I'd recommend it if only for the "wtf" aspect @jamesrosewell01 Not yet! @JSHiggins_ topsWatching Pink Narcissus on the BFI player which seems to be like a horny gay version of Fantasia @DanEv tops @LiberalDespot An old orange fluteOmg can't believe this little craft 😍😍 @LiberalDespot Interesting - reckon if you had a bit of soil you could do it? If it's a summer crop should be safe enough? @LiberalDespot Greenhouse job? @LiberalDespot Do you think you could grow friarelli here? @chrispaget1 Escort missions, especially if the AI is janky @captainwonkish It is not I just want to buy some cheeseMy life is now 90% shitty mobile phone games