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@hhesterm Lock down your mentions!there is no vacancy. see you at john waters' 35th annual state of union street address
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More glamour of life in journalism. Voicing my script tonight in an echoey hotel room in a studio built by @cswift2
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @thhamilton @danwaterfield No it's fine, I'm fine, you said short and my book is 90k words, all good @thhamilton @danwaterfield Is it....................about political gossip @TyronWilson No I can do up to eight hours awake and alone indoors, I only go weird after that @TyronWilson Oh I will absolutely lose my entire mind if I can't see people for two weeks, or even like four days t…, I'm worried that at this stage I cannot conclusively reassure you and say that if I get quarantined for two… @duncanrobinson @JakubKrupa I have competitively played darts only once and it was against some ageing Peruvian men… @Samfr No I meant new hobbies @blangry quarantine Twitter is going to be POWERFULLY badSnow White was buried in a glass box because the dwarves perceived her as their Lenin
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @jessphillips @ajreid Yes! Very up for that @aliceolilly After 18 months of largely empty late shifts some years ago, I can confidently say I've basically finished Sporcle already @ajreid But we'll all be in quarantine separately!!! @s8mb sure I'm on shaky ground here but: lol that gender ratio in responsesgenuinely worried I need to come up with some new indoors hobbies pronto if we're headed to Quarantine Town, what a… you all considering going down to the cornershop so I can buy milk to make pancakes, at 9pm, screw you all and your pancake-based gloating @joncstone It just showed up, annoyingly! @DuncanWeldon alright fine I was just trying to help @lottelydia @DuncanWeldon Yes, either that or die young, these are my current options @DuncanWeldon I don't have a pension, would you like to talk to meit actually hurts to hold my phone and tweet right now but don't worry, I'll power through @thealmightyflop eehhhh only moderately high I'd saystarted doing trapeze again a while back and honestly cannot recommend it enough, especially if you enjoy having bl… @Czaroline I KNOW @stephanieboland I'd never read it before and......I need more @OteghaUwagba I the end the girlfriend breaks up over that one email and......what the fuck @ChrisMurray2010 Welcomeobsessed with this piece, what the fuck is wrong with people! @mew_sophie No, his death straight after releasing MBDTF was very sad to us all but must be respected @mew_sophie Oh wow that's impressive too tbh @kanemals @SpotifyUK I listen to Kanye..........a lot @eddietalksdrugs HAHAH SUCK ITalso worth noting that I consider Kanye to have tragically died immediately after releasing MBDTF so that's.....a l… an odd sense of achievement from this that the quotes from this 60 year old Australian surfer being bitten by a shark is exactly the sort of thing y…
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @corbynfisher :(Take a lamb, and with its blood mark the lintel and posts of every door, for tonight the WHO shall pass through the…
Retweeted by Marie Le ConteThe myth of the baby man who doesn’t know any better is a myth that’s been very good to men. I think about toxic ma…
Retweeted by Marie Le Contehow often do you think about this video fo Christine Lagarde explaining how she fake drinks wine at events? I would… @EvaWiseman Oh I hate that, hate itin hindsight, the central message of Thornberry's campaign really should have been "just imagine how boring this contest will be without me"Full story:
Retweeted by Marie Le Contewhat @guinponcia @ruth_hunt 🎉🎉🎉 @ruth_hunt ahhhh how cool is this cover! @journodave are you having a stroke @Patch_Thompson I mean I'm going to Italy in two months so I'm really hoping it's fine by then (but my hotel is ref… @AntBreach @steamedhamms Don't start Ant @steamedhamms fuck youHAHAHA I'm getting a refund anyway, travel insurance is for wimps, Marie wins againme immediately after I do good satire
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the year is 2010 and a woman in Coventry has just pushed a cat in a bin. literally everyone you know online is whip…
Retweeted by Marie Le ConteThe headline should of course read "Lords reform is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (Lord Woolf howl)."
Retweeted by Marie Le Contesorry I've had a long and annoying day so I'm just going to post through itI've been thinking about the short and medium term future of my career for a while now and have concluded that I ne… Birds of Prey yesterday really reinforced my strongly held belief that if a crime is more fun than it is c… @Gilofthepeople jesus fucking christ that's a nightmare of a dinner partytragic : the worst people you know have unionised
Retweeted by Marie Le ConteThis is unhinged
Retweeted by Marie Le Contefrankly unclear whether I'm going through a phase of existential crisis or have just spent too much time online todayI have lost all patience for the mode of internet discourse where if someone says “I love peas” someone says “so yo…
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @who_the_fox YEPTime of year when I like to tell the story of when I went to a Pancake Day soirée which started to turn into a gay…
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @who_the_fox Yeah I felt very read by that piece! The bit about chaotic tweeting while actually being very focused…'s just not really talked about how easily intimidated some men can be IMO, there's just such a solid layer of (o… I wouldn't even say I'm absurdly successful (and I've definitely fallen into the trope of the Hot Mess more th… thinking about this piece, which I enjoyed but do not think went in hard enough; successful (young) women fee… funny thing about clips of Bloomberg saying something dumb is that he's almost always speaking at like, the ann…
Retweeted by Marie Le ConteThis year's CPAC includes a "Capitalism Vs. Socialism Rap Battle," with no explanation for what that means.
Retweeted by Marie Le ConteAnd here we have the so-called LGB Alliance getting their homophobia broadcast on STV.
Retweeted by Marie Le Contelove having short hair, not a huge fan of getting it cut slightly too short taking you from "Lord Byron" straight t… @CasparSalmon No problem! These articles are v much my specialty. This was a properly great one too: thought this would be a sentence I'd ever write but this is an absolutely enchanting piece on paper jams, and…
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @tarajaneoreilly have you seen this, I can no longer read "hoops" in any other voice but J-Lo's @CasparSalmon Did you read this one at the time? Ended up obsessed with it for a few weeks afterwards: I think of myself as overdramatic? no have I started googling different careers because a piece I've been worki…, work's going alright, why do you askmust we work, is it not enough for us to lie face down on the cold hard ground and simply wail like banshees @mrianleslie Thank youFor those following the sandwich saga - Lord Naseby got a reply saying the decision to withdraw toasties from the B…
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @mrianleslie No! I mean, I'm anti offices with music as it always ends up being bad playlists but I do find it cons… @Patch_Thompson The guy insists it was true and no one seems to have denied it, so @dylanhm Genuinely, just continuously thinking about it @kingcoherent YesI first saw this tweet over a week ago and have thought about it every single day since, sometimes even several tim… is main by her own mother, right here on the timeline this is it, this winter will never end and I'm done trying to eat healthily, grab me by the ankles and dunk… Toby Young’s gang of middle aged Home Counties online dads to defend me, as women keep getting mad at me fo…
Retweeted by Marie Le Conte @JosephStash Shots fired at most millennial women with successful careers in the public eye tbh!aaahhhh this piece! @seyiakiwowo hey hey - sent you an email & DM last week, any chance you could take a look and tell me what you think? X @LaurenMaeve @lukemcgee @duncanrobinson @mortenmorland I mean it in a nice way! I believe I have been on the record… @Birdyword @lukemcgee @duncanrobinson @mortenmorland But he's a politician! That's short for a politician! @Birdyword @lukemcgee @duncanrobinson @mortenmorland Oh what now, am I not allowed to say lad because I'm French or something