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@BlGGANGSTA this like 3 sentences in one response but oh well @BlGGANGSTA she’s so cute you picked the best there is i love her with my whole heart
@ezbak3lovin @lawlysaur oh uh @ezbak3lovin @lawlysaur uhhhh @lawlysaur @ezbak3lovin oh @ezbak3lovin @lawlysaur but you’re not looking at animals you’re looking at nature? @lawlysaur like u like watching a tree for hours? @lawlysaur what does this even mean @Sebbywebby_ YAY @Sebbywebby_ throw me in @Class drag me when ur ready @Class mf said 2pm pst earlier smh @Mangooos_ @WedidOfficial go off king! @Class nah fr fuck them @Furious8k @EdTweets4 @NicholiFNST I- @Furious8k @EdTweets4 @NicholiFNST nah I need him to actually KO me @NicholiFNST @EdTweets4 hmmm @EdTweets4 @NicholiFNST you???? i was talkin bout jake paul @NicholiFNST @EdTweets4 I didn’t stutter @NicholiFNST @EdTweets4 need him to hit me next @NicholiFNST @EdTweets4 did he pay the 50 or sumn @EdTweets4 that fight rlly fucked u up huh.... @iMercVI bc if i said it normally u wouldn’t believe me😸 @iMercVI yes it will bitch @WedidOfficial @KyleMarriott99_ 😳 @econde101 i love you @Ilexxiee i love you @amberrr_bel i love you @BossUpJose @_MaddieSims I love you💜 @ezbak3lovin 💜 @_MaddieSims I love you more <3 @_MaddieSims you look so good😭😭😭💜jus a friendly reminder <3 @brisklul i hope you feel better💜UPDATED ROSTER!!! Team Friendly Fire: @olivehoodies @YourEmbracee @Sebbywebby_ @ddoubledom1 OR @ezbak3lovin (matt…
Retweeted by laikyn😼 @Class 💜💜 @prakdip we love fortnite we love fortnite @leahdb98 you’re good ily @leahdb98 I- @leahdb98 girlllll lemme dm u the link @ArianaPlayzz that looks like heaven @BossUpJose no u! @OPgamer31 @BossUpJose anytime! just hmu:) @BossUpJose I love you so much💜 @ihyviper I love you <3 @Viperous I am so proud of you siddy, I love you <3 @Hauntterr @TheOGLuda @brisklul @brisklul bro he can do whatever he wants to me I will not let him be weird to ANYONE else I love you I hope you are having a great night💜 @TheOGLuda @brisklul I unblocked you just for this but after actions that have occurred in the past you really woul… @ItsJustMeTori_ @prakdip AWWWWW @prakdip HES SO HANDSOME @prakdip val dogs now?🥺 @brisklul you look good!
@Class mwahahaha they ain’t ready @2dlex I’m so down!!! :) @Class here for you always yan, we got your back just like you have ours💜 @2dlex I think I’m gonna be stayin a lil outside of orlando! @2dlex I cannot wait to go to florida next month😩 @Asunaa W @ArianaPlayzz I thought we were dating o_o @Class you are one of the best content creators because no matter how many followers you have you still check in on… @VirtueDL ily @prakdip I know! @prakdip I know u were. @Class @prakdip SHUT THE FUCK UP I WAS PANICKING @kyedae def timbits @Class 20 dollars you say?
@alexpazzy timbits! @Reck___ david: says he’s broke also david: spends 65 on a singular keycap @Viperous I pray this happens every time and I’m just disappointed every time @2dlex YOURE SO PRETTY😭😭💜 @Chloricc even tm is a stretch tbh but okie I’m glad you’re waiting @Chloricc no @Ilexxiee @100Thieves you so pwetty🥰 @ltsCamo my fault og! @WedidOfficial ur insane @akaAced yo @Class I’m in love with her @Valkyrae @Class I am so excited ! I hope you have tons of fun :D @ltsCamo @DylxnSG @VirtueDL @ezbak3lovin does it? @Mystixcal_ LMFAOOOO @KyleMarriott99_ @WedidOfficial yes. @KyleMarriott99_ @WedidOfficial sigh I am down just fine @WedidOfficial i am so sorry for all the spam LMFAOOOO @ltsCamo @WedidOfficial @brisklul yknow me always helping people😎 @AbelStreams I’m tryna feel something @brisklul @WedidOfficial he gonna block me after this @AbelStreams ima need u to ban me @WedidOfficial @AbelStreams W @DylxnSG @WedidOfficial @brisklul 100k????? my bank account crying after buying the long sleeve & sweats bro😭😭 @_MaddieSims YOU ARE SO HOT @Boy1drr @WedidOfficial @brisklul @Boy1drr @WedidOfficial @brisklul yeah..... ok @Boy1drr @WedidOfficial @brisklul u ain’t his chat the way I am😔 @Boy1drr @WedidOfficial @brisklul you play with him once and switch up on me @WedidOfficial @brisklul lol heyy @brisklul @WedidOfficial bro. @JayLags69 @WedidOfficial this fit gonna get us all the bitches @JayLags69 @WedidOfficial mwahahaha same