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@MattComplex lob me a photo when its done pls pls @MattComplex the birdcage is gonna look soooo good @ddoubledom1 @GFuelEnergy vouch @oFabz what the- @MxjdTV for the first time in a forever, how we doin tn🤝 @ConnorAtm me @MxjdTV yo @Class LMFAOOOOO @Viperous BRO THIS IS SO TRUE
@DreamAddixx @Avalanche100T u went back to a tweet from may, u aint got any bitches either @Socballler wait @MxjdTV @_KenzzzA_ fr @_KenzzzA_ @NicholiFNST damn what did I do to make you hate me @_A113N I always cry LMFAOOOOO @haleyscalm you are perfect @leahdb98 you are the sweetest person ever, you deserve all the recognition <3 love u tons @Class i got yalls backs always, nothing but love💜 @ezbak3lovin I felt like such a creep by adding that emoji LMFAO im so sorry @ezbak3lovin ur ass is so fat😋 @haleyscalm YESSSSSSS @sebthe_crab it ain’t a secret seb @_A113N @Ashbuni @haleyscalm send pics send pics send pics @ddoubledom1 here for you always dyl <3 @ezbak3lovin okie @ezbak3lovin join vc @ezbak3lovin did you jus wake up @prakdip dog @_KenzzzA_ DUDE THIS WOULD BE SO FUNNY, GOODNIGHTTTTT KENZIEEEEE @ConnorAtm i see @ConnorAtm that’s what the dms are for sir @ConnorAtm not worth @haleyscalm i am CRYING you are perfect @haleyscalm it’s a date @leahdb98 me too, need school to end and everything to go smoothly ;_; @haleyscalm let’s go @_KenzzzA_ same @MobVirtue @SabrinaAnnLynn vouch @Reck___ @dkm14 hehe thank uuuuu @JayLags_ @saquon or what @saquon haha hey @iRhezd @dkm14 LMFAOOOOOO @iRhezd @dkm14 u gonna feel REAL dumb when he breaks my hips @Reck___ @dkm14 shoulda vouched man I’m just tryna be happy @_KenzzzA_ @dkm14 VOUCH @Reck___ @dkm14 why do you hate me @dkm14 hey lol @MxjdTV her to agree to let you take her to pound town @_KenzzzA_ what is a pick me girl @MxjdTV VOUCHHHHH @Class WHAT @Ashbuni yesssss
@COSTCOBACKWOODS @Mako yes @_KenzzzA_ I am not surprised that casey is number one @Valkyrae :) @jakkuxd fr @JoeyTheSuperJew you look good!!! @ezbak3lovin @NicholiFNST @_KenzzzA_ we should cancel him hehe @sebthe_crab @NicholiFNST @_KenzzzA_ I’m not surprised someone pls ban him @brookeab yesssss @NicholiFNST @_KenzzzA_ that’s WEIRD @NicholiFNST @_KenzzzA_ a child is asking her that @NicholiFNST @_KenzzzA_ nicholi @_KenzzzA_ put on youtube videos of whatever toys theyre into (for example my niece loves lol dolls and can sit and… @Froste goodmorning!! @_KenzzzA_ @Viperous @JhbTeam @notoliviabee im 5’11 so im a lil smaller but i have never met a girl taller than me on twitter ;_; idk why this makes me so happy @notoliviabee wait you’re 6’3.... I FOUND MY PPL @Class love you and the comm so so much💜 @COSTCOBACKWOODS 1795......... @Viperous ur spittin @BlGHINK ur spittin @ddoubledom1 I’m not @_KenzzzA_ haha hey @TheSamsman @Grahamalott sam @ddoubledom1 W @ddoubledom1 mf @Viperous you are perfect @TheSamsman god
@Mako goodmorning!!! @ZxEffects @Class you the mf who played zombies for us for like 6 hours I know u🤝🤝🤝 @ZxEffects @Class huh @ijdawg998 same @ZxEffects @Class I hope so @leahdb98 girllll take some ibuprofen and take a warm shower to relax!!!! then cuddle up into bed and get some rest🥺💜 @leahdb98 are you ok? @Class all I want is him man @BWAMatt erm @ijdawg998 YOOOOO @BWAMatt want him hours @Class frrrrrrrrr @kay6e good @kay6e common casey L @kay6e @_KenzzzA_ yeah I am @_KenzzzA_ @kay6e kinda weird @ddoubledom1 I’m so ready for it to be DONE @MattComplex @Grahamalott false comments and accusations have been repeatedly thrown at graham and he should be all… @MattComplex @Grahamalott matt