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I LIVED IT: My Boyfriend Visited Another Girl's Animal Crossing Island:
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@denis69420 @tony_bombay He’s wrong$30 my ass @StephennoF BlockedHope you guys don’t just see me as a twitter account but as an enemy too ❤️
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐happy couples are so cute❤️ keep that shit off my tl tho
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐ @denis69420 Holy shitStill wanna go to that party?
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐jacob is really funny you should follow him!
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Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐Wait your parents are together? That is SO CRINGE 🤣Replace Ellen with @yourloyalpal
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐ @DownBadCable Happy birthday cable @BakeHatesItHere Why would u eat the beloved character sonic? 😂🤚 @_ECKSO Yeah because when they look at that man in the mirror they need to ask themselves if that’s the man they wanna be @benh6262 @chaselyons Come on broHonestly everyone quoting this with Michael Jackson songs is rude af! You guys need to beat it 😒 @denis69420 🤝 @cheeksclapper52 Fr can’t even blame herBut you are getting the bag so respectSeek help.
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@denis69420 That’s how long @denis69420 Maybe 306ix9ine? more like 7even8eight 9😹😹😹💀🤣🤣
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐ @denis69420 10 maybe 20Just unfollowed @BurgerKing. Not one king was present at the facility. @denis69420 @ClintsWayne Right like Clint or Wayne pick a damn sideJust unfollowed @ClintsWayne. His name is actually Brandon not Clint not Wayne. @bruhorhiiii No @6_7ft LMAO @6_7ft 😏 @igfnxolar @snapchatsupport 😭*something funny* @Jacobnh_Dk @snapchatsupport Thank you Jacob @mimiityy @snapchatsupport Can’t believe this @OutageAlert2020 @snapchatsupport BITCH I KNOW @snapchatsupport Oh yeah and add dark mode too @THAT_JUAN_BOY Fr and what she got looks good tooalso I think it looks niceGood I’d take your money and run for wasting my time
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐ @DownBadCable @cheeksclapper52 @ClintsWayne WHAT @DownBadCable @ClintsWayne Ok as long as u go do ur summer reading @DownBadCable @ClintsWayne Go do your summer reading @ClintsWayne Pandemic. @notlibzy_ @downbadglyph @josayyc @100shreccs Wrong I stand with Glyph @DownBadCable @cheeksclapper52 no. @cheeksclapper52 @DownBadCable Unprovoked attacks everydayDelete THEY DO SOKKA SO DIRTY ?1!!1????
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Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐My tweet style is starting to spread @cheeksclapper52 Subway surfers gameplay* @cheeksclapper52 Anonymous stories told with subway surfers accountWow. forgot about this one
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐Excellent work team! @_ECKSO Nah I did it lmao @denis69420 @cheeksclapper52 assemble.Don’t tell me what to do. Ratioed by big time rush fan cam. @cheeksclapper52 God I hope she returns one day I’ll do thisI wish she’d do it today I’d ratio her with a big time rush fan camI hope that girl who wrote a mean comment on a vine of my dog in 2012 had a horrible day.
2020 @DownBadCable @FamilyHatesMe1 Their wish is my command @FamilyHatesMe1 I’ll do it if it makes u happyU ever just miss someone’s voice? 🔁5.8M ❤️10.3MFollow for more bangersH E T U R N S H I M S E L F I N T O A P I C K L E 😂🤚How I delete someone’s comment? @downbadglyph @NotMystiks Pre glizzy era @NotMystiks @downbadglyph Only god knows @notlibzy_ @downbadglyph Only some only some @notlibzy_ @downbadglyph LMFAO @downbadglyph 🔥Why don’t you guys appreciate my follow as much as glyph does? @Emm_perished @tbydee True I’m built differentHorny tweeting to cover up the fact that all you truly want is human affection
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐ @downbadglyph 14 years oldCan somebody please help this poor hamster? have no ideas but I’d handle it.Please put me in charge of writing your shows instead. I’ll handle this channel. if ur dogshit ugly
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐walking into McDonalds after Trump banned TikTok
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐They are begging us to build the guillotines.
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐Besides it’s a clump of cellsSo u rather they join the 438k kids in foster care? boutta get into a duel with Alexander Hamilton @cheeksclapper52 I don’t know how she does it but it’s so impressiveNot sure how we are gonna to be able to move on as a society without her disrespect whatsoever but he not reading thatYou rn @hurricaneastro Never have
Retweeted by Jacob™️ ➐Ok so this is where we draw the line @cheeksclapper52 Tell me something I don’t knowRetweets appreciated.