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Retweeted by brandonn @DrewHodgkins @Aliveleader991 @RedxBtw @JhbTeam @KEEMSTAR @DrewHodgkins @RedxBtw @Aliveleader991 @JhbTeam @KEEMSTAR Atustic? isn’t spelled Autistic? @killaraexD here’s a funny photo to make you feel better friend
@AcerAmerica @Krazygioo give him a free pc @LexSchauer put lotion on your hands after you wash em, my hands are dry asf too lol @TheePaint101 HELLO NICK!!! What’s up dude!!! @killaraexD i haven’t explored but the one you have i really like @killaraexD i sometimes get those when at work. very good @p0carii forgot to mention it’s very graphic lol @icedoutomnitrix who really cares what people think yo lol u only takin dubs 💯 @traveUHH @jefffff77539113 @youtooz what did they re release besides the “upside down” carson @CreamyyStarr @Krazygioo Im going to take your word for it, but still don’t be touching anyone like that without co… @CreamyyStarr @Krazygioo being high doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be aware of your movements. i’m sure you knew exactly what u were doing @p0carii future diary
no💯 @GrossMeme @FinVII @KEEMSTAR that’s ok that’s another gamer word @DJSCHEME_ @JIDsv u were supposed to drop 2 weeks ago 😣😣 @rickyberwick @yellowspoongirl you are not a slut ricky @FinVII @KEEMSTAR it’s the second gamer word
@zaperwave trying to stay positive! lol @bruh69696969 @goodguyfitz you’re the problem @bruh69696969 @goodguyfitz please, if you’re a fan of Carson then delete this tweet. this isn’t what he’d want his… @typxcalrosie @PHLEaglesNation @cj_wentz it’s wholesome @stereoberrys LOLLLLL @slofs_ @Krazygioo he’s okwe live in a soci @killaraexD is nermal in fortnitegood morning gamersI miss when I thought less
Retweeted by brandonngoodnight everyone @killaraexD @Aceter546 @ronpaulnwo @KlNGPIG @CallBeanCarson it makes carsons fanbase look really bad if we go out and witch hunt them, as… @killaraexD SHIT!!!! HOPE UR OK FRIEND @killaraexD thats what i LIKE TO HEAR!!! @Seezyn_ @LilBibby_ i’m guilty for being ignorant, still can’t wait to hear YOUR shit bro. drop anotha song 🔥 @nah_quinn @Seezyn_ @LilBibby_ man i really want confide too but seezyn isn’t in control. bibby is in charge of jui… @nah_quinn @Seezyn_ you gotta talk to @LilBibby_ bout that he ain’t in controlwhat the fuck is this one and only youtooz !! i’ve been subbed on your twitch for a bit too! everything will get better buddy❤️…
Retweeted by brandonn @KEEMSTAR you never fully said you got the “OK” with carson until now @DJSCHEME_ we need a single bro @OkayDazed @lildvrkie LMAOOOOO @OkayDazed @lildvrkie LMAO YOU PLAY FORTNITE @OkayDazed @lildvrkie cry @lildvrkie make a song with jasiah or i’ll scream @JaaakeHill gg @KEEMSTAR you're disgusting#keemstarisoverparty do NOT upload that video @KEEMSTAR PLEASE this is carsons personal issues @KEEMSTAR @CallMeCarsonYT @goodguyfitz DUDE THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL @notdagodowl @KEEMSTAR @goodguyfitz some shit with callmecarson and fitz went down but keem shouldn’t be tweeting t… @KEEMSTAR @goodguyfitz KEEM STOP DELETE THIS NOW @LilNasX sample thisif someone ever passes me and has a bumper sticker saying “you just got passed by a GIRL!” i’m killing myself @Froste $SoupTimes 🔥🔥🔥 @killaraexD i don’t think it’ll be good @FluffGaytor @nickywarren_ @MsQueen03 @fly_cat_lady @Anarchy_of_love @NextPaigePlss @sunnyarkade still a worm i wanna punch ittakashi got released? LETS GOO @Aliveleader991 @JhbTeam @Froste nope, that’s blood
@killaraexD i’ll let u use my altimagine if @Seezyn_ dropped confide tonightlast of us is delayed again, i can’t believe i pre ordered it to wait another year @rightfooth @CallMeCarsonYT good morninggood morning gamers @rightfooth @CallMeCarsonYT goodnight eddygoodnight @CallMeCarsonYT sleep welli love u @CallMeCarsonYT @kaynimatic @multijuegos1315 very excited kay yu @kaynimatic @multijuegos1315 draw this guy @Krazygioo vouch @Seezyn_ @LilBibby_ gotta drop confide fridayI SAW THIS TODAY AT THE STORE I WORK AT. THIS IS FUCKING DISGUSTING @SavRealm why you look way older than me and i’m 20i want more sad uzi songs
i found lovehahaha im your giveaway now retweet this and follow @Youtooz to enter! drop is april 17! limited edition! pee pee!…
Retweeted by brandonngood morningforever lov
Retweeted by brandonn @killaraexD why @Chocolatematter @superskrong maybe not actually @Chocolatematter @superskrong cold probably
@killaraexD dude me too @multijuegos1315 @kaynimatic help @kaynimatic can you please cross the line tomorrowConnorEatsPants x Youtooz drops this Friday... let’s give one away early 👀 RETWEET & LIKE 💯 FOLLOW…
Retweeted by brandonnleafy is back, it’s a beautiful day @killaraexD i thought that looked really coolgood morning! @_jon_rob_ is it on pc?okok NOW goodnight @killaraexD here for you homie @SavinTheBees tomorrow is the day i find a queen fellastested positive for wanting a hug
@Froste how do you play? do u have to be a content creator @killaraexD last one i have left @killaraexD that’s ok i’ve been eating ramen noodles @killaraexD proud of u