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Imagine if you couldn’t watch the videos you love. We support copyright reform with an Article 13 that works for everyone. #SaveYourInternet

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We support the goals of Article 13. But Article 13 could have unintended consequences that could change the interne… Day of Remembrance was started in 1999 by advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor the memory of Rita Hest…
Retweeted by YouTubeWhat does Article 13 mean for artists and the music industry? Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at @YouTube, lays ou…
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⚡️ “What is Article 13?” We explain more here ⬇️ #SaveYourInternet
Retweeted by YouTube"If you run around righting wrongs all your life...that'll be your life." #ThisIsWayne arrives January 2019. It's… can't make Thanksgiving with your family less awkward. But we can make dinner pretty amazing with this cooking p… if you couldn’t watch the videos you love. We support copyright reform with an Article 13 that works for ev…
Retweeted by YouTubeFor more information about Article 13: if you couldn’t watch the videos you love. We support copyright reform with an Article 13 that works for ev…
Convention? More like epic grown-up science fair 🧪🥼🚀 #ThinkerCon x #YouTubeLearning brought out the best in our…
#CreatorsForChange visited the @UN for #ToleranceDay! They brought their to-do list with them so they wouldn't fo… is NOW! In case you missed it earlier this week, YouTube VR is now available on Oculus Go! Head to the Ocul…
Retweeted by YouTubeCreativity is solving problems the way you'd like them to be solved. What will you create? to all the questions you've been having about Article 13 → #SaveYourInternet
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@Imnickconti516 SAMERT if you want to be friends with Lucas the Spider. 🕷's hard for Lucas to make friends. So he built an elaborate friend-catching device. happens in Vegas... ends up on our story. Tune in all. night. long. for exclusive coverage from Ritmo Global:…
Retweeted by YouTube"If you see any kind of abuse or exploitation of any child, anywhere, break the silence." The Price of Free, comi…
Too many for Carpool Karaoke? @JKCorden takes a 📸 with the #creatorsummit squad.
Retweeted by YouTubeWe'll be there. This is the best! 🙏🙏🙏 let there be some #Choni talk! #Riverdale
Retweeted by YouTubeNever trust a clean slate. Stream all episodes of @OriginSeries now only with YouTube Premium. #LeaveEarth 😀 from 🇧🇷 and 🇲🇽 talent #CreatorSummit
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Why does it take a disaster to bring us together? Watch #Rising, an original short film from @LoveHasNo_:…🚨 @Showtime is now only $7 on YouTube TV. This is not a drill.🚨 That means for only an additional $7, you can add…
Retweeted by YouTube¡Hola! Olá! Hello! Creators from all over Latin America have gathered for the LatAm #creatorsummit! Let the fun…
Retweeted by YouTubeCancel your #GeographyWeek plans, because @NatGeo has a playlist to cover all your geographical needs:… we support the goals of article 13, the European Parliament’s current proposal will create unintended consequ…
Retweeted by YouTubeHappy #WorldKindnessDay! These #CreatorsForChange are using their voices to create empathy: YouTube in full screen? Now you can scroll down to Like, Comment, and Subscribe without ever having to exit…
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This Veterans Day I had the honor of working with @Google, @storycorps and @YouTube on behalf of a short-film showc…
Retweeted by YouTubeWhen he was 16, Andy Fancher created a @YouTube channel with a mission to preserve #VeteransVoices. Through our par…
Retweeted by YouTubeRest in peace, Stan Lee. view makes a difference. Use the hashtag #MyViewCan to tell us how you use your voice for good. a Veteran myself I know what it’s like to face inner battles. My film, Discharge, tells this story (Watch…
Retweeted by YouTubeTake a sneak peek at @TomFelton's #OriginSeries...from space.✨💻✨ #LeaveEarth myths about Article 13 and why they are false. #SaveYourInternet
Retweeted by YouTubeWorth reading @SusanWojcicki oped in @FT. A great description of the real and unintended consequences of certain ve…
Retweeted by YouTubeHow do you make a difference? #CreatorsforChange use video to inspire empathy, build tolerance, and show people the… this. It's important. are more than 21 million veterans in the United States. As we honor them, take some time to learn about the f…
"A veteran is someone who served. A veteran looks like me." Veterans discuss life after service:…"You should honor their memory by living the life that they didn't get to live." Veterans tell their stories in the… #VeteransDay! These are our favorite videos of veterans returning home to the ones they love:… @tpmedia Our entire Spotlight page is devoted to #VeteransVoices right now—check it out!⏰Yes, you need to get up early. Current and former members of the military show what a day in their lives is real…"You feel the emotion. You get to hear, firsthand, what they experienced." This #VeteransDay, we're encouraging eve…
Life is stressful. Here's a cowboy cooking a steak: YouTube app is now available on the Nintendo Switch™ system! To watch your favorite YouTube creators & videos…
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🌴🤡 Tom’s @OriginSeries is out on 14th November. Congrats dear friend.
Retweeted by YouTubeTFW your meal ticket runs out. #ChampaignILL comes to YouTube December 12th, starring @AdamPally, @SamRichardson, a…
From the factory floor to your mailbox, the father-son duo from @whatsinside gets a peek behind the scenes where th…
Retweeted by YouTubeHere's a baby sea lion who isn't afraid of anything: live results from the U.S. midterm elections: #ElectionNight
If u have time to like my photos u have time to VOTE
Retweeted by YouTube @CaseyNeistat ▶️💔🚨 Don't forget to vote! 🚨 It's #ElectionDay in the United States. Use this tool to find your polling place:…
Retweeted by YouTube🚨 Don't forget to vote! 🚨 It's #ElectionDay in the United States. Use this tool to find your polling place:…
We needed to watch this: Happy #NationalDoughnutDay! in to meet the stars of science at the @brkthroughprize ceremony →
Voting is easier than marching. So easy, I can show you how to become a more educated voter, in less than a minute.…
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It's @IanWright0's birthday, but he's the one giving us a present. Welcome to YouTube, Wrighty!…
Constantly searching for satisfying answers to unusual questions? Who isn't, right? Well, @thephysicsgirl has an ap…
@QueenVitani @MadeULookbyLex Happy Halloween! @YouTube @MadeULookbyLex Happy Halloween!! I'm a #Jester today and I used a @MadeULookbyLex tutorial for this:)…
Retweeted by YouTubeHappy #Halloween2018 ! This cuddly rabbit is so friendly, he'll eat right from your hand: @ddickersondc @MadeULookbyLex This is great!#HappyHalloween! We love this look from @madeulookbylex: Did a YouTube tutorial help you… tried special affects makeup for the first time yesterday and I think it went pretty well. I learned from the bes…
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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | SAVE | | YOUR | | INTERNET | | ______ | (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
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WATCH: In this @FBE video, creators react to potential consequences of Article 13 (featuring @PhillyD,…
Retweeted by YouTubeThis is important. #NationalCatDay you use the internet, you need to understand Article 13. Learn more here: #SaveYourInternet
Travel is glorious whether you live large or pinch pennies: Watch @Tastemade's Basic Versus Baller starring…
Retweeted by YouTubeOh. my. gourd. This stop-motion pumpkin carving video was years in the making:
All month, we've been highlighting creators who use the YouTube community tab to build outstanding fan communities.… Class of 2018
Retweeted by YouTubeYes, you should be worried about this: #SaveYourInternet
👀 Did you see that? @GuavaJuice took on @Its_TeamEdge for the glory of throwing the first pitch at the #WorldSeries
Retweeted by YouTubeHave questions for @dearra and @RollPlanes__ ?! Ask them now in our special #YouTubeBlack Instagram You&A!…
Retweeted by YouTubeSeason 4 of Foursome is back! Episode 1 is premiering TONIGHT at 5pm PT and is FREE to all! Hit that 🔔to watch th…
Retweeted by YouTube#YouTubeBlack FanFest family photo with #JheneAiko 😍😍😍
Retweeted by YouTubeWhen the battle goes from coast to coast, anything can happen. All the action starts tonight when the dominant…
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TUNE IN: #YouTubeBlackFF livestream at 7:30 ET Featuring @dearra, @RollPlanes__ _Summerella_, @Tpindell,…
Retweeted by YouTubeIssa Halloween loooook sis! new #tutorialtuesday is up at featuring the perfect black…
Retweeted by YouTubeArticle 13 would put the creator ecosystem at risk. READ THIS THREAD.👇 expert partners @GoodwillInt, @YearUp, @CareDotCom and @ScoreMENTORS have helped us curate some of their favori… about those weird superstitions your mom hangs onto or whether we Earthlings have some extraterrestrial nei…
Whether you’re interested in learning how to make a mean chili or how to strike your best pose for a photo, our Lea… Ever wish you could give us a story assignment? Now you can. We’re launching a new show with @YouTube Originals…
Retweeted by YouTubeWe want to support #EduTubers and organizations who make some of the best learning content on the internet. That’s… message from @SusanWojcicki includes what you need to know about Article 13 and how to #SaveYourInternet 🔽
Retweeted by YouTubeEvery day, people go to YouTube to learn something new—like Joshua, an Army veteran who became a physicist after he… our brand new #YouTubeLearning channel, home to some of our best educational content. Here you can easi…, we’re happy to share that we’re investing $20 million to expand #YouTubeLearning—our initiative dedicated to… you to creators around the world who continue to make YouTube an incredible source of creativity and inspirat…
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GET EXCITED!!! #YouTubeBlackFF is coming soon! Who are you most excited to watch?!
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Elephants + giant pumpkins = oddly satisfying! Behold, THE SQUISHING OF THE SQUASH: niece deadass asked me if YouTube was in black and white when I was a kid.
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