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@iamprinb_ omg the way i could totally see this too... @sssniperwolf ✨ @zerrug_syn i feel like @ddofinternet would run the school news announcements at the beginning of the day 🤔 @RobuxTRex in youtube school there's a roblox class and you would for sure be in my group project 💜 @Kat_is_epik like every single one has my jaw on the floor 🔥 @MrSpacemanGuy even in just a gif i'm like 🤯 @P4RTY_P0150N this is it... this is the tweet... @Maddy_Sue627 i'd wanna sit next to @cory in business class 👀 @LittleMackLive i'd for sure make sure @MatPatGT was in all my study groups @TriggeredRabiya and the whole fam would be at graduation too 🫡 @NachoProblemsYT tom has really done it all when it comes to learning about how things work 🤓watching voguing videos like 🤯🤯🤯 @RenniwLoser between game, food, film, and style theory, @MatPatGT is like a whole school already 📚 @jtalaiver lol yes @Casey would have the whole school turned into professional directors in a week 🎥 @tanvi_kamra i'd love to see the food they make to celebrate after 🥪 @Iron_Man you really never know who you will inspire next! @StanReinhardt convinced watching at least 10 @HowToBasic videos should be a right of passage to adulthood @alloku every time after watching a @veritasium video i'm like 🤯🤯 @bronwenbanks ooo and the graduation could be in a spooky haunted house 👻 @TheWeeklyWrapUp @mrbeast deserves the valedictorian spot at harvard after teaching a class there 😎 @morg4njs already know the graduation video would be legendary 👀 @Beesechurger_73 shirley would HAVE to wear her mohawk for the valedictorian speech 🔥 @MKBHD @tweetsauce is like today's bill nye 🤓 never fails to teach me something new 📚ok who is the valedictorian of YouTube 🎓🚨PODCASTS ARE NOW ON #YOUTUBEMUSIC IN THE US🚨 who are you listening to first?
Retweeted by YouTube @LudoTatou @hellowork @PilotOfTrain @train_nomad @SNCFVoyageurs @SNCF_Recrute @TER__SNCF @RegionNormandie de quoi devenir ferrovipathe @KSI who's gunna take the W this year ? 👀 @GojiYoutube l’équipage du bonnet légendaire a encore frappé @thenews_br lol you're in your pastry era 🥥 Amaury Guichon will teach you all you need to know @DARTHWARGOD you're for sure gonna be taking notes from @1funnymike and doing *loads* of snorkeling this summer @lukasmaxuell you're def gonna have a surf-filled summer like Kale Brock 🌊 @ErraticDigital in your hiking era! 🏔 will you hike tall mountains like Kraig Adams? @Tintham_ it's not summer without volleyball and...hopefully your games will be as good as this one from Beach Voll… @wildprotons you're entering your baseball era (but silly baseball, like @TheSavBananas) @beys_halo this is your summer of the ✨spa✨ just like Caitlin Doran's tortoise!! @Candice_Eva_ you're getting into your obstacle course era like @MarkRober & all his squirrel friends!! 🐿 @AhmedAliArif23 beach racing sounds like what you need this summer 🏎️ @5madmoviemakers @BurialStone a morning routine with a ✨glow✨ is definitely in your summer! take some inspo from @nicolelaeno! @TravelFitGuru you're in your adventure era 🌋 grab some inspo from this @sanfrankrisco vid!
@irock yep pretty much! @MrSpacemanGuy it's just... so satisfying 💻 @FrostyPNG it's ok the keyboard goes clack clack clack @TheChrisPickle ok i think aim for more of a tap than a bang @flowerywisdom that's more like it @fliq_zzy tap tap tap @flowerywisdom now a broken laptop would not be as satisfying @EditorJermaine it's just the darndest thing lol @OhDangItsNate it makes the tiniest little thud 🥺the sound your laptop makes when you close it is asmr lol @DarkHipster5 before you go to that summer party, i can see you getting a little ~ pampered ~ like Whispering Willo… @barresandbells Gatewood Brown is right: you're gonna be spending a lot of time out in nature 🌲 @o_rein world traveller!! i already see you taking some quick trips...just make sure you vlog about it like @dearra… @dlouapre un matériau et des explications limpides 👏 @eclectickarthik maybe this is the summer you try making homemade ice cream like Buttered Side Down 🍦 @marakigc i'm predicting you'll be trying some new, exciting fruits! like Iron Chef Dad's most expensive mango, may… @Subscribe4Tacos definitely in your roller coaster era 🎢 get some inspo from @themeparkshark!! @KeonsD38999 get you a fresh set with The Nails Queen because you're about to be in your mani era 💅🏼💅🏾💅🏻💅🏿💅🏽 @OfficialJCruse surf season!!!! maybe you'll even give foiling a try like @BenjFriant 🌊🌊🌊 @bobbyMcGee48 Mother The Mountain Farm is here to help you find your summer paradise this summer 🌿🌿🌿 @MunaThapa beach or pond?? Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy can help you find out this summer 🌊 @ibeatsystems a puppy pool party? with a giant rubber ducky?? you're gonna have a great summer, just like Life of S… @MasterCurtisC i can tell your summer will have big island energy like this @YBSbrodiemoss vid 🏝️ @ichibadassTV it's a diy kinda summer for you! will you try these bbq recipes from Katie Santana? 🍗 @REFLETsuki_Leaf i just *know* you're gonna get lost in a new city like Emma Chamberlain 🏘️ @RuiOfficialRock you might be eating as much ice cream as @Mythical 🍨 @kacy_official_ luxury camping is gonna be your thing, just like @nichlmao 🏕️ @IsaacHa02616314 this summer is going to be an *adventure* get ready for your outside era with @wargeh1 @DavidSotoC949 @JordenTually's got an idea: check into a nice hotel & get into your vacay era! 🧳 @SudeEpSresTa i have a feeling you'll be growing your own fruit like Green Garden 🍓 @morex_5575 even if you're stuck in the office, @CalmedByNature can have you feeling like summer inside ⛱ @TocaLifeLizard you're gonna be in full bloom this summer just like all of farmya's flowers 🌼 @Cinnabon you just might be spending summer making sure your pet friend is cozy (like @corbinmaxey giving Soni a ho… @TopDogGorou0518 when that summer hunger hits, @marionskitchen has the bbq vibez for you 🍗 @ATARInetwork1 you're gonna be in beach mode like Hannah Meloche! 🏖 with an emoji & i'll predict your summer era @Apolline_guer ça décApote un max
@NetaBerger94 that would be a pretty amazing lineup 😎 @BrysonBeansYT lets gooo we need a hype man in the house 😤 @joeherox woahhh that is an insane lineup 🔥tag your creator basketball starting lineup 🏀⬇️mentally at @Primavera_Sound ☀️ who are you most excited to see??
@HammeRhageYT you are doing AMAZING 🤩 @MSVlogCreation exactly!! your best is always always always good enough! @Berkel_Official huge shoutout to all the creators who put so much time and effort into their channel 😁 @luvmeepii of course!! so lucky to have such an amazing community of creators ❤️you’re doing your best and that’s a whole lot ♥️ @LucasIsgoofy that video was WILD!! i wouldn't mind getting a house for $1 @TheOrlandoGuy oooh not too shabby 🤩 @natwilliams17 yesss zoella is such an icon 💖 @TheAftonGames omg couldn't be me!!! that was so scary!! @ABSFSU1 ok sameeeee 😭if you could *live* inside one video what would it be 🤔 @GameSniper2 goat #1: mama rug goat #2: rug
@TonjFon it's so wholesome i cribrb sobbing after watching @FaZeRug surprise a superfan 🥹🥹🥹 @BeddyBedBeds why are cat paws so cute 😭 @KjeldsbergRunar they nail the nails every... single... time... @LazarineMia i think particularly the talking birds would be a bit of a jump scare @TheBirdChannel2 a dinosaur would lose their mind if they saw this @News_AdoptMe_ so happy to be alive in the era that this dancing rainbow bird exists ✨ @RobertW48651886 birds videos today: chirping bein cute 🐥 pterodactyls: "hold my drink..."