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who's your favorite VTuber?? join @MatPatGT, @gawrgura, & @moricalliope for a chat about ~virtual YouTube~ 🪄 → @heartkewpie there's just something about that performance of save me that warms my heart 💜 @maddie_1456 Haley always has ~amazing~ books reccomendations! have you read any of the books she's featured?shout out the Shorts creator who got you through 2022 💞 #2022inShort @jamosfoundation @FIFAWorldCup could the stickers predicted win be true 👀 #ShortsFifaWorldCup @bethTmufc what it's all about !! 🙌🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿 @bateson87 💯 these group stages gotta be Shorts worthy 👀 #ShortsFifaWorldCup @kel14bt they're a whole vibe tbh 😭 @nthati_jane love a good mystery read! i would recommend this video by @megwithbooks @nthati_jane ooh what genres of books are you interested in? maybe i could give you a suggestion of a creator to check out 😎 @shreeyawasunkar i live for Jack's book reviews 🤩 SUCH a great channel to follow for new recommendations! @walks_will absolutely obsessed with your Geneva Christmas Market video 🤩 it looks absolutely magical!! cannot wait… some book vloggers to follow ⬇️ @STAYWITHSKZBRUH the venom performance... i'm still shook 😩🕷 @amyjxk mine could look the same 😭 @paranerdnicky love the wholesome vibes in those comment sections 🥺🥰 @fxckingelectric exploring the world in the comfort of your own bed 🥰 @Apartofhisplan expect the heartbreak before it breaks you i like it 🤔 @hankgreen all i heard was “you” and “wrapped” @RobloxAmberAlt no hesitation w it at all 😎 do you have a fave roblox creator, amber? @therealbigpat1 soo much admiration for all creators who share their uniqueness with the 🌎! is there someone in par… @SandraFairweat5 ooo i have to know who you have in mind, sandra!! 💗 @WadeSilverShow hmmm shmade shmilver sounds familiar.... if it's the person i'm thinking of though, his videos are… @SimpleDIYP2020 yessss, gotta be your own biggest supporter! keep up your 🔥 car & diy content, where would we all b… fave creator is
@TyManHawksFan now that's a movie i would watch 🐈❤️ @BrainOffGaming 10/10 would trust that chef w any recipe! 😻Chef Cat ChangAn should be head chef @beijcla it really only takes one video to realize you've been army all along 💜 @MostafizurKarim when you have a fav it's hard to beat 😎 this montage is definitely something to be proud of! ❤️ @Andros50 the best part of looking back at your first videos is seeing how your style has changed over the years! t… @Frimpon real fm managers know bout Almada, baller ⚽️ #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @werevertumorro Un gol mas. ¡Todos a rezar! @FranCiancioci Allister y Álvarez, un solo corazón 🫶🇦🇷🫶 #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @FIFAWorldCup ¡Vámonos recioooo! ¡Eso tri! 🇲🇽 #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @EnMexicoMagico ¡Vamos LATAM! Queremos mas goles 🔥 @ThisIsFG_ olé olé olé 🔥 #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @GIRL0VESICK born pink had such a MOMENT this year 🖤✨ @AlejandroSanz ¡A todo pulmón! 🫶🇦🇷🫶 #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @RAZER_GAMING07 here for your game walkthroughs! 🔥 would love to know what your favorite game to play is right now 🎮 @keniaos Voy por un té para relajarme. ¡Con todo México! #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @lamolechida ¡Todos apoyando a los Aztecas! #ShortsFIFAWorldCupcat cafés but the cats make the food @SChecoPerez ✨TQM Ministro de defensa ✨ ¡Vamos México! @lorde_noellabee aww kelly's vids are everything! there's something so nice ab finding your comfort creator <3 @JuanpaZurita Con los nervios de punta ¡Vamos México! 🔥#ShortsFIFAWorldCup @the3rdmrsroq living for the live music!! 🎸 something about seeing your favorite bands live just ~hits different~ a… @Castro1021 huuuuge game let's goooo ! el chucky lozano time ? 👀 #ShortsFifaWorldCup @_elan_ VENGA, ¡A darlo todo! 💪first video: last video: comfort video: most watched: @TikiTakaConnor the boy from bondy on the world stage 🔥 🇫🇷 @BFordLancer48 Khahzri !! will there be a tunisia v france vlog coming soon 🤔 @OneDeltaStreet who are some of ur faves 👀 @joshleesounds love to see it 🔥 @strandedselkie a good night's sleep over watching videos always ! ❤️ @judeblay travel content always does the trick 😍 @BakrRushdi ahh this one NEVER gets old! 😍 i will never forget trying to learn this dance for the first time 🎶 @crashsmash01 respect the grind, but promise it's worth the time away from the screen - even if just for a few minutes ❤️ @ZephUnlocked sounds like the timing of that might be a sign to keep resting 😌✨ @MauroClaure the first one is often the hardest! sending positive vibes to you to take that leap - you got this! 🎉🤗 @OlixYT such a legend! do you remember the first Fe4RLess video you saw? 👀 @sevaris_ that drop tho... 😳 the frogs really went off on this one 🎸🐸 @Forevermore__19 this song and music video are such a vibe! 🌴😍 is this your favorite song from hailee?? @cewcharm the chill vibes are ✨immaculate✨ listening to this on repeat rn, @cewcharm! @commandernici the word "snake" has been permanently replaced in my brain with "snek" 🐍 @toofast2freddie it cheers me ~ pup ~ too! can't get over how cute freddie was as a puppy (and still is tbh) 🐶🤎 @IsaacsOfficiaI you can, isaac!!!!! i know it can be tough but i believe in you 🥺🌟 @LeeVonTheVibe that's one way to be productive for sure 😆 but promise me you'll rest when you need it, @LeeVonTheVibe! ❤️ @impressyourmind maybe it is @impressyourmind, it's always good to rest & recharge! btw your positivity is everything 💛✨ @docter21222 omg HIIII @docter21222! rest your eyes if you can pls ok ❤️the scrolling ends 🛑NOW🛑 log off for a bit!!
@enaisasleep this will forever be one of my favorite videos and taught me more about history than anything else 🥹 @MehkiRay added to queue! what's your favorite video you've made so far?! 🤗 @TheDeviantsNFT would you say they make you *overflow* with joy? 😎 @_rajeshrj javascript videos are truly the backbone of our society 💻 @ImDavidHaynes if you're looking for a sign, then yes... yes it is... 👀 @DovyFo and then beg her to take you to the store to get a liter of coke and some mentos 😭 @AnesihaM just can't stop thinking of the video where @NickDiGiovanni made these 🫧 sounds like a fun way to stay hy… @NoahHarley9 that sounds amazing 🤤 searching the nearest boba shop now 🧋 @intel agreed. thanks for the intel @juliodiazdev a classic like gangnam style always deserves to be on repeat 😎 @romanoff2110 can never get enough @taylorswift13 💖 is this your fave song off the ‘midnights’ album? @JoshuasDad2 @kellyclarkson’s voice is out of this world 🌎 i could listen to her all day! @magnolieishon you took it ALL the way back to the OG days! this video lives in my head rent free 😆 @Belucard2 @GibiOfficial’s asmr is ✨ top tier ✨ I just can’t get enough! @robertmccullum_ buy some extra for me because it’s been too long since I’ve done it for myself 💥 @5hourenergy you should make a youtube video of what happens when you put mentos in a 5 hour energy 👀 @Coolcampmusic right?! there’s just something about seeing the volcanic reaction that never gets old 🌋 @rickeythompson all eyes on rickey!! always so happy to see you shine bright and receive your deserved recognition 🌟 @ZachSangShow zach has such a talent for making these interviews into conversations and lay is such a thoughtful pe… a video you’ve watched more times than you can count @StevenMcinerney @PhilFoden foden was relentless with his tek today 🥶 skill comps loading on shorts ? #ShortsFifaWorldCup @theobaker_ ayyyyy, through to the knockouts 🔥 @Vinny got to have the best bling around for the one and only vintendo 💎 @Kennykelly23 that really was a summer time explosion! mentos and coke vids will forever be classics ✨ @REVIVEDPUNZ you might not like the flavor, but its effect with coke is a 10/10❗ @CapBailey the nostalgia is real! a star sticker for an all-star asmr creator ⭐ @craigcpowell i like the way you think 😎 endless boba tea recipes for all!! @ImAllexx the wythenshawe R9 goals and skills about to be all over my shorts page #ShortsFIFAWorldCup @kimseokjingifs the difference in seriousness between suga and hobi is so funny haha