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Yozora 🦝💫 @YozoraCh Your local dumpster

Twitch partner and #ENVtuber - Your Trash weeb waifu Business: Art tag #YozoArt R-18 #YozoLewd Team #Yokomeshi

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@HanaotheRabbit Stupid @Jeons173 They’ve been really fun! Doing NG+ is 100% worthAnd I have all my socials one place now! weeks Schedule! Testing out new times + some longer streams in prep for DS2 Week next week! Let's do our best!! @froakiekid13 It’s fate grand order!! @SarinRiver I like cute girls @Ruler_D1 I have no self control. It took 400 quartz tho : (Happy summer hours… #FGO
@dumplingshirara Relatable! You can make your own ethical decisions now rather than just being a cog in a huge machine! @lonestarcolt That’s a different thing really. Im not out here trying to gatekeep an entire gameCalling out ffxiv streamers with this postKinda disappointing that riding trends is significantly more successful than making original content 😔 @haxkn Sure if you wanna have a bad time @verdy_xpotato 😎Please don’t take anything I say seriously. If you get upset at anything I say please recognise that I am an anime… @IchigoYukii 👀not any weird stuff, just wanna know that you exist and ask you some questions about what mistakes you made to end up where you are :)Any female furries wanna collab sometime?Live now! @Little_Streams_ LITTLE WHY ARE YOU REPLYING TO MY POST INSTEAD OF STREAMING???Back at 10pm EST with another dumpster dive! Nothing goes better together than hot tubs and spiders riiiight..? @eira_ch Trubbish is a good boi!!! One day he will get a HQ plush!! @eira_ch Onegai!
The only drug I need is the endorphin rush from putting my tasks into the completed category 😎😎😎 zones kinda suck. Why must I always be awake at 3am-6am american times pepehands @Notso_Tano noLive now~!! EST. Outlast. Blind. Naked. Afraid. Be there to lose all hearing as a baka raccoon suffers a heart attack live…
@Girl_Dm_ Time to break into my house lets gooooo @SnowTouma Yes : (I will not lock myself out of my house today. I will not lock myself out of my house today. I will not lock myself… new sick channel trailer live on the twitch machine so people can choose not to follow before checking out a li… @Tragon111 why do those raccoons have cake....... I'm not a furry.... @Tragon111 Look forward to my debut AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAInternal screaming AAAAAAAAAAALive with shirara playing who's your daddy!!
@Amro_____ I said I’m tired not dreaming 😏Today is a tired kind of day zzzz[✨YOKOMESHI COLLAB!✨] Join @YozoraCh and I on my Twitch tonight at 7:00PM PST / 10:00PM EST! Yozo will be my daddy…
Retweeted by Yozora 🦝💫 @lilyhops Goodnight Lily! @Kadu_ch_ Are you sure because apparently you have no sense of tasteThat being said tomato lovers can eat my entire assHaving opinions isn’t bad. If you’re so afraid of offending anyone you’ll never stand out. There is nothing wrong with being yourself ❤️Please do not put me in jars @BasedKaz Stop locking the dumpsters you cowards 😡This tweet is a lie, I locked myself out of my house (again) so I’m gonna have to cancel today…. Sorry!!!! @YozoraCh wonderful keychains and message have arrived! Definitely going to keep in a special place, surprisingly t…
Retweeted by Yozora 🦝💫Finishing off DLC today!! Live at the usual time of 10pm EST … I really miss my wife …
I come back from the hospital to find out a raccoon has broken into my house @YozoraCh
Retweeted by Yozora 🦝💫Ride wife. Life good. WIFE FIGHT BACK. Kill wife. Wife gone. Think about wife. Regret.. @YozoraCh @ChaldeaGurus U( ÒㅅÓ)U
Retweeted by Yozora 🦝💫Gaze upon my awful #Yokomeshi meme. I refuse to apologise for telling the truth @Koopachaneru @BatAtVideoGames @Koopachaneru I didn't ask for this... @reiyuguigui seems... shitty ... I'll show myself out @BrandonTrueblo1 shhh let me believe I don't rob the believers... @Tragon111 The gif I never knew I needed in my life... @BrandonTrueblo1 fastest retweet of my life what the fuck @YozoraCh Wdym? Being an Aoipologist got me to 100k good boi points. Yozo never loses! :^)
Retweeted by Yozora 🦝💫 @Tragon111 If you can't bet responsibility that's not my fault smugemojiReal picture my chat when they bet that I will beat a boss @tane_tenshi That happens a lot to me when I’m stressed… I hope you can find something to help you relax a bit!!Steam end! thank you all for coming and special thanks to @ChaldeaGurus and @HanaotheRabbit for the raids!! 💙 @KittyMcPancakes I am also a literal noob! We can both lose to 10 year olds 😤Live now!! @cowgirlcowgirl_ Welcome back Bessie!!At 10pm est we’re live with Bloodborne!! What a shock!! Probably gonna be wiping to the Ludwig all night babyyyyy
@blackout_vx ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IF YOU BELIEVE HARD ENOUGHOhayozo!! Today is the day I make no mistakes and I am also not cringe!! @eurydere I think it would be a super fun time to meet up!! If you need bodies I'm in! @BatAtVideoGames Bring it short stuff!! Twitch: YouTube: Discord: VoDs:… weeks schedule!! Including the cursed @dumplingshirara collab? Will we actually do it this week? Who knows?? L… @ChaldeaGurus Based Shuten Friend1K GET! Only like 3500 more watch hours to go though! @emulapis Pummel party no holds barred 😤Artists be like: “is it okay to show off this amount of butt?” 😩💦👌 @emulapis Yes please!! ❤️
@xOrpheuz FlushedemojiMaybe… we could hang out sometime..? I mean, if that’s okay with you… #YozoArt makes me so happy when I see a baby vtuber hitting affiliate. Seeing them taking their first steps in following… wholesome vid on the YouTube machine!! someone who is reasonably sickly I always feel at war between what I want to do and what my body allows me to do… @verdy_xpotato Please don’t call me out for my hypocrisy @HiyaHyasynth Even better I can just pretend my cringe does not exist and they are burdened with its existence @Chemiira Based @Arthur_A_Vtuber Chad energy…If you send an awkward dm to someone and they don’t reply is it better just to leave it there or delete it..? Askin… @Borbisan Never 😈 im a bad bitch who doesn’t play by societies rules @TheAndice No come back I can’t handle rejection @Tragon111 Beautiful edit 10/10 @Jeons173 Thank you, I work hard to have such a large dumpster @alaric_ch ….. …. …yes. @blackout_vx I refuse to live by your rules!!!!I showed you my dumpster please respond
Is pokemon unite actually good or just a meme? I thought it was a meme but I feel like there are unironic pokemoba enjoyers....Live now with a shortish soft talking stream! Can Yozo be chill?? Maybe!! With! Bloodborne! Gonna kill a hobo! Gonna kill Rom! Gonna die! Gonna have a good time! @dumplingshirara It is too early for you to be this horny young lady