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kavita poduri @yrgirlkv California, USA

dj who is not yr girl | she/her | designer @songsforthedusk | avi @lorhsdraws | 18+

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night vale is still really goddamn good, btwa hallmark gift card for your transsexual friends, "congratulations on your transsexuality"
Retweeted by kavita poduri @passerines oh god i have these exact anxieties about a dungeon world module i'm designinghi I’m janie I write poems that I pretend are games and you can find them at!!
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@forsakenfemme call me blondliker69 bay beei've been doing a bunch of research into dracula for an RPG thing i'm working on and the thing i can't get over is… I know anyone comfortable drawing Hockey gear, or who is just comfortable with drawing sports uniforms in genera…
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@sugaryscorpion @podcastmabel MABEL IS REAL GOOD...i fell off after season 4 but maybe i should dive back in @sugaryscorpion oh no, but that's a really good suggestion...i love that prozd dub of His Face All Red so i'm sure her other work is great @Mx_quinn 💕💕💕asked this a bit ago but: anybody got recs for good queer gothic horror? or stuff by authors/artists of color...stu… @spacedoobie it sucks lmao @amaranthsynth cannon busters does a lot of things real fast, it seems like @stephaniesheh @King_Crackers trust me when i say that america is just as behind as japan on accepting trans peoplei think the kindest thing i can say about this show, based on its first episode, is that it knows what it wants to… @SeaExcursion i'm giving the first episode a shot bc it's a one-off joke but lemme tell you if they wanted to hold… @King_Crackers love 2 b a transsexualusually i have to wait like half a season before i know if a show thinks me & mine are repulsive freaks & inherently hilarious for itactually sort of impressed at the way cannon busters managed to include a transmisogynistic caricature within [chec… feminize sorin markov
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@takuma_okada_ nice nice nice!!!Easy ways to be better at Twitter: -If no one asked for your advice, dont give it. Ask if they want advice. -Tange…
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Hey, ya'll, I meant to put this up at 12:30 on the dot, but things got hectic, but in honor of the Kagerou Project'…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @dromedary you heard it here first, wizards hiring team*toolset, not ruleset. also i actually think these changes make a solid start to this game, although rly wizards sh… truly love that even the official d&d ruleset is like "hey this mechanic is really fucking foolish" this another read last night, bc it's important fat people exist, and they deserve to be loved, and respected…
Retweeted by kavita poduriI write games the same way I make music: without considering theory and just doing what sounds good to me
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh HELL yeah @michelle192837 @Mx_quinn @songsforthedusk by all means! i hope you and your table have a great time @IronsparkSyris whatever it is, i'm really sorry <3 <3 <3link is trans pass it on
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh the elusive summer do look great tho! loving the hair @wowowosh you look like a dope vampire
when you're playing a forged in the dark game and your character has 0 stress you're playing a forged in the dark game and your character has 8 stress @hellavarawr THANK YOUthe "seriously im got this" one would also be appreciateddoes anybody have the i can't take it anymore image. i need it for a joke @wowowosh i am delighted by your robot kissing habit and i support itIt’s entirely possible to use creep when describing online predators rather than freak, a word that both has been h…
Retweeted by kavita poduriIt legitimately possible to fight back against predators with out painting non conforming gender and sexuality as inherently predatory.
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wifeofdunwall this sounds borderline fake but also i really love that the 21st century is a time where you can do this @hellavarawr we could've made them look like anything...I'm probably unoriginal, but a cursory google image search turned up nothing
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Update update update! What’s a fruit? Just don’t know.
Retweeted by kavita poduri🚨🚨🚨 PLEASE BOOST! aisha, a 22 year old black trans woman needs help getting out of homelessness — she needs money f…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @jackaljag you look handsome as fuck tho @Mx_quinn 💕💕💕
is divine omniscience not the ultimate panopticon"unpopular opinion: lgbtq edition" ah yes, what we really need in this community is more opportunities for bigots &…"unpopular opinion: asians edition" why would you do this. why would you hand people the easiest opportunity in the… about when the unpopular opinion meme was going around and people started doing it for like, marginalized… @lelianalover420 too many sword fights imo. as i clearly stated, there should be only one (1)in my opinion, pride and prejudice could use exactly one (1) swordfightTHE WHITE CITY: A 20-page comic/illustrated essay discussing the relationship between architecture and racism in Th…
Retweeted by kavita podurithis is really fucking sharp. @naiarabez it was pretty solid! i like the lizzy/darcy romance a lot. i found it difficult to get through at times… next two goals: 1. read THE RIGHT THING TO DO AT THE TIME, which is a gay trans jewish retelling of it set in NY… finished pride and be asian and gay??? what a gift!!
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@Suedeuxnim kira's vocaloid stuff is really good! i recommend Ridin' With U, Boom Boom Boom, or GamesHey, happy Saturday! It's a fight to the bitter end with @yrgirlkv on today's #spindlepod:
Retweeted by kavita poduri @katbamkapow 6666, Four FistsI know hayley williams has renounced some of the more problematic lyrics and themes in miz biz and I'm definitely w…
Retweeted by kavita podurime, adjusting glasses: the cycle of publicly shaming the sexuality of peers and strangers alike surely aids the pat…
Retweeted by kavita poduriBAT #357 The Moluccan flying fox (Pteropus chrysoproctus). Its habitat is shrinking because of the logging industry…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh bram stoker is really gay about hot older rich guys and really doesn't want to admit it @wowowosh dracula and pride and prejudice! @Suedeuxnim DANNY... @Frizzoid argonauts!infinity train was inCREDible
four fists concept album when @amaranthsynth babe you did such a good job with this one!!! it's so cuteIt’s time for a new commission post! I’m happy to draw your tabletop character, a cover for your game, an icon for…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh they have great fashion sense, i mean @wowowosh both wolves are greatFriday update!! Last legs of chapter one, y’all
Retweeted by kavita poduriThis is my happy song ✨
Retweeted by kavita poduriAn incredibly important paper has just been published about the Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most famous…
Retweeted by kavita poduriSO! All those google docs I made which includes a list of all games played in fatt and all the time stamps for the…
Retweeted by kavita podurigalarian weezing, during the british raj, with a musket pointed at my head: eat the meat
Retweeted by kavita poduri @six6jiang oh that's really interesting! i definitely felt that the point about imbalance between f/f and m/m roman…
@six6jiang what would the pitch be :0 @jjaffew i don't know what these people look like but this is an incredibly funny tweet @elestaus this is a good tweet
@imperialhare fanjournal isn't a terrible place to start @naiarabez @jjaffew like the feeling of coming down from being surprised?
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh very handsome!this is 100% a political decision, and chelsea is a political prisoner
Retweeted by kavita poduri @MaxieSatan galarian wheezing is responsible for the 1943 bengal famine too while we're at itmy #HotHorrorJam game has been released! play a story of temptation, desire, and terror between a foolish girl and…
Retweeted by kavita podurigalarian weezing about to lose a game of cricket that serves as a thinly-veiled proxy for the reclamation of mascul… weezing, during the british raj, with a musket pointed at my head: eat the meat @kismetnemesis what is this from
@lelianalover420 @jjaffew The Plague of Twyrona (Kavita Poduri, forthcoming est. 2020) @lelianalover420 I Love To Teach Child Soldiers To Apolitically "Suppress Rebellions" :) @tinybudew hell yes bay BEE[any time a gay friend helps me with something] really appreciate this gay/bi solidarity you're showing me here
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