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kavita poduri @yrgirlkv California, USA

dj who is not yr girl | she/her | queer & brown | designer @songsforthedusk & friend @rpgdesignfrog | bat retweeter | icon @ picrew[.]me/image_maker/3595 | 18+

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@forsakenfemme sophie oh my god that's 1. incredibly sweet 2. incredibly smooth? @Suedeuxnim they're fellow gods now... @oziads are wa dare da deviru maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan deviru manjust got my first transsexual "what are you" and the way the guy asked was incredible. he was like "what are you" a… @Suedeuxnim god, i've only ever seen it in static, i've basically never watched the anime except for the star of milos brotherhood movie @Suedeuxnim it is a brilliant shot @spacedoobie i only tell the truth! @spacedoobie SO pretty @Suedeuxnim i got my first volume from a girl named cliantha who i had a ginormous crush on @Suedeuxnim so many people i know started with the anime and it's always such a surprise to me bc i started with the mangait was @Suedeuxnim who first pointed this out to me but honestly fullmetal alchemist is a fucking master class in b… @imperialhare you're in for an incredible ride, and i mean that genuinely and wholeheartedly, fma is a masterwork @imperialhare god are you diving in for the first time @Mx_quinn @thevariantsband yo!!!!"it's time to rough a bitch up -- it's time to rough a trapinch up""that's what i said, bitch!" "you can't cuss in pokemon!" "you're right, i'm sorry. that's what i said, binch!"“Won’t Be Erased” is now available on Spotify, ITunes, Bandcamp and many more! #WontBeErased
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(someone is coming)
Retweeted by kavita poduriThere is a dog themed version of Blades in the Dark called Dogs in the Bark so tonight is a pretty good night
Retweeted by kavita poduri @NorasDomain just saw the lancer thing and it's so strangehey! want to chat with other fans of Songs for the Dusk? have a rules question that seems too minor to poke the twi…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @jjaffew sql sql javascript object codethese three paragraphs from the eighth book of the second series of bionicle books are the seed of my entire sense… @Suedeuxnim the looming threat of the void can do a lot for a relationship @Suedeuxnim this is so good...also i looooooove their outfits! @unosarta they're right!My first Kickstarter is officially live!! Dust Wardens is a game of community and connection in a haunted roadside…
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probably i'll be back sometime next week but who knowson second thought i'm taking a longer break from main than just a day tbh
catch y'all tomorrowsome days you just have to log out of main @meyrude in any case, i appreciate your words @meyrude yeah, i get that. i'm not looking for tragedy porn either, but i think there's value in work that acknowle… @RevRyeBread @unosarta @NorasDomain don't insult the tablefriends like that @meyrude with due respect, i am a trans reader of color who would like to see books in which trans characters, esp.… @caseJkql that's fair. i don't mind that bluntness bc it feels honest to me but i can't fault your reaction either @caseJkql i suppose i disagree, given the long and failed history of respectability politics in multiple minority groups @caseJkql i don't think the person you're quoting is saying anybody has to be punk or depraved? just that aspiring…'s so hard to get good lighting when your window is on the opposite side of the room from your mirror but sometim… @wowowosh Also He's Trans Now @wowowosh you're a big nerd about bugs, you've got great hair, and you're sharply dressed! what more could i ask for in a spider-man @wowowosh it's real handsome! you'd make a convincing early-20s peter parker too tbh @MaxieSatan play my game imo @MaxieSatan did you like botwRemotely Fem (1/2) - A Comic by RomeTwin Patreon:
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Retweeted by kavita poduriwhy would I ever run from you?
Retweeted by kavita poduri @telokaberry i've flipped back and forth between being & not being ace a few times in my life, but rn i'm in a more… pride month coming up it's time for me to start whipping this out again. gentle reminder that asexuality and a…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh i've told you you're channeling the eccentric professor look before but you're REALLY nailing it hereMystery Dungeon is a game of magical monster adventure, in the style of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. it's a hack of Del…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @King_Crackers up to you tbh(having stayed up all night because i was hyperinvested in, of all things, perfecting my team in a pokemon game) oh… @idr_the_lyric they ARE @YerFriendMolly not as it does now but like, idk, there's still a place for gender in a liberated world probably @YerFriendMolly i know gender abolition is often a sort of informal universally-agreed good among trans folks but t… @YerFriendMolly a controversial take, if understandably so: boys...are good, actuallyone boy in particular reallyon this evening, i'm thinking about boysyou ever think about boys @dancynrew i definitely didn't spend all day thinking about her and rayaan's romance arc in the pyrehollows anime @dancynrew city plain-on-her-face @forsakenfemme my barovian bgirlfriend @imperialhare it is for real such a thing to hear austin walker discover the next reincarnation of rasputin on air,… @unosarta natalie can i playtest this game with you @imperialhare The Friends Discover A Cult--and it's SO good to see players thinking about how this kind of effort is always needed, to not dismiss it as fri… can be so easy to think about the post-apocalypse as a place where you don't care about these "small" things any… want to show y'all this section specifically, esp. the position & the paper on accessibility issues. one of the t…'m constantly thinking about the fictional CV someone wrote for their phd student character in songs for the dusk
@amaranthsynth just a trans tweet in generalthinkin about estradiol todayyou ever think about hrtWomen Loving Wednesdays 005: Women Love the Variants This week, @Mx_quinn guest hosts the show to talk about games…
Retweeted by kavita poduriHey! Quinn went on #wlwpod this week to talk about what women love: women, games, sneak peeks of upcoming singles l…
Retweeted by kavita poduridid someone say faction clocks? yes. i said faction clocks. faction clocks are here. v0.32 of #SongsForTheDusk is l…
Retweeted by kavita podurihey now that it's not an unreasonable hour of the night: come hang @dancynrew affinity publisher is indesign but less shitty in a number of ways, virtually everyone i know who's trie… @RevRyeBread your wife is right @unosarta collapse the number of types? you could honestly probably roll ground and rock into one and i would not fault you, etc.Three of these slots have been taken! I have two spaces left for this go-round. If you're interested, hit me up!
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@katbamkapow what did they feel was being mentrified @gabemschneider gabe...thank youcurses! i got 'em! 1/5
Retweeted by kavita poduriI feel like I haven't done enough to hype the fact that I'm doing my first kickstarter in 4 days
Retweeted by kavita poduri @NorasDomain ... that's really good @wowowosh esa you're destroying meproud subscriber to the notion that link thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild is a wife"but Esa," you say, "you're like a year and a half late" No.... I'm Exactly where I need to be
Retweeted by kavita poduri @wowowosh oh thank god. especially grateful for the bottom left drawing, esp. the label "wife"Hey everyone, it’s ya girls birthday!!!! I’ve been super busy with a new job + trying to get the last touches done…
Retweeted by kavita poduriIf anyone feels like tossing a coffee my way for the Big Day, my ko-fi is
Retweeted by kavita poduriPlus, as always, you can (and should!) get in touch with me about commissions!!
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I couldn't stop thinking about this exchange between Jet and Crimson from my @songsforthedusk game yesterday... So…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @dancynrew annie the cadence of all the folktale-style stories you tell is so goodthinking about when i ran a game of magical girls in which they had to fight a catboy with a gunBAT #295 The ghost bat (Macroderma gigas) is a vulnerable bat from Australia. Its main threat is mining, where the…
Retweeted by kavita poduri @unosarta well don't say that without linking us @NorasDomain well yes, but which ones in particular @NorasDomain what happened :0