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Socialism didnt lose, Fascism won. Côf a lithr, llythyrau a geidw #SophieScholl I voted Labour and Im proud of it #Corbynista

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@bbcquestiontime @Helen_Whately So no one told her that the northern part of HS2 is cancelled?Have been for years... @ElCorbynista @AnnVeronicaSmi1 @BretRamshaw And of course, a lot of people are just trying to live their lives and… @lisanandy No one has to twist your words sweetie.. but you just keep saying them @TinyWriterLaura @DawnHFoster I have family like her. When I got pregnant with my first I'd been living with my par… @gletherby Apparantly Blair had the 'pretty boy' thing.. Although he always struck me as more greasy used car sales… you receive this call 'hang up immediately', warn police
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialistIv asked a few people this question this morning with mixed results so I would appreciate it if people would share…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialistHappy #SocialistSunday to Comrades. Lets remember the downtrodden people in the world. Corrupt politicians, policy…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @mike_leckenby Uh... nope... Not even his own wife. @ElCorbynista @AnnVeronicaSmi1 @BretRamshaw A snappy jingle and look what it got us... Ahh well.. intelligence is a… @susan_turne @DeborahMeaden @JulieCuninghame Sarcasm not your strong point then... okay @Mowgzilla The problem with this country is there are other people in it.. I feel your pain.. @BoardofDeputies @BoDPres It beggars belief that an organisation which claims to support the Jewish people would pu… @skiologist You have to think of it as a football match, its about who wins. Who cares if theres an occasional foul… *While taking pictures for Israeli attacks on Palestinian children, Tom saw 3 little girls…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialistI am having, what can only be described as "A Morning" I can actually taste my fury
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @Mowgzilla The only cure is to switch off mainstream media and only go on twitter for an hour a day... Otherwise yo… @Normanjam67 @polly_choice Lol... see.. the evils of Mary Jane.. Make you forget what day it is, and leave you craving christmas pudding! @ChristoClifford @Rachael_Swindon I meant the people who voted for Johnson voted to have no influence with Bozo wha… @ElCorbynista @Pippaprice3 Dennis knew what was happening... We should have voted for him, not what some moistened… @Rachael_Swindon @ChristoClifford How does it help Bozo? If it doesnt help him or his backers make oodles of money,… @wirralphil1 I havent completely made up my mind, and a lot depends on this.List7 #SocialistSunday @larymary60 @artytrace @MKGuy4u @TheBirdLeaf1 @ysbryd1 @carmel_prescott
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @mellors_karen @larymary60 @artytrace @MKGuy4u @TheBirdLeaf1 @carmel_prescott @melaniekmelvin @JohnSha1965 @factgasm2 @Nathan74661857 @Iancoll94354676 @GraytommyKent And if who you want in the cabinet hasnt been elected? E…🌹#SocialistSunday🌹 @JoeDynastyX @theresarollin16 @DianaEverington @DiaDiGiovanni @Redpev @AndrewJKnight76
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @jshannontreacy @JoeDynastyX @theresarollin16 @DianaEverington @DiaDiGiovanni @Redpev @AndrewJKnight76 @BethLMorris 29 (Last) Please follow & RT these lovely socialists (lists in alphabetical order)🌹 @vamroses
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @ElaineDyson1 @vamroses @VanessaFiji @victoriahas_ @VictorK43995989 @welshgoldigger @wilde @WillBlackWriter @DeborahMeaden @JulieCuninghame It doesnt matter, millions have been made! And no one has to disclose their offshor… @Inevitable_ET @Corrina35038731 As Trump said, hes getting rid of all the red tape... So companies can do this wit… @DalbidEU @Marty62R Well to be fair, when you are relying on others to do the work and make you look good while you… @medialens @Pingachoo Clause 8. Who decides who is allowed to talk? Isnt that fascism of the purest kind?
#SocialistAnyDay 3 @KushlasBySanaer @lychylin @JackRussellsMom @irisstylosa @vamroses @ysbryd1 @DundeeBloke
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @marie_kate2 @KushlasBySanaer @lychylin @JackRussellsMom @irisstylosa @vamroses @DundeeBloke @sharpeleven @charlesbeckett @andywartrol With conservatives, its ALWAYS someone elses fault.Believe it or not, the one being attacked by Israeli forces in the video below is a #Palestinian elderly woman..! H…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @nickystar911 I stopped watching the history channel when it stopped being actual history and started being a home… stop for a moment and remember some people show bravery and persistance every day. Well done Emma 👍❤️ @David__Osland As a general rule, christianity is used to tell people that there is an 'us' and 'them' and the big… @JillGore8 @Right2LeftUK Any organisation which signs up to those demands, especially clause 8, is not making a saf… @Nabonnand @hari_miller @wakeywakey16 And you get a block. Taking what this woman did and crediting your imaginary friend for it @AudreyAurus1 We should all be on our knees and grateful that they deign to shower us with their pearls of wisdom.… @Nathan74661857 @Iancoll94354676 @GraytommyKent At least once we are out people will have to realise that its not e…, I will not ‘shut the fuck up’ about the barbaric arrests, torture, and imprisonment of Palestinian women, men,…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @AudreyAurus1 Well to be honest, whenever I want an opinion on race I turn to a priviledged white man to tell me wh… @KevinPascoe After this last year, I have trouble believing the weather forecast from mainstream media without chec…
@cloudeverytime Oh sweetie, youre going to love the song about the shooting at the Las Vegas concert. What would yo… @paulmasonnews You see, I thought you had hit rock bottom... I was wrong. Oh and btw.. the pope isnt saying that an… @paulmasonnews The inherent sexism in all these attacks against RLB are really the lowest of the low: - RLB is co…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @MarkMyWordsJCPM @RLong_Bailey Can we get him reported for anti catholicism...? Or does the fact that there isnt a… @JoshuaYJackson I think thats the point. They drag on a faux lefty and blame us all for what they do. @LozzaFox So, happy to admit youre a psychopath enjoying other peoples pain, on a world wide stage. Guess its bette… @daisychain241 One is demanded to conform to the country they end up in, the other, demands that the country they e… @Eminem Youve been there all my life. Thank you.Eminem walking out the studio like... #MusicToBeMurderedBy #Eminem
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist
@Andrew_Adonis I was there when he was in power. You dont get to gaslight me. Ive been gaslit by better people than you.#TomorrowsPapersToday
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @christhebarker This is why I followed you. Thank you for bringing a chuckle to a world gone mad Sir.
@SunDominus @ESO Im so glad I missed out on the childhood indoctrination. Pounded into your head when youre little… @Dani1987C @Bortne24 @piersmorgan Just proves how terrified they are of him. If they didnt care, they wouldnt bother. @alexcholmes Now tell me about clause 8. Who is going to decide who is the right kind of jew for people to listen t… @jewssf @SamTarry If for nothing else, clause 8 should cause any jewish person pause. If you dont agree with the bo… @SunDominus @ESO And then Voldemort said... 'Harry Potter... we meet again' @Pam15094627 Straight into the Tories pockets @Catheri77148739 @BRunner2019 @eilie49 @up_again @glamdanz @VictorK43995989 @joane_cleminson @VanessaFiji look, a psychopath abusing animals for cash... @gailmarie1958 @lhart41 Wow... I bet he would do that to his kids too.. People who think violence is a good way to… @jameshirst91 Got some fantastic natural beauty, but the ideology of the majority of the people living there is fkd… @BRunner2019 @Catheri77148739 @eilie49 @up_again @glamdanz @VictorK43995989 @joane_cleminson @VanessaFiji @Card007Teri Liverpool stayed red and will therefore be punished. And property owners portfolios are more important than people. @afclhoratio Last night I just took the dogs out in the car to an area they can run in and opened the door and let…
@JillGore8 So do they really think the membership have been asleep for the last five years? Seriously?Now I would be up for crowdfunding that to be redirected at Number 10... Thats the only big ben bong worth backing… @DawnHFoster @ONS Im really happy for the other four people in my group @SonyPicturesUK Just a shame that they have to keep changing classic stories to suit todays audience, as it takes a… Its a gammonfest on this thread.. All boiledhamsplaining that either a) racism doesnt exist or b)… @mark54690932 The ones white people invaded and stole all the assets from? The ones that are still owned by colonia… @The_JamesJordan And Im against people who are nothing more than slebs having the power to influence people as it g…
@AlecHitchman1 The same with all three... Im assuming that some Saudis arent demagogues @aceofspadesmob1 This is true but sadly only as someone elses b!tch. Not even as if we have the balls to do it on o… @BoardofDeputies @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @jessphillips @EmilyThornberry @labourlewis @RLong_Bailey @DrRosena @BoardofDeputies Regarding number 8 Who gets to decide whose voice is allowed to be heard? Who gets to decide whose… @BoardofDeputies @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @jessphillips @EmilyThornberry @labourlewis @RLong_Bailey @DrRosena @JillGore8 @oneforsorrow87 @Jackiew80333500 @mirabarhillel @georgegalloway @DerbyChrisW This is the real scary thin… am so sick of the Board of Deputies controlling our FOREIGN POLICY This has nothing to do with AS and everything…
@davidjrosenberg And there I was thinking that we didnt live in a theocracy! Silly me. @simonmaginn Love a man who can create! Its awesome 👍😊 @stevesurrey1 This was asked on American tv. Seems there were two missiles, close together, and it was after the fi…
@mathlang @Citi_ZenSane @Femi_Sorry lol... Havent you noticed? There is inherantly an us and them in this country @campbellclaret @UKLabour Its not hard left sweetie. It only looks that way up against fascists. @MyArrse @KKrowe9 Thats my PM A man for the people, not the arms manufacturers or Trumps ego. A real man.
@missemilyjayx @JXEKER Nope.. you have no personality here either.. Youre just a sad little jealous hater. @NinaKnowsIt @PearltheDreamer @JXEKER So wanting to get out of the limelight makes her a media whore... You sad pathetic hater... @FabulousMegg @NinaKnowsIt @PearltheDreamer @JXEKER Someones jealous... sadYou WILL comply.... year + 8 weeks of massive protests in France. 📽️ || #PoliceBrutality ... French police beating the sh*t out of p…
Retweeted by WhiteRose #LabourSocialist @ohboywhatashot It happened often under Thatcher. That b1tch set the police on the miners, travellers, and anyone s… @Citi_ZenSane @Femi_Sorry Well... COMRADE, no one gets to tell me what I can or cannot say. Certainly not an FBPE p…