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@SniipeZer0 i go through random days where i jus be changing the language of my game cause i’m tiltedGrenade. long clip dump all good tho. why do all my clip dumps end up being like 3 minutes long.
@Maybe6V @nico1wnl LMFAOOOOOO, bro i was so confused @Eth_WRLD we were sick of it.oh FUCK!!!!! ft. @ysk1ng
Retweeted by d 🥀 @nico1wnl holy fuck we just did gods workHOLAY FUK
Retweeted by d 🥀 @nico1wnl r @blvnkets @AeroValorant @maymayVAL JUS LIKE ME FR @blvnkets @AeroValorant @maymayVAL i fuckin hate happy people @AeroValorant @maymayVAL i hope it ends tragically @AeroValorant @maymayVAL she sucks @nico1wnl after this unrated u down? @nico1wnl 🤨franchising this early will kill valorant. @nnzoee ill put it on for when we play unrateds @aeroventing bro stfu this aint what i wanna read rn @bryanbarberich yeah but i don’t have a life so @bryanbarberich my friends said black clover @bryanbarberich what anime ? @Evs2x @AeroValorant LMAOOO @AeroValorant my roblox go hard
Retweeted by d 🥀 @khanartistval @Agr0fps @NickCarbs nah khan fk that get your cravings.i don't have prac till next monday, do i attempt to watch another anime. @nnzoee imagine not having it lol @nnzoee ty! @OfficialAproto ? @TroIIman_ my god duo queue w/ @TroIIman_ twitch .tv/ysk1ng @AeroValorant @dogbackp6ck @notrxchel don't talk anymoreanyone wanna game i jus took a 3 hour nap. @maddiesuun all good. @KrakennIV @tupperwareplays honestly, she meows and barks every single day i ain’t even surprised @yslnai hmm @SeptFPS @xjaaybear me you javi jay lets go. @CarbynVAL @Social_Val oh fuck no he aint going @CarbynVAL @Social_Val jerk smh @CarbynVAL @Social_Val nah you ain’t invited anymore i was gonna host in la. @CarbynVAL @Social_Val yeah ur not gettin flown out to the all good cookout anymore lol @CarbynVAL @Social_Val if i post t1 exp you better vouch it @RiFtCS me too, i either get bullied in cord or told "get gud" by kazzz in whispers/ @VerninaEllana thats what i'm sayin' nina, bro was cheating in our unrated scrim i think. i'm reporting him @miraixz THATS WHAT IM SAYIIIIIN @RiFtCS step three: get bullied by all your friends in the unrated queue because u whiffed @florscnt I was actually mind boggled when I saw it. @RiFtCS step two: start laughing before it happens because you know you're gonna whiff @florscnt RIGHT? WHERE DID THE SECOND BULLET GO ??? @1yzma That shit really made me INSANE @RiFtCS step one: be shit at valorant.fastest ace i've ever gotten in my life.
@BlackHeartVAL @zeldrisval LMAOAOAOAOAOHow to properly handle your teammate ghost comming @zeldrisval
Retweeted by d 🥀 @Aeolus @GhostGaming @ahad @trunkZnopants @KnightsArena fucking farm your best friend idc @carn0_x i am dogshit at this game sir. @carn0_x i play more than you and i am DOGSHIT @blvnkets damn so u already lying ???? @blvnkets real. @kayavlr @itnothan_ i'm so glad i woke up to this thread again @222GenTle 1v4 bad oh okay. @222GenTle ur fucking insane what @reniliwys its a TWITCH EMOTE @reniliwys @Ninjasik what bro @Ninjasik boobaSwipe iykykboobaSwipe @ggBleed @maymayVAL the rank even looks the same @SeptFPS @Ninjasik @xjaaybear tfti @SeptFPS @Ninjasik @xjaaybear tfti @Jazzyk1ns w/ @Jazzyk1ns cause we hate rr twitch. tv/ysk1ng @fairyfps @Agr0fps LMFAOOOO @tupperwareplays pure talent from u @Evs2x @Klamran bro actually pressed comms.if you unironically call comms in among us, you are awful @MarkPhillipsGG @Agr0fps Just awarding my good friend Steward his Certificate @CarbynVAL @Agr0fps AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHGood Shit @Agr0fps @Nurfed great round well executed. @Nurfed dude spoilers n shit @pRush__ @tupperwareplays nice shot
@cupkatez Happy birthdaaaay! @Bre4ad gl @Plexiy ever need someone to talk or vent my dms are open man. you ain’t ever alone @Plexiy whoever said that is wrong, you’re worth so much bro. chin up n prove em wrong 🖤 @carn0_x yo my fault i didn’t join the roster man im sleeping gosh dont hate me @AeroValorant @MattZval @HitBox_Hiros @maymayVAL im breaking you two up gl you awful human! @AeroValorant @MattZval @HitBox_Hiros @maymayVAL i wudnt take this shit personally @ignovercook all g @ignovercook you never hmu @TwitchMueda we r fucked. @TwitchMueda mine started deteriorating as soon as i turned 20, you might be blessed. lets pray @Toastedtw my mental sanity is telling me dont queue. @TwitchMueda happy birthday old mando i dare play ranked at 9am. @Jazzyk1ns the brand advertisement