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@aeroventing you can carry the legacy lil bro, you’ll tell the stories better @aeroventing lmaooo, it’s what i meant tho @aeroventing thank god, i’m sick of this life shit @aeroventing the day i get to see you and stew on main stage, together or against eachother, is the day i can die a happy man. @aeroventing i can’t wait to pick you in my pickems one day to win a championship. @FuckBowlCut @fIuffyzx @c5sey @syIv1a @92sho_ bro twitter notis are getting loud @syIv1a @fIuffyzx @c5sey @92sho_ okay @syIv1a @fIuffyzx @c5sey @92sho_ i’ve seen you on your own servers, all i’ma say is goodnight @fIuffyzx @c5sey @syIv1a @92sho_ you’re all dogshit and i’m better than all of you combined at any video game i tou… @syIv1a @c5sey @92sho_ you & nobody 🤝 @c5sey @syIv1a @92sho_ LMAO @syIv1a @c5sey @92sho_ yeah when i see one noti i mentally prepare for like 40 more in 20 minutes @c5sey @syIv1a @92sho_ i have them on tbh and she doesn’t tweet that much i will be honest @c5sey @syIv1a @92sho_ dont do it. @AeroValorant shut your mouth i’m putting my phone on dnd and staring at my ceiling manok goodnight fr this time i think maybe @vinsconcubine jus not surprised @vinsconcubine jesus fuck. @Iovealilmore goodmorning @RebelBTW REAL SHIT.henry plays fortnite in 2021 and wonders why he got no females. @RebelBTW oh they do. @selvvr sigh @selvvr this album is going to make me cry. @selvvr @1kotaaa @s3xylatin0 @sAv1oRVAL oh. @aeroventing on god. @1kotaaa @s3xylatin0 @sAv1oRVAL @selvvr zzzz @sAv1oRVAL @selvvr Bro, gimme like, a month. @sAv1oRVAL @selvvr BRO LMFAOOOOOOOO NAH I LOOK SO FRAIL @sAv1oRVAL @selvvr bro it's an embarrassing picture RELAX @selvvr LMAOAOAOAOAOAO @ballsvlg yeah i lost, holy fuck. @snhuz insanely jealous honestly, i miss my degen sleep schedule @snhuz ... your sleep schedule is nice @yslophelia LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love you dumbass @snhuz aren't you westcoast... @yslophelia damn i was so prepared for a nice long msg @yslophelia me. @yslophelia ur funny @ballsvlg the first one is very VERY attractive, but the last one extended onto your hand oh my god @ballsvlg DO IT DO IT DO IT, I'm getting a snake wrapped down my sleeve to my handdddd @selvvr WE COULDA HAD A WHOLE ASS CONVERSATION @selvvr THATS THE EQUIVALANT OF EGOING @selvvr you literally ego'd my text so i'm not agreeing with you @selvvr .... sel..... they are @selvvr yes? @mleQT_ oh, you won’t see me on val for awhile probably lol @syIv1a @CarbynVAL @Klamran @Skrrtfps texts now. @syIv1a @Skrrtfps oh? @syIv1a mf go to sleep @ophthemilf i’m sorry @ophthemilf LOL @ophthemilf LMFAOOOOOOO @ophthemilf you so pretty n shit wow @1wiiree no bro i’m tired as fuck @yslophelia LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOguess who. @1EDEN_ real @1EDEN_ can't kms yet, haven't been suffocated by thighs. LMFAOOOOOOOO @Klamran @aeroventing no. @aeroventing @aeroventing mike? @MoonKiller_VAL LMFAOOOOO @yslophelia @Skrrtfps @unstableval @selvvr he's also 17. @Skrrtfps @unstableval @selvvr cap you literally called me daddy today @unstableval @Skrrtfps @selvvr you can stay away from me too @Skrrtfps @selvvr stay away from me. @selvvr drop the number smhoh okay. @Ryannimals @Ninjasik crazy how they switch up 💯 @Ninjasik @Ryannimals thats not how it works. @celcrium LMAOOO @Ryannimals @Ninjasik and i quote javi’s exact words “KRU doesn’t stand a chance against any team in playoff bracke… @Ryannimals all good. @Ryannimals why’d you have to remind me ryann. @Agr0fps @mleQT_ LMAOOO @mleQT_ i gotchu 💯 @m3iiys forsaken >>>>
@ballsvlg yeah totally… @ballsvlg he dont know you @1EDEN_ LMAOOO @mleQT_ you shut up @mulancholy1 my feet are so sore cause i have to wear rental skates @1EDEN_ dude it’s just i’m in rental skates and they feel awkward as fucki feel like a fake canadian bro i suck at skating now @1wiiree im outside @ballsvlg i’m on the kru club now. @afkings im so sad. @ioanrichards28 stop it @afkings stop thisdon’t talk to me. @yslnai boobsC̷l̷o̷u̷d̷9̷ leaf and friends
Retweeted by d 🥀 @DaySlaya I had so much faith, but nooooooooooo lets push elbow 5hp when we have viper ult :) @aheartout ibuypower v2 😔 @DaySlaya he wasn’t even prepared for the smoke to drop with his crosshair placement tho LOL @aheartout i just refuse to believe they left viper ult like that. @selvvr is it thoi refuse to believe vanity sat on the BOMB BEHIND A SMOKE. @selvvr bro what