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Ari • 4 months ✈️ @yslarii 13 | she/they | Adryana ♥︎

lex is the loml ♡︎

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Should I go to bed? @nessabarrett Goodnight ness ilysm @nessabarrett Omg!??? @nessabarrett I’m so excited and so proud of you @nessabarrett We love u sm nessa @nwtvegas Me and you both 😔 @nwtvegas 😋I just wanna gf @nwtvegas Y’know I don’t have an answer for you.. because I don’t even know why myselfThe amount of energy I have and it’s 5am @nwtvegas Hi my love @livsIover @oliviarodrigo @LiviesHQ THE TALENT OMGhappy ONE YEAR OF SOUR an incredible masterpiece that made history 🦋❤️‍🔥🎸🫀 - i’m so proud you of @oliviarodrigo an…
Retweeted by Ari • 4 months ✈️ @livsIover @oliviarodrigo @LiviesHQ OMG I LOVE THIS SM @superfardaya DASIA WTF ON YOUR HEAD!???@&/$//‘I wanna dm her but I feel like I’m bugging her @vinstwitch I was on independent study but a bunch of shit is going on with court so they are forcing me to go back… @vinstwitch it sucksI see all my friends living life and shit like that and I always wanna be with them and hang out with them but it’s… @livsIover Mee @vinstwitch Yes! @vinstwitch Were the same @vinstwitch Fr @vinstwitch SAME @jmscupid !!!!
I fucking love lexieI Became Jc Caylen's Assistant For 24 Hours... comment if you love harry styles.
Retweeted by Ari • 4 months ✈️ @nwtvegas tbh yeah @nwtvegas It’s just about school i just got done getting lectured by my mom @nwtvegas I could be better hru baby @nwtvegas Hiii @nwtvegas FR OMG @jmscupid You are so beautiful @jmscupid Currently screaming @nwtvegas Hii babySo… I did a thing ITS 11:40 PM IM GONNA SHOWER WHEN I GET OUT I THINK IMA CUT MY HAIR @nwtvegas So… I wanna cute my hair like this again but idk @CLOVERANGXL AHHH UR SO BEAUTIFULI NEED SOMEONES OPINION @vinniehacker I’m so proud of you @HaileyMcLean_ You are so beautiful hailsI- LWMEEMWLWM @STURNI0L0 Ur so pretty @STURNI0L0 SO CUTE OMHI’m never gonna be happy 👍🏼
@jmscupid You don’t know how much I needed to hear this. ily and im proud of you too @okitsdanny ily DannyWTF @TheRealDianeee I’m good hru @darlingnotagain ME TOOA FUCKING DIOR AD KWKSWKAKNDKZKhi I’m bored @katie_missimerr YUH @nwtvegas FrBloop @nwtvegas Same.hi… I feel like throwing up and crying 👍🏼It’s 4:30am 👍🏼It’s 3am 😵‍💫I’m so stressed out broBruh.. @darlingnotagain HiiI love lex <3 @STURNI0L0 OMGWSSKMS @STURNI0L0 WHAT NO WAY @vinstwitch YOU are <333The way outta all the friends I’ve had the ones I’ve met online have been the best @syreesizzlerr Well.. I didn’t get the notif and then by the time I was gonna watch he had ended @syreesizzlerr I missed the whole stream…
Why did no one tell me Vinnie’s streaming… @nwtvegas Same but I promise you don’t annoy anyoneI love lexie so muchSorry for being so inactive I’m going through shit rn @nwtvegas I will i love you bby @nwtvegas I feel like talking about it will make it worse idk @nwtvegas I could be better @vinsconcubine YESBro how the fuck are they gonna give me one day to prepare to go back and think I’m gonna be fine !?!?!? @nwtvegas hru loveGOOD MORNING 😋It’s 5 am goodnightI’ve been editing for like 2892973929 HOURS @vinstwitch ExactlyBloop @dinasrem YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL @dinasrem DINAAAAA @nwtvegas bye @nwtvegas MY LOVER @nwtvegas IM OMW RN @nwtvegas LMFAOOld media can you leave us alone PLEASE @nwtvegas @darlingnotagain YEAH AND IM IN THE TONKA GOING BONKERS @darlingnotagain I LIKE DRUGS ITS SO SILLY BUT IT AINT FUNNY @syreesizzlerr Goodnight cel ily @nwtvegas Good morning bbyHeight: 5’0 Shoe size: 9 Zodiac sign: Virgo Tattoos: 0 Piercings: 3 Fav Drink: water and Dr Pepper @vinstwitch She’s just been dealing with her own stuff so she hasn’t been to active