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im sick
Retweeted by ًpenis @REEMCART I CANTNKR LMFAOOO @iliketobombppl i'm glad. @ahad k @ahad i'll do whatver the fuck i want @DEVOR4E @fentynailea but it's cute @fentynailea @DEVOR4E it's my favorite one idc @fentynailea @NaileaDevora STOP KENFF @fentynailea where's ur other account.... @katie_missimerr LFGG @DEVOR4E @fentynailea thx @ahad @DEVOR4E @fentynailea do u like my layout @DEVOR4E @fentynailea bro why we all look so ugly @fentynailea ZEY UR PFP @fentynailea @NaileaDevora she's still a ninnie shipper btwCRYING😭…
Retweeted by ًpenis @ahad give me my money back @NAIROCART EW LMFAOO @1kotaaa gm twin @NAIROCART love leads to change @MizToTheMoon @1kotaaa yeah u right my badyou are more than what your bad thoughts say you are @ahad @ysk1ng @c5sey @1EDEN_ not the valorant beef @c5sey @ahad @ysk1ng @1EDEN_ ive spent so much on subs i want my 3k back @ahad @ysk1ng @c5sey @1EDEN_ give me my 5.99 back rn @ahad @ysk1ng @c5sey @1EDEN_ nah idc @ysk1ng @ahad @c5sey @1EDEN_ i want my sub back @ysk1ng @ahad @c5sey @1EDEN_ i literally subbed and mf went offline @ysk1ng @ahad @c5sey @1EDEN_ come! @1EDEN_ @ysk1ng @ahad @c5sey IT CONNECTS LMFAOO @ysk1ng @ahad @c5sey @1EDEN_ i'm joining @1EDEN_ @c5sey @ahad yes @ahad @c5sey @1EDEN_ LMAO @1EDEN_ @c5sey @ahad if ur sick then u should rest mf @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad i'm calling it rn he won't @1EDEN_ @c5sey @ahad don't get my hopes up @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad 1000% bruh @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad especially bc he has more followers now his streams would do so goodi have a feeling imma be a little more disrespectful 2022. lol y’all truly earned it!
Retweeted by ًpenis @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad he rlly could honestly but ig only time will tell @srrirachha ur so adorable @h2nnyu youre. done. @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad yeah but i rather him be okay and not stream than steam and feel like shit @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad true i miss frank so much :( @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad streaming bad @c5sey @1EDEN_ @ahad he's growing @1EDEN_ @ahad deserved i'm glad @1EDEN_ @ahad my bday always sucks can't blame u @ahad happy birthday ! @1EDEN_ @ahad why didn't i get a message like this. all i got was "HAPPY BDAY" mf didn't even spell out birthday or anythingidc what your ex did, ima hurt you worse
Retweeted by ًpenis @haehuie me duh @genmnz @vinsconcubine when will weif u like this tweet u a bitchword to the wise
Retweeted by ًpenis @1kotaaa @h2nnyu LMFAOOO UR SO STUPID BRUH @1kotaaa @h2nnyu still don't get it but cool @rakotag gl @1kotaaa what's with the ? @1kotaaa i thought i was in trouble bro my b @1kotaaa fuck @1kotaaa luv u xx @1kotaaa stfu @1kotaaa bro where do u find all of these pictures of these random ass men @lialovesyu croak @lialovesyu weep @LikeWhoFramedMe my bad @lialovesyu gasp @cupkatez r we about to kiss.... @n0rmaIize CAN YOU STOP @lialovesyu pout @n0rmaIize @lialovesyu U FUCKING CLOWNNNN LMFAOO @n0rmaIize WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU @lialovesyu awhhh @cheerrysav @duhlailuh bro they hurt so much when i am @AeroValorant it be like that @Skrrtfps shut up @lialovesyu woah nowjk fuck you all @pIanetmads wait why @1EDEN_ you shut the fuck up @1EDEN_ yes i am @vinsconcubine @nectqrine bro she tweets it every night and it's so dry i just wanna throw my whole table at her @dogbackp6ck @notrxchel bye no one was talking to you @Skrrtfps nowhere, we all some hoes @itaintaaron DELETE AND ILL PAY FOR UR TICKET FOR LA @itaintaaron NO STOP DELETE NOT YOU TOO @edensarcade u ain't ever lie @aloneswrld @ytwashedd i don't need a vouch but thanks💯 @madamdevora @NaileaDevora FUCK THAT GOD DAMN APP FR @dqndeIions jk jk but :(( i hope he's okay & i'm sorry u lost ur acc and his follow :/ @dqndeIions bye i ain't reading all that @dqndeIions @larray what's wrong w u @madamdevora @NaileaDevora BITCH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN @vinsconcubine i don't like you i love you @notrxchel i love you guys @selvvr oh my god @katie_missimerr kiss me