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$$$. @YSLSLIMER atlanta.

get money & make memories. 🤍

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Retweeted by $$$.it’s not numbing me no more that’s really the problem like omg.lasts like two hours...... i’m so tired of weed now. @_liljada LMFAOOOO LIKE ??auto pay is a bit TOO adult for me..if you’re in an ugly place, speak beautiful things. keep your head above water. keep faith. don’t defeat yourself, uplift yourself.VERY MUCH SO much SICK. VERY MUCH TIREDwig model’s/ambassadors needed. CAN model any wig of your choice, needed in ANY STATE. dm if your interested
Retweeted by $$$. @nayiahhhh i know LMFAOOOOO i be playingyes they do bitch mind your business ! @D0HY0NISM and why is this meyeaaaaaa but Kayla Nicole !!!!!!
Retweeted by $$$.Pulling up naked under the trench coat with heels on is definitely on my list 😭
Retweeted by $$$.normalize admitting that you care. being nonchalant all the time is overrated
Retweeted by $$$.i hate when i hurt somebody it eats me alivedamn🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️that rice ain’t fill me at all 😩
virgo shit 😒
Retweeted by $$$.i’m not focused i don’t have shit together i hate when i don’t have my shit together.i need God to show out for me this week i really do.Sometimes a #Virgo can waste too much mental energy worrying about what they can not change.
Retweeted by $$$.#Virgos are very loyal and warm and sensitive towards the one they love.
Retweeted by $$$.Behind #Virgo smile, is a story you would never understand.
Retweeted by $$$.#Virgos are more sensitive than they will lead you to believe.
Retweeted by $$$.I just wanna cuddle & sleep
Retweeted by $$$.drink your water. chase that bag. mind your business.
Retweeted by $$$. @Dejsev_ DEFINITELY IN HER BAGson she rode the verse! and gave looks! she was definitely in her bag!😭
Retweeted by $$$.Single until someone calls me daily to see if i ate or need to be ate.
Retweeted by $$$.give sis her credit cause this was a BOP love accountability and self awareness @goldenmaamiii ITS THE SHIRT FOR ME @goldenmaamiii its the thigh pat for me @katypoooh some people actually like when they company stay 😩LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just want some chicken and baked mac n cheese 😩 @goldenmaamiii the heals is givinggggggggggggggg @hollywood_olu LMFAOOOOOOOOOA relationship where y’all both funny asf >>>
Retweeted by $$$.rent fucking free as a bitch stay too long im mad cause hoe i said you could come but for like 5 mins 😭😭😭hi and bye bitch HI AND BYEi suck at having company! soon as you park i be ready for you to leave 🥴I love “Let’s go get breakfast” calls first thing in the morning. Yes.
Retweeted by $$$.And issss 🤏🏾
Retweeted by $$$.same. same same same same to just start doing shit without asking for opinions first
Retweeted by $$$. @REALEMTAYLOR 21you put your people on period. you always pose to. why would you wanna b the only one eatingUSSY GUSSY MY PUSSY HE WANNA TAKE HIM A LOOKY hairstylist can’t do leave outs for shit cause wtf is on my head rn.sexylilbih sexylilhoe luhdawayawalk luhdawayatalk @cooliecooler the worse season. it was so dry too @jazzzzzzyj girl exactlyevery time I step outside it’s something I much rather stay in my bubble
Retweeted by $$$.people don’t understand how much i love being alone at home in peace. i control the atmosphere here and it’s lovelynow i wanna eat but i want soul food.don’t let pride ruin you.. @willnumba1_ ruined my fucking morningvirgo placements.. you good? ily. get out of your head baby
Retweeted by $$$.People are moving so wickedly out here, be careful of the company you keep man.
Retweeted by $$$.ima wear that song outtttkehlani- hate the clubdrink your water. chase that bag. mind your business. @mlandukid @sbeezii everybody looking 😭😭😭 how i went from getting up at 1pm everyday to 8am everyday 😭i really would like a smoothie rn.i be up early tryna make moneydon’t nobody be up at this time with me 🙄.can’t wait til I see you...hug you & kiss you
Retweeted by $$$.😕 @miike2xs 😍😍 @kenyanjoroge1 i likeyyyyy @LISN2DABEAT @naomijae_ LMFAOOOOO k michelle petty!!
One thing about me, I will sit in my house ALL DAY ... in peace 😌
Retweeted by $$$.exactly. 😣 thing about me. ima have hella videos and pictures of somebody. i love to keep memories and look back at things @staxxUPnext period 😂😂😂ima still come out on topi really be liking niggas for them. don’t care about your money, nothing. i be genuine asf.. like a dumb ass. @codechristyy @ZACtwice LMFAOOOOOO @LilBitPetite LITERALLY 🤣🤣🤣🤣it literally is begging. asking once is CLOSE to begging. twice is too close to begging for me.
Retweeted by $$$.they’ll never be happy because they not happy with themselves.PLEASE DONT. Thats why I stopped going out my way for mfs cause they unappreciative asf.
Retweeted by $$$.i always break my back for everybody but when somebody gone break they back for me.where is the happy people at, everybody be so mad!
Retweeted by $$$. @badgirlnas HARD!!!!ion get why i’m like this like ????abandonment issues will have me cutting mfs off just cause i wanna leave them before they leave me 😭One thing for certain... two things for sure... imma cut a nigga off lmao.
Retweeted by $$$.#Virgos may come off as shy at first. But this is only because they have to analyze everyone before they can get comfortable.
Retweeted by $$$.#Virgos love their alone time. There's just something they enjoy about the peace and quiet of their own mind.
Retweeted by $$$.