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Mark6O9 @YTMark6O9 boyfriend's thigh pillow

The alternative account for @Mark6O9_ Me is autistic and is 16. Me is taken and bisexual. Me wuv booping and hugging my friends.

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@thehurvmeister *knocks on door* Awwo department @FuzzyFlake Possible @FuzzyFlake It's just bait Mx. Flake @JustGurgleUwU Damn it guess my secret is no longer secret @Yostinkybutts I mean I always wanted to jack off as a women. @PremiumSponge Yep @Xepicgamer_X Pwease? @PremiumSponge Funny thing is we don't have any confirmed cases in West Virginia @Xepicgamer_X You need food. Fwuffy need too eat something @PremiumSponge Oof @PremiumSponge Oh btw how is your state right now with this outbreak? @realTerraKnight Oh @realTerraKnight May I ask what that is? @PremiumSponge It's a good option I made @PremiumSponge Came out as Bisexual months ago. Got a boyfriend. Got suspended for the first time days ago. Ect @PremiumSponge Interesting @PremiumSponge So? anything new @Xepicgamer_X Me don't want you too die @PremiumSponge Ah... And me sees it still shines @Xepicgamer_X Oh shit I meant to not a dont oh nuuuuu. @Xepicgamer_X Okay *pat* me don't want fweind too stay alive. @PremiumSponge Star? @PremiumSponge Fine. We are in a state emergency due too this out break. @Xepicgamer_X You should eat something light. Like crackers @PremiumSponge How are you? @Xepicgamer_X What happen? @gerbilking456 Nyah *hugs* @PremiumSponge Hello @fabiustimm No @Duper_Aspergers Me remmber it well @gerbilking456 Crap me sowwy mom @LukiIsNowCute Drink plenty of fluids and rest a bit @Duper_Aspergers Remember when Amino was a thing @gerbilking456 Ni niGoodnight
Retweeted by Mark6O9 @RazorHollow *hides under pillows* me scared @Duper_Aspergers Interesting @GayFuzzBall ! @RazorHollow Interesting @PiranhaDude I want to be in nothing but hoodie.Retweet if you played with these when you were a kid.
Retweeted by Mark6O9 @NobleWaifuFelix Don't ask I'm just bored @Xepicgamer_X And that's the truth.Femboi Foxes are best @PiranhaDude That would be a yikes from me @deanSplatoon @EmilyNotplr But I know them @vettetheproto Let's go there nothing fun here @PoliteBoyy CoolOki homophobes and kpop stans @claireissmart Don't forget WV is on lockdown your stuck with the people @GreninjaLover69 @RazorHollow *crawls out of pillows* what happen? @RazorHollow *scribbles down notes* @AboWoofers Leggies @FuzzyFlake No Bourbon? @Xepicgamer_X Your welceies @Xepicgamer_X Oof *pat* you'll be back up there some day. @Xepicgamer_X Only a couple more followers until you become one of usOi you this tweet is sponsored by your mom. @Xepicgamer_X UwU @ReaperFurryGun Baby furr @Xepicgamer_X It okay you fwuff
Retweeted by Mark6O9 @Noonek_co *boop* @Noonek_co Phone is being a bitch @Noonek_co Oof sowwy about that @Noonek_co Hmmmm *scribbles down notes* @FuzzyFlake Okay but if you do remember not too over do it @FuzzyFlake Are you drinking right now? @RAZ0RFIST @JurassicOtaku DemocratsIf you know what this is you are a Terraria player @PiranhaDude Oof sowwy about that @RazorHollow Welcome back me drank too much chocy milk @Fck_EveryName @/DeProtogen @Silvy_Kitty_ *yus @Silvy_Kitty_ Yed @FuzzyFlake ???looks like this has to be said again. NOT ALL FURRIES ARE ZOOPHILES. FURRIES DO NOT SUPPORT ZOOPHILES. BEING A FURโ€ฆ
Retweeted by Mark6O9Twitter, do your thing. Put anything into this green screen.
Retweeted by Mark6O9 @FuzzyFlake Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah @Arsowonist Relateable @KiraTheDutchie @DuskyPuro Egg... @FuzzyFlake *boop* *boop* *boop* *boop*Hey @RealDominoVR did you know that my state is in emergency mode just in case if we get the virus? Wacky @FuzzyFlake Boop? Boop? Boop? Boop? @FuzzyFlake What too do? What too do? What too do? What too do?Me: Marky has arrived Someone: dhidjbejdyjekushnwus Me: *boop* Bored Bored BoredHot tasty cum Amazing smell Big juicy cock
Retweeted by Mark6O9 @PiranhaDude Kodi nu @PiranhaDude BruhDon't tell Gerb that I'm finna look at sexy femboi foxxes. @cringeassjakey Yes bloody stream slaps @cringeassjakey Battle Tendency best @arltanate Virus. Femboi foxes for life @vettetheproto No me @Lerru99 @NeoNiNe_Folder Nyah @FuzzyFlake *boop* @realTerraKnight Bii bii @FuzzyFlake Also don't forget your hazmat suit