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Police deployed dozens of officers, a helicopter and dogs to the Manhattan apartment of a BLM organizer. He decli…
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My first record is now available in full on Bandcamp <3
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesWeapon of Sound EP cover art by @pastsunlight
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesBlack Liquid Electronics (Deluxe) available now
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Bluesmy latest project is up on bandcamp now, i also reuploaded my last project for those who missed it last time ッ…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesMy 5th studio album Outro's is out 2day! Big fanx erry1 who help me put this1 2gether mus…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Bluesyea yea so it's bandcamp day, but I first want to thank my actual supporters! thank you so much to anyone who has b…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues“I Want To Believe” 7 songs about life & love, made within 2014-2020 out now @
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Bluesfor those who are up
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues#1 Goodas anthem Friday again! If you missed out last time now’s your chance to Rave Down Babylon Pride x Happy Independence #PRiDEJA2020 @EqualityJa
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @queerbourhood Very true; I forgot about the clout economy that’s powering this nationSome of my life’s greatest work might be convincing a handful of Hoteps that homosexuality wasnt a European inventi…’t believe someone would have the cheek to subtweet for days then turn around ask me to participate in one of th…
"I reflect and keep it pumping because the goal is not to be considered the 'first known' or 'first' for a signific…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Bluesdid yall forget that France is still extorting 14 Afrikan nations out of $500B annually?
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesMe applying for jobs not in my field of study @frankiefatgold She could sacrifice 5 more years. And I hope she does ❤️Happy Jamaica Independence Day 🇯🇲💚🇯🇲💛🇯🇲🖤🇯🇲
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @phvrvohxo You should be ! @surrealsermons This whole shit coming to a close in December. Gotta finally get my shit together 🙄Starting two different kinds of therapy in a few weeks. I’m really tryna fast track my way through trauma lmao 🤣 @FALSE_WITNESS A whole identity that was made while never being in coversation with those *actually* living in Latin America @Leonce *2027🇯🇲🙏🏾Gratitude is a must 🙏🏾🇯🇲 Jamaican is a flex. I admit, she’s not perfect but, loook at we dawg?!? Look how she been trying. Love her so much 😭💛🖤💚
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesHappy Independence to all the yardies! Yes we are extra as fuck and if you were us you’d be too! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 @frikaan_time YupSchools saying they can’t enforce a mask policy but will regularly suspend students for wearing spaghetti straps/cr… @phvrvohxo Them love it! My mother used to go there and sell clothes and they were obsessed with any kind a dancehall styleThe Jamaican x Panamanian connnection is one of my favorites. Folks on the coast even have patois intertwined into… Jamaican musicologist Olive Lewin listens to Jamaican elder sing slave songs that were taught to her by he…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesJamaican sociologist Orlando Patterson's concept of 'the social death of the slave' and the Jamaican philosopher Sy…
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I wanna take a bite like it’s some gushers supremacy got me doing math at 1 in di bloodclaat mawning. I rebuke it!
@ACABPERIODDDD If rent was cheaper in New York a lot of these niggas would be single
@djlita_ Legit. I give up. I fucking give up.In the beginning I had more hope for a new world where community based healing was at the crux but more and more I’… mum is a nurse so I haven’t seen her in 5 months and I want nothing more than to hug her again and every weekend…
@museummammy Drip or drown FR FR @zero__mega leaving this here
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Life: *Major inconvenience* Me:
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Mad. Sick. Head nuh good. Mad sick head nuh good. @CAAMinLA @TaylorRAldridge I screamed !!! Congrats TaylorWanti wanti cyaan getti, an’ getti getti noh wanti @djswisha_ Not if they get it with the hard R
Seven years ago today, in the early hours July 22nd 2013, 16 year old Dwayne ‘Gully Queen’ Jones was beaten and sta…
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Wow- Eye-opening report on Kochs' plan to privatize aka kill America's 200-year-old public mail service: The Billio…
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FALSEBOI (@yu_whoooo and @FALSE_WITNESS) find the sweet spot between soca, dancehall and peak-time techno…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Bluesanywayz @yu_whoooo’s debut EP got a rave review woohoo she did the damn thing this
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues🗣JAMAICA TO DI BLOODCLAAT WORL’ @residentadvisor @FALSE_WITNESS @OliveTonic CHANGE DOT ORG
My eye always twitches when I’m looking at my patients labs and I see “gfr African American” on Black patients.
Retweeted by Stoned Butch BluesPortland protest day 50
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @surrealsermons I don’t understand how not once they mentioned the lawsuit against mission Chinese ?? Especially wh…
@mistervacation @ACABPERIODDDD you can buy lump crab meat without having to get the whole crab @mistervacation AND YOU ARE WELCOME @mistervacation @ACABPERIODDDD But I’m Chef king dyke so @mistervacation @ACABPERIODDDD They’re not hard to make @JackeeHarry Those baby hairs can file they own tax returns smh
@wayneandwax Definitely a keeper. Unnu could share it lolNever forget that FBI doubled the bounty on Assata Shakur and placed her on the Ten Most Wanted Terrorists List dur…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @gregorywawa I get that most people here are transplants or have had the ability to get a “good” college degree. Bu… @gregorywawa My mother raised two kids on a 40k salary as a hospice care nurse 🙃 so yeah like I said. This is normal. @gregorywawa This is normal lol. I’m glad yall apparently haven’t had to work these kind of shitty jobs for basic s… @sweynjupiter Wine fi mi ginga everyting crissToday is the last day to watch Sweet Sugar Rage (1985) by Sistren Theatre Collective on @LUXmovingimage. A short…
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Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues21 years ago today on 15 July 1999, 39 people, mostly mentally ill, were abducted from the streets of Montego Bay a…
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @pushyfemme Cosrx morning face wash, Kiehl vitamin c toner, snail mucin then cosrx face lotionWe lift you up, Merci. We can’t keep losing our sisters like this. Please donate if you’re able:
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @LEDEF_ Sign me up! @LEDEF_ House of Kenzo Rifle Association 😍
@shharine UP UP @pushyfemme The way how it’s saved my skin!!! @bluepaperplane What game is this and why am I in it ? @bluepaperplane Nothing like a good cry then a good meal tbhThey said being on T meant it would be harder to cry but I’m here to report I still cry quite often ! I love crying!Happy non binary day from your fav t dyke @pamelacouncil @ztsamudzi I should’ve used “subject matter” instead of community. But in this specific instance, go… really seems like a lot of writers and academics don’t know any poor people at all apart from as objects of study or activism
Retweeted by Stoned Butch Blues @pamelacouncil @ztsamudzi If you’re making work about a community and then won’t listen to said community then you… and event planning are not the same thing.
Or having others go into medical debt because you’ve put their lives at risk @OliveTonic And you damn well shouldn’t be djing them either but anywayssssss @TaylorRAldridge MI TIYAD! @OliveTonic Never knew I’d have to say “you shouldn’t be throwing 500 person raves during the middle of a pandemic” but here we are @gregorywawa Yerrrr @nthnashma Hold on now; I can’t believe I’m even admitting this in a public forum but.... they might be onto something 😳 @paxsimula Thank you!Y’all returning back to the neighborhoods your non Black asses are gentrifying; potentially putting people at risk. And for what exactly?If y’all were posted up at the cop rally in bay ridge and was using the rave/music as a counter protest that would… @edgeslayer The worst part is that we are legit still in the first wave in the US. This is mad behavior @djswisha_ Each IG Story unlocked a new depth of hellish nightmare scenarios in my mind. Selfish behavior. And for what exactly ??