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Yubico sets new world standards for simple, secure login, preventing unauthorized access to computers, servers, and internet accounts.

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@ByKleTz @CL0Pinette Hi @CL0Pinette! Security Key NFC is coming your way 🥳 Just sent you a DM. @HRegibo @Farconner Sharing the YubiKey love to both of you! @Farconner, just sent you a DM for your key 💚 @sudoJoeBear Respect for the self tag 👏 😎 Sending you a DM now to get your shipping details for your key! @tkerby @StephBoyd 🥰 Stephanie, you've got a key coming your way! Please check your DMs for a message from us. @KLRKttn @WhatsANameNeway Hi @WhatsANameNeway! We'd love to send you a key. We just sent you a DM to get your shipping information 🙂Here it is! I’ve been waiting for my @Yubico key for some time now. Super excited to set it up and use it 🤩
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @araschem The best Friday 🥰 @Egzeyo @0xA43 Hi @0xA43 👋 You're one of the 10! Just sent you a DM 💚 @networkgrinch @Devynnjcr Hi @Devynnjcr! We're giving you a head start to implement U2F into your website 😉 Sending… @Artise_B 🥰 This made our day, thank you! Passed this along to our customer support team, too. @Farconner @HRegibo Hi @HRegibo! We'd love to send you a key. We just sent you a DM 💌 @asifakberali Yes, it does! More on this here: @BAWilliamson55 Hey Bruce 👋 Our technical support team would be happy to take a look to see what the issue might be… @ohnomorejuzzo @weargoggles Hi @weargoggles! Please send us a DM with your email so we can get in touch with you to send you a key 🙂 @LaptopRetrospe1 @geordiemuppet Hi @geordiemuppet! 👋 You're one of the lucky 10! Please send us a DM with your emai… @BrumleyBrae 🎉 Enjoy!My @Yubico Clear came! Love the plain circuit board look. #gadgets #infoseclife
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKeyYubico Spotlight Series: @Silverfort CEO and Co-Founder, Hed Kovetz explains how Silverfort enables customers to se…
@TonyTheGhost1 🙌 Welcome to the #YubiKey family!It's International Friends Day 💚 Big shoutout to the friends that make us feel loved, no matter how far away we ar…'re back on the @riskybusiness podcast! 🥳 Hear from our Chief Solution Officer, Jerrod Chong on the progress of… 5Ci Clear arrived! #LimitedEdition #YubiKey @Yubico
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKeyDid you know that the Yubico Authenticator app is available for desktops as well as mobile devices? 1. Download th… @osuide 🥳 Let us know once you receive it! @martinehowell Enjoy! 💚 @asifakberali Hi! It is in USD 🇺🇸
Secure your accounts, secure the Web. Donate $50 or more to Let's Encrypt and get a Security Key NFC by @Yubico -…
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @letsencrypt Our pleasure! 💚About time to secure all my accounts, thanks @Yubico
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @fanboynz You're welcome! Enjoy 💚 @ChrisKnowsIT @damienhull @vanillaice It did 😳 Store is back up now––thank you for pinging us! @Scott_Dayman it can easily be re-enabled, see for instructions. Hope this helps! (3/3) @Scott_Dayman made the FIDO2 PIN required, although some will prompt you for a PIN even though it isn't technically… @Scott_Dayman Hey Scott! Assuming this is the FIDO2 PIN you're referring to (the YubiKey has others), then yes, it'… @0xBanana 🥰 Enjoy!My digital life just got a lot more secure 😍
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKeyA #2FA ode to @vanillaice: YubiKey 5Ci(ce) i(ce) baby. 🧊 Here's how to get yours: (they're… than 3 weeks later and I’m still using the @Yubico 5Ci every day. Discovering agent forwarding has really made…
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@letsencrypt We 💚 you! @ttur @letsencrypt Enjoy! 💚Join us for a roundtable webinar next week with experts from @DefendCampaigns, @Microsoft and @PatriotExperts to ex…
@jkalf @ZDNet @the_pc_doc Great to hear you're loving the 5Ci! There's a few nuances when it comes to YubiKey auth… @sudoJoeBear @VetsSea Hi Joe, thanks for tagging us here. We love hearing about new organizations that could use ou… your identity access and governance strategy ready to support long-term #RemoteWork? @JoanGoodchild shares why i…
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @joshmountain2 Yes, it has a dual USB-C and Lightning connector so it will support devices with USB-C ports 🙂 @aashiq We are working hard to get the key out – Businesses and services are still ramping up operations around the… @pictor Hi Mike, the YubiKey 5Ci was released prior to Apple opening NFC for a full range of authentication protoco… 5Ci review: @garyexplains demos how to secure your Google accounts on iOS with the #YubiKey.
@dracirate @ZDNet @the_pc_doc We're doing our best to get the key out as soon as possible as many businesses and se…“I've been using a YubiKey 5Ci since its release last year, and it has become an invaluable part of my security.” —… @unnamed1tw Hi there, No news yet. Thanks for your patience! We are working hard to get the key out and will be sha… @Joscandreu Hi there! I've made our technical team aware of this and they are happy to help. Here's how to get in t… with YubiKey Spotlight: @silverfort CEO and Co-Founder, Hed Kovetz shares how simple it was to integrate… @LeXavTwit @1Password Hi Xavier! No news at this moment. Thank you for your patience! We understand that it can be… @pbor89 Hi there! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your order. Our customer support team would be happy to…
@badbrobot Hi again, No news yet. We appreciate your patience and will be sure to share updates as soon as we can! 🙂With the shift to remote work here to stay, @protocol shares some great insight on the cybersecurity risks you want… @mohitmayra20 For now, your best bet is probably to purchase through our Yubico store. We're working on a better so… our latest blog, we’re sharing why the Federal government and other public sector agencies should look to… @AspiringLockpic Hi there, The YubiKey 5Ci is now made with more durable materials, which is what we’ve used for th… @ericlaw Hey Eric, Sorry you're experiencing this with your YubiKeys. If you're able to start a ticket with our sup… @iquiw Welcome to the #YubiKey family! @EmiiKhaos They look great! Glad you're enjoying them 🙂Summer is hot, stay cool with the icey clear YubiKey 5Ci: @WaitingForGouda Hi Andy, We are working hard to get the key out and will be sharing news as soon as it's available. Stay tuned 🙂 @Artise_B Hi there, We apologize for the issue with your key. Not supposed to happen and our customer support team… is #healthcare data being targeted more than ever before? In this InSight+ article, Geoff Schomburgk, Regional…
@lpeterman If that's wrong, we don't want to be right. So glad that you're loving (and staring at) it. 💚Just logged into the @MSIntune portal with the YubiKey. Cool stuff.
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @fhemberger @Namecheap Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is a new feature for us, and we want to make… @ughwtfdude 😳 that is not an option we previously considered... @NateePretikul @derekhanson Hi @derekhanson! 👋Attention everyone: Today is #NationalHotDogDay 🌭 Help us settle this debate: Is a hot dog a sandwich? @fhemberger @Namecheap Hi there! Thank you for the note. If you'd like to get them listed in our catalog, we have a… @AxiadIDS Happy 10th Birthday! 🥳Join @derekhanson and @NateePretikul as they take you on Yubico and @Microsoft's journey to go #passwordless with M… @gabrielluizbh Hi Gabriel! Here's how to get in touch with our support team: They'd be hap… @sankara @1Password Hi there! Our technical team would like to take a look into this to test the compatibility. Wou…
@raymondjtoth You can just respond directly to the ticket and our customer support team can get it sorted out for you 🙂This work, in addition to maintaining our Certificate Authority, can only be done with your support. We are excited…
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @raymondjtoth Hi there, Our customer support team will be in touch with you via your support ticket shortly. Thanks for your patience! @FainPablo 💚 @FainPablo 🥰 disfrutar!Los amigos de @yubico me mandaron la nueva YubiKey 5Ci Clear 😍 #yubikey #mfa #2fa #fido #u2f
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKeyOn this week's episode of @protocol's Source Code Podcast, Yubico CEO Stina Ehrensvard shares her optimism on how w… @vaficionado @Codydearkland @blakecova @letsencrypt Thank you for supporting @letsencrypt! 🥰 The YubiKey 5C NFC is… @ficklampa We 💚 your face too!Your #YubiKey. Your style. #YubiStyle covers now available on the Yubico store: @doqex Hi there! All the links are working for us. Do you happen to have adblockers on? That may be preventing the… us for a roundtable webinar on 8/4 with experts from @DefendCampaigns, @Microsoft and @TeamwithPatriot to expl… @semasimo Welcome to the #YubiKey family!
@j_angliss Hi Jonathan, Pinged our support team and they want to get a bit more info from you to see what the issue… the shift to remote work accelerating, the employee experience & productivity are more important than ever.… actually just got my yubikey by @Yubico yesterday! Even in places I can’t use the hardware key I use the Yubico…
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @stefan_weise @planzi It sure is! @lassfolk Hi Markus! Not currently possible, but something our team is exploring. Would you mind sharing your antic… cooler in person! These are great @Yubico #yubikey
Retweeted by Yubico | #YubiKey @mdrndad Thanks, Phil!What happens when you don't add the dye to a YubiKey 5Ci? The answer is Clear. Limited edition #YubiKey 5Ci Clear… @planzi Thanks, Paul! 💚