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YUK FUN @YUKFUNWOW Portslade-by-sea

Creative duo making illustrated clothing, prints, bags and more! Lucy sews, Patrick draws. Tweeting about illustration, design and cute stuff.

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Check out our handy comic book guide to screen printing the YUK FUN way! hat for ur head
Retweeted by YUK FUNSome fun illustrations by Morten Kantsø
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@teocomparato Ooh yeah, these are beautifulGood bunk bed by Rafa Kids Lucy has been sewing jackets today... for a surprise
Retweeted by YUK FUNMore MEA travel posters from 1960 to 1962 (not sure on exact dates). Artist: Jacques Auriac. #wardsmorguefile
Retweeted by YUK FUNNice weird badges from the Okimi storeこれを見た人は緑色の画像を貼れ 空間が緑色の絵を集めてみました👀
Retweeted by YUK FUNReally nice ceramics by Peter Slight great logo from Henrion. This one for Cunard showing what a single line (or lion) can do.
Retweeted by YUK FUNNice guys by Ian Sigmon @elpitviper Ah cool! Looks likea fun place to be! @elpitviper Haha ok! Sounds discombobulating! @elpitviper What were the walls like at your college??!Liking these looks by Ji Won Choi's done! I made a long long concertina zine, it's got horses in it!
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Retweeted by YUK FUNHotel luggage labels, Poland, ca. 1960s–70s.
Retweeted by YUK FUNWind up toy
Retweeted by YUK FUN @gregstasiw Exactly what they want you to think... @jbhandmade Ah that was you! Yay! ✌️🤠 @trevorbasset Lovely soundtrack too... yeah it’s a good un
@trevorbasset Yeahhh great film!The Lovers' Pocketbook by Raymond Peynet, 1954 (Different times) #ValentinesDay
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Retweeted by YUK FUNNot a Valentine person, but stokeddd to have made this illustrated cover for @washingtonpost . Article by…
Retweeted by YUK FUNAn important message to all of our sexy followers Day comic
Retweeted by YUK FUNCute vintage illustration of the day: Srebrna Odznaka (Silver Badge) book cover by Janusz Stanny, 1966.心が好きなの
Retweeted by YUK FUNHave a good valentines day!🌼💚
Retweeted by YUK FUN @sofie_nilsson Thanks! ✌️🤠Big fun stuff by Nacho Eterno Valentine's Day from all of us at Bright Illustration! 💕 Gif by #BrightArtist @geniespinosa
Retweeted by YUK FUNOld friend got relaunched. 19 days left to pre-order it on @everpresshq 🌴🐯
Retweeted by YUK FUNWe have ONE sample pair of dungarees available on our webshop. They are UK size 22-24 and once they're gone, they'r… @gregstasiw The bunny!Whodunnit?
Retweeted by YUK FUNLittle gifts for my future self
Retweeted by YUK FUNBeautiful Dutch design for #PhilatelyPhriday loads more here
Retweeted by YUK FUN @FreelanceAsF PERSPIRATIONAwesome illustrations by Paweł Mildner
Restock + NEW ITEMS in my shop! 💖
Retweeted by YUK FUNDaydreaming 💭
Retweeted by YUK FUNA glassy joint. thanks @thisispapermag
Retweeted by YUK FUN @crystalfaceguy Aw thanks! 😊Hello, I'm finally opening commisions! if you want cover art/3D models/wallpapers/short animations/gifs/profile pi…
Retweeted by YUK FUN @crystalfaceguy Yay glad to hear it! ✌️Nothing but dashboards.
Retweeted by YUK FUNDecorating a parcel vintage illustration of the day: hokie pokie book cover by Dick Bruna, 1960. @huishungry Thanks Dingding! 👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻👍Been revisiting David Klein’s TWA posters on my IG feed and thought I’d share more here. #midcenturytravel…
Retweeted by YUK FUN @marieryyoung Cheers Mariery! 🌞 @momodraws We're trying to stay level-headed in this crazy whirlwind of glamour, bright lights and temptations @lizmytinger 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾おはよーーーー
Retweeted by YUK FUNA present for the centipede
Retweeted by YUK FUN @AyaKakeda Pizza hat is way more fun! @shinyazugawas Ha interesting! Hope the workshop goes well ✌️🤠Cute little characters by Kitakazepunch @lisawee1970 Ay thanks Lisa! ☺️ @shinyazugawas Squeegee right? @shinyazugawas Ha ha glad to be of assistance! @studiovonnie We're absolutely buzzing. Feeling like Elton John or someone else who's very popular @dearestbears Yay thank you! ✌️ @OONO_TARO_B ✨ありがとうございました !!! ✨ @SeanJBatt Thanks! Feeling like we won some Oscars or somethingYay 10k! Thanks to all of our followers! @letsbrock Cheered me (Patrick) up on this very bleak rainswept dayHa ha great posing @NinaCosford ! looking forward to this. The night is sold out but the talk will be available to watch online @FreelanceAsF @letsbrock Just listened to this - very funny and interesting. Hoping Ollie has sated all of his appetites by now... 🤞Oh my days there are so many nice risograph prints up for grabs on the @noplanetnofun shop! wheels of the week: child's wheelbarrow designed by Gerrit Rietveld, 1923. Via Crean: new print orders will now be stamped and editioned with my brand new rubber stamp! 😊🏭📬
Retweeted by YUK FUNExcellent illustrations by Marta Monteiro
@satakeshunsuke ✌️🤠 @genniieeee ✌️agreed✌️Good evening these retro illustrations by Annelies Draws Sivko
Retweeted by YUK FUNJust sold these two gems, Polish picturebooks. And no, I don’t miss frost flowers on the windows, and yes, I do mis…
Retweeted by YUK FUN#帝国ホテル マッチ アール・デコデザインな箱を開けると、中は色鮮やかなマッチ 裏面は丸顔に丸い目をした可愛い時代の新幹線 #フランク・ロイド・ライト #鬼太郎
Retweeted by YUK FUNThe extraordinary rice terraces of Yunnan, China.
Retweeted by YUK FUNSome good boxes. Produce packaging from around the world. —
Retweeted by YUK FUNCute vintage illustration of the day: Vladimir Konashevich, 1926. More pics on Live Journal here:… ceramics collaboration by Sad Shrimps and reimadepotty @Ruan_Gotobed 🔥🔥🔥My print for the No Planet No Fun exhibition. On sale now at alongside many gorgeous others…
Retweeted by YUK FUNExceedingly good cakes.
Retweeted by YUK FUNHere are some very nice illustrations by Ana Bustelo ronda de @stehpone
Retweeted by YUK FUNHere’s a zoom-in on the clay pals I made for my first ever clothing collab! 👀✨
Retweeted by YUK FUNOur favourite illustrations by Dominika Lipniewska
Retweeted by YUK FUNCute clothes by Ivy Niu vintage illustration of the day: Volksrijmpjes, illustrated by Konaschewitch,1929. Via My Vintage Avenue…
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