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YUK FUN @YUKFUNWOW Portslade-by-sea

Creative duo making illustrated clothing, prints, bags and more! Lucy sews, Patrick draws. Tweeting about illustration, design and cute stuff.

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Fun wheels of the week: 1992 Fiat 500 Z-Eco (Zagato). Look at all of its cute friends @Kranitoko 🤫小高潮真的好可愛
Retweeted by YUK FUNOoh satisfying chair/bookshelf combo by Sou Fujimoto
@momodraws Woo! Go go Momo!Feeling flat? 🥤
Retweeted by YUK FUNThese are available to preorder for the next two weeks through @weprintsocial /// :-)
Retweeted by YUK FUN @misachowder Haha @misachowder Ooh yum! Had to look it up, thought it was soap at first @catulla We'd love to have a hedgehog come and visit... @clayheaton Wow that's a lovely pond! Hmmm yeah double lining sounds like a good idea... thanks Clay ✌️Fun furniture by Peter Shire @squishysession Ooh we'd like some chill snails! @catulla Oh yeah don't worry about that, we're gonna make it nice n easy for things to slither in and out! 🤠 @Tezamondo Exactly! @Tezamondo We’ll make it as huge and awesome as we can! Hoping for newts... @Mr_Jangojim Ah yes the sand equation 🧐 Cheers geez @DeVulfe Thanks for the advice! Quite excited about the project... think we’ll have enough rainwater to fill it ✌️Planning to dig a wildlife pond in our garden soonish. Anyone got any top tips?Beautiful photographs of Torii shrine gates by Ronny Behnert. Spotted on Spoon & Tamago: Teeuwen buys abandoned houses, dismantles them & reconfigures the materials into new spaces.…
Retweeted by YUK FUN @bigger_trousers @gergemanson Feel like there’s a great lofi synth pop song to be made about this @gracebruxner First thing I did this morning was dribble toothpaste foam all over mine 😢 @gracebruxner shame on you @gergemanson Haha e-world 🌞 @gracebruxner Yay our sweatshirt! opening cards BITCH
Retweeted by YUK FUN @Tezamondo YESSSSuper cute illustrations by Thoughts Make Things
Shaketember day 27: Matching outfits @gicatam @gicatam painting...’going home’. if someone has a wall or something in LA they want ‘addressed’ with art, let me kn…
Retweeted by YUK FUNYesterday’s #shaketember (day 26) was Ghost hunting一週間
Retweeted by YUK FUNTrippy Throwback: "Holy Cow" (2014). Love making weird psychedelic stuff.
Retweeted by YUK FUN @CountLustig Is that near you? A mural like that would brighten up any place!
🌷 Let Poppy brighten your day, just for a little moment! 🌞
Retweeted by YUK FUN🔀
Retweeted by YUK FUNWhat's for tea??
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@Butnevagaveafuk Yay well done 🏆 @pop77 Haha it’s good but it’s not right!Shaketember day 25: Ear worm. What d’you reckon they’re dancing to? in half an hour on our instagram: our Patrick attempts to draw your requests. Grab your sketchbook and dr… favourite illustrations by Kaori Seno Twitter pals - I’m available for work again and my website has had a little update!
Retweeted by YUK FUNStarted making stickers for the hell of it. Morbid is my mantra. More to come!
Retweeted by YUK FUNWhopping great characters in New York by Alva Skog are here!! Will be doing a post office run today for all you lovely people. Grab em here…
Retweeted by YUK FUNGif of the week: cute giraffe by Yujin Won (aka Wonnu)
Shaketember day 24: Imagination @hollidaystclair Do it!I have been quiet this week. All this because I have been producing a bunch of illustrations. Here is a detail of o…
Retweeted by YUK FUNhi i should post more of my work here follow me on ig please hehe @yan_illustrates
Retweeted by YUK FUNSome nice Vespa ads spotted on Voice of East Anglia: nice illustrated packaging for Querida by Henri Campeã favourite illustrations by Kenesha Sneed @Arylosophy Love it!✌️🤠Quick loop inspired by Just Boxes! An Isotype Book for Children; Marie and Otto Neurath, 1940s. Via @YUKFUNWOW
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@momodraws Steady on, I only said I liked his flag @momodraws I like Tim’s little flagFelt cute might delete later
Retweeted by YUK FUNMy new prints arrived yesterday and I'm WELL CHUFFED with them :~)
Retweeted by YUK FUNStellar Sorcerer, 4 colour A4 riso print now available in my shop . Printed by the fantasti…
Retweeted by YUK FUN @bakker1337 Or is it? (Opening theme from the X Files starts playing in the background)Super fun ceramics by Naomi Anderson-Subryan @GreggFac584 Haha it looks like a giant remote control car!It is happening again... our legendary Live Draw returns this Friday at 8pm UK time. Bring a pen and paper and draw… wheels of the week: the Renault Racoon, 1993. It's got green wheels and everything. Via Car Styling… the forest frogs are in!!! 🐸🍄🪵✨
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@natAndrewson Sooo jealous... we want one!Soviet playgrounds, more here:
Retweeted by YUK FUNなになにー? #illustration #イラストレーション
Retweeted by YUK FUNBrilliant new scalf from Max Machen @MaxDraws. Buy one here
Retweeted by YUK FUN @lukedrozd cheers lad @lukedrozd Here's the full print - you can't see that the lad's on a unicycle in the other pic! a few risograph prints in the shop if you like that kind of thing's Table 👨‍🍳🍝 a rejected rough I decided to turn into a full colour illo! #illustration #food
Retweeted by YUK FUNSome recents ✏️
Retweeted by YUK FUN @letsbrock @momodraws haha @letsbrock @momodraws What momo said: we need to hear itNEW EPISODE 📯 Episode 67 - Inside Llewyn Davis
Retweeted by YUK FUNRocio Egio's illustrations are making us hungry Pet Shop sketchbook by Aga Giecko - you can get it on Aga's etsy shop here: friends (but they both love The Cure)
Retweeted by YUK FUN🐶
Retweeted by YUK FUN"ET-800 Elektra truck. Only 35 units were produced in 1970 in Estonia, Soviet Union time. It was unique because fo…
Retweeted by YUK FUNTrademarks & Symbols Vol. 1 (1973) Scanning Yasaburo Kuwayama's classic. Chapter 2 now online.…
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PC Goodboy more screen printing asmr wow 💨👂
Retweeted by YUK FUN🌞🌞🌞 It’s been a dream working with @Kiblind on the moving/AR cover for their new Issue, ‘Best Friends’, along with…
Retweeted by YUK FUN @graffr_ We’d like one too... need to save up a bit though ☹️Shaketember day 21: 90s memorabilia. Our Patrick was a big Ipswich Town fan back in the day when football players s… @studiovonnie we kunnen het niet ontkennenFun stuff on our webshop @studiovonnie Aw deze zijn geweldig!All the cat ladies! 🐱💜 i made these 3 illustrations for an upcoming charity project. They will be printed as cards…
Retweeted by YUK FUNi made a towel please buy it. they're taking up so much room in my apartment
Retweeted by YUK FUN @Mr_Jangojim Very niceeeCollab drawing with Charlotte Dumortier
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