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@angelatehe @k4lopsiaa dude i was planning on skipping it in school and going from alg2/trig honors then going to a… @Nighty10k ihy @k4lopsiaa i’m learning algebra 2/trig and geometry at the same time and geo is weird while alg 2 is so easy 😭😭👎WHEN THEY ARE SLEEPINGwhy do all my smart friends live on the east coast or in chicago like how am i supposed to ask for help w my hw @c5sey IM JUST KIDIDNG CASEY I DONT NEED THE LECTURE @c5sey its not your fault i’m a red flag @c5sey i’m a walking red flag either way casey @IzumiNSX @t1ffsny us @1kotaaa so pretty holy fuck @t1ffsny @veltqt aw @Inocennts @t1ffsny you @CapalotSyn @t1ffsny mhm, i quit swimming bc it’s really time consuming @urlocalpiscesgf oh i used to do this @t1ffsny i love you but i only like women sorry unless the guys play volleyball @t1ffsny i dont understand this @t1ffsny maam what
@ShiiroQt @t1ffsny she meant her thoughts not urs 😭😭 @okayNoli @uvsect HOLY FUCK you’re HACKING NOLI??ONE OF MY BEST ACES IN SCRIMS YET WTF FKN RTRT @UVSECT
Retweeted by erin @t1ffsny TIFFLE @etherealVAL_ ik when you screenshared me your editspatience + aim = 🤓
Retweeted by erin @ilyval_ SHEEESHH you’re SO GOODJett Ace VALORANT edit
Retweeted by erin @etherealVAL_ i feel like you’ve shown me this @1kotaaa 😔i’m sorry @1kotaaa those were all jokes but sorry if that offended you @1kotaaa wait wha tv why no you’re awesome like really talented photographer and everything @etherealVAL_ THANKS MAN @1kotaaa hell okota @etherealVAL_ WSGVOANH @okayNoli @nrbil he knows :) @IzumiNSX they’re weird too @IzumiNSX that’s kind of weird nglVALORANT edit
Retweeted by erin @Bagel1k bro what is this 59:41 ratio????? ppl are dumb @weirdoliv i’m 8 inches taller holyi love my brother @skylrqii same eczema moment @t1ffsny matthews global elite 😋😋
@kanatouu no @xefiyy LMFAOO @c5sey @1EDEN_ i love u too @1kotaaa I’m DYINGGGG BYEEE @c5sey @1EDEN_ 3 @t1ffsny @weirdoliv remember eli’s creeper hoodie back in 3/4th grade @weirdoliv @t1ffsny swag @t1ffsny @weirdoliv LMFOAOO U GUYS DIDNT ORDER COSTIMES YET 😭😭 @t1ffsny @weirdoliv go w your fairy shit @weirdoliv @t1ffsny swag @weirdoliv @t1ffsny yeah i do..? @weirdoliv @t1ffsny bro she has me in her website i see her everyday website>bio i’m better than you she’s mine i’m… @dogbackp6ck @etherealVAL_ THATS ADORABLE BRO WTG @xyobunni URE SOO FINE HOLYi hate when ppl go to me for relationship advice but refuse to communicate and wonder why it don’t work out like y… @maifatnutz MAI I HY
@kiwiramune ILYSM HANNNAHHHH you’re THE BEST MWAHMWAH you made my day @nashorz speaking from experience ?? 🤨🤨i’m trying to read outside but it won’t stop raining @RemValorant @brax1wnl man doesn’t even use twitter @kiwiramune hi hannah @t1ffsny @playgirllashley real like why would you settle for a guy like that anyways. choose a guy who doesn’t consider anyone else but you @angdownbad i remember when i was in my romance books only phase @s3wagepizza boy what @_Cryptik LMFAOOi miss in valorant to shoot my shot later
Retweeted by erin @venombones TWITTER SUCKS IT ISNT WORTH @anqelwashere kai? @t1ffsny AHHAHAHAHEHW @t1ffsny yes anyday @VishFish_ @t1ffsny STOP NO
@urlocalpiscesgf oh @t1ffsny @BERE14_ LMFOAOAOA @maifatnutz you’re FINEEE @karxoo i love itwhen you memorized your study guide answers word by word and your teacher thinks your cheating 😔 @etherealVAL_ good shit oanh you deserve it @karxoo you’re fucking amazing @keaIani glgl @ctrlurs @etherealVAL_ girl what @etherealVAL_ @cloudai_ 40
@Ev3ly6 eve @1EDEN_ wrong @urlocalpiscesgf i mean it only hurts you right @whosmicheIa no yeah i understand what ure saying though i disliked the taste of coffee when i was younger, but i love it a lot now @aIexzera lol @whosmicheIa your opinion is false @whosmicheIa what the fucki am now dropping on ALL PLATFORMS ! i’ll put up the rest of my discog asap go fw it<33
Retweeted by erin @ctrrlz yes but you can’t opress them in america @t1ffsny REAL MMM @xMinzu docs and converse > @444molls COME OUT OF THE CLOSET I M CRYINGyou don’t understand how much i’m laughing rn
Retweeted by erin @t1ffsny you’re so sexy hi @akusenasu thanks i learned from the bestyou can’t make them see what they don’t want to
Retweeted by erin @c5sey graduate middle school 😈