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Obama becomes more vile every time he speaks, he should simply be quiet Black people and Chicago Black people are just Southern Black people studying abroad.
Retweeted by nylah burton @incognegr000 Very many things should be short storiesY’all ever take a nap at 7PM? I’m about to @LuxAlptraum Quality filters are heavensent and changing your notifications settings. But it’s so unsettling to know it’s out there @LuxAlptraum And yeah that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I’m sure many of them talk about self-care five times a day @LuxAlptraum Omg I’m so sorry. That’s fucking horrifying of themCounterpoint: don’t lose people with snappy slogans. Snappy slogans’ entire purpose is to gain people @mollytaft So confused @tchotchkele @purplechrain Holy shit @tchotchkele Because he’s not treating her like a pedophile, he’s just treating her like a cheating wife @tchotchkele Honestly, even the ease with which her husband forgave her. All contributes to the idea that it’s not… @tchotchkele This show had an opportunity to depict this issue correctly and instead they leaned into EVERY single… @tchotchkele And she went and committed more crimes @tchotchkele But I cannot stand how I can see they’re about to rehabilitate her @tchotchkele I felt so fucking bad for him, just intensely sad @tchotchkele Ok yes i did, but i watched it last night @tchotchkele Oh wait a minute, did I watch it? I don’t even know @tchotchkele I am present and disgusted @tchotchkele @themakeda Im your potnaIf you have not read this book, I pity you, because it is A M A Z I N G. psychiatrist: *prescribes maximum antidepressant dosage* my depression:
Retweeted by nylah burton @KessKahlo Yes please!
@KessKahlo They told me they won’t several timesAs others have said, donating directly to folks who need it is a perfectly good way of supporting community on…
Retweeted by nylah burtonThis whole year has been trash. If the cops wanted a useful job they could just deliver all our groceries and meds but nawThey won’t deliver my Klonopin bc it’s a controlled substance so now I have to expose myself to COVID just to get my fucking pillsPDFs are the devil, they have no place in this householdare you trans and/or non-binary and did you have a lot of feelings and joy when Elliot came out today? I'd love to…
Retweeted by nylah burtonThe good news is that a bunch of white liberals would also deactivate and then we could kill two birds with one stone... I love my mindLike “yeah, it’s this social media thing where we’re all deactivating our accounts to raise awareness for the whale… wonder if we could get TERFS to delete their accounts for like... a week, if we convinced them they were doing it to save the whalesOMG y’all are acting so ugly about this Elliot thing. Very horrible to congratulate him and dead name him in the pr… The relief is now gone. TERFS is trending. Why can’t y’all just mind your business and eat a steak sandwich? Why stink up the TLNow I want a steak sandwichAll I saw was “Elliot, Elliot” all over my TL and I got scared bc I thought someone had done something or like some… @BrookeObie It’s been so long since I heard this reference! Thank you for bringing me joy today @incognegr000 Girl I’m about to text youPOV: You're a queer person who just got hired to lead the music ministry at a queerphobic church
Retweeted by nylah burtonPeeing myself over the New York discourse, oh you crazy kids @Keah_Maria @Allure_magazine KEAHHHH, Im such a sucker for essays like these and yours is beautiful @livesinpages @SFWP So excited for this!!!I've wanted to do the shitty screenshot tweet for five years now and my dream finally came true!
Retweeted by nylah burtonMorning guys, may we have a blessed month despite it all ❤
Retweeted by nylah burtonWe have not begun the full scale of mourning that is to come.
Retweeted by nylah burtonus trying to figure out the plot of the undoing / the plot of the undoing
Retweeted by nylah burtonVegetable in Season for December: Kale Beets Celery Chard Leeks Fennel Greens Carrots Broccoli Collards Arugula…
Retweeted by nylah burton“Goodnight to the Zionist homies only,” is going to be my new email sign-off rewatch killing eve just for the outfits 😭Twerking is only inappropriate if I ask you to show me how and you say “it’s not my job to educate you.” @tchotchkele 😭😂😭 i love-a being italiano with-a you @tchotchkele And then eat-a the meat-a bull @tchotchkele What she didn’t know is that I’m Italian AND Black, so I kick-a her ass that-a much-a worseSomething about mutual aid will be mentioned @ohginayoung Thank you. THANK YOU. @tchotchkele afterwards this same woman pulled K aside and said “nylah thinks I’m racist but I’m Sicilian so I defi…’ve had to actually try to keep myself from attacking this white woman who was playing with two Black toddlers too… thing about me is I’ll go to war over children @BlueTattoo77 I’m really, really sorry that happened to you. It’s fucked yo that it happened and fucked yo that peo… @NicoleFroio @roslyntalusan I’m already sitting down but I need to sit down again @liorca The contributed to the issue @liorca The wild part is we needed the conversation! But they just repeated the same tropes @BlueTattoo77 No It’s not bad faith at all, the issue of boys being abused by women is so so so so horrible. I had… know educating people but name me ONE thing that show is serving besides EXTREMELY sultry and glorified sex scene… @ohjasminee ShamefulThat basura is not adding to the conversation whatsoever and personally I find it very grossWhile we’re ON THE SUBJECT, can we talk about why the HELL Hulu has a show about a pedophile teacher?!?! @roslyntalusan @NicoleFroio Girlllllllllllllll i see what you see! @NicoleFroio Let’s wait to chat bc I don’t be having those apps @exfkaty So precious!!! @rweisenfeld Also sometimes mental illness can make the abuse easier to happen but the abuse I’ve behavior ITSELF i…“Pedophiles can’t stop and it causes them emotional distress” ok well murderers feel the same? Rapists often feel t… @getthegolem @NicoleFroio Please, let’s arrange thisSomeone PLEASE tell me why we (a lot of us, anyway) understand that SA against adults is about power but when it co… no jails in our abolitionist future, but we WILL have street justice bc I’m not interested in rehabilitation an… going to prioritize a grown ass person’s conflict over wanting to hurt children over the actual child. Put them away somewhere!Another thing about child-hating. I do NOT like this push to bring pedophilia “out of the shadows” and let people t… @getthegolem You’re doing great, sweetie!So no, I don’t compare animals to children. It’s something off about it to meOne time I joked that I would kill as many gorillas as I had to save my child’s life (harambe convo) and it was lik… human baby is a human baby and it’s weird to compare them to dogs! I’m not saying that dogs (especially if they’r…’all will disagree but it doesn’t sit right with my spirit when y’all joke about your kids and your dogs being sib… is a part of the reason why I get really upset when I’m like “some pictures of cute babies would be nice right… don’t share personal stuff on this site anymore so I’m FIGHTING not to share my own experiences but... yeah. Fuck thatBecause a lot of times, it looks like freedom for the parent to do whatever they want with their child and restrict… for who?A lot of Black people are moving towards homeschooling and people just clap and think it’s all very revolutionary b… of the the things that bothers me deeply is that when we’re rejecting oppressive systems (bc the public school… is incredibly dangerous and it’s being romanticized (esp in pandemic) and I don’t think it should beI pitched this article (much more detailed than this tweet) to two major pubs but had to stop after those rejection… think our hatred of children is a lot of issues all mixed up together (misogyny, classism, literally everything)… is one of the FEW places where a kid can express that something is not right @ home, or be exposed to differ… is a longer conversation but this is why I have DEEP issues with homeschooling. Children are treated like prop… have no rights and the way people talk about them is fucking scary sometimesInfants and children are among the most reviled and unprotected people in our society and I’ll die on that hill @Caroxad It’s also more than that, but maybe I’m just too exhausted to even think about it right now.