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Gus @yummygus Brazil

Illustrator | 🇧🇷 🏳️‍🌈| he/him | priv account @sunnylilspot

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@manny_oe your mind manny this is so goodPrince Rosario ✨
Retweeted by GusFarmer Link? 🥕🍞🍳
Retweeted by Gus @77hongdousha Felicia they look so great🥺🥺!! I love the angle!呪術廻戦
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@troubledmn I watched the first time last year and it's amazing from start to end!! You're gonna love it ❤️ @Spiders_Mod It's the dream!! 😩🙏✨ @b2j135 My thoughts exactly!!!! @tehRaincoat @marmastry Thank you so much!! ♥Gosh, so Nintendo really is just SLEEPING on a Zelda farming game with stuff being canon @chasefoxart @kuerupi omg those are so gorgeous!!female avatars (avatar the last airbender)
Retweeted by Gus @amin_minimin LINK AGROBOY!!! @MateIoutre Thank you!! 💕 @_yapsharlene Shar! Thank you!!! 💕 I'm glad I'm not alone in wanting this game so bad 😭😭 @heitorpcart amg obrigadoo!! 😭💕 @GyroZepeepeeli @the_now909 I'm so glad 🥺❤️ @itzqwaat Muito obrigadooo ❤️
@gennpitre me too 😭😭 and thanks! @hello_ezlo Thank you so much!!! 💕 @lavabun ❤️❤️ @stelllalights Aw thanks!! 💕 @SoTypicallyTori Thank you!! ❤️❤️ @Srganuch omg thank you so much!! 😭❤️ @troubledmn I did finally!! Thank you so much Elise!! 😭💕💕 @typical_ingrid Ahh thanks Ingrid ❤️❤️!! I really wish this game existed 🥺This was 100% based on this one dream I have of playing a farming Zelda game 🥺 Link? 🥕🍞🍳
I noticed African Architecture isn’t really showcased compared to Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Indian. So h…
Retweeted by Gus[RTs💖] Hello Hellooo! I'm opening up my regular commisions✨ Details below Bust: $50 Half Body: $75 Full Body: $10…
Retweeted by Gus @DevinElleKurtz So gorgeous Devin!! I love the delicacy in the brushworkKorra & Asami 🌄
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In the Streets of Ba Sing Se #atla #zuko #Avatar
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Is it too late to do this? #PortfolioDay Heeeey my name is Eddie and I like doing a bunch of stuff, but mostly envi…
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Looking for interested Animation & Illustration students to register for my online classes with @OCArtStudios,…
Retweeted by Gus @sophiaxdu lol this is so cool!!city, but make it 𝒾𝓉𝒶𝓁𝒾𝒸
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Film study of A Sun (2019)
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Retweeted by Gus @Trungles This is so amazing!!!Just doodling princesses at random because it’s the weekend
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@BigSkyCastle She looks so fierce!! This is amazing 👀hero
Retweeted by GusForgotten Sunset
Retweeted by Gus @DevinElleKurtz Gorgeous work Devin!!! 🗣️🗣️🗣️✨
@troubledmn Yes its the best! I miss it so much too😥 You captured it perfectly🥺💕First art of 2021! I miss eating with friends 🥺
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Katara & Zuko
Retweeted by Gusme when I reply “thank you” to everyone who supports my art
Retweeted by Gus#PortfolioDay I work on movies, designing / painting
Retweeted by Gus#PortfolioDay com 4 ilustrações do ano passado.
Retweeted by GusHello #PortfolioDay I'm Ash, an illustrator and designer
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Little gifts for my future self
Retweeted by Gus @kojotei_ Looking awesome!!Projects.
Retweeted by Gus🍋Heya!! I'm Alane from Pasadena, CA! I both love character and environment art. Looking for freelance work to pay o…
Retweeted by GusYo #PortfolioDay I'm Weel lee and I am a freelance artist from Italy. Currently looking for gigs in vis dev, cha…
Retweeted by GusHi #PortfolioDay ! I’m Abelle a freelance Artists in Animation!( development & pre production) looking for full tim…
Retweeted by Gushi #PortfolioDay 🌸 My name is Karina and I'm a Mexican-American Illustrator who loves anything bright and colorful!…
Retweeted by GusHi, My name is Felipe and I'm 19 Here's some of my recent work #Portfolioday
Retweeted by Gus @troubledmn I love it! So good 😭💕hello there, #PortfolioDay! I'm Elise and I make comics and silly illustrations! I'm working on some GN stuff now b…
Retweeted by GusHappy #PortfolioDay ! My name is Chelsea and I'm a Vis Dev Artist & Illustrator, currently working on a feature fil…
Retweeted by Gus#PortfolioDay *:•°✧ Hi, I'm Caemi, digital artist and art restoration student from Italy - Love working on detail…
Retweeted by GusHappy #PortfolioDay ! I'm Lily, and I do BGs for games and animation. I'm looking for fulltime/freelance as a BG ar…
Retweeted by Gushi #PortfolioDay !! i'm nicole janér and i'm a character designer, illustrator, and visual development artist from…
Retweeted by GusHiii I'm an illustrator who loves GIFs, I animate messaging stickers! i'm looking for editorial & freelance gigs~…
Retweeted by GusHappy #PortfolioDay 2021! I’m a 22yo concept artist and illustrator! I love painting blue skies and fluffy cloud…
Retweeted by Gus#PortfolioDay aloha! my name is Kalen Chock, Im a washed up soccer player and mentally exhausted. Please spam your…
Retweeted by Gus @_Minrii_ Gorgeous blues!!!Hello! Im Min, Im a 2D artist, I like creating character designs and landscapes, Im also learning 3D . atm I am exp…
Retweeted by GusI’m joking , I do environment mostly
Retweeted by GusHello #PortfolioDay :D Im Concept artist and illustrator working for Magic the Gathering and DnD , Loving creating…
Retweeted by GusIt's #PortfolioDay ! I love anime stuff and sci fi stuff. 🥰
Retweeted by Gushappy for them 💕
Retweeted by GusHi #PortfolioDay! I'm a generalist designer working in casual/mobile gaming, but I'd love to do some freelance TVA…
Retweeted by GusPosting two of my favorite pieces from 2020 for #PortfolioDay I'm a Chinese Canadian artist currently working in…
Retweeted by Gushi #PortfolioDay i'm jacinta! i like doing environments/props 4 games and i'm looking for work! (fulltime/freelance…
Retweeted by Gusportfolioday is the best day, so much good art 😳Hi #PortfolioDay I'm Christina and a freelance artist working in videogame and tabletop. I love everything fantas…
Retweeted by GusHi #PortfolioDay I'm Bailey! 🌟 I'm an LA based background designer in animation, and I love drawing old tech and l…
Retweeted by GusHi #PortfolioDay! I'm Erin & I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator based in Virginia. Places you can find me ⬇️ 🎨:…
Retweeted by GusHi #PortfolioDay , I'm Peggy, a Background Painter + Illustrator who LOVES vibrant colors and fish. 🔥Available for…
Retweeted by GusHi #PortfolioDay I don't have any thing new currently but I'm looking for any freelance opportunities! ✨…
Retweeted by GusHello #PortfolioDay! I’m Gica, a designer/illustrator who loves exploring food, folktales and identity! Let's work…
Retweeted by Gus2020 foi até q produtivo então bora de #PortfolioDay Hello! I'm Victor Hugo, a 3D artist from Brazil currently wo…
Retweeted by GusHello, Cheryl here! Hong Kong based freelance illustrator with a love of environments looking for remote work in Fe…
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@mr_kasuy Great practice! I'm looking respectfully 🤠 @abellehayford SO COOL! CONGRATS ABELLE!!! ✨💕
After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanent…
Retweeted by Gus @svtssan É pois é, é mais pra capitulo de manga sabe? Não pra fanart pq isso é algo q a gente cria e não eles, mas… @skeletonwarz Thank you!! It'll be okay soon I'll be back! @zacwtolson Thank you so much!! I'm glad people were warning about it here! It'll be okay! @svtssan KKKKKKKKKKK antes fosse é só uma onda de copyright que tão fazendo por ai de alguns animes etc, ai nos art…'ll unlock the next time I draw something! Which should be sometime next month when I'll have free timeI don't even have fanart of their mangas and I'm like this akjdfhfgLocking temporarily, I don't know the extent of it and if my stuff counts but I know I don't want any copyright cla… @sambeckdraws This is amazing!!!